Burst! the Actor Was Won By the Newcomer
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Burst! the Actor Was Won By the Newcomer

Read Burst! the Actor Was Won By the Newcomer.
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Synopsis Burst! the Actor Was Won By the Newcomer


Fang Zhi saved 100,000 points and finally returned to his original world, only to find that fifty years had passed.

The body is made by the system, and the identity is made by the system.
No relatives and friends, no past, and… no money.

To eat, “Three Nos” Fang Zhi took his acting skills honed in ninety-nine worlds into the audition scene.

When filling out the registration form, the reporter asked him what his goal was.
The handsome young man in the camera is turning his pen lazily, his tone is casual and casual.
“Target? Then take down the actor first.”
Camera: …
Other players around: …
In front of the screen, Lin Yingdi, who is watching the real-time:…
Who won?

Later, Film Emperor Lin received an interview, and the media asked him if he paid attention to Fang Zhi, who was in the limelight recently.
Lin Yingdi did not change his face and bluntly said that the newcomer has an aura, which is not the same as the academy fan who came from a serious academic class, and his way is quite wild.
One pass ten, ten pass one hundred, and then it goes wrong.
First edition: Lin Yingdi said Fang Zhiye.
Second Edition: Lin Yingdi said Fang Zhi was a little wild cat…
3rd Edition: Lin Yingdi thinks Xiao Fangzhi is wild and hot!
It’s just Fang Zhi who came by to wash his hands: ? ??
What is it?




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