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SQ Chapter 18 Part 1

Chapter 18 Part 1

From childhood to adulthood, Zhu Yang rarely fights directly with people, there was never a shortage of people around her to help her do that.

There have been countless conflicts with people over the past two decades. In these countless times, most of them had the intention to kill her at that time.

But the number of times that Zhu Yang was successfully attacked could be counted with one hand, this number of times is about equal to the number of times she had actually attacked people.

There was no experience to speak of, so when a girl fought, any means and methods could be used.

She grabbed the female ghost’s hair and pulled her upper body out of the mirror.

When the ghost was halfway out, she slapped her on the head again and again.

While beating and scolding: “Trying to scare me is it?”

“Bleeding from all seven orifices, right?”

“Rotten face is it?”

“I will pull out all your hair, belief me or not?”

“Be scary and not disgusting. Did all the female ghosts from that broken game company come from the same rejected goods assembly line? It’s always the same disgusting look.”

“Didn’t you find out how the last ugly ghost died? That unlucky ghost with a broken face, really thought she was the flower among the female ghosts?”

“Trying to change my face, are you an idiot? The last one failed horribly, you wouldn’t fare any better. If you are a ghost, you should have self-knowledge?”

The female ghost’s body was tilted and her head was also being grabbed. This posture basically doesn’t allow her to resist at all.

This girl looked thin and delicate, but she didn’t expect two arms as thin as firewood sticks to be so fucking powerful.

The female ghost’s head was buzzing by the beating. It was as though someone was knocking her head up and down with a brick. She never expected to die from it but she began to worry about the risk of concussion.

“Woooo~~” The female ghost struggled desperately and then she heard a tearing sound.

Her head loosened from the grip. She looked up and was shocked to see the girl holding a large handful of hair in her hand.

That amount of hair, for every woman – even female ghosts – no, especially long-haired females, is considered an amount that will cause heart failure.

The female ghost reached out and touched her scalp, yes, a big patch was missing from her head.

The whole thing went crazy after that, a shrill scream resounded through the sky.


It was only halfway through, the sound was cut off again, just like a goose being stepped on its neck.

It was Zhu Yang, who saw her screaming with her mouth open, picked up a piece of soap from the sink, and threw it into her mouth.

The soap was from Teacher Qiu, it was used to wash underwear and socks.

It seems that every female ghost has the skill to open her mouth to half the size of her face.

Otherwise, such a large piece of soap will not be able to fit in.

Unguarded, the female ghost swallowed the soap directly, then burped and made a few bubbles.

She was stunned, by now, the other tenants who heard the movement ran over to find out what happened.

There were so many people that she had to retreat, but Li Li and the others were quick. Before she disappeared, they clearly saw a female ghost escaping into the mirror covering her bruised face and half-bald head.

At first, when they heard the screams, they thought they may be from Zhu Yang.

What they saw was the female ghost fleeing, Zhu Yang, standing in front of the sink with an arrogant face, as though everything was over before it even started.

When Lu Xin came to Zhu Yang, he didn’t ask about the obvious cause and effect.

Just: “She’s gone?”

Zhu Yang nodded: “How does the woman who disappeared and the landlord’s wife look like?”

“Oh, I found this.” Wang Bei immediately flipped out her phone.

As this was a criminal case, the girl’s family has tried desperately to find her here. A large number of missing notices were posted, so her photos were not difficult to get.

Wang Bei opened the saved picture, Zhu Yang looked at it, it really was the female ghost earlier on.

She pouted and sneered: “Stupid chicken!”

Li Li and the others were originally very sad and pessimistic about the fact that the ghost appeared in advance.

Like in previous horror games, once a player saw a ghost or was attacked, everyone else was panic-stricken.

Because the fate of all of them was the same in front of ghosts, sooner or later it will be their turn.

But this was the first time, the panic was suppressed by Zhu Yang’s ignorance.

Just be ignorant. Anyway, since they met Zhu Yang, this kind of emotion has become the norm.

The two looked at each other. At first, they were envious of her high evaluation at the clearance trials, thinking that the little girl was lucky.

But now it seems that maybe someone really has some power in her.

