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SQ Chapter 19 Part 1

Chapter 19 part 1

  The state of the stalker is really miserable at the moment, and the landlord can’t bear to see it anymore.


    To be honest, all the long-term tenants here have problems, those who live off their wives and domestic violence, those who have been bullied at school, and those who are being stalked by perverts.


    As a despicable villain who is greedy and horny, the landlord naturally coincides with Mr. Qiu’s husband and the stalker personalities.


    Some would say that even their stench is the same.


    So he never stopped Mr. Qiu’s husband, and even though that woman should be subdued, otherwise they would climb over your head.


    He never felt that there was anything wrong with the stalker’s approach, and he even despised Miss Cui for not appreciating what the stalker is doing for her. He felt that she was playing with his feelings, otherwise, why would she wear heavy makeup and wear such a short skirt all day long in front of men?


    Therefore, he couldn’t understand the pain of Teacher Qiu and Miss Cui. But tonight, two of his  ‘brothers’ had been taken care of, which made him quite dissatisfied with the domineering behavior of this group.


    But he didn’t dare to offend them, thinking that the brothers would just be beaten and thrown out at most, but he didn’t expect them to be tortured like this.


    He couldn’t stand it any longer, so he cautiously said to Zhu Yang, “Miss Zhu, isn’t this a bit too much? Brother Zhang is just infatuated, and yes he used the wrong method, but he is just a young man. It’s so late now, why don’t we wrap this up and go upstairs to rest.”


    Zhu Yang glanced at the landlord and said with a smile, “Am I not helping him to fulfill his infatuation.”


    “Look at Miss Cui, she is beautiful, has a good figure, is a top student in a famous university and she is capable of supporting herself. At such a young age, she could already make money to support herself and supplement her family.”


    “Such a good girl will always be in demand? There is sure to be a lot of competition. Look at him, he doesn’t have the look or the money, the only thing he could do is to show her his sincerity.”


    “Otherwise, just relying on shameless entanglement will not get the beautiful girl.  how can there be such a good thing?”


    “Other men are also capable of doing what he did too? If you want to stand out, you have to show the ability to keep other suitors away.”


    He pointed to the stalker who had just been fed an overdue burger by Li Li: “Look here, if he goes out and says that he even dares to eat these things in order to pursue Miss Cui, does this make other boys feel awe and bow down to him? 


    “Defeat the competition openly and honestly, this is the right way to pursue girls.”


    “That’s right!” Miss Cui felt extremely happy when she saw that the disgusting pervert finally felt disgusting himself.


    She also learned a trick under the influence of Zhu Yang, and said to the landlord with a sneer, “didn’t you always persuade me not to just judge whether a man has money or not, and how he looks, but what he thinks of me?”


    “I’m looking at it now, why are you being hypocritical? You forgot that he insisted on giving me a bottle of water once, which he had already drunk from it. When I refused, he said that I looked down on him.”


    “Then he shouldn’t shun me at this moment.” She pointed to the underpants that were poured out, and said with disgust, “By the way, I’m afraid it’s not easy to swallow these raw.”


    “Since all along you’ve supported him for showing his love to me, today, you even let him into my room, now you can help him too.”


    “I will need your help to find some scissors and cut these into thin strips. Teacher Qiu, do you have sauce at home? May I borrow it? I think he will find this to taste bland, it will go down better with the sauce.”


    Both the landlord and the stalker looked at Miss Cui in disbelief, and at the same time, they couldn’t help thinking that the woman’s heart was indeed the most poisonous.


    Unexpectedly, Teacher Qiu nodded and replied, “Yes! I bought some bibimbap sauce yesterday. I’ll go get some for this little brother.”


    After saying that, she ran upstairs quickly.


    When she entered the door, she saw her son was doing his homework obediently in the room. The table was full of delicate snacks, all of which were from Wang Bei.


    However, since his parents went out, he has been absent-minded, the snacks have not been touched, and the homework has not been completed too. When he saw his mother enter the room, he jumped up happily.


    Since Teacher Qiu saw the man’s true self on the bridge and the sound of “divorce” from all the people there, something seems to happen in her heart.


    It turned out that the unshakable despair when she was beaten was just an illusion. In front of others, he did not dare to fight back even when being spitted on the face. He was not so invincible, his true nature was so cowardly and wretched. Why did she only see it today after eight years of being on the same bed with this person?


    It turned out that it wasn’t that the whole world regarded her who wanted to get a divorce as an outrageous neuropathy. She had been trapped by an invisible force. As Miss Zhu said, she kept finding excuses to hypnotize herself and placed herself in a comfort zone.


    Teacher Qiu touched his son’s head: “Let’s not live with Dad from tomorrow onward, okay?”


    She asked slowly and carefully but saw with her own eyes that her son’s eyes brightened up little by little, and he was happier than receiving gifts on his birthday.


    Teacher Qiu felt sad in her heart and hugged her son again. How stupid had she been all along?


    She took the sauce and went downstairs again, but didn’t let her son follow. These things were not suitable for children.


    Maybe it was because she was too excited tonight, coupled with her anger at the stupid man, she also felt a little anxious to watch what would happen next.


    Of course, Miss Cui, who has the same twisted pleasure as hers, shares the same feeling now.


    Although this building had not turned into a haunted house in a sense, the ugliness of human nature has already intertwined and made it into a dark house here.


    When Zhu Yang came in and interrupted the ordinary violence with a notebook, it was as if a ray of light shone through.


    The last box of things, except for some plastic and metal objects,  which were impossible to swallow, was stuffed into the stalker’s mouth.


