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The Destiny of the Rainbow – Chapter 14

In the dungeon where not a single light was present, the smell of mold, rotten flesh, blood, and rusty iron were mixed, giving off an unpleasant atmosphere. The sound of dripping water and the rustling sound of metal was a bonus.

Iris’ breath was ragged. Her hands and legs were tied while she sat on a chair as saliva mixed with blood trickled down from her mouth. The now blood-stained dress hardly displayed the white part. Her pinky nails were plucked out and placed by iron. Iron spikes were penetrated through both of her insteps.

But she wasn’t crazy, yet. To perform the Forbidden Magic, immense pessimism, frustration, regret, and despair were needed. However, self-harm and suicide were prohibited. It was a magic that could be realized by being crushed, suffered, and draining most of the blood until the last drops by the others. Thus her blood pool on the floor was making Iris rejoice.

To be glad to be tortured. Somehow it sounds funny. If the magic doesn’t work, while I’m still feeling happy about this, then…’ Though her worries didn’t last long as Cadere’s face popped into her mind. A shy, jubilant, timid grin lingered on Iris’ face for a while.

In this world, there was divine magic that could save the dead. It was called God’s blessing, usually used by those who worship God. Although there were some cases where one could practice it without worshiping God. However, this magic had conditions: it must be carried out within an hour while the whole body was intact. It was useless if the body was cut or torn apart.

Then came Forbidden Magic. And one could see why the Forbidden Magic was called so once through this explanation.

This magic could resurrect the body as a whole, no matter how burned to ashes, be cut off, or ruined it was. In return, it required someone’s damaged spirit, a lot of blood and pain, and desperation. Failing to fulfill one condition, the magic wouldn’t be invoked and the spellcaster would simply die.

It was undeniable that the magic was ideal. But still, so many people died meaninglessly due to this magic. In addition, it was common for those who helped and tortured the spellcaster to lose their mind afterward. If the magic success of reviving the dead, no one would die a meaningless death or go mad.

The forbidden magic, which blinded those who were desperate and lured them with the hope that they could save their precious ones, was buried safely deep in the Eckebrecht Kingdom’s underground library.

To be frank, Iris wasn’t sure if she could pull it off. Still, it would be much better to try and accept whatever the outcome she would get. If it succeeded, she would live freely under the blue sky. If it failed, she would die together with Cadere and it was good–no. She would make sure she succeeded.

Cadere was the only one who showered full affection for Iris. Despite how twisted she was, she was also attentive and loving. She took care of Iris so she wouldn’t go insane, she accepted everything when she slapped her; it was the right thing to give life back to such a person.

As she relived the past, Iris’ eyes trembled. A sound of someone coming down the stairs. ‘Which nail will be pulled out today? Will they peel off the skin of my insteps or my forearm? I’ll keep my eyes close if it’s not the case.

Judging from the footsteps, there were two people. The sound of the heavy footsteps was familiar. It was impossible for Iris if she didn’t remember the footsteps of those who came down to torture her every day. On the other hand, the other footsteps sounded unfamiliar. It wasn’t the sound of typically marching steps of knights nor the piercing sound of the minister who came for questioning occasionally. Comparatively, it was a light and lively sound, someone she couldn’t guess. She disregarded it as a new counselor.

The thick iron door wide opened at the same time Iris’ forehead furrowed. The light crept into the space full of darkness for a while and got blocked as soon as the door shut. One of them came in, the new counselor.

Step, step.

The new counselor strode on the bloody and dirty floor and stopped right before Iris. She could neither raise his head nor make a sound. The sound she could produce at most was a grunt and phlegm voice. It was evident that–


Within an instant, Iris’ head lifted. She didn’t care if it was a hallucination or not. What was important was Cadere’s pure and clean voice calling her.

Iris’ eyelids barely opened, the left eyelid was sewn using a thick thread, while the right eyelid was the only one that could fully open. The lack of light also hindered her as she couldn’t see the form of the outline of the person. Regardless, she could breathe in the scent.


No sounds rolled out even though her mouth was agape. She wanted to make any noise, but there was no voice, no sobs, no groaning as if her throat was clogged with something. ‘This hallucination is good, even if it’s only a dream it’s also good.’ Iris was overjoyed to be able to hear her voice and inhaled her scent. It was like her ending was near and she became light-hearted.

“It’s not an illusion or dream, so stop being happy for having that thought. Wouldn’t you think I’ll be sad if you think that way?”

