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Tang Yin’s Adventure in Another World Chapter 31

Chapter 31

   Tang Yin and Qiu Zhen wanted to leave, but Yu Jia wouldn’t let them go so easily. Especially for Tang Yin, he tore off one of Yu Shang’s ears, and Yu Jia had long since hated him to the core. With a loud roar, he urged the warhorse, armed with a silver spear, and chased after him.


    Wu Mei, who was already standing on the Tongmen city wall, seemed to have expected such an outcome long ago. She snorted coldly in her heart, how about that? Even if you don’t kill Yu Shang and talk about credibility, the other party won’t talk about credibility with you!


    She was angry with Tang Yin, but she couldn’t just ignore him. Wu Mei turned her head and shouted, “Release the arrow and cover General Tang’s return to the city!”


    Although Wu Mei was not the general of Tongmen, she had a high rank and the soldiers did not dare to disobey her orders.


    Following her voice, hundreds of archers stood up at the top of the city, aimed at Yu Jia who was chasing Tang Yin, and sent arrows down in unison.


    Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh—the arrows poured down from the city wall like raindrops. Although the target was not aimed at Tang Yin and Qiu Zhen, the two instinctively bowed their heads and dodged subconsciously.


    Yu Jia, who was attacked by the arrows, did not panic. He waved the silver spear in his hand, and his body suddenly exuded layers of white mist. The mist enveloped his whole body and instantly condensed into a layer of white armor, wrapping his body tightly, leaving only two eyes out.


    It only took a short moment for Yu Jia to complete the spirit armoring.


    As his spirit armor had just been completed, the arrows reached him. There was only a clinking sound in the helix. Looking at Yu Jia, his whole body was splashed with sparks. The arrows were sharp, and they went from top to bottom. However, the spirit armor on his body could not be pierced at all, and they bounced back to the ground.


    In the blink of an eye, a circle of remnant arrows also accumulated on the ground around him, but the impact of the arrows still blocked his forward body abruptly.


    “Second brother…”


    Just as Yu Jia was waving his silver spear to block the arrows flying toward him and thinking about how to break out of the opponent’s arrow formation, he suddenly heard Yu Shang’s voice coming from behind.


    Without looking back, he asked, “What’s the matter?”


    “Second brother, stop chasing…”


    Yu Jia was reluctant to give up, but there were many more archers in the Feng Kingdom on the city head, and the arrows whistling were more dense and sharp. Looking at Tang Yin and Qiu Zhen in front of them, they had already run to the foot of the city wall and started climbing up on the rope. He sighed inwardly, and shouted at Tang Yin’s back from a distance: “Tang Yin, I will take your head one day!”


    At this time, Tang Yinye was midway up the wall. He turned his head and looked down at Yu Jia, who was furious in the distance. When we next meet, no telling who will take whose life!”


    Yu Jia turned his horse and retreated out of the range of Feng Kingdom’s arrows.


    He walked towards Yu Shang and saw that the wound on his severed ear had been simply bandaged, his face pale and frightening. He took a deep breath, and asked in a condensed voice, “How do you feel? Apart from the ear injury, where else are you hurt? “


    Yu Shang slowly shook his head and said, “Second brother… Although Tang Yin hurt me, he also saved my life just now!”


    “What?” Yu Jia raised his eyebrows in confusion.


    “Originally, Wu Mei wanted to kill me, but it was he who stopped her and saved my life.” Yu Shang said weakly.


    “Ah?” Yu Jia was quite puzzled when he heard the words. He break his head and couldn’t understand why Tang Yin wanted to protect Yu Shang, but the name Tang Yin was deeply imprinted in his mind.


    Tang Yin and Qiu Zhen were pulled onto the city wall of Tongmen. Before they could untie the ropes around their waists, Wu Mei walked over quickly and said with a sneer, “See, you talk about credibility, but the enemy won’t. Honestly, don’t do such stupid things again in the future!”


    Throwing off the hemp rope on his body, Tang Yin said indifferently: “I will do what I think is right and remain a clear conscience. As for what others think and do, that’s their business.”


    Wu Mei raised her eyebrows and was about to speak when the middle-aged general came over. He looked up and down at Tang Yin and asked, “This little brother is…”


    “His name is Tang Yin!” Wu Mei introduced him, then added another sentence, “My commander of the Second Infantry Regiment.”


    As soon as this statement came out, everyone present was stunned.


    People who don’t know the inside story are naturally amazed at Tang Yin. The commander of the Regiment is not a small position. He is in charge of tens of thousands of people. Tang Yin looks like he is only in his twenties. If he is the commander of the Regiment at such young age, it means that his relationship with Wu Mei is not simple. And those who knew the inside story were even more surprised. The position Wu Mei originally gave Tang Yin was only a chiliarch, so why is he now the commander of the Regiment? His promotion is way too fast, isn’t it?


    Qiu Zhen was the first to react. He was surprised and delighted in his heart. He secretly pulled Tang Yin’s shirt and said in a low voice, “Thank you, General Wu!”


    Tang Yin didn’t speak, just looked at Wu Mei in confusion. He had contradicted her just now, how could Wu Mei not only not get angry, but also promote him?


    In fact, Wu Mei also has her intention.


    In the battle against the Ning Kingdom, her army suffered heavy losses, and they are now in urgent need of men. Through the recent events with Tang Yin, she could see that he is a brave and resourceful man. Besides the need to win him over, she is also very interested in Tang Yin and intends to keep him by her side.


