I’m Always the Villain [Quick transmigration]
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I’m Always the Villain [Quick transmigration]

Read I’m Always the Villain [Quick transmigration].
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Synopsis I’m Always the Villain [Quick transmigration]

The demon Sang Jiuchi woke up from a seal and found that he was bound to the Quick Transmigration system, and the characters he took over were all without exception, the worst villains.

Blackmailing the top streamer but ended up killing his own despicable tech genius…

The vicious true young master who framed the fake young master but suffered the consequences…

The murderous master who humiliated his apprentice but was killed…

The sinister mermaid who seduced the general and was slaughtered…

The hypocritical pope who deceived people and was burned at the stake…

Sang Jiuchi: I think I can save myself.


System: You are a vicious ex-boyfriend in this life, and your mission is to block the Son of God.

Sang Jiuchi: I’ll rejuvenate the country with science and technology while getting revenge

Everyone: Mr. Sang, the world has become better because of you!


System: In this life, you are the true master of greed, and your mission is to catalyze the popularity of the false master, the son of god.

Sang Jiuchi: The title of heartthrob interstellar actor is reserved for him, he’ll also save the world along the world.

Everyone: Mr. Sang, the universe has become beautiful because of you!


System: Please act as a vicious master and force your apprentice to become a demon.

Sang Jiuchi: I will accompany him to become the savior of the world.

Everyone: Kneeling and thank the two Demon Venerables for saving the world.


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