Synopsis Scream Queen

Knowing that she’ll die tomorrow from a female ghost’s attack, Zhu Yang goes binge-drinking the night before she dies.

The next day, she wakes up, mind still disoriented from the previous night’s drunkenness. Looking around, her house is a mess, and there is a female ghost hanging out of the TV, having drilled halfway out.

More importantly, the female ghost is dead!

Her friends then all accuse her of how cruelly and inhumanely she destroyed the female ghost to death.

Zhu Yang: I’m not! I’m not! Don’t talk nonsense! I am a weak woman like a delicate flower who only screams when she encounters something horrible.

In regards to this, the female ghost who thought she could kill this weak woman handily but was killed instead: I have something to say!


  1. Vitória says:

    Não tem os primeiros capítulos?

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