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SQ Chapter 16 Part 1

Chapter 16 Part 1

The location of the house was in the back lane and there were high walls on both sides. Over the years, the walls were covered with moss and creeping vines.

There were not many street lamps in the whole alley. Due to a lack of maintenance, those working light bulbs were flickering and the light was dim.

When Zhu Yang and the others come back at night, they had to turn on the flashlight of their mobile phones in order to see their way.

So this type of dark and uninhabited alley was convenient for people to commit all kinds of evils.

Even though it was less than 20 meters away from the busy traffics outside, this short distance seems to have divided the places into two worlds.

It was obviously not the first time that this tenant high school student had been bullied at the place. The three gangsters were no strangers to this place themselves.

Seeing him holding his schoolbag tightly and wouldn’t speak, the gangsters were getting a little impatient.

One of them grabbed his bag and said, “Why are you holding it so tightly? Did you just go to the bank today?”

Seeing someone grabbing his bag, Wu Yue’s usual silent and timid attitude suddenly became violent. He struggled desperately to grab the strap and then pulled it back fiercely.

Although he looked thin, he was a boy after all and still had some strength in him. The sudden pull cut the hand of the gangster who grabbed the bag.

The gangster became very angry and punched him in the stomach, probably because it may have hit his solar plexus. Wu Yue bent his body and almost vomited.

After that, he had no more strength to hold on to the backpack.

The man couldn’t wait to open the zipper and rudely poured out the contents, but there was nothing but a few broken books.

Immediately, he felt ashamed and angry that he had been tricked, he kicked the book away with one foot, then turned around and grabbed Wu Yue’s hair and slapped him—

“You’re brave, right? Do you dare to go against me? You don’t even have enough penny to cover your crotch and you behave as though someone is going to pull your pants off.”

“Sure, so you wanted to cover it, right? Let’s tear off his pant .”

The other two blew a whistle when they heard the words, then pressed Wu Yue from both sides, the one that looked like the leader took out a blade.

Wu Yue struggled desperately, but with his small body, how could he overcome these three tall men, as he looked on, the blade was already touching his pants.

The leader said nastily: “Stop moving around, I’ve caught many birds when I was a child, so my hands aren’t that stable anymore. If I cut it somewhere else—”

At this moment, a voice came from the alley——

“Is this book yours?”

They turned around and saw four people slowly approaching the alley, headed by a girl slightly older than them.

She was holding a book in her hand that had just been kicked away. As she spoke, they came a few meters closer.

Only then did the gangsters realize that the person who spoke was a beautiful girl who look better than a movie star.

This was really the most beautiful girl they have ever seen in their life. The village girls in the school, those internet celebrities who like to scam money across the screen, were nowhere near compared to her.

However, her question was directed at Wu Yue, her eyes fixed on him, and she asked again, “Is this book yours?”

That was Wu Yue, who the most useless nerd in the school wouldn’t care about.

Wu Yue immediately became excited again when he saw the book in her hands. But he saw the beautiful girl raise her hand, signaling him to take it easy.

“Don’t worry, I’ll give it back to you, but this book looks so interesting. The texture of the cover and pages feels like human skin, and the characters and patterns inside are all dazzling and I’m fascinated by it. I have some knowledge regarding ancient paintings and calligraphy, if there is a chance, can you invite me to your room to discuss it?”

Li Li and Wang Bei didn’t know what game Zhu Yang was playing, but Lu Xin was somewhat calm when he heard her speaking nonsense.

But this was different to the ears of the gangsters. The pretty girl was obviously also the tenant here. What they didn’t expect was that with Wu Yue being such a softie, not only did such a beautiful girl live in the same rented house, she even took the initiative to invite him to share a room together.

The gangsters restrained their fierce bullying stance, changed their posture from imprisoning his hands to hugging his shoulders closely.

“Okay, Wu Yue! Didn’t know you have such a beautiful girl as a housemate, why didn’t you introduce her to us.”

Then he continued: “We are friends of Wu Yue, did you just move here, sister? Long-term or short-term rental? You’re not a local because of your accent. You can ask us anything so that you wouldn’t be scammed so easily. Why don’t you give me your WeChat ID?”

Zhu Yang smiled and replied, “Is that so? Sure enough, we have this saying, Nearby neighbors are more vital than distant relatives when you are away from home. It’s great to meet so many enthusiastic little brothers here.”

