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Tang Yin’s Adventure in Another World Chapter 30

Chapter 30

Nobody knows how long it took, Tang Yin and the others finally walked out of Ning Jun’s camp without any incident. As they looked towards the front, they saw the Tongmen Gate, which was sandwiched between two mountains with the city wall soaring into the clouds.


    The terrain of Tongmen is terraneous, the city walls are high and thick, and the fortifications were well prepared. It is a place easy to defend but difficult to attack. Under normal circumstances, even if the manpower of Ning’s army is doubled, it may still be difficult to attack successfully. However, the situation is different now,  Feng Nation has just experienced a fiasco. The army of 200,000 collapsed in the Hedong area. The reminding defenders of Tongmen were a total of less than 20,000. Many of them were the remnants of defeated battles who fled back. Most have lost their morale and lack fighting spirit, and the reinforcements from the rear have not yet arrived. The situation is critical and not optimistic.


    Now, the city gate of Tongmen has been blocked from the inside. People from the inside can’t get out, and similarly, people from outside can’t get in.


    Seeing Tongmen is equivalent to seeing the gate of their home. Everyone present was excited and invariably accelerated their speed.


    It didn’t take long to hear someone behind them shouting loudly: “Stop!”


    When everyone heard the sound, they turned their heads towards the back. It turned out that Yu Jia and others also followed them out of the military camp.


    “Tongmen is just ahead, can you let my people go now?” Yu Jia asked in a deep voice.


    “If we release his people now, I’m afraid we will become hedgehogs before we could take a few steps forward.” Tang Yin said calmly. His impression of the Ning army’s arrow formation is deep, the hundreds of people on his side would not even be able to stop a salvo from the other side.


    Yu Jia was itching with hatred, he clenched his fists and asked, “Then what do you want?”


    “I have already said that when we enter Tongmen safely, we will let him go. You can rest assured that we will do what we say and not go back on our word!”


    “Better! If not…”


    He was too lazy to listen to his nonsense. Before Yu Jia could finish uttering his threatening words, Tang Yin had already urged his horse to move forward.


    Yu Jia was anxious, angry, and full of hate in his heart, but there is nothing he could do to Tang Yin, so he could only stare and watch him gradually walk away from him.


    The appearance of the other party’s defeat made Wu Mei laugh secretly in her heart. She has always been Wu’s eldest lady and the object of everyone’s admiration. She has never relied on others, and will only be relied on by everyone. But now, there is someone who could step out and shield the wind and rain in front of her, which was both wonderful and enjoyable for her.


    Tang Yin and the others were walking down the Tongmen City. Suddenly, a strong wind shot down from the high wall.




    An arrow that was as fast as lightning, was deeply nailed in front of Tang Yin’s horse’s hoof.


    Tang Yin hurriedly reined in the reins and looked up.


    Above the city wall, there were soldiers of Feng Nation standing, and staring at them curiously. One of the officers, who looked like a captain, held a longbow in one hand and a stack of arrows in the other, leaned forward, and asked loudly, “Do not move forward anymore, who are you? Give me your name!”


    Wu Mei and the others were all dressed as people of Feng Nation, and they are also displaying the flag of Feng. The problem was that they had just come out of Ning’s army camp without incident, and there were also a large number of Ning’s generals and soldiers behind them. The soldiers of the Feng Nation above couldn’t tell whether they were from their own side or from the enemy.


    “I’m Wu Mei, let your general know and come over to talk to me!” Wu Mei urged the horse to take a few steps forward and replied.


    Wu Mei? It’s Wu’s men! The captain at the top of the city was secretly startled and did not dare to delay, and said anxiously: “Please wait a moment!” After speaking, he turned around and ran away quickly.


    About half an hour later, there was a commotion on the top of the city. Then, a middle-aged general in a battle robe appeared on the city wall. He looked down and saw Wu Mei, he couldn’t help but rubbed his eyes and looked carefully.


    Seeing the other party staring at her speechless for a long time, Wu Mei frowned and shouted, “It’s only been a few days, does General Zongzheng not recognize me?”


    Hearing the words, the middle-aged general was shocked and said in surprise, “It’s General Wu! But you…they…” He wanted to ask how Wu Mei and the others passed through the Ning army camp, and why were they being followed by so many people from Ning Nation. But it is not easy to ask this question in public, it was as though he suspected Wu Mei to be collaborating with the enemy.


    “Don’t you, me, or him, open the city gate and let us in!” Wu Mei scolded angrily.


    “Okay, okay, okay! However, General Wu, the city gate has been blocked. You have to climb the wall to enter…” It is true that the visitor is indeed Wumei. Although the middle-aged general was still full of doubts, he did not dare say anything more. He hurriedly get his people to prepare ropes and threw them down from the top of the wall.


    Pop, pop, pop—for a while, more than twenty thick and long hemp ropes were thrown from the top of the wall.


    Seeing this, Wu Mei turned over and dismounted, and at the same time said to the soldiers, “Go on!”


    Everyone obeyed the order, swarmed forward, tied the hemp rope around their waists, and then called to the soldiers on top of the city wall to pull them up.


    Wu Mei and Wu Ying were just about to walk down the city wall when they saw Tang Yin still sitting on the horse and didn’t move. The former asked, “Tang Yin, what are you waiting for?”


