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SQ Chapter 19 Part 2

Chapter 19 part2

It didn’t take long for the results of the brain examination to come out. There was nothing wrong with her. The doctor’s suggestion was to stay in the hospital for observation.


    But they do not have such luxury? So she insisted on leaving the hospital.


    Just before leaving, Li Li, who said he wanted to go to the toilet, came back and said to them mysteriously: “Guess who I just saw?”


    Seeing that no one was interested, he said solemnly: “I saw the high school student just now, sneaking out of a room with a bag of things, it’s four o’clock in the morning, no wonder he didn’t open the door during all these events. , he wasn’t in the room at all.”


    This was news worth paying attention to. Zhu Yang asked, “What is that room for? Did you check it?”


    “I couldn’t get in, I was about to open the door when the doctor came back after going to the toilet and drove me away. I guess the high school student was hiding around there to steal something when no one was in the room.”


    “I did have a glanced at it. The sign of the room seemed to say it was a medical waste storage room. Was he there to steal needles to stab others in revenge?”


    As they were still thinking about it, the landlord drove the car over. As he had also been up for most of the night, once he got home and parked the car, he went back to his room to sleep.


    It’s almost five o’clock in the morning now, and it’s getting bright early in the summer. It won’t be long before you can see what’s outside.


    After they came back, they also went back to their rooms to sleep for a while. By seven o’clock, the movement of other tenants getting up and getting ready came.


    After all the noises continued for more than an hour, the villa returned to silence.


    The four of them, Zhu Yang and the others, got up at the same time. After watching the high school student leave the villa, they opened the high school student’s room before the landlord got up.


    Because there was a fence outside the villa and vegetation planted around it, the lighting on the first floor was not good.


    But the high school students live on the second floor, don’t know how he managed to make the room so gloomy.


    The curtains were always closed, and the things in the room were not cluttered, but the various old books stacked on top of each other gave people a sense of depression.


    They searched the room separately. Of course, Zhu Yang was not included. She complained that there was too much dust and messy things, and she didn’t want to touch anything dirty.


    Ordinary people would have been cust out long ago, but Li Li and the others have also been ordered around by her in the past few days, and they started to take it for granted.


    Wang Bei, who was still recovering from the fall, said to her: “Why don’t you stand outside the door. If there is dust, it won’t touch you. If the landlord gets up, you can alert us.”


    So Zhu Yang just stood around while others were busy!


    Because they did not want to leave any traces, they had to be very careful when turning things over and returning them as they were.


    So it took a long time for them to retrieve the box from the depths of the closet, which were covered by layers of clothes.



    They hurriedly waved Zhu Yang to come in and opened the box together, which did not disappoint.


    On top was a photo of a family of three. The child in the picture clearly was the high-school student, but it was taken at least seven or eight years ago.


    The man in the photo looks very elegant, full of smiles with a pair of peach eyes, and he looks like the type that is very popular with women.


    The woman was obviously of Southeast Asian descent, a typical Thai beauty, so they should be Wu Yue’s parents.


    Other than this photo, nothing else in the box was so friendly.


    One package contained some odds and ends, and when you poured it out, there was a mess of hair, nails, contact lens, buttons, and even a tooth.


    There were also a few more books, but the evil book that Zhu Yang saw was not in it. They were old Thai books, and the illustrations were evil and weird.


    Zhu Yang downloaded a Thai translation software and wrote out the titles of several books by hand, and the approximate translations obtained were something to do with cursing and black magic.


    There was also a tin box at the bottom, which was about the size of some small and medium-sized moon cake boxes, but deeper.


    Li Li carefully loosened the lid of the box and opened it.


    Although he had dealt with many ghosts before, the contents inside the box still made his scalp numb.


    He saw a formed fetus inside. The fetus was bruised all over, the head was swollen, and the skin was thinner than paper.


    So those bruises were very clear, as if you blow a breath on it, the thin skin will burst open, and the swollen blood will flow out.


    It would be fine if the baby was a stillborn, but the most frustrating part was that the baby’s eyes and mouth were sewed up with red thread.


    Zhu Yang retched and almost vomited. Although she was no longer afraid of ghosts and horrors, she was still disgusted by the filth of flesh and blood.


   Fake Sadako disgusts her, she could swing a stool and beat her, but what can she do with this thing?


    The stillborn baby was already very pitiful, was it possible that it could still be used for black magic?


    Seeing this, Lu Xin hurriedly stuffed a piece of candy into her mouth, and Zhu Yang subconsciously chewed it and swallowed it. She suddenly felt much better and no longer felt sick.


    She wondered, “What is this?”


    “A kind of candy. Eating one can prevent nausea. Now even if someone dismembers a body in front of you, you won’t feel sick after watching the whole thing.”


    “That’s good? Is it a prop in the game?”


    “No, there aren’t many props sold in the game.” Lu Xin smiled: “It’s an item I brought out from the horror world of a serial killer when I cleared it. The owner of Cindy’s Candy House made these herself.”


