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SQ Chapter 20 Part 1

Chapter 20 Part1

   The woman looked really embarrassing now, her limbs were bent and twisted, and her neck turned to an unnatural angle.


    To be honest, the stairs of the villa were not very good. The distance between the stairs was a bit high, and the steps are narrow. To enhance the style of the hall, there were great requirements for the floor height.


    Therefore, the stairs cannot be too low. Normally, the tenants have to watch their steps when going up and down, which was not very convenient.


    Therefore, falling down from such a high and steep staircase, even if you are lucky and didn’t hit any vital point of your body, is still not good.


    The landlady was originally a cumbersome person, and she was kicked down in such an awkward position. The thick layer of protective fat on her body didn’t make her feel any better.


    She wasn’t even sure, compared with the first time she was killed, which was more painful. After all, when you fell down and twisted your neck, you will lose consciousness in a short while.


    But it’s different now because she has become a ghost, even with fatal injuries, she will still remain awake and conscious.


    The landlady was instantly angry. When she fell downstairs, she was facing away, but now she simply turned her neck at the back of her head 180 degrees, aiming at Zhu Yang who was standing at the entrance of the stairs.


    The expression that looked kindly earlier on turned into jealousy and resentment——


    “You horny bitches—”


    Before she could finish speaking, she saw that Zhu Yang had already descended the stairs in a few quick steps, glanced at her, then stepped and stomped on her face.


    As she was stepping on the landlady’s nose, she barked: “Ah? Louder! What did you call me?”


    “Bitch – woohoo~”


    Half of the words which were difficult to blurt were trampled back by Zhu Yang’s feet.


    “You have to speak clearly, all your words are so vague, how do you open the door to do business?”


    The landlady couldn’t speak now, but her eyes were still staring at Zhu Yang through her shoes.


    Zhu Yang sneered: “I must say, you are a little smarter than the last female ghost. You have a clear goal and a ruthless attack. You know that you can’t force people, so you used hints and persuasion instead.”


    “But your brain is probably caught in between your fat. If you are really smart, you wouldn’t have come to me.”


    “You could have been lucky enough to kill one or two other people. But that’s not possible now.”


    With that, Zhu Yang retracted her feet, bent down, grabbed the woman’s hair, and drag her to the side like a sack.


    The landlady was shattered by the fall, the unbearable pain took over her mind, and she couldn’t concentrate on disappearing at all.


    She didn’t expect this little bitch to be so cunning and fell for her trick instead. However, although being a ghost is dark, one advantage is that life and death no longer have meaning in ghosts.


    So when she recovers, there may be a chance to re-kill this little bitch. She can hide once, but not forever.


    So the woman yelled: “Bitch, even if you are lucky this time, remember clearly the wounds on my body, I will pay you back ten times later.”


    “I’m going to break your hands and feet into pieces, gouge out your sassy eyes, pull out your tongue and smash your mouth, and we shall see how you young sluts dare to seduce other people.”


    “Seduced who? Your husband?” Zhu Yang’s voice was casual and sarcastic: “You two are birds of the same feathers! You two have the same low standards.”


    “You hold a pile of shit and treat it like gold. And keep worrying that people will try to snatch it from you. Please, don’t worry, you can hold it tightly to yourself, no one will be willing to snatch it from you.”


    Talking to herself, she continued, “What is it that gives a fat woman like you the illusion that us young and beautiful girls will have the same taste as you? Are you trying to force your way up to our standard?”


    “It’s useless, let me tell you, ah! With your weight, you won’t be able to jump to our level even if you have a chance.”


    Although she was dragging nearly two hundred kilograms of meat, she didn’t feel difficult at all.


    The landlady was trembling with anger at her words, just like most women whose husbands are accustomed to cheating, they ignored their own problems and blame everything on the other woman.


    Before her death, she would fight and quarrel with women who were involved with her husband from time to time. In short, it was always the fault of the women outside.


    Later, he inherited the villa and started the hotel business. She continued to hate the young and beautiful female tenants who came and went because her husband’s eyes were always glued to those women.


    But once a female tenant complains of being harassed, as long as her husband tells her and says ‘she is the one that seduced me’, the landlady will convince herself that it is the woman’s fault. She will use a savage, rogue voice to scold the woman.


    Most people who go out to travel don’t think about causing trouble in the local area. If they suffer a little loss, they usually settle down. In the past few years, many have been harassed by the husband and wife.


