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SQ Chapter 18 Part 4

Chapter 18 Part 4

 “You fucking idiot. Didn’t I tell you before that he is a pervert? Yet you let him into my room. Look at what happened to my room now? Give me back my deposit and I’ll move out now, or I’ll call the police.”


    The landlord said while dodging the hit: “Ahh! I’m old and soft-hearted, so I gave in to that infatuated young man. Look at you, if a guy treats you well, you should hurry up and accept him, else you may miss the boat and stay single for the rest of your life.”


    Miss Cui was about to go crazy when the stalker walked out of the room.


    He was holding a big box in his mouth: “Yuanyuan, I haven’t finished speaking. Don’t be so rude. Didn’t your parents teach you to wait till the others finish talking?”


    Miss Cui’s eyes were red with anger at the moment, she swung the ceramic lucky cat towards his head.


    The man took the hit from the cat, as the lucky cat was not bulky, but it didn’t hurt him much.


    Instead, he acted like a true lover: “Hit me, as long as hitting me can make you feel relieved.”


    Miss Cui was dizzy with anger, she turned around and saw Zhu Yang and the others.


    She suddenly ran over as if she had seen a savior and grabbed Zhu Yang’s hand.


    “Sister, my sister. I thanked you for helping me last time. Help me again? Throw this disgusting thing out, and consider I owe you another favor. Next time, I will do anything you say.”


    Zhu Yang had just cleaned up a family affair, now there is another one, all these cases are not giving her any rest.


    She was about to say something hypocritical, but suddenly remembered something.


    She looked at Miss Cui and said in a serious tone: “You will do anything I say?”


    “Mmmmm!” Miss Cui nodded her head up and down repeatedly.


    “Even if you don’t fulfill this requirement while you’re alive, you will still obey when you become a ghost?”


    Although Miss Cui didn’t understand why she emphasized this, she still agreed.


    Zhu Yang laughed. She got Li Li to catch hold of the stalker who was about to run away when he saw her. Then she brought Lu Xin and Wang Bei into Miss Cui’s room.


    While Teacher Qiu stayed in the hall to comfort Miss Cui, the landlord did not dare to say any more nonsense at this time.


    These people may have just murdered someone. He was having a hard time understanding where these people were from.


    As soon as Zhu Yang entered the room, her eyes were immediately irritated by the scene inside.


    The walls were covered with photos of Miss Cui. Based on the angles of the photos taken, it was obvious that they were taken secretly. It was conceivable that Miss Cui, the protagonist, had a tingling scalp as soon as she entered the door.


    There was a heart shape made with roses and pink candles on the bedsheet. He did not consider that this may burn down the house.


    There were also a lot of balloons piled up in the room, which shows that the person who brought them wanted to create a romantic atmosphere.


    Zhu Yang calculated the total cost. If you don’t count the photos, one pack of balloons, two dozen candles, and a bunch of shriveled and stale rose petals that were obviously picked.


    “Tsk tsk! The cost of this confession broke all the records I have ever seen.”


    Wang Bei also curled her lips and said, “My first love in high school was also a poor student. By confessing to me, he saved more than a month of his expenses before he could buy me a bracelet. All these, thirty yuan?”


    Zhu Yang also sneered: “I was the one chasing after my first love. He gave me more than 9,000 roses and a horse that day.”


    Wang Bei’s smile froze, and she was stunned by this sudden show.


    Somewhat confused: “Nine thousand—, wait, horse?”


    Although Zhu Yang looks like a lady from a rich family, is that how rich people fall in love?


    “Why send a horse?”


    Zhu Yang shrugged: “When he rejected me for the third time, I said that I like wild horses that are energetic. He will definitely be mine. Later, he became my boyfriend and gave me a horse.”


    Wang Bei opened her mouth: “What is the logic here? What do you think?”


    Zhu Yang was suddenly a little irritable: “Who knows? I dumped him after a while. Forget it, don’t mention him anymore, I’ll be angry if you mention him again.”


    Wang Bei thought to herself, it was you who brought it up, but she changed the subject nevertheless.


    She turned around and asked Lu Xin, “Little Lu, your first love—”


    Only halfway through the sentence, she saw Lu Xin’s expression, and was taken aback. She don’t know why his face was so black all of a sudden.


    But the next second, he looked normal as usual, which made Wang Bei almost think that she may have read him wrongly.


    Zhu Yang, who was walking in front, waved her hand: “Needless to ask? He must have never been in a relationship.”


    The conversation stopped here when Zhu Yang and the others came out of Miss Cui’s room, and a few people outside were already at the coffee table.


    Zhu Yang sat on the main seat and watched Li Li make the stalker kneel in front of them.


    Although the stalker was beaten up last time, when he saw them, he shouted, “You can’t stop me, I really love Yuanyuan.”


    “Oh, true love!” Zhu Yang said casually, and then looked at the big box next to him, which was what this guy was holding in his hand at the time: “What is this?”


    Miss Cui glanced inside the box, she was so disgusted that she almost vomited. She was too ashamed to say what is inside the box.


    However, when Zhu Yang asked her, she still endured the disgust and replied, “It’s the rubbish that this pervert collected.”


    “There’s the toothbrush I’ve thrown away, the snot paper I’ve used, the hamburger I left at school last week, everything I’ve used. And, and he said—”


    When she continued, Miss Cui tightly closed her eyes: “he said there is also the dirty underwear from jerking off when he was thinking about me.”


    Li Li was flipping through the box when he heard this, he immediately retracted his hand as if electrocuted, and almost vomited.


    The kid is still shouting: “Yuanyuan, this is true, when I was jerking off, I was only thinking of you and no one else.”


    Miss Cui almost vomited.


    Zhu Yang nodded: “It seems that he really loves you.”


    Miss Cui raised her head in horror and looked at Zhu Yang in disbelief.


    Zhu Yang continues: “Since it is true love, it will be very easy for him to pass the next test.”


    Then she snapped her fingers: “Feed these to him.”


    There was a sudden gasp in the hall, but Li Li was so excited that he immediately found a pair of chopsticks.


    With a piece of snot paper on the chopstick, he stuffed it into the stalker’s mouth.


    As he was stuffing, he was also grinning: “Don’t worry, I will save your underwear as the main dish for you.”


    The man was caught off guard by several pieces of snot paper, and almost spit it out. But Li Li pinched his mouth just as he was about to vomit.


    Then he saw the woman sitting on the sofa grinning: “Since it’s true love, enjoy it, or do you feel sick and don’t want to eat it?”


    “Hey! You can’t even eat the snot paper of your beloved woman, what kind of true love is it?”



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