As soon as they saw the opening, they laughed even more attentively. They were about to say that since they are all here right now, the night market had just started, why don’t they take her for a stroll.

Zhu Yang then continued: “As a matter of fact, I do need your help.”

“Please tell us!” The three let go of Wu Yue and came over.

They were happy with the beautiful girl’s bright smiles, but what she said had them scratching their head not knowing what to respond——

“Oh that’s right, your sister me was a little too enthusiastic when I went out to shop today. My card limit was reached as a result. Since I will be staying here for a long period of time, seeing that you guys are so friendly, I am sure you guys wouldn’t bear to see your elder sisters only can have pickles for meals every day, right?”

It’s not like they haven’t spent money on women. For example, they often reward the anchors on the Internet, or to the girls they want to chase in school, money was never a concern during those times.

But they had just met each other, right? Besides, they have been squeezing their classmates’ wallets everywhere recently because they were short of money themselves.

“Sister, you must be joking—” they sneered.

You could see their original genial and splendid faces collapsed within the next second. Even the Peking Opera actors were not as quick as them.

Zhu Yang said in a threatening tone: “Kids, you have to be careful when you talk to adults. Who is joking with you? When you say you can help, do you know how happy your sister was at the time? It was like lights at the end of the tunnel.”

“And you were joking with me?”

“Adults and children are different. If children didn’t get what they wanted, they just sit on the ground, howl twice, get up, pat their buttocks and forget about it. It’s not so easy for adults to do that. They can do anything when they are desperate.”

The way she spoke sounds like someone who was about to rob another person. Moreover, they outnumbered the other side.

The gangsters were at a loss and forced a smile: “It’s not that we don’t want to help, sister, it’s just that our pockets are empty at the moment. If you don’t believe me, I’ll show it to you.”

“Really? Let me see!” Zhu Yang said.

When they heard the words, they began to turn their pockets for inspection. They heard the girl snap her fingers and ordered the three people behind her, “Check it.”

This bandit’s posture was as real as you can get, not only the gangsters on the opposite side, but even Li Li and the others were all dumbfounded.

Fortunately, Zhu Yang’s new members were an alert group. After hearing the command, they stepped forward and prepare to conduct the search. The gangsters saw that they were serious and they were about to run away.

But Lu Xin fluttered his fist and punched a hole in the stone wall. Only then did the gangsters know that they were in great trouble. They were so frightened that they almost pee in their pants. Their legs were so weak that they were not able to run anymore.

Zhu Yang glanced at Li Li and Wang Bei, they immediately came back to their senses.

The two twitched the corners of their mouths, went up to gangsters, and searched them thoroughly.

Sure enough, not much was found, except for some loose change, only the ID key and mobile phone that they carried with them.

Zhu Yang took the loots with disgust: “This is not good, it’s not even enough for breakfast tomorrow.”

“I said, do you really want to starve your sister to death? Such a beautiful woman, watching her starve to death, are you still human?”

“You guys tell me how should we solve this problem.”

They saw that even Wang Bei, who was a woman, could easily pin them down. They wouldn’t dare to underestimate this group of people anymore. After all, they were just little brats in the school that were only strong enough to bully their classmates.

When it comes to the real world, just any two street gangsters could easily defeat them.

At this time, they all lost their arrogance and were shaking like chickens now.

“Then, I will bring more to you tomorrow?”

Zhu Yang clapped her hands and smiled: “That’s what I want to hear.”

But she didn’t say to let them go, but said: “Let’s take a photo of them holding their ID cards in their hands!”

“If I don’t see you tomorrow, your sister me, that is so poor now, will use your photos to apply for an online loan. Furthermore, I could find you easily now just by looking at the address. Oh, by the way, your friendly behavior toward classmate Wu Yue had also been captured. If you intend to tell your parents, call the police or something, that video would come in handy.”

Only then they were allowed to flee.

Zhu Yang pouted her lips and turned her focus and attention on the book in her hand.

This book looks yellow and old, and she can’t figure out what material it is, but it’s definitely not paper. The characters above were all tadpole characters, a bit like Southeast Asian characters. The occasional interjection inside was also weird.

What Zhu Yang said earlier on was not total nonsense.

As she was thinking about it, the book in her hand was snatched away. She lowered her head and saw Wu Yue clutching the book tightly in his arms.

He glanced at Zhu Yang with dodging eyes, then squatted down and quickly packed his schoolbag, ran into the house without saying thank you.


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