    “Because that serial killer would buy a few packs of these to eat before he kills and dismembers the body, I also tried it. What I didn’t expect was that I could bring them out of the game, and it still has that miraculous effect. Newcomers can use it to improve their tolerance of horror pictures. Optional for experienced gamers.”


    Zhu Yang twitched the corners of her mouth: “So these are to prevent nausea? Then why are you explaining in such detail?”


    It’s ironic that the candy that serial killers ate before the massacre had such a miraculous effect.


    And why did she think that Lu Xin, the bastard, did it on purpose? Zhu Yang thought bitterly.


    However, according to the current clues, the high school student is holding a prop book in his hand, and there are so many spellbooks hidden at home, as well as personal belongings that obviously belong to others——


    Look at that hair, that color doesn’t match the high school student’s own. Plus there was a stillbirth stolen from the hospital.


    Obviously, this kid is going to do something serious. Suomingye already has so many ghosts. If curses and black magic are also involved, the situation will be very complicated.


    Looking at the current situation, if the high school student was going to curse the person who bullied him, then the chances of hanging himself would be questionable.


    After putting the things back in their original state, they didn’t stay much longer. Sure enough, not long after they went out, they saw the landlord yawning out of the room.


    She pretended to have just woken up herself and was about to go out. She greeted the landlord and went out.


    Zhu Yang decided to ask the three little gangsters some more questions, and their phone numbers were available on Li Li’s side.


    When she got through the number, she was told that one of them was dead.


    It was said that he stole his family’s motorcycle and drove wildly on the road. He lost control and hit a large truck carrying steel bars.


    A steel bar was punctured directly into his neck. It was said that after the steel bar pierced the man, the body was hung on it like a flag. The truck drove a few hundred meters more before it was stopped by the alarmed pedestrians.


    This was the kid’s own responsibility, the guy was not even at driving age.


    However, his family is arguing with the truck driver’s company for compensation, and the body has not been retrieved.


    After hearing the news, they looked at each other in dismay, the curse had already begun.


    Coupled with the fact that Wang Bei was hypnotized by ghosts in the middle of the night and fell downstairs, it seems that there was no absolute safety period before Suohunye.


    Back at the villa in the evening, Teacher Qiu told Zhu Yang that she had drawn up a divorce agreement and would not let her prospective ex-husband enter this door again.


    But if the bastard dares to come here, please help them out. Naturally, this is just a small effort, so Zhu Yang did not refuse.


    Then Miss Cui showed them a bunch of preventive props that she bought today, and the girl seemed to be enlightened after the event.


    After tossing for a long time, they went back to their rooms to wash up and sleep.


    In the middle of the night, as Zhu Yang had drunk an extra two glasses of water because the food she had for dinner was a bit too salty, she woke up dazedly and wanted to go to the toilet.


    Walking through the dim corridor, as she reached the outside of the toilet, she saw a woman standing there.


    She was wearing light-colored knitted knitwear, white and plump, with a smile on the corner of her mouth, and she looked kind-hearted.


    Seeing that Zhu Yang was heading to the toilet, she immediately smiled and said, “Miss Zhu, you need to go to the toilet? I’m sorry, the toilet is broken and has not been repaired. It’s very messy inside. I’ll take you to the first floor.”


    Zhu Yang nodded, the woman smiled apologetically and led her from the front. When passing through a depression, she reminded: “Be careful here.”


    Then she continued to talk to herself again: “I’ve already asked Lao Xiao to change the batch of wooden floors long ago, he always gives excuses. Today, he will say that the materials are too expensive, tomorrow he will say that it is not cost-effective. So it wasn’t fixed for such a long time.”


    After listening to her for a while, Zhu Yang asked, “Are you—”


    “Yo! You must be dreaming. I’m the lady boss Sister Quan, but I’ve been out shopping and running errands all day. Lao Xiao was guarding the store. You haven’t seen me since you’ve been here for the last few days.”


    Zhu Yang thought about it and felt as if that was the case when they arrived at the stairs.


    The landlady was talking to her when she suddenly missed a step and was about to fall.


    A trace of panic flashed on her face, Zhu Yang was just a step behind her and subconsciously leaned over to pull her.


    But in the blink of an eye, Zhu Yang saw that the expression on the landlady’s face suddenly changed from panic to weird.


    It’s the kind of smugness mixed with viciousness and smirk.


    Seeing that Zhu Yang’s hand was about to grab her, she was about to disappear in thin air so as to let the young girl fall to her death.


    Just before she could do that, she saw the sleepy expression on Zhu Yang’s face disappear.


    In its place was a vicious mocking expression, her hand stretched out halfway and stopped.


    Then she raise her foot sharply and kicked the landlady downstairs, who had not had time to disappear yet.


    The fat body rolled down with a loud bang, you could feel her pain just by looking at it.


    The landlady felt as though she was smashed to pieces, her brain was buzzing, her facial features were twisted in pain, and she couldn’t stand up.


    She heard a sneer from upstairs——


    “You have a problem falling down the stairs? Let me help you!”



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