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Tang Yin’s Adventure in Another World Chapter 32

Chapter 32

“From Yancheng to Tongmen, it only takes five days for an urgent march to arrive. It stands to reason that the reinforcements led by Liang Qi should have arrived long ago.” Wu Mei frowned and said faintly.


    “Yeah! It’s long overdue!” Zongzheng Guangxiao smiled wryly and sighed: “General Liang had already set off from Yancheng seven days ago, but now, he is still on the road. I have sent people to urge him several times, but General Liang always has some excuses, either the heavy materials are heavy or the marching is slow, or the heavy rain is not conducive to the march, etc. It is understandable that the Liang family wants to save his ten regiments, and is unwilling to come to Tongmen to fight the Ning Kingdom too early.”


    “Scum!” Wu Mei’s face was full of frost, she gritted her teeth and scolded in a low voice. “If there are no reinforcements, Tongmen will be lost, and General Zongzheng should also make plans earlier.”


    Zongzheng Guangxiao shook his head and smiled bitterly.


    The inn in Tongmen was very simple, with a simple courtyard and a side room on the left and right. The main room is a small wooden building on the second floor.


    Tang Yin’s room was next to Wu Mei’s.


    This was the first time he had come into contact with the Haotian Empire’s room. It felt both familiar and unfamiliar. There was a bed, a table, a cabinet, four chairs, and nothing else. Fortunately, Tang Yin’s usual life was very simple and casual. At this time, he was really tired. He fell onto the bed and didn’t bother to take off his clothes, ready to sleep.


    As soon as he closed his eyes, he heard someone knocking on the door.


    “Please come in!” Tang Yin said with a frown.


    The door opened, Qiu Zhen and a middle-aged man in his forties came in.


    Tang Yin looked at Qiu Zhen suspiciously and asked silently.


    Qiu Zhen smiled and said, “This is the doctor found by General Zongzheng.”


    “Oh!” Tang Yin nodded clearly and said to the doctor, “I only suffered some minor injuries, but nothing serious.”


    The middle-aged doctor didn’t seem to hear what he said. He pulled a chair, sat beside the bed, looked at Tang Yin’s rib, and said, “General, don’t be careless, a minor injury will turn into a fatal injury if not dealt with in time. , Besides, I don’t think what General Tang suffered is a minor injury!” As he spoke, he undid the strip of cloth that Tang Yin tied around his waist.


    Tang Yin is used to being alone and is not used to having physical contact with people, which will make him feel insecure.


    Just as the middle-aged doctor’s hand touched the cloth strip, his eyes flashed, and he clasped the doctor’s wrist with a bang, his face sinking like water, and he stared at him coldly.


    His own strength is not small, and now he has a spiritual cultivation base. The grip of his palm is extremely strong. The middle-aged doctor screamed in pain when he was grabbed. His facial features were twisted, he couldn’t sit on the chair properly, and almost fell off.


    Qiu Zhen was startled, he hurriedly grabbed Tang Yin’s arm, and said with a smirk, “Brother Tang, the doctor is not malicious, just to look at the wound for you, besides, we don’t know when the hundreds of thousands of Ning army outside will start the siege, if you don’t take good care of your body, you will probably be handicapped in battle!”


    Hearing Qiu Zhen’s words, Tang Yin thought for a moment, and then slowly released his hand.


    With his hands behind his head, he closed his eyes and said, “Doctor, please go ahead!”


    Although Tang Yin is stubborn, he is not a person who can’t listen to advise. It just depends on whether the other party is accepted by him. Qiu Zhen is the first person he has close contact with in this world, and Qiu Zhen could feel his sincerity towards him. Although he didn’t say it out loud, he gradually accepted Qiu Zhen in his heart.


    The middle-aged doctor’s face was furious, he shook his wrists, which were sore and numb, and looked down. Well, there was a circle of blue-black on both wrists, as if they were wearing two bracelets.


    If it were someone else, he would have turned away long ago, but Tang Yin is a person that Zongzheng Guangxiao values, and is close to Wu Mei. He did not dare to offend him, so he could only suppress his anger and help him treat his wounds.


    In Tang Yin’s eyes, the two wounds under his rib were nothing, he could use his own spiritual energy to heal them. But in the eyes of others, these two wounds were almost fatal injuries.


    In war, weapons such as spears are more terrifying than knives and swords in that they are not easy to heal after being injured by them. Once you are stabbed by it, it will leave a big blood hole, which can often cause the injured to bleed too much and die. Both wounds were deep and large, but the blood was miraculously stopped.


    The middle-aged doctor was amazed while helping him apply the medicine. He didn’t know that Tang Yin was a spiritual practitioner of darkness, he only felt that his body was different from ordinary people.


    Regardless of the middle-aged doctor’s medical skills, the medicine he applied to the wound was effective, which made Tang Yin feel much more comfortable. The wound was no longer hot and painful, but instead had a cool feeling.


    After the middle-aged doctor had finished treating the wound and re-banding it properly, Tang Yin nodded his thanks. With a thick smile on his fair and handsome face, which was completely different from the vicious look just now.


    The middle-aged doctor sighed secretly and said, “General Tang’s injuries are not minor. It’s best not to act rashly within half a month, otherwise, the injury may worsen, and even if a genius doctor diagnoses and treats it, it will not be able to rejuvenate!”


    “Thank you sir for your advice, I’ll remember it.” Tang Yin promised well, but he didn’t take it to heart.


    “General Tang, I’ll take my leave!”


    “Thank you.”