They began to respect this ill-tempered young lady, who has the ability to deal with ghosts with her hands, it also gave them an additional level of confidence.

By this time, other tenants have also come out in their pajamas. Besides Mr. Qiu’s family on the second floor, the landlord and Miss Cui on the first floor also came after hearing the commotions.

Only Wu Yue, who lives on the second floor, didn’t open his door.

Teacher Qiu asked worriedly: “Miss Zhu, I just heard a loud cry, are you alright?”

The landlord also asked, “Have you seen a mouse?”

Zhu Yang wouldn’t take the blame for the ghost, and said expressionlessly: “It’s not me.”

“If it’s not you, who was it?—” the landlord continued asking.

Zhu Yang emphasize herself again: “It wasn’t me, I don’t sound so bad.”

The people present were not deaf. In the end, Wang Bei, seeing this young lady not unwilling to compromise, and at the same time, you couldn’t tell the NPCs that it was a ghost call, right?

So she took the initiative to take the blame: “It’s me, I saw a cockroach.”

Then everyone breathed a sigh of relief, the landlord smiled and said, “Miss Wang must be from the north, right? Just get used to it, we have a lot of cockroaches in the south.”

“There are cockroaches here?” As soon as he finished speaking, he heard a disgusting voice.

The landlord immediately wanted to slap his own mouth, and sure enough. “Ha, I found that your place is really full of treasure. We can find surprises every day. You are proud of having cockroaches, right? Did you ride them to elementary school?”

The landlord knows that this spoiled brat is difficult to deal with, but he doesn’t dare to offend these wealthy families. The tips for running a few errands a day could cover the whole day’s turnover in the peak season, so he must treat them well?

Especially this bitch who always looks down on people, but she is the most generous.

So he hurriedly said, “This is an old house, but you do not have to worry about its cleanliness. If you don’t believe me, ask Ms. Qiu. She only has praises for it.”

“I don’t care about that. My standard is not that low. Tomorrow you have to clear all the cockroaches, and by the way, clean the whole house too. Li Li and the others will do it with you as they are available tomorrow.”

“I will go out during the day, make sure that there is no more dust anywhere in the house when I come back at night.”

The landlord changed his face when he heard it, but forced a smile: “Aren’t you embarrassing me? It takes two days just to find cleaners for such a big house.”

Zhu Yang interrupted him impatiently: “How much are you paying the cleaning company? I’ll pay you ten times, I am only interested in two things, Speed and Efficiency!”

She said with a sneer, “Look at your sloppy behavior, you will probably just do a superficial job. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are dead rat’s bodies hidden within the cracks in the floor or wall behind your back.”

When the landlord, who had always been showing a flattering expression, heard the words “Hidden Corpse”, a trace of ferocity flashed in his eyes, but he had lowered his head so that no one could see it.

There was nothing he could do to reject the job, so he agreed reluctantly to the task.

Back in the room, Zhu Yang said to Li Li and the others: “Now, I have given you the opportunity to follow him in an open manner. Now that the ghosts in the landlord’s house have appeared, I may be able to find something useful from now on.”

Li Li was still thinking about how to observe the landlord without being detected, but Zhu Yang handed him a way to move around the house without being suspected.

The boss is so capable.

But he didn’t realize that he had already mentally agreed that the leader of this four-person temporary group was Zhu Yang.

The next morning, the landlord went out early to buy poisons for the cockroach. As Zhu Yang was heading downstairs for breakfast, she happened to meet the high school students going to school.

Without giving him a chance, she pulled him to the corner of the yard.

She said to the high school students: “Why are you in such a hurry? Didn’t you talk to me last night? I haven’t answered you yet.”

Wu Yue looked the same as usual at this time, but when he heard Zhu Yang’s words, his eyes shows signs of frightened.

As if he didn’t want to know the answer.

But he couldn’t help it. He listened to Zhu Yang slowly: “I don’t know anything about human skin, I just thought it feels like it. So Is it true?”

“Don’t frighten me, I’ve already taken a long time to wash my hands yesterday. If it is true, I might chop my hands away?”

Wu Yue shook his head again and again, at a loss for a moment.


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