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SQ Chapter 17 Part 2

Chapter 17 Part 2

After that, Zhu Yang stopped asking and went straight upstairs. It’s just that as she turned around, she saw the landlord looking at her with a somewhat intriguing look.

After entering the room, Zhu Yang told Li Li and the others: “Don’t go out these days, keep an eye on the landlord, don’t let any clues go unnoticed.”

Li Li hurriedly said: “I probably understand what you mean, but can we do what the police can’t?”

Zhu Yang shrugged: “No way, how could it be possible with you people.”

“then you–”

“Just arranging something for you to do, so it won’t appear that you are useless.”

This is truly a time when Buddha would be so angry that he would ascend to heaven again.

The two said angrily: “We survived on our own from the other games, do you think we depended on our luck?”

“If that turtle SOB could escape from our eyes, we will write our name the other way round.”

“Oh! Did you finally realize that you can’t push everything to the police? I’m glad, I thought you are so high after all the shopping.”

The two of them blushed, they were feeling a little high after all the purchase. Especially after seeing that Zhu Yang could do everything correctly, they were all ordinary people, once they had a more capable leader, inertia would take over.

After being ridiculed by Zhu Yang, the two immediately set off and went out to buy tools.

After all, it was for her own life. The first few times after she returned to reality, she learned all kinds of survival skills as much as possible. The official players who have survived a few games will fundamentally be different from ordinary people.

Zhu Yang herself is quite capable, however, she can’t stand lazy people.

According to her, if she could do everything herself, why do you still need team members?

So when the heat is on, she sat on the rocking chair on the balcony of the room, enjoying the fanning from the teammate, drinking water, and eating fruits.

After resting for a while, Zhu Yang suddenly opened her eyes: “You said, that book yesterday—”

Hearing this, Lu Xin shook his head: “I understand what you mean, but this kind of prop, before the ghost NPC uses it, is just a waste of paper when the player gets it.”

Zhu Yang raised her eyebrows and glanced at Lu Xin meaningfully.

This guy has always shown more familiarity with the game than Li Li, if those mentioned before are relatively simple, then this——

Is this a rule that beginner players wouldn’t understand?

At first, Zhu Yang thought it was her S-rank performance that made the game mode more difficult, but obviously, this sidekick who listened to everything she said is the one that still water runs deep.

Lu Xin didn’t avoid her gaze but smiled at her calmly, then the two of them changed the subject tacitly.

Lu Xin serves people diligently, and Zhu Yang, even though this person is a senior player, still orders him around accordingly.

Li Li and the others went out for two hours before they were back, but there was someone who came to the house ahead of them.

A world with too many sidetracks is such a pain in the ass. When you are focusing on one track, the other side is unwilling to go according to the plot.

It turned out to be Teacher Qiu’s first love, her son’s headteacher, came to visit in person.

This first love teacher was ever harassed by Teacher Qiu’s husband at the school, normally, most would avoid any confrontation again, let alone run into this muddy water head-on.

But Xiao Ming’s situation was worrying, his health is not looking good, his spirit is getting more and more withdrawn. He shouldn’t be affected by the misunderstandings between adults.

He is also a good person, he intends to sit down with Teacher Qiu’s family to talk and resolve the misunderstanding.

However, Teacher Qiu’s husband was not appreciative and immediately drove him away in a rage. He didn’t try to hit the teacher, but then again, this man only dared to hit his wife and son, who else would he dare to hit?

The original intention of the first love teacher was for the sake of the child, Now! In the eyes of others, it has become more evident that his son has a relationship with him.

After he drove the teacher away, he went back upstairs and was about to hit his wife, but before he could bring down his hand, he saw the fierce woman on the opposite door swaying out of the room, apparently planning to go for dinner.

As she passed them, she glanced at his hand, and Teacher Qiu’s husband’s tooth socket started to hurt again.

He put down his hands abruptly, pulled his wife and children into the house, and didn’t dare to make a noise when the woman was at home.