    “Early on, you bravely captured Prince Ning Yu Shang, and saved me and everyone from the Ning’s army. It’s natural to give you the corresponding reward, nothing to be surprised.” Wu Mei explained lightly. The words were meant for Tang Yin and also for the others.


    After hearing this, the defenders of Tongmen took a deep breath and began to look at Tang Yin differently. It was incredible that this young man could capture Ning’s prince!


    The middle-aged general was also secretly surprised. He had noticed the prisoner that Tang Yin was escorting from the top of the city, but he didn’t expect that it would be the prince of Ning Kingdom.


    No wonder Wu Mei and the others were able to pass through Ning Kingdom’s camp unimpeded, no wonder Ning’s army only dared to follow from a distance and did not dare to move forward, now everything is explained clearly.


    He didn’t dare to have any contempt for Tang Yin, and with a serious face, he quickly said: “My name is Zongzheng Guangxiao, and I am the defender of Tongmen. Brother Tang could capture the enemy’s main general within his camp, you are really something!”


    Tang Yin secretly laughed. The reasons he could catch Yu Shang, luck accounted for thirty percent, Yu Shang’s carelessness accounted for sixty percent, and his skill only accounted for 10 percent at best.


    He shook his head and said honestly: “It’s just that the other party is too careless, and my luck was good.”


    “Brother Tang is being modest!” Zong Zhengguangxiao looked at Wu Mei and Wu Ying, he bowed, and saluted: “The two generals have worked hard, please go to the bunk to rest.”


    On the run, eating badly, and sleeping uneasily over the last few days, the two Wu sisters were both physically and mentally exhausted. Now that they have returned to Tongmen safely, they could finally feel at ease. Both of them were also feeling very tired.


    Wu Mei nodded and replied: “Okay.” After a pause, she said again: “My soldiers are also exhausted, General Zongzheng, please help me settle them properly.”


    “Of course, General Wu, don’t worry!” Zongzheng Guangxiao responded repeatedly.


    “General Zongzheng will come with me. I want to know more about the situation in Tongmen.” After speaking, Wu Mei turned back and winked at Tang Yin, and said with a smile, “Tang Yin, you are to come with me too.”


    Tang Yin had no opinion and followed Wu Mei away. Qiu Zhen was reluctant to stay alone, so he followed Tang Yin courageously. Seeing that Wu Mei didn’t say anything to forbid him, he felt a little relieved.


    Tongmen is not a town, but a military fortress. There are not many residents in the city, only tens of thousands of people, most of them are construction workers and their accompanying family members, and some are traders.


    They walked down the city wall along the stairs and towards the city center.


    Along the way.


    Wu Mei asked solemnly, “General Zongzheng, how many men are currently defending Tongmen?”


    “Less than 20,000!” Zongzheng Guangxiao said with a bitter expression: “When we set out on the expedition to the Ning Kingdom, the defenders of Tongmen were basically emptied. If some of the soldiers did not manage to flee back, I am afraid that we wouldn’t even be able to gather 10,000 people together! “


    “Where’s General Ziyang?” The General Ziyang that Wumei mentioned was Ziyang Haochun. Like the Wu family, Ziyang’s family was one of the four powerful families in Feng Kingdom.


    Ziyang Haochun is the commander-in-chief of Feng Kingdom’s expedition to Ning Kindom, and he is also the main battle faction in the court of Emperor Feng. He was the main culprit that led to Feng Kingdom’s fiasco.


    “General Ziyang has already returned to Yan City. It is said that” Zongzheng Guangxiao looked to his left and right, lowered his voice, and said, “It is said that when Hedong was defeated, the king was furious, I am afraid that General Ziyang’s future would not be good, and he would be implicated the entire Ziyang family, besides, the Wu…” At this point, he did not continue.


    Although Zongzheng Guangxiao has a deep friendship with the Wu family, some words are not easy to say directly.


    Wu Mei understood what he meant, sighed softly, and said, “The Wu Family can’t stay out of it, right?”


    Ziyang Haochun took the initiative to start the fight, and the Wu Family also strongly supported it. Now the battle is unfavorable, soldiers are lost, and the Wu family is implicated, which is naturally expected.


    “Fortunately, the king has a pure and forgiving nature, I don’t think he will make it too difficult for the Wu family.” Zongzheng Guangxiao comforted.


    Wu Mei chuckled lightly, waved her hand, and said, “Don’t talk about the Wu anymore, let’s talk about you. With the 20,000 people you have, do you think you can really defend Tongmen? According to my observation, Ning’s army has more than 400,000 men. Even if Tongmen’s defense is highly defensible, it doesn’t mean it is infallible.” After thinking about it, she asked again: “By the way, didn’t Yan City send reinforcements?”


    “Of course, His Majesty has sent reinforcements.”


    “Who leads the team?”


    “Liang Qi!”


    “It’s him?” Wu Mei blinked, then shook her head again and again.


    The Liang family is also one of the four dignitaries in Feng Kingdom, and Liang Qi is the eldest son of the Liang family.


    The four dignitaries of Feng Kingdom do not live in peace. For their own interests, they are intrigued and conflicted with each other. The Liang family is the one with the deepest feud between the Wu and the other three families. The Liang family was resolutely opposed to this expedition to the Ning Kingdom. Of the ten corps under his command, none of them were dispatched, which instead allowed the Liang family’s strength to be preserved.



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