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The Destiny of the Rainbow – Chapter 7

The Destiny of the Rainbow

Chapter 7

Once her laughter subsided, Iris gradually maintained her self-control. When she realized how ridiculous the situation was, her laughter began to die down. Cadere was disappointed when the laughter began to dissipate.

“Mother, can you laugh a bit more often? I want to keep listening to it.”

At those words, Iris’ smile completely vanished. Cadere found it such a shame as an awkward silence fell heavily on Iris. It was even more awkward because the room was completely quiet. One of the reasons she hated winter. Iris grumbled inside and wondered what to do.

“Will you smile at me again next time?”

While Iris was lost in her thoughts, contemplating whether to get up and go to the bathroom or go back to sleep, she nodded at the voice that emerged. As she registered late of what she heard, she quickly raised her upper body and shook her head and saying, “Why should I-”

“Really? Thank you! I know it, mother is the best!”

Please don’t cut me off!’ Iris wanted to yell off of frustration but opted to do so. From the look on Cadere’s face, it was clear that she wouldn’t listen to anything Iris said. Wouldn’t it be useless to tell someone whose cheeks are red while staring at something in the air? There was nothing she could do but to exhale a really deep, deep, sigh.

She was about to lie down again but decided to get up. First, she needed to clear her head while washing up. She reached out to ring the bell at her bedside, however, Cadere caught her wrist. Cadere, who looked like she wanted to do something again, opened her mouth with caution as her ears burned red.

“So, mother. I brought you warm water. I also brought a clean, soft cloth.”

“…Then, what are you trying to say?”

“I-mother… your body!”

“Haaa…” Iris couldn’t refrain herself from sighing. She wondered what in the world is going on in this Princess’s head.

“Sure, then. Do whatever you want to do.”

It was hard to do at first, but once she started it, the afterward became easy. After all, since she was already stuck here, she had surrendered all of her pride and confidence. In addition, she didn’t feel it disgraceful to show her body to the Princess nonetheless, as they are of the same sex. Although she was the reason why Iris was here, at least she treated Iris like a person, that’s why Iris granted her wish. Iris convinced herself over and over again, like brainwashing her own self.

Iris pulled her hand from Cadere’s grasp and meekly folded her hands. Then, she shut her eyes and straightened her back. She could hear the sound of the cloth getting soaked. Also, the sound of firewood burning faintly filled the quiet, spacious room. She felt her palms getting wet from an unexplained nervousness.

There was a sound of dripping water from the soaked cloth that was squeezing out. The voice from Cadere exhaling deep breaths reached Iris’ ears. Soon after, Cadere grabbed Iris’ hand and a soft cloth passed between her fingers, starting with the back of her hand.

“When I first met you, I told you that I would tell you an interesting story, right?”

“…Did you?”

“Yes, I did. Can I tell you the interesting story I couldn’t tell you back then?”

With still closing eyes, Iris gave her a nod.

“Five years ago, I went to the Eckebrecht with the King. At that time, I was curious about that dazzling sword. So, I got impatient and went to see it in secret.”

Iris’ forehead furrowed. Not dad nor father, but she called him King? She felt like she just found a black box. Uncomfortable, somber, and unpleasant. She couldn’t ask why Cadere called him King. Iris believed she would learn something she really shouldn’t have if she asked.

Cadere continued her story.

“It was a day when craftsmen from all over the nation showed off the best weapons they’ve ever made. The silvery swords, blue shields, and red armors were truly magnificent. While I was looking around, I saw you in a large fountain in the central square.”

A small smile played on Cadere’s face. She put the wet cloth over the basin and reached behind Iris’ back. Once Cadere got close, Iris could pinpoint the fresh yet biting smell from her. Two scents that clashed but weirdly matched well.

The buttons on Iris’ back unfastened one by one, revealing her pale shoulders. Cadere paused for a moment. She gingerly raised her hand and gently ran her fingers from Iris’ neck to shoulder. Her hand quivered greatly from the touch, overwhelmed by ecstasy. Cadere took her hand off her shoulder then cupped Iris’ cheeks with caution.

“At first, I thought it was a finely crafted porcelain doll. If the wind hadn’t blown your golden-threaded hair, if you hadn’t smiled at that filthy man, I would’ve thought you were a doll until the end.”

Bits by bits, Iris lifted her face against her will. Cadere’s breath tingled against Iris’ lips whenever she spoke. Iris could feel her lips dry as she gulped down her saliva from time to time. ‘Should I tell Cadere to stop? Or shove her? Won’t she stop on her own if I open my eyes?’ Even in the midst of pestering distress, Cadere kept going on.

“I really, really wanted to have you. I couldn’t wait to have your smile. And that filthy man had the audacity to snort at your smile. I was so furious that the thought of wanting to tear him apart to death crossed my mind.”

Iris’ shoulder trembled slightly every time Cadere’s thumb brushed around her eyes.

“Please open your eyes and look at me, mother.”


“Look at me.”


“Ah, are you the Sleeping Beauty? Will you open your eyes if I kiss you?”

Iris’ eyelashes flinched. And in a very slow motion, her eyelids fluttered open. Golden eyelashes and clear blue eyes that seemed sparkling, creating a mystical image. Cadere savored every bit of the sight while keeping her ears open, curious about what Iris would say.

However, Iris couldn’t form any words.

Iris was met with pitch-black eyes. She wondered, was it because the night sky was ripped off from the sky and put into her eyes or because the stars decorated inside of it, Cadere’s jet-black eyes, which got darker, were gorgeous. What should she say to those eyes?

Her mouth gaped. Because she found something burning inside her twilight eyes. A frenzy. She realized that a dark, daunt frenzy was aimed at her.


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