In reality, this kind of thug is someone Zhu Yang wouldn’t even take a look at, but there was no other way for this horror game, and she can’t choose the NPC herself, which damages her fairy-style character.

They ate dinner at a good Sichuan restaurant nearby. If there is any consolation here, it would be the good restaurants all over the streets and alleys.

When Zhu Yang returns, she sighed: “Ah, it would be great if I could come back after clearing the game. These stores alone are worth visiting a few more times.”

The corner of Lu Xin’s mouth twitched: “You are not afraid of bad luck.”

Zhu Yang rolled her eyes: “One more thing, the one hundred and thirty-fourth rule of the follower’s code, don’t talk back, don’t complain, don’t think that there is an equal sense of humor between the follower and the boss.”

Lu Xin’s eyes were blank: “Yes! I made a mistake. What is the one hundred and thirty-fifth rule?”

“I haven’t thought of it yet.” Zhu Yang took it for granted: “The rules for each follower are different. After all, each of you has your stupid ways, the focus must be different. Of course, the rules are determined by me.”

Lu Xin took a deep breath, let it out, and said to himself in a voice that only one person could hear: “More than before—”

When the two returned to the villa, they didn’t expect to meet Miss Cui’s stalker who had been thrown out yesterday in the lobby.

Miss Cui was not at home at the moment, the guy must have other intentions in coming here at this time.

Sure enough, as they approached nearer to him, they vaguely heard the conversation between him and the landlord,

Such as ‘key’, ‘room’, ‘surprise for tomorrow night’ and ‘complete’.

The landlord also smiled slyly and said something to him, with a look of approval on his face.

As the two of them saw Zhu Yang approaching them, their expressions changed, and the stalker stopped talking.

After making a “settled” gesture with the landlord, he lowered his head, shrunk around the corner of the wall, ran around Zhu Yang and the others.

Not to mention that this is the place where the plot takes place, a coward like him still dares to come here.

This is the power of the plot advancement. Zhu Yang suspects that even if she breaks both his legs, he will crawl over when it is time for him to play.

When they returned to the room, the tools that Li Li and Wang Bei bought had already been laid out nicely on the table. Zhu Yang looked at them and found that she couldn’t name a lot of things.

She also doesn’t know where they bought it from, that’s where experience comes in.

Lying on the bed at night and playing with her mobile phone late at night, she got up and planned to go out to the bathroom.

As a result, she bumped into Wu Yue that has just come back. Compared with the previous shyness and silence, this high school student at this time is slightly different.

Zhu Yang was not sure whether is it that the clue was triggered, but at this time, Wu Yue stopped and spoke to her.

The unlit corridor was only illuminated by a dim yellow light over the sink, making the silhouettes of people extraordinarily strange and eerie.

This is the first time that Zhu Yang has heard the high school student speak, the voice is light and airless, different from a living thing.

He said, “How do you know it’s made of human skin?”

After saying this, before Zhu Yang have time to be surprised, he seemed to wake up, his eyes were suddenly filled with fear and panic, he turned his head and fled back to the room.

Okay! Had to use up another bottle of hand sanitizer in a while.

Zhu Yang recalled that she had touched the book last night, and her stomach was beginning to feel like a washing machine spinning violently.

She flushed her hands with water for a long time till they were about to peel off. It was then that she turned off the faucet in a depressed mood.

As soon as she looked up, she saw that her face in the mirror had changed. But she was a little more beautiful than the fake Sadako previously, but in the next second, the person in the mirror began to bleed.

Zhu Yang shook her shoulders and turned around in a circle. There was no way to pursue this terrifying method that was no longer new.

The odd feeling in her hands, the same encounter again, was like adding oil to an unextinguished fire, and the fire rushed up to a new height.

Zhu Yang turned around abruptly, reached into the mirror with her bare hands, grabbed the female ghost’s hair, pulled her forward till half of the female ghost’s upper body was out.


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