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SQ Chapter 18 Part 2

Chapter 18 Part 2

Zhu Yang smiled: “That’s better.”

Then she didn’t say anything more and let him go.

This time, it was Lu Xin who wasn’t sure about her intentions, but he didn’t ask. Many things were more interesting when the mystery was revealed on its own.

But he brought up another thing: “You got your “skills book” in the tryouts?”

He ask it as a question, but he sounded very sure about it.

Zhu Yang didn’t deny it, she didn’t think it was a secret that had to be tightly covered. With the deepening of the plot of this horror game, it may be needed when the right ghosts appear.

But most people don’t think that way as the trials were usually not difficult. However, you cannot look at it from the normal perspective.

There were only a handful of players in the entire game who have an S-level evaluation, let alone achieving a skill book.

Li Li and Wang Bei saw that she was very good at handling ghosts, but they were only admiring her psychological quality. Towards the way she caused harm to the ghost, they thought that Zhu Yang was using the talisman paper given in the novice gift bag.

Maybe she had a high initial score and bought some other props. In short, they would not think about acquiring skills, which is appalling for newcomers.

But Lu Xin is very clear about the difference between using skills and props. To be honest, Rao knows that she has a flexible mind and is good at fighting.

Being able to achieve this step also surprised him, but it was an amazing surprise to be able to accumulate such a high initial capital in the early stage.

But Zhu Yang asked him: “How about you? Do you have skills too?”

Lu Xin nodded: “Yes!”

He thought Zhu Yang was going to ask him what type was his, but she asked, “How many are there?”

Lu Xin’s lips parted slightly, a little surprised, then his expression became casual and calm.

Looking at her eyes, with a hint of a smile: “A lot.”

Zhu Yang wasn’t very surprised, but this guy does not hide anything from her probes. Always in his peaceful and calm self, displaying ultimate arrogance and confidence.

Zhu Yang is not a person who would relinquish her responsibility to others when there is a stronger teammate, but a sense of competition instead.

She raised her eyebrows and glanced at Lu Xin: “I will be more than you, very soon.”

The two went outside for a long time, during which they received a lot of messages from Wang Bei.

For example, they found some suspicious things in the villa, but in the end, most of them came back without result.

In the afternoon, a message came through, saying that the landlord planned to put the stalker who harassed Miss Cui into her room.

When the landlord went out to buy cockroach medicine in the morning, Li Li and the others planted a listening device at the front desk.

They overheard the landlord and the stalker talking, saying that the time was set to be in the afternoon as Miss Cui was working in the middle of the day and will come back at around 8 or 9 o’clock in the evening.

Listening to the conversation between the two of them, they got a thorough understanding of the routine of the single girl.

Wang Bei asked whether to stop this or simply beat up the stalker in advance.

Zhu Yang replied no to them. She said to Wang Bei:” To such nut-case, if you were to beat him up, he would take it as a test for her love. It would make him feel great instead.”

Wang Bei knew that she has all kinds of ways to take care of people, so she just let it go.

However, after this, using the excuse of searching for cockroaches and rummaging through every corner of the villa, they didn’t find much.

Li Li told them: “I even knocked on every inch of the wall, it was solid. I didn’t find any basement or the like. I also paid attention to the attic, nothing there except for some abandoned furniture.”

This made the two of them frustrated after a busy day, so Zhu Yang simply asked them both out for dinner.

This time, the high-end steak restaurant did not make the two feel better. After all, as the time passed by, the clues revealed seemed to indicate that the game was becoming more and more ferocious, but correspondingly, they did not find any useful props.

Compared to Zhu Yang and Lu Xin, the two of them were a little bit clueless.

They went out early, and since the dinner wasn’t able to cheer them up, they came back early.

As a result, when they were going upstairs, they heard a lot of movement from Ms. Qiu’s house at the opposite door. The incessant sound of beating and smashing, the cursing of men, and the sobbing of women.

Well, before Miss Cui’s show begin, another one had already started.

Zhu Yang suddenly saw a small figure at the end of the corridor. She walked over and saw Teacher Qiu’s son, Xiao Ming, sitting on the ground, leaning against the wall tightly, with his head lowered and his small shoulders twitching.

Feeling someone in front of him, he raised his head, his dark eyes filled with tears.

Seeing that it was her, a pleading flashed across his silent and well-behaved face, but he didn’t say anything for help.