    The landlady felt that the pain in her body was beginning to subside, and her strength also began to recover a little, she then suddenly started laughing.


    Just before she could start to do something, something was stuffed into her mouth.


    A piercing pain Immediately followed. She had never felt this kind of pain both as a human being or as a ghost. The pain she felt from falling downstairs was nothing compared to this.


    The landlady’s mouth began to burn, and scalded pustules began to form on her face due to a chain reaction.


    Zhu Yang ‘Wow’: “This is really effective. I should have asked Lu Xin for more candies, tsk tsk! This is disgusting.”


    But in fact, the effect of the candy was quite long-lasting. She ate it in the afternoon and now when she looks at this disgusting event in front of her, she didn’t really feel sick at all.


    One of the two talismans provided in the novice gift bag, which can resist one damage from ghosts each, was unceremoniously used by Zhu Yang.


    This thing can actually cause a lot of damage if it hits a ghost, not to mention that it is directly stuffed into the mouth. Only the landlady knows the pain of it.


    After confirming that the landlady wouldn’t recover for a while, Zhu Yang finally found a rope under the front desk table, which was the wire of a big fan, and was pulled down by Zhu Yang without hesitation.


    Then she tied it on the neck of the landlady, dragged her directly to the door of the landlord’s room on the first floor, and then hung her whole ghost form on the door beam.


    It is also thanks to her that she has strengthened so much power inside the game. If she has the same physique before entering the game, she would not have the strength even if she had the intention.


    Without much delay, she knocked on the landlord’s door, hurriedly and loudly.


    “Who is it?” A vague voice came from inside.


    But Zhu Yang’s knocking on the door didn’t stop, he was so annoyed that he had no choice but to get out of bed and pull on his slippers and come over to open the door.


    Zhu Yang stopped when she heard the movement, then ran away quickly and hid in the pillars in the hall.


    At the same time, the landlord twisted the door lock and opened the door.


    A familiar corpse was hanging in front of his door just like that, shaking slightly because of inertia.


    The landlord’s scalp exploded, blood rushed to his head, and his feet went soft all of a sudden.


    He was about to scream subconsciously, but the moment he looked up and saw the face of the corpse, although the outline was familiar, the face was full of blisters and burnt, and black blood was still dripping out.


    It’s not that the landlord has never done anything ruthless. Strictly speaking, he already has two lives in his hands, but this extreme stimulation still made him roll his eyes, and he fell to the ground and fainted.


    Zhu Yang was a little disappointed. The human body’s self-protection mechanism is too troublesome, which limits her enjoyment.


    She was hoping that there would be some useful news from the husband and wife’s reunion.


    As a result, the landlady had to be released so quickly.


    When the landlady’s pain eased a little, she saw how her husband was tormented by that little bitch to the point of near-death.


    Although she hated this guy for being cruel, death did not give this idiot any epiphany. As her mouth was burnt very badly, she still couldn’t speak and only managed to make a whimpering sound.


    Zhu Yang said impatiently like a perverted killer: “Shut up! What’s the hurry? It’s your turn next?”


    The landlady, who had just recovered from the pain, finally realized that when facing this guy, the ghost’s immortality may not be an advantage, but torture.


    Some people are like this. When they were bullied, they became terribly cruel, but once they realize that they are not good enough, they will behave like a dog immediately.


    The landlady had lost her arrogance and resentment. She looked at Zhu Yang with pleading eyes.


    Zhu Yang was delighted: “Was that the same look the girl gave you when she was murdered by you and your husband? I am starting to feel that I have the potential to be a ruthless  murderer. I am actually a little excited to see you look at me like this.”


    The landlady’s eyes became even more frightened, she desperately wanted her body to recover quickly and get rid of the influence of the talisman so that she could disappear and escape.


    But how was it possible?


    There was a full-length mirror next to the bar, which was convenient for those who come in and out to check their hair and appearance. At this moment, it was very useful for Zhu Yang.


    Otherwise, the biggest mirror in the whole house was on the second floor, how troublesome to drag her up there?


    She dragged the landlady to the mirror, and then, under the unbelievable gaze of the landlady, shoved her into the mirror little by little.


    Zhu Yang was not sure if every ghost has the ability to travel through the mirror, but according to Zhu Yang’s understanding, the mirror she can touch should be the inner world of ghosts.


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