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The Destiny of the Rainbow – Chapter 5

The Destiny of the Rainbow

Chapter 5

Pointless days passed from one to another. Even after fews months later, it was still pointless. Iris decided to stop counting the days by that time. Every morning she opened her eyes, she felt lamentable that she didn’t die today. In the evening, she cursed the King and Parviz Kingdom with tears streamed down for making her have the desire to die every day and hated herself for that.

Parviz had an exceptionally long winter. Safe to say that almost every month of the year could be winter. Hence Iris hoped that the morning would never come. Since the first thing that greeted her in this hollow room was a pure white world. No better place to make her go crazy. And there was one more reason Iris didn’t want the morning to come.


Iris heard a voice as innocent as a child. She squeezed her eyelids close even tighter.

“It snowed a lot this morning. It was my first time to see heavy snowfall like this. It was so beautiful… I held back my desire to run to you right away.”

At that moment, Iris snapped open her eyes. She found it useless to close her eyes as long as possible and ignored her all day when Cadere seemed to have a plan to talk to herself regardless of the treatment. This Cadere’s eccentricity lasted for more than a month. It crept Iris out before but now it was beyond that and it scared her.

Iris slowly raised her upper body, deciding not to deceive her feelings. Just like what Cadere did, she also did the action she did every morning.


“Yes, mother? I’m listening.”

A bright smile on Cadere’s face seemed to shine. Likewise, Iris also smiled. The sweet smile that was full of thorns. Iris’ hand struck Cadere’s cheek without hesitation.

“Didn’t I…”

Her hand raised again and the sound of slap vibrated through the room.

“Told you yesterday…”

And another one.

“To not come here?”

Iris stopped her slap the moment blood spilled out from Cadere’s full, red lips. Iris clenched to fist to hide her trembling hand. She clenched it so hard that her round nails dug into her palm. She felt like she was about to vomit, but she kept swallowing and swallowing it back several times to ease her stomach.

Iris wanted to stop these bizarre things that happen every day. How much she wished Cadere gave her a break. Hitting someone was really disgusting. This act only made her realize how ugly she was. It didn’t even cool down her heart nor did she feel happy.

Despite the fact that Cadere was the main culprit who deceit, toying, and trapped her here.

A warm hand was placed on top of her ball fist. Cadere forced Iris to unfold her fist. Then, she bent down to kiss the back of Iris’ hand and palm. Didn’t stop there, Cadere knelt down and put Iris’ back hand to her forehead while talking in a delightful voice.

“Good morning. Did you have a wonderful dream, mother?”

And that voice, was a signal of the start of a terrible day.


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