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Tang Yin’s Adventure in Another World Chapter 33

Chapter 33

Tang Yin was surprised when he heard the words, and asked, “Why are you so sure?”


    Qiu Zhen said with a wry smile: “The assembly of 400,000 people will take a lot of time and make a lot of noise. Just preparing materials and provisions in the early stage will take several months. But Ning Nation completed it all at once. Now, isn’t that strange? If my guess is correct, when Wang Ting was preparing to attack, Ning Nation had already received the news and began to secretly gather manpower and formulate battle plans in the Hedong area. They know us like the back of the hand, but we don’t know anything about them, and if we use 200,000 to crash with their 400,000, how can we not be beaten?!”


    Tang Yin nodded as he listened, even if he didn’t understand military tactics, he could feel that Qiu Zhen’s analysis was reasonable.


    After thinking about it for a while, Tang Yin shook his head, whether there are spies in the palace, or whether someone colluded with Ning Nation, is not something he can manage, and it is useless to worry about it. He smiled lightly and said, “We shouldn’t worry of these things. There is only one thing we have to do now.”


    “What is that?” Qiu Zhen asked curiously.


    “Sleep!” Tang Yin said with a smile: “I only know that if I don’t nourish my spirit and restore my physical strength, I can’t do anything well.”


    Qiu Zhen was stunned. After watching Tang Yin for a while, he laughed clearly and said, “It makes sense. It seems that I think too much.”


    Tang Yin took off his coat, pulled up the quilt, changed into a comfortable position, and said indistinctly, “The door is over there, See you.”


    Qiu Zhen shook his head and smiled, got up to say goodbye.


    Tang Yin slept very peacefully and sweetly that night. He didn’t even eat dinner. He slept from the afternoon until the next morning. If it wasn’t for his stomach drumming, he might have continued to sleep.


    In a daze, he smelled a seductive aroma, opened his eyes, and saw that there were several plates of dishes and a large bowl of rice on the table in the room.


    Gululu, his stomach growled, Tang Yin turned over and sat up.


    “General Tang, you’re awake!” A sweet voice sounded from the side of the bed.


    He turned his head and saw that there was a girl standing at the end of the bed. She is only sixteen or seventeen years old. She wears a cloth skirt, her jet-black hair is pulled up high, her wheat-colored skin is shiny and healthy, and her delicate appearance was matched with a pair of smart big eyes, giving people a fresh and clean feeling.


    “You are…” He looked at the girl in confusion.


    “I’m the maid of the hotel.” The girl’s voice was soft, looking at the shirtless Tang Yin, her face was slightly red, and she replied shyly.


    Tang Yin snorted, then pointed to the food on the table and asked, “Did you bring it?”




    “What’s your name?”


    “Everyone calls me Xiaoyu.”


    “Xiaoyu Xiaoyu, your name and appearance are quite matching.” Tang Yin responded casually, turned to look for his clothes, looked around and couldn’t find them, and muttered doubtfully, “Where are my clothes?”


    The maid Xiaoyu hurriedly said: “General Tang’s clothes are torn and dirty, and General Zongzheng has prepared new clothes for you.” As she spoke, she turned around and took off the new clothes from the hanger, respectfully putting it in front of Tang Yin.


    When he touched it with his hand, it felt soft and smooth, completely different from the cloth he had worn before.


    He raised his head and looked at the hanger. There was also delicate black armor hanging on it. It was different from the leather armor worn by ordinary soldiers. Because it was shiny, it must be made of metal, and there were fine carvings on the armor. He was no stranger to the finely crafted patterns, both the Wu sisters and Wu Yi wore it.


    “That…is mine too?” Tang Yin asked uncertainly.


    Xiaoyu nodded and replied in a low voice, “Yes, General.”


    She is the maid of the hotel and has served many people, but she feels that Tang Yin is different from others. He speaks strangely, but he is not proud, and her handsome face has a faint smile, which is very charming. It stands to reason that he should make people feel friendly, but at the same time, he gives an indescribable sense of coldness and distance.


    Tang Yin ignored the whimsical little maid. He looked at the new armor and smiled bitterly. It seemed that when Wu Mei announced in public that he is the Corps Commander of the Second Corps, she meant it. But does he want to be a general and fight wars for life?


    Since he came to this world, he has been running for his life and has no time to think about what kind of path he should take in the future. Now as he had calmed down, he could start to think about this problem seriously.


    In the modern world, he did not have the chance to study much. His best skill is the kung fu he has practiced since he was a child. As for this new world, he still does not have the skills to support himself, if he wants to live, or live more comfortably, It seems that the only way left is to join the army.


    Since there is no choice, there is nothing to hesitate about!


