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SDS Chapter 1

The annoyance of being a deer

During the Eastern Zhou dynasty and the Spring and Autumn periods, hundreds of princely states competed in the land of Shenzhou in the Central Plains, an era of liturgy’s collapse.

More than twenty walking animal figures dine leisurely in a particular mountain range jungle.

The deer has a brownish-yellow body with white spots.

This herd of sika deer has long ears, a short tail, and a long neck.

As vegetarians, they have food no matter how the outside world changes.

The deer herd is female and young deer, and the male deer generally live alone.

At this time, one of the deer in the deer herd is different from the misbehavior of other young deer. This strange deer stands tightly in the middle of the deer herd, eating with all its strength, unlike several other young deer, full of curiosity about the outside world, bouncing and running around, making their mothers headache and helpless.

Suddenly, a gray-black figure rushed out of the grass not far away, and it was a wolf.

When the wolf rushed out, the deer were frightened and fled, and the young deer in the middle did not need the reminder of the other female deer at all and flew away with the other female deer.

And this wolf, unfortunately, successfully captured a very naughty young deer that ran out of the deer circle.

The mother of the young deer let out a cry of grief and did not come to the rescue.

It is still possible if it is a male deer, and a female deer without antlers is too threatening to carnivores.

After successfully capturing his prey, the wolf did not continue to hunt the deer and happily dined on the spot.

“Huh, it’s dangerous. This time I escaped the disaster smoothly.”

The fleeing herd came to rest at the other end of the mountain, and a young deer lay tired on the ground panting, and the look of anthropomorphism appeared in its eyes.

Right, this young sika deer is a crosser named Ling Ye.

As for how to cross, it doesn’t matter.

All Ling Ye cared about now was to save his life.

“OMG, you let me cross it. How can you change my race? Change it, but why did you change me into a deer?”

Ling Ye felt helpless as a sika deer.

It is a good prey item in the eyes of some medium and large carnivores; even humans are natural enemies.

After all, the deer are treasures, and humans can use various parts for medicine, which is very extensive.

If nothing else, deer antler velvet alone has longevity effects.

As the only mammal that can regenerate organs, male Sika deer lose their horns and long horns yearly, which is why many people like to catch and breed deer.

Especially this month, many human soldiers are fighting outside the mountains. Every few days, there will be humans in the mountains to hunt. Ling Ye, five days ago, witnessed seven or eight soldiers in the mountains, bow, and arrow, hitting a female deer so that Ling Ye, who is only more than three months old, was frightened.

If he could, he just wanted to grow up fast enough to become an adult, and when Ling Ye grew into an adult buck, he was confident that he could live well, even if it were a sika deer. After all, he didn’t have to worry about food and couldn’t afford to hide.

“But the lifespan of the sika deer is also short, only twenty years, which is still the case at the end of life.”

He didn’t know what kind of world it was.

Whether it was an ordinary ancient world without supernatural powers or a mysterious world with magical powers, if he could encounter a few Spirit Herb Treasure Herbs and eat them, it might increase his lifespan.

“Alas, what kind of energy do I fantasize about? I don’t know if I can live well enough to become an adult. “Ling Ye shook off the deer’s head, feeling that it was more practical to care about the present.

Ling Ye was lying on the grass, silently recovering his strength. Just at this moment, a ding-dong suddenly appeared in his head.


What is this sound?


Ling Ye was first surprised, then confused, followed by a meal of ecstasy.

God certainly didn’t abandon me.

A whole bunch of information automatically appeared in his mind, and Ling Ye quickly knew what the system functions he had were.

This system is called the simulator system, and there is only one function: plot simulation, a virtual simulation, which can also be said to be an evolutionary simulation.

“This is a chance for me to eliminate being an ordinary sika deer.”

Ling Ye said excitedly.

Soon, only Ling Ye could see a template appearing in front of his eyes.

Name: Ling Ye

Species: Sika deer

Features: Antlers can be regenerated and have high self-healing ability, endurance, and immunity.

Current lifespan: 22 years

Evaluation: You are a very healthy young sika deer, excellent in all aspects. Coupled with the human soul, you will likely become a deer king in adulthood, as long as you do not die young. Beware of threats from other predators and humans.

A horizontal bar below the template indicates that Ling Ye can set his final form.

“Is the final form of the deer an evolutionary direction?”

Ling Ye fell into thinking.

Two creatures popped into his mind; one was a dragon, and the other was a unicorn.

Both are mythical supreme beasts.

One belongs to the king of scales, and the other belongs to the king of beasts.

Dragons have rumors that they can transform everything into dragons, but in Ling Ye’s view, snakes and fish are the best first creatures to evolve into dragons.

“I’d better choose the unicorn. After all, it is both animals, and the original creature of the unicorn is also a deer. This evolution direction is easier, but can I add something else?”

Ling Ye thought of all kinds of fantasy novels from his previous life, including the unicorn of fire and water, which have apparent attributes.

“Set it to Unicorn Chaos.”

Ling Ye nodded. Chaos contains everything with the unicorn. If the unicorn is divided into three, six, or nine, then the Unicorn Chaos must be at the top.

As Ling Ye set his final form as “Unicorn Chaos” in the template, the system immediately gave him a gift for free.

【Nirvana: energy can be accumulated in the body. When all aspects reach the limit of their present form, Nirvana can evolve, transform itself, and improve the level of life. During Nirvana, the body will remain petrified and invincible, which will take a long time. This talent can only be used in the real world when used carefully.】


  1. AbsoluteSilence says:

    The beginning was okay, but the latter half of the chapter when you mentioned unicorns, dragons, and the system was very confusing.

    1. Ninim-sama says:

      Hi, you mean the confusion between the translation of the title or the original novel makes you feel confused.

  2. Ninim-sama says:

    Hello guys!

    Sorry to announce the sad news that I will pause all chapter because I feel that the translations of the chapters have too many grammatical errors and make no sense. That makes me sad, and I need to find a solution.

    So I’ll recheck all chapters and do not translate new chapters until I feel they become well :>

    I am ready to translate this novel into nearly 200 chapters so everyone can follow the book and wait for me to come back ^-^

    Thank you and farewell.

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