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The Destiny of the Rainbow – Chapter 2

The Destiny of the Rainbow

Iris put her hands together and hovered on her quivering lips. Her heart started to beat erratically. She opened her mouth to say anything, but nothing came out. Open and close, she kept repeating the motion.

Rogen didn’t look at her for long. He approached Iris and gave her a hard squeeze on her slender shoulders. Her slump shoulders, that were trapped in big hands, felt like screaming.

“Iris M Parviz.”


“I welcomed you to the Parviz Kingdom.”

“…Thank you, Your Majesty,” Iris said in a trembling voice as she bowed deeply. Such a heart-wrenching sound, yet Rogen nodded in standoffish. The grips on her shoulders became stronger and stronger. A scream could be broken sooner or later.

“Please, I hope you wouldn’t think any funny business.”

“Understood, Your Majesty.”

I absolutely won’t die.’ She swallowed down the spiteful words. It tasted so bitter that she wanted to spit it out, however, she stifled her desire. His face was back to dull again. He took his hands off Iris’ shoulders and left without showing a trace of guilt.

Along with the click sound of closing the door, Iris collapsed. The firm and tight corset prevented her from bending down. She couldn’t breathe. Her lips slowly dyed with scarlet colors because she bit them hard. When she shut her eyes tightly, tears poured down as if they had waited.

As she dug in memories about that day, tears filled up her eyes once more. That night was filled with nothing but silence and tears. The night when the dawn was freezing cold. How could she ever forget that? It was impossible.

She loosened up the fist that squeezed the hem of her dress strongly without her knowing. Iris stood up and turned her back from the garden. Before getting to the drawing-room, where no one would come, she found a handkerchief she had left on her bed and wiped off her tears. The tears that could not be seen by anyone.

“Your Majesty. Her Highness Cadere is here.”

“…What?” Iris furrowed her brows. Of all things, the Princess was the first person who set foot into this palace.

She felt horrid. If only the Princess hadn’t begged the King to usher in a new queen, she wouldn’t be trapped here in the first place. That’s why she didn’t want to see the Princess, even just a split second.

But before she could answer, the thick door burst open. In front of the door stood the Princess that looked very excited. Just like the rumor, her skin was as white as snow, lips red as blood and hair darker than the night sky. Many kinds of flowers were in her hands that appeared to be freshly picked.

Cadere V Parviz. The sole Princess of Parviz Kingdom and loved by everyone. Had it not been in this situation, Iris would see her as a lovely Princess. She closed her eyes tightly and opened them as she unknitted her scrunched eyebrows while putting on a smile.

“It’s such a surprise to see the Princess here.”

“Of course I have to come. Rather, I was worried that I might have been too late to visit mother. That’s why I plucked some flowers! I snuck it out from the garden. Aren’t they pretty?”


“Yes, mother?”

Iris beamed with a bright smile. Cadere strode across the room and stopped in front of Iris, holding out the flowers. The door shut immediately as Iris glanced at it. She placed her hand on Cadere’s cheek and caressed it with her thumb. It felt smooth, soft, and warm.


“The princess is only five years younger than me. Do you still want to call me ‘mother’?”

“I like mother,” as if having no guilt, Cadere smiled innocently.

“And I despise Princess.”

The hand that once on Cadere’s cheek slipped off. With a fast motion, that hand met with her cheek again. As a shrill sound rang, the flower bouquet in Cadere’s hand fell to the ground. Iris ignored her burning palm and read the Princess’ face. In a daze, Cadere blinked her hazy eyes a few times. She then said the next words with a merry smile, as if she couldn’t be more happier than this.

“It’s all right, mother. Hate me all you’d like. Loathe me.”

“Princess.” She spoke with a firm tone, ignoring the goosebumps that crawled on her skin suddenly. Even then, Cadere was oblivious and kept continuing.

“Did the thought of this ever occur to you? The reason why you were chosen out of many Princesses in the Marchen? That’s because I felt restless. I was wondering where you would go away, which filthy man you would kiss.”


“Isn’t it called love that you hate and loathe me? Thus, I’m so happy right now.”

The sound of snow slump falling from the branches caught by Iris’ ears. This time, Cadere was the one who reached out and stroked Iris’ cheek.


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