    After the middle-aged doctor left, Qiu Zhen stood by the bed with a dignified face, looked at Tang Yin, and did not speak.


    Seeing this, Tang Yin smiled, waved his hand, and said, “Find a chair to sit on, don’t stand beside me like a wooden stake.”


    Tang Yin rarely speaks witty things, but Qiu Zhen doesn’t have the heart to joke now.


    He said faintly, “The doctor said that your injury is very serious.”


    Tang Yin said nonchalantly, “The doctor’s best ability is to exaggerate.”


    Qiu Zhen knocked on his forehead and whispered, “Brother Tang, the Tongmen battle has nothing to do with us. You might as well talk to General Wu and let her leave Tongmen and return to Yancheng as soon as possible!”


    He really didn’t care much about the battle of Tongmen, because it was none of his business. But if he is to ask Wumei to avoid the battle, he won’t know what to say. He rolled his eyes, smiled, and said leisurely, “Wu Mei’s courage is not greater than yours and mine. If Tongmen couldn’t be defended, she will choose to leave as soon as possible.”


    “I’m afraid…” Qiu Zhen murmured: “If General Zongzheng wouldn’t leave, General Wu may stay behind to accompany him. You must know that the relationship between General Zongzheng and the Wu Family is extraordinary. He could become the guardian of Tongmen, It is also inseparable from the strong support of the Wu’s.”


    Hearing this, Tang Yin suddenly became interested, he said: “There are some things we don’t need to worry about, whether to stay in Tongmen or not, someone will make the decision. I am curious about the internal affairs within the royal court, it sounds like there are a lot of contradictions between the powerful. Qiu Zhen, if you know about it, tell me.”


    Qiu Zhen scratched his hair and sighed, “This is a long story…”


    The four dignitaries of Feng Nation are the Ziyang family, the Liang family, the Wu family, and the Zhong family. These four major families are in charge of more than half of Feng Nation’s troops.


    The Ziyang family controls 15 corps, with more than 150,000 men. The elder’s son Yang Haochungui is the general of Feng Nation, and his title is Marquis; The Liang family controls ten corps. The patriarch  Liang Xin is the left minister, his title is Marquis; The Wu Family controls eight corps, including the second and third corps of Feng Nation. The patriarch Wu Yu is the right minister, and his title is Marquis; Lastly is the Zhong family, who controls six corps. The patriarch Zhong Tian is a general, his title is Marquis.


    The troops controlled by these four dignitaries alone exceed 400,000. In addition, the troops directly under the royal family are 200,000, and the local troops in the counties and counties are almost 200,000. This is basically the total force of Feng Nation’s troops.


    For this expedition to Ning Nation, the Ziyang family dispatched ten corps, the royal family directly dispatched six corps, and the Wu also sent four corps to participate.


    They thought it would be an easy-to-win battle with 200,000 men attacking the Hedong area, and it was supposed to be a surprise attack. However, Ning Nation seemed to have foreseen that and had secretly assembled a large army of 400,000 men in the Hedong area and laid a trap. The Feng’s army was surrounded as soon as they entered the Hedong area.


    The two sides fought on the Jieling grassland in the Hedong area. The 200,000-strong army of Feng Nation was completely defeated. The next scene was what Tang Yin encountered. The remnants of Feng Nation fled in the direction of Tongmen. But they were attacked along the way, few actually escaped back to Tongmen.


    Tang Yin was considered lucky, no matter whether he was made used by Wu Mei or not, but if he hadn’t met her, it would have been difficult for him to return to Tongmen, and now he is probably still hiding in the Hedong area!


    For Feng Nation, although the losses in this battle were heavy, Feng Nation’s vitality was still there. What was really affected was the status and relationship between the four great powers.


    The Ziyang family suffered the most losses. All ten corps were wiped out. Even if the family wealth was fully utilized, it would be difficult to rebuild. The Ziyang family would undoubtedly change from the strongest of the four powers to the weakest, and more importantly, the King of Feng Nation will never trust the Ziyang family as much as before.


    Although the loss of the Wu Family was equally heavy, the reconstruction of the four corps was relatively easier. Besides, the Wu Family was not the initiator of the war after all, and the KIng of Feng Nation would not punish him too heavily.


    After this war, the Liang family who opposed the war at the beginning will definitely be appreciated and reused by the King of Feng Nation. Now, the Liang family with ten corps is the most powerful among the four dignitaries. As for the Zhong family, they have always had no desires, but with the decline of the Ziyang family, their status will naturally rise.


    After listening to Qiu Zhen’s narration and analysis, Tang Yin finally had a general understanding of Feng Nation’s situation.


    He stared at Qiu Zhen with gleaming eyes and smiled without saying a word.


    Qiu Zhen was a little uncomfortable with Tang Yin looking at him this way, he touched his face subconsciously, and asked, “What’s wrong?”


    Tang Yin smiled and said, “I suddenly remember that your prediction was accurate.”




    “You said that Ning Nation would definitely not miss this opportunity and would take advantage of the victory to attack Tongmen. And the fact is, you are right, Ning Nation really came to attack.”


    “Haha!” Qiu Zhen chuckled and said with deep eyes, “Ning Nation clearly came prepared, annihilating our army of 200,000 is only the first step, capturing Tongmen is the second step, the next step is probably the take Yancheng directly.” After a pause, he lowered his voice and whispered in Tang Yin’s ear: “I dare to assert that there must be a spy of Ning Nation within the palace. Or at least someone is colluding with Ning Nation!”



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