The Sick Villain Just Wants to Live
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The Sick Villain Just Wants to Live

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Synopsis The Sick Villain Just Wants to Live



Zhu Tong was born in a wealthy family, the pampered a young master who suffers from a serious cleanliness addiction, and there are so many things that even God can’t stand it, so he was given sickness and even coughed three mouthfuls of blood.

The day before his death, he was inexplicably bound to a system.

The system told him that he was a cannon fodder villain in a danmei novel who humiliated the heartthrob protagonist and suffered the consequences. If he wanted to survive, he had to find the only one in the article, Bai Yueguang, who was not attracted to the protagonist and got full of favorability from him.

To find someone, Zhu Tong changed schools.

The new school is located in a remote small county, with eight-person dormitories, a canteen for big pot meals, and only one public toilet in a teaching building.
Zhu Tong: To survive, he endures!

Shao Ming is the school bully at Qiyang Middle School. He is a poor young master who was abandoned by his family.

As a result, Zhu Tong became his roommate.

On the first day of the meeting, Zhu Tong wrote his critical dislike all over his face.

Shao Ming snorted coldly in his heart: Oh, another eldest young master who can’t take care of himself.

Later, because of one of his unintentional remarks, Zhu Tong went to the cafeteria to eat a big pot meal and was sent to the hospital with stomach bleeding that night.

Shao Ming: …

The delicate and expensive young master Zhu was picked up by Shao Ming.

To complete the task, Zhu Tong washed his hands and made soup for the first time in his life, and planned to make breakfast for Shao Ming, but got up late.

In the kitchen, Shao Ming wore a pair of casual shorts to fry eggs in front of the stove, showing his good figure at a glance. Zhu Tong pushed the door in and was stunned for two seconds before two tubes of nosebleed came out from under his nose.

Shao Ming: …

Zhu Tong wiped it off: “I said the nosebleed is because of illness, do you believe it?”

Shao Ming approached step by step and pressed the person against the door frame: “It doesn’t seem very believable.”

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