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Tang Yin’s Adventure in Another World Chapter 34

Chapter 34

In Wu Mei’s mental dictionary, there is no such word as “Friend”. As the eldest young lady of the Wu Family and the future heir, she has a noble status and has been instilled in the concept of hierarchy since she was a child. In her inner circle, in addition to competitors, they were the subjects that she can use, and there are subordinates. No friends.


    Seeing her surprised expression, Tang Yin felt amused that her small mouth could fit an egg, he imitated Wu Mei’s indomitable tone and said arrogantly, “In private, I can allow you to be my friend.”


    Wu Mei felt angry and funny at the same time, she glared at Tang Yin, but didn’t speak for a long time.


    After holding it for a long time, she finally laughed and asked, “Do you know my identity?”


    “The Wu’s eldest lady, the earl who is in charge of the second and third corps.”


    “Then how dare you speak to me in such a tone, do you believe that I can have you executed immediately with just this?”


    Wu Mei’s face turned gloomy, her face became cold as frost, her soft eyes instantly turned sharp, and she looked directly at Tang Yin.


    Tang Yin turned a blind eye to her indifference, met her eyes without fear, and said, “Of course, I know you have this ability, but I also know that you won’t do it.”


    I don’t know where his confidence came from, but Tang Yin’s leisurely self-confidence aroused Wu Mei’s rebelliousness. She couldn’t bear to kill Tang Yin, but she would never allow him to be so arrogant in front of her, and no one had dared to do so in front of her. Say something like this to her with this attitude.


    Her eyes became sterner, she clenched her fists, and was about to slap the table, when Tang Yin said again: “Have you ever thought that friends are far more reliable than subordinates? The relationship between superiors and subordinates is only a human-to-human relationship. But there is a heart-to-heart relationship between friends.”


    Heart-to-heart relationship! Wu Mei’s heart was shocked, and her body that had wanted to stand up sat back again, silently thinking about Tang Yin’s words.


    Tang Yin’s eyes were deep, and he said quietly: “I have always had few friends, even if it includes you, there will be no more than three. It is because of this that I will cherish it. When my friends are in trouble, I will definitely help, and only with this relationship, I will do things for you sincerely. I am not a person who can let people control and listen to people’s orders. I am not used to people stepping on my head and pointing fingers. , please understand this.”


    Wu Mei listened to Tang Yin’s words silently, maybe she could not fully accept his words, but she could see his sincerity in his eyes.


    Yes! Tang Yin is indeed not a person who can be controlled.


    He is casual, evil, and arrogant, and his body is full of unstable factors. It is because of this that Wu Mei is unknowingly attracted to him. If he is the same as everyone else, Wu Mei’s interest in him probably won’t be as huge as it is now, so huge that it can shake her principles.


    “Qiu is really your friend?” After a long time, Wu Mei finally spoke.


    Tang Yin thought about it seriously, finally nodded, and said, “Yes, he is considered a friend.”


    Wu Mei asked again: “Back then, I sent you to Ning Nation’s checkpoint as bait, but you left him behind because…”


    “That’s for the protection of my friends.”


    Wu Mei looked at Tang Yin without blinking, as if making a major decision, nodded deeply, and said, “Well, I will also be your friend, but I want you to promise that in your heart, the weight of me will not be lighter than Qiu Zhen!”


    Tang Yin smiled, who has the least weight in his heart and who has the most weight in his heart is not something he can control. He suddenly realized that Wu Mei’s appearance is mature, but her heart is like a child.


    And after Wu Mei finished speaking, she couldn’t help laughing at herself, feeling like a little woman who was jealous, and she was jealous with another man. What’s worse, from Tang Yin’s clear eyes, she couldn’t see any element of passion from him towards her.


    She has always known that her appearance is gorgeous and moving, and she has always believed that there will be no man in this world who will not surrender to her charm. But when she encounters Tang Yin, apart from disappointment, she only has a heavy sense of powerlessness. It can be said that Tang Yin is the first person to be completely immune to her, even turning a blind eye to her.


    After Wu Mei left, Qiu Zhen came in, wiping cold sweat.


    He had heard the conversation between Tang Yin and Wu Mei just now outside the door, and his whole heart was hanging in his throat, for fear that if something was wrong, Wu Mei would be angry, and Tang Yin’s life would be in danger. But the final result was unexpectedly good, of course, It is not difficult to see that Wu Mei attaches great importance to Tang Yin and condones him.


    Seeing the unnatural expression on his face, Tang Yin didn’t need to ask to guess that he heard his conversation with Wu Mei. Before Qiu Zhen could speak, he said first, “Qiu Zhen, is there a weapon shop in the city?”


    Qiu Zhen didn’t expect that he would suddenly ask this, scratched his forehead, and said uncertainly, “There should be! Brother Tang, what are you looking for in a weapons store?”


    “A custom-made weapon!” Tang Yin swallowed the last bite of his meal, wiped his mouth, got up, and said to Qiu Zhen, “If you’re okay, come with me.”