    Tang Yin patted the delirious Yu Shang and asked, “What should we do about him?”


    Wu Mei was stunned, and said, “You don’t need to worry about that!” After speaking, she quickly pulled a soldier from her side and said, “You stay, watch this guy, and when we are all safely on the city wall, you will…” As she spoke, she made a downward cutting gesture.


    The soldier nodded timidly and responded with a trembling voice, “General Wu, I understand.”


    Tang Yin frowned, pulled Yu Shang off the horse while dismounting, and asked, “You want to kill him?”


    “Of course!” Wu Mei looked at Tang Yin amusingly, and asked, “Did you really plan to let him go?”


    “I just think that people can’t stand upright without being trustful. Since we have given our promise to the other side, we should do what we promised.”


    Wu Mei sneered and said, “Talking trust with the enemy, are you crazy?”


    Tang Yin looked straight at her without speaking.


    Wu Mei patted his shoulder with a smile and said softly, “On this matter, you and I don’t need to argue, just come with me!”


    Seeing her insistence, Tang Yin stopped being wordy or waste any more time with her. He ignored Wu Mei and said to the soldier, “You go up, I’ll stay till the end.”


    “What are you going to do?” The smile on Wu Mei’s face disappeared, and she asked sharply with dissatisfaction.


    “General Wu can be not trustworthy and not keep her promises, but I can’t!” Tang Yin could be someone who kills without blinking an eye, but he also has his principles, and he will do what he promised.


    I don’t understand why he is so stubborn, Wumei was anxious and angry, and said angrily: “Yu Shang is the prince of Ning Kingdom and our great enemy, no matter what we cannot let him live…”


    “…” Tang Yin was silent on her remarks.


    Seeing that the two of them couldn’t stop arguing, Qiu Zhen hurried over and looked at Tang Yin, who was expressionless. He then turned to Wu Mei and said:” General Wu, he is just a useless piece of shit, killing him or not killing him has little impact on us, but on the other hand, keeping him would be like leaving a scourge to the Ning Kingdom. Furthermore, if we really did kill him, it would probably cause Ning Kingdom’s anger. , There are so many Ning soldiers, if they got really angry and crazy and started to attack our city, it may not be beneficial to us!”


    In fact, Qiu Zhen also thought that Yu Shang should be killed, but he had already decided to stand on Tang Yin’s side. Since Tang Yin insisted, he could only follow Tang Yin’s wishes, but it was more acceptable to others if the same words were from his mouth.


   Wu Mei still felt uncomfortable about letting Yu Shang go, but Qiu Zhen’s words also made sense, and it was like giving her a way out of the situation.


    After pondering for a moment, she nodded and said, “Okay, Tang Yin, I will listen to you this time, but there will never be a next time!” After speaking, she gave Tang Yin a deep look, turned, and walked down the city.


    Wow! Seeing Wu Mei compromise, Qiu Zhen let out a long breath. He came to Tang Yin and said in a low voice, “Brother Tang, you are too impulsive. If you fall out with General Wu because of Yu Shang, you will lose more than what you gained!”


    Tang Yin of course knew that falling out with Wu Mei was not good for him, but Wu Mei was not important to him enough to change his principles.


    He smiled lightly at Qiu Zhen and said softly, “Thank you.”


    It’s not easy to hear Tang Yin’s thanks, Qiu Zhen’s mouth was wide open with laughers.


   Wu Mei, Wu Ying, and hundreds of their soldiers have been pulled up the city wall in a short time. Tang Yin said to Qiu Zhen, “Don’t stay here anymore, you can go up too!”


    “I’ll accompany you.”


    “No need.” Tang Yin was decisive.


    “I insist.” Qiu Zhen answered simply.


    “Don’t blame me if you die!” Tang Yin said indifferently.


    “…” Qiu Zhen was silent.


    When most of Wu Mei’s men were being pulled up to the city wall, Yu Jia and his men began to move closer and closer to Tang Yin slowly.


    Although he was at the foot of his own city, and even though he still had Yu Shang as a hostage, in the face of so many enemies, Qiu Zhen’s palms were still sweating nervously.


    He peeked at Tang Yin, he still had a calm expression on his face.


    Qiu Zhen suddenly realized that no matter how dangerous the situation was, Tang Yin seemed to be able to keep his face unchanged, and his cold and sharp eyes would not show any fluctuations, making it impossible to see what he was thinking.


    If Tang Yin is an enemy, it must be an extremely terrifying opponent! He muttered in his heart, and at the same time was secretly grateful.


    “Now, can you release him?” Yu Jia’s eyes were fierce, staring at Tang Yin.


    “Of course!” Tang Yin bent over, grabbed the clothes behind Yu Shang, lifted him, then took two steps forward, threw him hard forward, and said coldly, “Here you go!”


    Yu Shang’s body of more than 100 pounds looked like a rag bag and was thrown more than ten meters away by Tang Yin. With a muffled sound, he fell heavily to the ground.


    He grinned and screamed in pain, almost out of breath, seeing this, the guards around Yu Jia hurriedly rushed forward and surrounded Yu Shang, for fear that the other party would attack again.


    Tang Yin stopped delaying, pulled Qiu Zhen, and said, “Let’s go!”



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