Start with a deer: I have a simulator
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Start with a deer: I have a simulator

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2022 Native Language: Chinese Posted by: Ninim-sama Posted on: Updated on: View: ? Views
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Synopsis Start with a deer: I have a simulator

Ling Ye passed through the ancient parallel world and became a sika deer during the Spring and Autumn periods.

With deer body treasures, Ling Ye thought that life would continue in this manner. Still, he awakened the simulator, gained the power of 【Plot simulation】 and 【Nirvana】, and embarked on the road of supreme evolution.

During the Spring and Autumn period, Ling Ye fought in the field with tigers and bears, fought with humans, met the ancestors of hundreds of schools of thought, and was not afraid to face princes.

Confucius, God deer, and unicorn also exist.

According to the Warring States period, those who got the unicorn could win the world. In the beginning, the emperor pursued, but not at the end.

According to the historical records of the Han Dynasty, the unicorn came out in troubled times to alleviate the world, which is why it is called the auspicious beast of heaven and earth.

The historical records of the Tang Dynasty, the immortal beast of the country’s founding, the national beast of the Tang Dynasty, Da Tang Ruixing.

In modern historical records, unicorns protect the country and the world from wild beasts’ invasion. More and more people sought it.

Read Start with a deer: I have a simulator

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  1. Reviewer says:

    This novel is quite new and strange to me. This is my first time reading such a masterpiece on this site.
    I hope the web and Ninim-sama will develop and translate more series to increase the number of stories. ^-^

  2. Ninim-sama says:

    Hi everyone, I’m the translator of this novel. The purpose of translating is for people to read, evaluate and find mistakes so that I can improve my grammar and writing skills and more. This is the first series I’ve translated, so I hope everyone enjoys reading. Thank you ^-^

  3. Nirjor says:

    Why were the all the other chapters deleted?
    Only shows chapter 1.

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