    When the guy was released, he couldn’t stand properly. Miss Cui seemed to have ventured all nausea this guy had brought to her that night.


    After that, she was even more excited and thanked Zhu Yang repeatedly: “I understand it clearly now, you have to be tough to this idiot, he will never understand people’s rejection and scolding. No point saying anything, just do it.”


    Miss Cui seemed to be enlightened: “I’ll keep a pepper spray and stun stick in my bag, I’ll give it to him if he dares to come over.”


    “If he dares call the police, I’ll say that we are having fun? Nobody would bother themselves with a couple’s affair, right?”


    “That idiot is so fat, and he can’t run away from me. As long as he doesn’t get caught by me, I can’t do anything to him. Oh, but if he gets caught, I’ll pluck his balls off.”


    The landlord, who just sent the stalker away out of sympathy, heard this when he came back, and his crotch suddenly felt cold.


    He secretly glanced at Zhu Yang with concern, who the hell is she?


    Teacher Qiu, who is like a wooden man, doesn’t want her man when she comes back from a trip, and Miss Cui, who was simple and easy to bully, is suddenly so cruel now.


    What had all the women here trend into in just three or four short days?


    Miss Cui didn’t want to sleep in her own room anymore because it was disgusting. As long as she thought that the pervert had stayed in her room, she felt disgusted.


    So she asked the landlord to open another room for her. She wouldn’t be able to live in the previous one, she will move her things over slowly in the next few days.


    The landlord didn’t want to agree to it, but after seeing what happened today, he knew that he had also provoked public anger, so he gave Miss Cui a new room card.


    After a whole night of excitement, everyone was tired. So everyone went back to their rooms to rest.


    Wang Bei and the others were in a bad mood earlier on and they didn’t eat much for dinner. As a result, after two successive events, they forgot the day’s depression, and now they are actually hungry.


    She ordered two bowls of noodles to have a late-night snack and asked Zhu Yang and Lu Xin to sleep first.


    Zhu Yang was also a little tired. She didn’t play with her mobile phone when she returned to the room. After washing up, she fell asleep not long after.


    Wang Bei didn’t know when she came back from supper.  


    In the middle of the night, Zhu Yang seemed to sense that the person in the next bed got up, opened the door, and walked out.


    She didn’t care much about it, thinking that Wang Bei must have drunk too much noodle soup and woke up at night to go to the toilet. It didn’t take long for a loud scream to be heard, then the sound of something heavy rolling down the stairs.


    Zhu Yang woke up instantly, she quickly turned on the light. Sure enough, Wang Bei’s bed was empty.


    She had a bad feeling about this. So she grabbed a shawl and ran out. The doors of other rooms were also opening at this time, everyone must have heard the scream.


    When everyone came to the entrance of the stairs, they saw Wang Bei collapse under the stairs, not knowing whether she was alive or dead.


    Several people hurried downstairs and helped Wang Bei up. She had already fainted, but she is still breathing. They hurriedly called the landlord to drive her to the hospital.


    The landlord complained while driving: “What was she running around the stairs at midnight? She didn’t even turn on the lights. It’s not my responsibility if something happened to her.”


    The landlord’s car was a second-hand van, and the space was sufficient, so the other three got in the car. Teacher Qiu and Miss Cui did not follow them as they need to go to work tomorrow. The room on the 2nd floor where the student live was silent.


    After hearing what the landlord said, Zhu Yang sneered: “That’s not true. I heard that your wife fell to her death by accident on the same stairs. What if she came back and tried to bring someone to accompany her?”


    When the landlord thought of the place where Miss Wang fell, he suddenly shuddered. On a hot summer night, the air conditioning of this broken car has not been good.


    But with so many people in the car at the moment, he felt a chill rush up his spine for no reason.


    Although Zhu Yang’s remarks were random guesses, they are not pointless.


    A female ghost had already appeared last night. It was the missing girl. The ghost of the landlady should also appear by now.


    There were water dispensers, toilets, and washing sinks on the second floor. Wang Bei doesn’t have to go the stairs no matter what she does when she wakes up in the middle of the night.


    When they arrived at the hospital, she was sent to the emergency room. Fortunately, there was no serious problem. Wang Bei also woke up shortly after the infusion.


    She was still in a daze, and she couldn’t tell what she did.


    “I was sleeping and I wanted to go to the bathroom, so I got up and walked towards the bathroom. When I arrived there, the bathroom on the second floor was broken and was still being repaired, so someone took me to the first floor. I saw that she almost fell and wanted to help her. , why did I fall downstairs instead?”


    Several people listened and told her: “The toilet on the second floor is not under maintenance.”


    Wang Bei’s face changed, then her whole thinking became clear. She realized that in the middle of the night, who would make a special trip to wait outside the toilet to remind you that it was being repaired, and then take you to the toilet downstairs?


    Not to mention a small hotel, even star-rated hotels were not so thoughtful.


    But when everyone asked her what she looked like, she couldn’t remember, only vaguely remembered that it was a woman.


    And what’s even more strange was that Wang Bei said that she remembered that as she fell down the stairs, she seemed to be buffered by something when her head was about to hit the ground.


    It was probably because of this that her head was fine. Even the doctor who examined her later said that it was strange that the way Wang Bei fell should cause her more injuries than this.


    Wang Bei knew that she must have met a ghost. High chance it was connected to the landlady. Apart from being a little scared, she was not too frightened.


    She had encountered more terrifying ghosts than this. This game has not been difficult so far, but before the ghost night, there are ghosts who were not in the main script to try to claim their lives, which made her really unhappy.


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