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SQ Chapter 16 Part 2

Chapter 16 Part 2

It doesn’t matter to Zhu Yang and the others, but Li Li wondered: “Why do you want those kids to come back tomorrow? If you can’t stand bullies, why don’t you just beat them up and drive them away?”

Zhu Yang said casually, “Didn’t you say we still have a task to do tomorrow? Can we two out-of-towners do it on our own? Of course, it’s those locals who have nothing to do that will come in handy.”

“Free service, it’s a waste not to use it.”

Li Li stopped asking and had to agree to the logic. This little girl may seem to behave erratically most of the time and only cared about her happiness. However, she still seemed to have some sympathy in her heart that she didn’t want to admit.

But after counting all the events, she was able to know everything and she can easily find unexpected solutions.

The group went back to their rooms. Because of Zhu Yang’s unrestrained spending during the day, the things they used tonight were completely new.

High-end silk pajamas, expensive skincare products, and comfortable soft-soled slippers. Their wardrobe had changed from commoner to royal standard.

Wang Bei sighed and asked herself why was she so stupid. There was a lot of money in the account, but she had to spend the past seven days in poverty. She decided that she would do something similar to what they have done today tomorrow.

The next day, as they got up, went downstairs, and arrived at the yard, they saw that the three gangsters had already arrived.

Zhu Yang waved her hand: “Forget about the money, I don’t think you can come out with much money from the state you are in. However, there are a few things you can do for me. If you do it well, we will consider it as you have fulfilled your promise of helping us.”

The three of them breathed a sigh of relief. It was only ten hours from last night to this morning. Where to find the money they were supposed to?

At first glance, this group of people must be some kind of kung fu master, it is also very likely that they are familiar with the ganglands. Since they have information about our identities, how would we dare to escape?

Li Li and Wang Bei also simply learned from Zhu Yang and planned to go for a shopping spree today.

Seeing this, Lu Xin was quite speechless, he said to Zhu Yang, “You can make the people around you feel less nervous wherever you are.”

“Yes, it suits me very well!” Zhu Yang shrugged: “I don’t like the tense and suppressed negative emotions around me, it will pollute my mood.”

A smile flashed across Lu Xin’s eyes, it was this arrogance and confident character that as though the surrounding air should also behave according to her mood.

In the afternoon, Li Li and the others came back with a lot of loot just like Zhu Yang and the others yesterday.

Both of them looked very excited. Although they were experienced people who had gone through several cycles, the points that flowed through them would not be less than 2,000.

When this is converted into real-world money, it is at the multi-millionaire level.

But where the life-saving capital in the game can be used with these points, most newcomers are stretched for cash.

In addition, the screening conditions for the game are people who have survived hardships before. Such people understand the value of life better. Generally, few bachelors would exchange points for huge amounts of property in one go and leave them to their families, and then die generously.

The two of them excitedly piled the table with the things they had purchased. These were all things that they dare not go in and see in the real world.

At the same time, they were telling Zhu Yang and the others about how delicious was the top Japanese food they went to eat at noon.

The landlord on the side saw that this group of people was so forthright with their money, he wondered why they chose to rent his small villa.

On the first day, they looked like ordinary salaryman who was on a business trip, which made him wonder if they had won the lottery yesterday.

Not long after, the three gangsters came back, to avoid the landlord, they took them out of the house.

The previous day’s game gave everyone a tragic ending, but in the end, it was a general statement. For example, Wu Yue ended up hanging himself after being bullied on campus.

With that said, what useful props can he expect to find? Can you know what he cared about and attached to when he was alive, and what he would value or fear even if he become a ghost?

So Zhu Yang gave her instructions to the gangsters.

And the three did not disappoint her.

The first was Ms. Qiu. Ms. Qiu is the teacher from their school. They were high school students but Ms. Qiu teaches the junior high school.

However, there is a student in their grade, who is the daughter of the dean of the junior high school, and she usually tells gossip about the teachers with the people in her class.