A soft and warm hand caressed Iris’ cheek. She tilted her head and snuggled her face into the palm of Cadere’s hand with her eyes closed. Iris felt she was ready to cry, hence she gulped and wrinkled her nose. Nevertheless, tears flowed from her closed eyes and wouldn’t stop despite her tears soaking her palms, even the floor.

The rustling sound from cloth came to Iris’ ear at the time her head was being lifted. Plump lips met with scab lips. The kiss was tender, wild. All Iris heard was the sound of their short, quick breath and their teeth hitting.

“I was worried if I was too late. I was trying to come quickly, but it needed a bit more power to destroy the King as mother wished. Now, fret not, mother. The King is dead and you’re mine.”

By then, Iriz came to realize this wasn’t a dream. That this wasn’t a hallucination. It was as clear as day this was reality.

“That’s why throw away your idea of dying. Please don’t make me lose my mind anymore. You’re the only one who can make me like this. What if I go insane and destroy Eckebrecht?”

Cadere’s tone was painted with malice. Iris couldn’t care less if Eckebrecht was wrecked or not. She was more curious about how Cadere was still alive and how she got out of the woods. There was something that didn’t add up.

What had she done? Did I get fooled again? I can’t even laugh. How can I be stupid all this time? I wanted to kill myself who was blinded by her warmth.

“Oh, Iris. My Iris. My poor, pitiful mother. Are you thinking weird things again?”


“Of course, I never go to the woods in the first place. Please understand I’ve no choice since I really love you. What else… Ah, the hunter. He acted as instructed by me. But if it weren’t for the rainbow’s answer, he’d be dead for real. That’s how we deal.”

The nonchalant voice that felt like ‘are you surprised?’ gave Iris the creeps. Then the torture, despair, and a shred of broken hope she got so far, ‘Is nothing but a waste?’ Laughter broke out from Iris’ mouth. It was the result of a decision from a fool and ridiculous person.

But what is this feeling? Why do I feel happiness, joy, and delight? Why is this mysterious feeling raising my fondness and love toward her?

“Dearest mother, my Iris. My everything. It’s amusing to hide this from you before but now I’ll say.”


“A little while ago, I wondered if I’d destroy the Eckebrecht. In fact, Eckebrecht is already gone. There’s no reason for a nation to exist if its people are uncaring about you, no? All you need is me. I’m the only one who cares about you. While you only need to cherish and love me.”

With that, Cadere kissed every inch of Iris’ face, over and over again. Those kisses were enchanting and full of love.

Iris’ blank eyes observed the garden. The sunlight from spring cast upon the flowers in the garden while its warm breeze stroked her face. She was still confined in the palace. This time, it was at her own will and what Cadere desired.

Like before, Cadere was the only one who visited her. The only difference was the maids and staff treated her more with respect compared to the time when the King was alive. No-one stopped Iris from leaving the palace anymore. Everything happened because of her own will and Cadere’s.

The heavy door burst open along with the sound of hasty steps. Iris discontinued her task of watching and turned her head to the approaching figure. Cadere’s arms were wide open then embraced Iris. She kissed Iris’ forehead and began to whine. All Iris could offer was a pat on her waist to calm her.

“Mother! I really missed you so much. Being the King has a lot of things to do. There’s nothing I want besides run away with you to another kingdom.”

“You shouldn’t do that. If you do, I’ll be disappointed, are you okay with that?”

“You can do that. Please scold me because you’re disappointed. Pretty please? How are you going to scold me for being a bad girl and disobedient?”

“Why don’t I kiss that cocky mouth of yours first?”

Iris smiled lightly and dragged Cadere down to her face, concealing her red, full lips. They erupted into a laughing fit at the same time. An innocent and bright kind of laugh.

The destiny’s(Cadere) rainbow(Iris) had gone insane. The already crazy destiny dragged the pure and dazzling rainbow into the mire, to the darkness, to the abyss. Even so, the rainbow was still dazzling, although with no realization she had lost her mind, and was looking only at the present, forgetting the past.

Parviz, was a kingdom built to be a place full of happiness where there was only a happy ending. 

Without exception the palace, which was nothing short of a huge and splendid prison.

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    Tl’s is pretty good it’s not that hard to read

    Now for the WN is good too tho an ending where both of them died while Iris cursed the kingdom looks promising too if there’s an “If” route.

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