The mind of ​​a child is simple. Xiaoming grew up in a violent environment. In his eyes, his father is a mountain that weighs down on him and his mother. He is used to hearing his grandparents use him as a pretense to force his mother to be tied to his father forever.

But it wasn’t until that night that this elder sister came over to help. This was the first time in his life that he saw his father’s violence being successfully stopped, and this elder sister was amazing.

Even though his father wanted to beat his mother again yesterday, when the sister glanced at him, they were able to pass the night peacefully.

His father had a drink today and came back to find out from the landlord that Zhu Yang and the others went to a high-end hotel for dinner, and it may take them a long time to come back, and that’s when he started.

Zhu Yang pursed her lips. In her opinion, scumbags with domestic violence are hateful. But those that have no courage to resist when they suffer from domestic violence, a woman who chooses to stay in her comfort zone and can’t even protect her child from misery isn’t much better.

She is a strong and confident person who despises a mother like Teacher Qiu from the bottom of her heart. The so-called ‘helping’ them is just to stop her from getting into her way.

But seeing Xiao Ming’s eyes at this moment, Zhu Yang always has a feeling of something being stuck in her throat.

She let out a suffocating breath, turned around, and walked back resignedly.

As she reached the door of Teacher Qiu’s family, she raised her foot——

The door gave way with a ‘bang’.

At this time, the room was already in chaos, tables and stools were all overturned, the sheets and quilts were rolled on the ground.

Teacher Qiu curled up on the ground, her husband was kicking her with his foot, and a notebook was in his hand.

Before Zhu Yang and the others broke through the door, he was reading aloud—

“The moment I met him, the ice and snow in my world melted, and my whole heart feel like a dead tree reviving in spring—you’re a fucking bitch, whenever you see a man, you become—”

The words were interrupted by a loud noise, but when he turned around, I saw that the girl from the opposite room came over.

Teacher Qiu’s husband was startled, and he immediately became half-awake.

Zhu Yang smiled coldly: “Yo! Reading a script, aren’t you?”

Without waiting for him to answer, she applauded: “Not bad, reliving the old memory? I didn’t expect your family’s lifestyle to be so profound.”

Then the smile on her face disappeared: “Then let us have a taste of your story too!”

This was said to Teacher Qiu’s husband. He hurriedly retreated after hearing the words.

They were already in the house, it was just a matter of whether they would hit him, so he said hurriedly: “I’m sorry, I didn’t know you were back and I’ve disturbed you, we will clean up immediately.”

But what happened next is not something for him to decide.

As soon as Zhu Yang glanced, Li Li and Lu Xin went up to restrain him. Wang Bei brought Xiao Ming to their room to feed him a cake. The next scene is going to be ugly, it was not convenient for children to watch.

Zhu Yang walked in front, followed by the others grabbing Mr. Qiu’s husband, and Mrs. Qiu following behind.

The man saw that they were getting nasty, begging would not do any good. At this time, he remembered his wife and hurriedly asked his wife to ask for mercy.

Teacher Qiu hesitated, as she was about to speak, she remembered Zhu Yang’s remarks this morning and didn’t speak.

The man scolded and spitted out, as soon as foul language comes out of his mouth. he was punched in the stomach. His stomach cramped and he felt dizzy with pain.

It was obvious that not only the goddess, but all four people are not to be messed with.

In a blink of an eye, they reached a bridge. This was the place they had just returned from. Many people come and go here, there were even buskers playing guitar and singing, which was just right.

Zhu Yang walked up to them, grabbed the microphone, and pushed them aside——

“When I passed by just now, there was only a few dollars in the guitar case. After half a day, it’s still a few dollars. Those homeless people fare better than you two.”

At first, the two buskers thought that they were gangsters making trouble. Life is already not easy for them, why must they make it worst?

They heard the woman say: “It’s also because you are so pitiful, I will provide you with a new way of performing, sit aside, play the kinds of music that match the situation!”

When they saw that their rhythm and music were interrupted by this menacing group of people, they had no choice but to sit on the small stool beside them in a confused way.

Seeing this, Lu Xin tacitly threw the man next to the microphone’s stand and made him knelt down. At this moment, Zhu Yang put the microphone next to the speaker.

Suddenly there was a sharp noise, which attracted the surrounding passers-by who had earlier on turned a blind eye to the performance, they turned their heads and look over at the same time.


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