    The weapon he is comfortable with is the half-ring waning moon double sword. But this Empire obviously did not have such a strange-shaped weapon.


    “We have all kinds of weapons in the army? Why do you want to make them now?” Qiu Zhen was very puzzled.


    Tang Yin smiled and said, “The weapons I want can only be custom-made.”


    “Oh, is that so.” Qiu Zhen followed Tang Yin and went outside.


    After just a few steps, he stopped and stood still with a look of embarrassment on his face.


    Tang Yin asked curiously, “What’s wrong?”


    “Brother Tang, do you… money?”


    “Money?” Tang Yin patted his head suddenly, and scolded himself for being confused. Although he is in a different world, he still needs money to buy things here. He is penniless now.


    Qiu Zhen touched his pocket, took out a few copper coins, and said with a wry smile, “I only have this money, I’m afraid it won’t be enough…”


    Tang Yin sighed and said, “I have to ask General Wu to borrow some money.”


    Hearing that Tang Yin is here to borrow money from her, Wu Mei smiled with her big eyes crooked that turned them into two small crescent moons. But she was very generous, took out a piece of gold from the purse and handed it to Tang Yin, and asked at the same time, “What do you want to do with the money?”


    “To build a handy weapon.”


    “Can’t you find one in the army?”


    Tang Yin shook his head.


    Wu Mei said sternly: “This is a serious business, you can take the money I gave you, you don’t need to pay it back.” As a spiritual warrior, she certainly understands the importance of weapons. On the battlefield, weapons are her second life, if there are no suitable weapons on hand, it’s as though her life is not guaranteed.


    Tang Yin thanked her, but before leaving, he said, “I will pay you back in the future.” Seeing that Wu Mei wanted to refuse and not give her a chance to speak, he added: “It’s not that I’m being polite to you, because I’ve never been used to spending women’s money.” Or you could say that he had never spent women’s money.


    Hearing this, Wu Mei was stunned.


    The Haotian Empire’s folk customs are very open. Women don’t pay attention to the three obedience and four virtues. In terms of inheritance rights, women will be placed in the same line of succession as men, including the royal family. There has always been no shortage of queens among the emperors of the Haotian Empire.


    The machismo that Tang Yin unconsciously revealed made Wu Mei feel unfamiliar, but there was an indescribable sense of comfort.


    Tongmen is really not big, with three main roads vertically and six main roads horizontally.


    Tang Yin and Qiu Zhen could easily find a blacksmith shop when they asked about it.


    These days, Ning Nation’s troops are just outside the city, and the business of the blacksmith shop is also exceptionally good. Not to mention a large number of weapons ordered by the military, ordinary people also ordered weapons, which they plan to use for self-defense. When the two of them arrived, the blacksmith shop was already busy, and the sound of smashing iron could be heard incessantly.


    “is the boss around?”


    Qiu Zhen stood at the door and didn’t dare to go in. He was wearing new clothes, for fear that the sparks from the blacksmith shop would burn his clothes.


    Tang Yin didn’t care and walked in directly.


    Just as he stepped in, an old man with gray hair greeted him.


    “Do you want to order weapons?” Tang Yin and Qiu Zhen were both wearing casual clothes, so the old man couldn’t tell that they were soldiers.


    “Yes.” Tang Yin said, “I want to make two knives.”


    “Long knives, short knives, horizontal knives, Mo knives, flat knives… What kind of knives do you want to make?” The old man said more than ten types of knives in one breath.


    Tang Yin shook his head with a smile, looked down, picked up a piece of broken iron from the ground, drew the shape of a crescent moon machete on the ground, and said, “The knife I want is in this style.”


    The old man looked at the pattern drawn by Tang Yin, his gray eyebrows were wrinkling together, and he said suspiciously, “This kind of knife that you wants to make is very strange. I have never seen it before… What is the name of this kind of knife?”


    Tang Yin simply said: “Scimitar.”


    “Oh!” The old man pondered silently.


    “Can it be made?”


    “That’s not it. It’s just that the shape of the blade is odd, and it takes time to make.”


    Tang Yin took out the ingot of gold that Wumei gave him, handed it to the boss, and said, “I need it today. If the boss can make it, all the gold will be yours…”


    Before he could finish speaking, Qiu Zhen was pulling the corner of his clothes behind him. Judging from the size of the ingot Wu Mei gave Tang Yin, it’s enough to buy ten knives.


    He winked at Tang Yin, implying that he didn’t need to spend so much money.


    Tang Yin shrugged indifferently, as long as he can get the double sword he wants, it doesn’t matter how much money he spends.


    Seeing the golden ingot, the old man’s eyes lit up, he rolled up his sleeves and said, “Yes, you are so generous, I will accept your job, and this old man will make the knife in person!”


    Tang Yin laughed and said, “Thank you for your help…”


    Before he could finish speaking, there was only a loud, earth-shattering rumbling sound in the helix. The sound was so loud that even the ground trembled.



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