After I Transmigrated As A Fake Young Master, I Became Popular
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After I Transmigrated As A Fake Young Master, I Became Popular

Read After I Transmigrated As A Fake Young Master, I Became Popular.
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Synopsis After I Transmigrated As A Fake Young Master, I Became Popular

“After Marriage With Your Ex, After Falling In Love”,

Lin Yanran transmigrated into the book as poor and beautiful cannon fodder.

The cannon fodder was not only brainless but also a wealthy fake young master.

Because he bullied the protagonist, the real young master, he was kicked out of the house by the wealthy adoptive parents and suffered all kinds of slaps in the face, and finally died tragically.

The whole entertainment circle regarded him as a laughing stock.

When Lin Yanran died and transmigrated into. He was so poor that he could hardly have money to eat not only that he was abhorred by the audience.

Looking at the severe abuse and the balance on the bank card, Lin Yanran smiled lightly.

The audience of the variety show called him a waste. The concept stage was immediately revamped, and the video went out of the circle and became a hot search.

The audience of the variety show believes that his IQ is low.

The director was frightened and cried begging him not to give the correct answer again.


Travel variety viewers don’t want to see him. A piece of guzheng was fresh and refined, the white clothes fluttering like an exiled immortal, crying for international friends.

Audience: Thank you, slap in the face was delicious!

Lin Yanran, who has been turning against the wind and determined not to let himself die tragically, never thought that one day, a lady would gently embrace him in her arms.

The other party was excited and burst into tears:

“Son! Mom finally found you!”

Lin Yanran: ??

It was not until he was taken home by his biological mother that he realized that his true identity was the young master from a very wealthy family!

After being acknowledged back by the wealthy family, the family felt sorry for Lin Yanran’s previous experience and loved him even more.

One day, because he was wearing an old white T-shirt, he rode a bicycle to leave the fans on the roadside and he was ridiculed by black fans on the hot search.

Then his WeChat immediately rang –

Dad:  Baby, I bought you a

The name of the scooter is Rolls Royce Phantom.

Mom: I’m sorry baby, I forgot to pay your living expenses this month.

SMS reminder: Your account has received 200,000,000 yuan.

Brother: Which company buys hot searches every day to black you?

Lin Yanran: ??

Soon after, Lin Yanran’s wealthy identity was accidentally exposed.

Black fans were jealous, claiming that his character was cheap, he has nothing but money, and no one in the circle likes him.

So one day, a variety show was being broadcast live.

The program team asked each star to take out their mobile phone and make a surprise call to the first-star friend in the address book on the spot.

The rest of the stars finished one after another, but Lin Yanran looked at the phone and didn’t move.

Black fans mocked:

Lin Yanran was afraid. He doesn’t have any friends in the circle!

After several urgings from the program team, Lin Yanran finally dialed the number.

Black powder fans waited for him to make a fool of himself.

However, after ten seconds, the call was connected.

What came from inside was a top-notch voice.


Gu Siye’s voice was soft and gentle like never before, ” Wife I just got off the plane.”

Lin Yanran panicked and wanted to hang up quickly.

Black Fan: Wife??

The black fans in the live broadcast room all at that moment felt stupid!

Lin Yanran x Gu Siye

Read After I Transmigrated As A Fake Young Master, I Became Popular



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