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SQ Chapter 17 Part 1

Chapter 17 Part 1

Zhu Yang felt that they were playing a detective game. Once they found a keyword, the corresponding clue would start to be triggered.

Although their understanding of the present situation was still not comprehensive, the situation is much more complicated than the information they got at the beginning.

Teacher Qiu and Miss Cui originally seemed to have the most tragic storylines, but instead, they looked the clearest.

And the high school student who hanged himself to death and the landlord who was originally just cannon fodder had so many things worth digging into.

Zhu Yang felt that something was not right when she heard the information about the landlord and Wu Yue.

However, this feeling is not unfamiliar, because Zhu Yang had already experienced it once when she watched the fake Sadako videotape the other day.

She was someone who believe that God is non-existence at the time, but now—

All you can say is that time has changed.

She was not the only one who feels this way. Li Li and the others, as experiencers, may better understand what’s going on.

You can hear him scolding in a low voice: “Fuck! It’s already so difficult, more problems again?”

Apparently, this information ruined their shopping happiness.

After the three gangsters were sent away, they returned to the villa. They were originally only afraid of the seventh day, but now they felt gusts of evil wind everywhere around the villa.

The key was that they all understand that 90% of this was not just a psychological effect.

The landlord walked over cheerfully with a smile on his face, Li Li and the others were able to chat and laugh with this man yesterday, but now they were somewhat uncomfortable.

Regarding the disappearance of the former female tenant and the accidental death of the landlady, in the real world, if there was no evidence, it was better not to casually suspect someone.

But the people and things that happened in this villa could be directly determined that this SOB was 100% connected.

Ordinary people would panic if they faced this kind of person face to face, as the other party was also the owner of the place. No one knew more about the place here than him. As long as the landlord wanted, he could go anywhere in the house at any time.

But after all, they have passed through several horror games, so they were still able to keep their calm.

Only Zhu Yang, who entered the game for the first time——

Li Li was about to wonder if she would restrain her bad temper when she suddenly said: “Old Xiao, we just heard about the female tenant that went missing from your place previously, is that true? Why didn’t you tell us this kind of thing clearly on the Internet, I wouldn’t come here if I knew it earlier? Now, it makes us panicky.”

Li Li and Wang Bei were both stunned, how could she ask directly in front of the person?

The landlord’s smile froze, but since he was someone who could deal with the police, he naturally wouldn’t show his weakness here.

He hurriedly apologized with a sullen face and said, “Oh, Miss! Please don’t mention this again, the little girl was so playful that she doesn’t know where she got lost. The whole place was turned upside down at that time. ”

“Just that one incident dragged me down and we almost had to close the hotel. Who did I offend? Okay! I wouldn’t say that she must have done something wrong that caused her death. So from then on, I would always tell everyone, no matter where you girls are going. , you have to pay attention to safety.”

“Don’t go to those deserted places, and don’t roam around at night. If something happens to you, your family would be sad and you may also implicate the people next to you, right?”

The ways the landlord spoke almost made him look like someone who was wrongly blamed for what happened. If the game had not added a ghost NPCs reminder, everyone would have believed him.

It’s no wonder why he could deceive the police, they underestimate this person.

However, Zhu Yang did not stop then: “But I also heard that your wife passed away unexpectedly not long ago. Is it just a coincidence? Or is she so unlucky? If you don’t tell it clearly on the Internet, you are not truthful, right?”

“Who would like to live in a house where people have died.” Zhu Yang ignored the landlord’s unpleasant face and even walked to the stairs where the landlady fell.

She tapped her toes on the stairs: “I heard that she fell down the stairs and died? Oh, it’s so scary~, you could fall to your death just like that here. Is the safety of your tenants guaranteed?”

This woman’s words were fast and sharp and she doesn’t care about her harsh words. It sounds like a life-threatening curse to people’s ears.

“Huh!” She suddenly stopped, making people feel as though they have stepped on empty air.

Then there was a chuckle, and: “Ah, I’m sorry, I always make people unhappy by mentioning their deceased wife. Old Xiao looks like someone wanted to kill me now and hide my body in the villa.”

The landlord’s mind jolted, then he quickly restrained his emotions and waved his hands with a smile: “Stop joking! In five days, it will be my wife’s death anniversary, and I strayed my mind thinking about it.”

In five days? Isn’t it the night they come for your life? This is interesting.


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