    Furthermore, he does not reject a life using force to fight on the battlefield and make achievements.


    In the modern world, he lives the life of a murderer who sees a lot of blood, but it is illegal. Now he could continue to live such a life, and it’s legal here. He could openly commit murder, which is more in line with the wildness in his blood.


    Every man has an intention to conquest within his heart, and Tang Yin is no exception.


    In this strange world, in this chaotic world, he also wants to be a strong man who can conquer everything.


    Since he can’t go back to his original world, it’s better to give it a go here and do something grand. Even if he can’t make a big impact on history, at least he could be a legacy for thousands of years.


    Thinking of this, the smile on Tang Yin’s face gradually deepened, and the blood in his body began to boil and burn involuntarily.


    He is by no means a timid person, nor is he an ambitious, cowardly person by nature. When the opportunity presented itself, he could not find any reason to give it up.


    After figuring out these questions, Tang Yin seemed to unload a big burden off his shoulders and let out a long sigh, and suddenly his body seemed to be much more relaxed.


    Seeing the ways he looked at the armor on the shelf, his face and expression kept changing, for a moment it was sullen, the next moment smiling, the maid Xiaoyu was a little worried and asked with concern: “General Tang, you… what’s the matter with you?”


    Tang Yin came back to his senses, smiled at her, and said, “I’m fine!” He picked up his clothes, and just about to get up, he shrank back and said to Xiaoyu, “Miss, I’m going to change.” The implication is that she can go out.


    Xiaoyu is a maid, it was the first time that she was called Miss. She opened her mouth in surprise and was speechless for a long time. Said: “General Tang, I will help you change!”


    He frowned with a headache. Doesn’t she understand what he meant? He said weakly, “I’ll do it myself, you can go out.”


    “Xiaoyu… Did Xiaoyu do something bad and offend General Tang?” As she spoke, her eyes were red.


    In her mind, it was normal for a maid to serve the master and change clothes, but she didn’t understand why Tang Yin refused.


    Tang Yin is not a person of this era, and he does not like to be in close contact with people, no matter whether they are male or female.


    Seeing Xiaoyu crying with shame and pity, he waved his hand helplessly, trying to be euphemistic, saying, “You’re doing well, but I’m not used to it, if you don’t mind, please go out first. , come back later…”


    Before he could finish his words, Xiaoyu let out a cry and ran out.


    Tang Yin was ‘stunned’ as he watched her figure disappear outside the door. After a while, he sighed softly and muttered, “What’s wrong with her?!”


    He quickly put on his clothes, because there was no mirror, he couldn’t see the effect, but they fit and felt very well.


    At this moment, Wu Mei approached from outside.


    Seeing Tang Yin in new brocade clothes, her eyes lit up.


    Tang Yin is slender and well-proportioned. Because of his hard training since childhood, you will not find a trace of fat on his body. He can be called a perfect physique. The sinister temperament naturally revealed in him is dazzling and infatuation.


    Sensing Wu Mei staring at him, Tang Yin raised his eyebrows and asked, “General Wu, is there a flower on my nose?”


    She returned to her senses, her face was slightly red, and she used a charming smile to cover up her embarrassment, and said casually, “These clothes suit you very well.”


    Tang Yin looked down at himself, and said, “I think so too.” After a pause, he asked, “Are you looking for me?”


    “Privately, I allow you to call me by my name.” Wu Mei cleared her throat and sat down at the table, listening to the tone, it was as though she gave Tang Yin a great favor.


    Tang Yin felt disapproval, shrugged, and didn’t say much. Seeing that a water basin had been prepared in the corner, he simply washed his face, wiped himself, and sat down opposite Wu Mei, picked up the tableware, and started eating.


    Looking at Tang Yin, who was eating indifferently, Wu Mei said sternly, “Tongmen is not a place to stay for a long time. I plan to leave for Yancheng this afternoon.”


    Tang Yin swallowed the food in his mouth and said, “I have no opinion.”


    “I didn’t ask for your opinion.”


    “Then what are you talking about?”


    “I am just informing you!”


    “Oh! I see.”


    “Is this how subordinates should behave towards their superiors?” Wu Mei felt that Tang Yin was like a wild horse, arrogant and uncontrollable.


    Tang Yin put down the tableware and looked directly at Wu Mei.


    “You… what are you looking at?” Under his piercing gaze, Wu Mei’s heart palpitated for no reason, and she asked with little confidence.


    “Subordinates are not what Miss Wu is missing.”


    “Then what is it?”




    “Friends?” Wu Mei was startled, perhaps out of anger, or out of guilt, she asked sharply, “You mean you want to be my friend?”



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