The three spent a little money to buy a box of chocolates and coaxed the girl to tell them information about Teacher Qiu.

Teacher Qiu is a foreigner and married her husband on a blind date. A few years ago, she came here because of her husband’s job transfer. Teacher Qiu also resigned from the local job and moved here together.

She originally wanted to save money to buy a house and settle down here. But just after two years, Ms. Qiu’s husband lost his job and he was not able to recover from it.

Not long after that, he found Ms. Qiu’s diary and learned that she had a crush before she met him. Ms. Qiu was also very emotional about it, recalling how beautiful life used to be in the past, how much had changed for the worse since then.

In less than two years, not only were they not able to buy a house, they became broke as her husband gambled and drank away all the money.

More to that, he began to hit her. Teacher Qiu had to come to work with injuries for a long period. Originally, because of Mr. Qiu’s personality, she wouldn’t tell anyone about it for fear of being laughed at.

Coincidentally, there was a new teacher in the elementary school where their son was studying, who happens to be Teacher Qiu’s secret crush.

Teacher Qiu’s husband went to the school and made a big fuss, the situation was very ugly at the time. Anyway, it’s not difficult to inquire about these things.

Then there is Miss Cui, Zhu Yang and the others only saw the university logo on the undershirt that Miss Cui was wearing when she was washing it, so they added her to the search list. And these guys were able to find out things about her through the seniors who were hanging out together.

It seems that Miss Cui is quite famous in their school, but her reputation is——

After filtering out some unfounded malicious slander, they still managed to get a lot of useful information.

Everyone knows that Miss Cui is a foreigner who goes to college here, but she is not the only child.

She has two younger brothers at home, not only she have to bear her living expenses and tuition, but she also has to take care of the various expenses of the two younger brothers at home.

People around often hear her parents asking for money from her, which shows that the whole family is a blood-sucking family that prioritizes men over women.

It was said that once her brother called to ask her to buy him a new iPhone, and the one that Miss Cui used was only a thousand-dollar domestic phone.

So she works very hard and takes on any job.

Selling alcohol at Bars, Car models, etc., in short, as the news spread to the school, it gave those who ridiculed her more things to talk about her.

There was nothing particularly surprising about the information of these two people. What everyone didn’t expect was the information about the landlord.

The landlord is said to have inherited this old villa from a distant uncle who had no descendants a few years ago.

At that time, he still had a wife, and the couple moved in and turned the villa into a hotel to start a business.

One year, an out-of-town girl disappeared from their place, the police and the girl’s family would not give up.

No matter how hard they searched the villa, they found nothing. Moreover, in this type of short-term hotel, the landlord could not blame when the tourists met with an accident when they are outside.

The landlord insisted that the girl went out and did not come back, the police had to divert the direction of the investigation because they could not find any evidence here.

After that incident, the business declined for a while. Since most customer groups were foreigners, the incident was forgotten after a while. All they had to do was changed the name of the hotel and they re-start their business.

It’s just that his wife fell from the stairs and died not long after, so many things happened to him.

However, what Zhu Yang cared about was the high school student Wu Yue.

Wu Yue, the three little gangsters didn’t need to investigate.

They pouted: “Oh, he is of mixed Chinese and Thai blood, didn’t know what he had done wrong, he was sent here by his parents to go to school alone.”

“He behaved creepily most of the time. Looking at people with gloomy eyes is particularly annoying, sometimes he talks to himself. I heard that Thai people are good at Tame Head, some kind of black magic. Don’t know what is he up to?.”

He was slapped as he finished speaking. This time it was Wang Bei’s hand. An honest person like her couldn’t stand campus bullying. No matter how gloomy and unpleasant Wu Yue is, it is not the reason for you to bully him.

And Zhu Yang, the moment he heard about Wu Yue’s bloodline, suddenly the book from yesterday appeared in her mind.


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