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Tang Yin’s Adventure in Another World Chapter 35

Chapter 35

“My God! What’s wrong?” Qiu Zhen almost fell to the ground, his face changed suddenly, and he looked around in exclamation.


    The workers in the blacksmith shop also put down their work one after another and came out together to see what was going on.


    Tang Yin frowned and listened attentively, vaguely, he heard the screams of killing from the side of Ning’s Army camp.


    Before he could distinguish clearly, another loud noise sounded, as loud as thunder in a clear sky.


    He reacted very quickly, only slightly stunned, and immediately realized that something was wrong. He rushed out of the blacksmith shop and ran towards the city gate while shouting to Qiu Zhen, “Ning army may be attacking the city, don’t follow me, go back to the hotel!”


    Qiu Zhen didn’t listen to him, he ran after Tang Yin.


    Seeing him following him, Tang Yin shouted in a deep voice, “What are you doing following me? What can you do on the battlefield?”


    Although his words were ruthless, it was also true. Qiu Zhen, who was known for his strategy, was indeed ineffective on the battlefield where the two armies are tearing each other apart.


    Qiu Zhen swallowed and panted, “At least I can help you out, or find some helpers!”


    Tang Yin glanced at him, too lazy to say more nonsense, he answered casually: “Up to you!”


    He guessed right, Ning’s army had indeed begun to attack the city.


    The huge catapult threw boulders the size of bath trays into the Tongmen city wall, making a deafening loud noise. The huge rocks smashed into the walls making huge holes in it.


    Above the city wall, from time to time, soldiers who could not dodge in time were smashed by the boulders that fell from the sky.


    For a while, the sound of crashing, screaming, shouting, and the smashing of bones was heard on the city wall.


    The catapult’s attack was just a prelude, followed by the approach of the Ning’s Army formation.


    Ning army’s marching speed is not fast, they pay attention to the formation and the connection and cooperation between the square formations.


    The soldiers in the formation moved slowly and took every step together all the way. Of course, this also had something to do with the armor on the soldiers.


    Unlike Ning’s soldiers, Feng’s soldiers wear leather armor, which is light and convenient. They wear iron armor, which protects them well but sacrifices speed. The soldiers look very clumsy when they move.


    The Ning’s army used a corps of ten thousand as the basic phalanx, and then a phalanx of five corps formed an attacking Yan-shaped front formation, followed by a central formation of ten corps, and finally a rear formation of five corps.


    The first siege was often tentative, but this time round, Ning’s army went against the norm, they threw in 200,000 men at once, and there were 50,000 people on the front line alone, and the momentum was terrifying enough.


    “The enemy has begun to attack the city, prepare bows and arrows, prepare to roll wood and rock—”


    The shouts of the chiliarchs and captains on the top of the wall came one after another, coupled with the stomping sound of the enemy phalanx outside the city as they advanced, the atmosphere was extremely tense, and everyone present was tense, and a fierce battle was about to break out.


    Boom, boom – the boulders were still smashing the city wall, and the soldiers of Feng Nation hid behind the arrow stacks, holding their weapons tightly, with expressions of tension and fear.


    In the face of so many enemies, under the deterrence of such powerful pressure, no one can calm down easily.


    When the Ning army’s front line was only a hundred meters away from the Tongmen city, the catapult finally stopped firing, but then the screams of killing from the city became louder, and the Ning army soldiers accelerated their pace and began to attack the city.


    “Follow my command!”


    Zongzheng Guangxiao climbed the tower, leaned down, and shouted condescendingly.


    Boom, boom, boom—the sound of footsteps outside the city was getting closer, more and more cold sweat was streaming down the faces of the guards, and the hands of the people holding the weapons were trembling unconsciously.


    No one spoke, the entire city was deadly quiet, only the sound of wheezing and the sound of neat footsteps coming from outside the city.


    The silence before the war was more uncomfortable and depressing than when the battle was going on. The tension could not be released, but could only be held in the heart, which made people almost crazy.


    When the vanguard of the Ning army was only fifty meters away from the city wall, Zongzheng Guangxiao finally gave the order to attack.


    “Shoot the arrow, shoot the arrow—”


    The officers repeated his orders in unison.


    With the sound of a bang, Feng’s army, who had been hiding behind the arrow stacks, stood up in unison and launched a salvo at Ning’s Army under the city.


    Om – the arrows were as dense as raindrops. For a while, you could see a row of black clouds floating from the top of the city, falling rapidly towards the Ning army formation below the city.


    Jingle Jingle! Flutter, flutter, flutter!


    The sound of the collision of iron, the bone-piercing sound of armor breaking, and the screams were all connected together under the city. In just an instant, hundreds of people in the Ning army formation fell to the ground with arrows.


    But this did not affect the speed of the Ning army’s advance. The crowd of soldiers seemed to be emotionless machines, forgetting life and death, forgetting fear, and advancing mechanically.


    “Shoot arrows, shoot arrows, keep shooting arrows!”


    Following the shouts of the officers, the Feng soldiers launched the second round, the third round, the fourth round… salvos.


    Soon, the soldiers were also numb, and they just kept shooting down arrow after arrow. At this time, there was no need to aim at all. The entire city was filled with enemy troops. Every arrow shot, as long as the force was strong enough, would wound the enemy.


    Even under such a dense rain of arrows, Ning Army stepped on the corpses of his comrades and advanced to Tongmen City. The ladders that were already prepared were set up one after another, and then the soldiers of Ning swarmed up like ants.


    At this time, the wooden log and big stones prepared on the top of the city came into play. The soldiers threw logs, and stones, poured burning kerosene, and some held long bamboo poles to lift the ladder away.


    It was chaotic up and down the city walls, people shouting, horses neighing, and from time to time, Ning Army, who had climbed halfway, could be seen screaming and falling from the air, almost like dumplings.


    “Release the arrow—”


    The front line of the Ning army is attacking the city, and the 100,000 people in the middle line have already entered into range. With the shouting of the generals of the Ning army, the 100,000 Ning army, with 100,000 strong bows and crossbows, all fired at the same time.


    The strength of Ning’s bow and arrow is second to none among the nine great vassal states.


    One hundred thousand arrows fell from the sky, how terrifying.


    The Feng soldiers on the city wall didn’t see what was going on at all and suddenly found that it was dark. Looking up, it turned out that it was the arrows that covered the sky and blocked the sun.


    At this time, it is too late for people to try to escape.


    In just an instant, the Feng soldiers who were throwing wood, stone, and kerosene on the top of the city were shot into hedgehogs. Some fell to the ground and died, and some fell from the top of the city to the bottom of the city. Their appearance was terrible.


    “Up shield, up the shield, be careful of enemy’s arrows!”


    The top of the tower is the highest place, and it was not affected by the Ning army’s arrows. Zongzheng Guangxiao could see the battle clearly from the heights. They lost hundreds of people within a single salvo. All would be lost within the next few salvos.


    While watching the battle, he was speechless in his heart. He sighed that the Ning Nation Arrow Formation really lived up to its reputation. The Tongmen City Wall is very high, and it is difficult for ordinary arrow formations to shoot up. It is incredible that it can still have such power at a distance of 100 meters from the city wall.


    Hearing the words of Zongzheng Guangxiao, the Feng soldiers put up their shields one after another. As a result, the threat of the opponent’s arrow formation was weakened, but due to the inconvenience of movement, their counterattack against the Ning’s soldiers was also greatly weakened.


    It didn’t take long for some of the city walls to be breached by Ning’s Army, and a large number of Ning soldiers climbed up the ladder and started to fight face-to-face with the guards of the Feng Kingdom on the city wall.


    Ning’s army arrow formation is strong, but when it comes to close combat, Ning soldiers is far less brave and good at fighting than Feng soldiers.


    Feng Nation is a country that has been at war for years, and that consumes a lot of money. So the equipment of weapons and armor is lagging behind that of other vassal states. But the soldiers are extremely brave in battle, and they are desperate to fight. Although the Ning army has the advantage of having more men, they are not getting much progress.


    When Tang Yin and Qiu Zhen arrived under the city wall, the whole city wall was already in a mess. Some walls were already torn down, some were fighting the enemy on the ladder, and some were shooting arrows down. The sound of fighting was harsh, and the air was filled with a thick smell of blood.


    If it were someone else, he would be startled when he saw this scene, but Tang Yin was not. Not only was he not afraid, but his heart was filled with inexplicable excitement.


    He loves blood like his own life, plus he is a dark spiritual practitioner, fighting is equivalent to cultivation for him.


    “Why did you come here without wearing armor? Go back to the hotel!”


    There were still many Feng soldiers and generals standing under the inner side of the city wall. After all, the city wall is narrow and can’t hold all 20,000 soldiers. The rest of the people were hiding under the wall to avoid the Ning army’s arrow formation.


    Tang Yin looked for the source of the sound and saw that the person who spoke was Wu Mei.


    “The city is fighting, why are you hiding here?” Tang Yin asked, then grabbed the steel knife from a soldier and said, “Brother, lend me your knife!” After speaking, he turned around and ran to the wall.


    Wu Mei was shocked when she saw this, and shouted: “Are you crazy?! You are injured and you don’t have any armor, what can you do?”


    Tang Yin didn’t turn his head back, he laughed loudly, and said, “If I don’t fight, how can my injury heal?”


    Wu Mei was stunned, not understanding what he meant.


    She still wanted to stop Tang Yin, but Qiu Zhen ran over, panting, and said, “General Wu, Big Brother Tang cultivates the spiritual energy of darkness, and fighting can indeed speed up the healing of his wounds.”


    For Wu Mei, the dark spiritual practitioner is just a legend, and she has no understanding of it at all. As for the miraculous effects of the dark spiritual energy, she naturally has no way of knowing.


    She frowned her delicate brows and muttered: “Is there such a thing, but even so, it is too dangerous for him to go up now!”


    “Yeah! But who can stop him?” Qiu Zhen said with a wry smile.


    Wu Mei was worried about Tang Yin’s safety and couldn’t stay under the wall anymore. She set off and said, “I’ll help him!”



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