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SQ Chapter 18 Part 3

Chapter 18 Part 3

  Zhu Yang patted the microphone, brought it to her mouth, and said: “passer-by, you have seen singing and performing arts before, you have also seen begging and kowtow too, but have you ever seen a domestic violence scumbag’s self-confess report?”


    “This man on the floor is an ugly freeloader, his hobby is to beat his wife. He has a short dick but his temper can reach the sky.  is it a moral loss or a tragedy of human nature, let’s listen to the detailed analysis.”


    Originally, everyone was just looked this way subconsciously, but when they heard the topic, hey!


    Looking at this, it is estimated that the man beat his wife and was held by his sister-in-law and brother-in-law.


    Watching something fun falls in line with the national characteristics of the people here. The once deserted bridge now has a crowd within a minute. It’s like a snowball, people passing by will stop and join in when they see a crowd forming.


    The two buskers have never encountered such a large group of people since they started their busking careers.


   They heard the girl urge: “Music!”


    The two came back to their senses now, but what accompaniment should they use? Thinking about family ethics, let’s just play women’s flowers.


    The melancholy music sounded, Zhu Yang put the microphone in front of the man, kicked him, and said, “Read!”


    Seeing that he didn’t move, she kicked impatiently: “Read! Didn’t you just read your wife’s diary? Are you ashamed to share it when it’s your turn?”


    “Okay, it’s not good to let so many people wait for you. I’ll ask a question and your answer.” Then she lowered her head and whispered in his ear: “Who doesn’t know about the mess in your family? If you dare to lie, I promise you there will be one drunkard floating corpse in the river tomorrow morning. Ah Ha! Oh, it’s just right that you drank earlier on.”


    The man’s body was trembling, not sure if this woman’s intimidation was real or not. However, he saw a small dent in the ground where her toes had moved away.


    At night, the light of the overpass was not good, ordinary people can’t see such a fine line of sight, but he can see it clearly where he was kneeling.


    At this time, the voice of the woman sounded again——


    “Let me ask you, how did you and your wife meet?”


    “We got to know each other on a blind date.”


    “Then how did you impress your wife which is of an upper-middle-class, attractive temperament, a teacher, and a typical male ideal object?”


    “I, I treat her well. I buy her breakfast every day, pick her up to and fro from work, and I remember all the anniversaries and birthdays. I treated her so well, but she—”


    The man was slapped when he was about to say more: “You tried to show off all these minor things? Do you still buy breakfast every day now and prepare gifts for her after marriage?”


    The man was silent.


    Zhu Yang continued: “When you get married, what was the cost of starting a family for both parties.”


    “She brought over a saving of 200,000 yuan  and the wedding banquet was hosted by my family.”


    “What about the gift money received at the wedding banquet?”


    “My parents took it.”


    “It is said that since you got married, you have not purchased any real estate, nor have you bought a car. The expenses for the wedding banquet are not much different from the gift money, so they should be considered the same. The money was from your parents’ side.”


    After calculating this account, Zhu Yang sneered: “That is to say, when you two got married,  your wife contributed  200,000 yuan, – and you only contributed your dick?”


    As soon as these words came out, there was some commotion around, especially the single male compatriots.


    Ms. Qiu was standing not far away, her identity was obvious. Although she was over thirty years old, she was still intellectual and beautiful, especially at the moment with some bruises and slightly messy hair, which made people feel like protecting her.


    Immediately, some male compatriots began to be dissatisfied-


    “Piece of shit here could find such a good wife? I’m still single. My saving is enough for two houses and I still am not able to find such a good wife.”


    “You still dare to bring up about buying breakfast. If you want to get a wife who doesn’t care that you are poor, ugly, or stingy, you should treat her like a princess.”


    “The difference before and after marriage is so great, did you think that your dick is studded with diamonds?” This is what a female compatriot said.


    Seeing that the atmosphere was right, Zhu Yang entered the official topic——


    “How long have you been unemployed?”


    “Two and a half years!” The man lowered his head.


    “How much income did you have during this period?”


    “No, no income!” The man’s head dropped lower and lower amid the surrounding murmurs.


    “How much do you spend on drinking and mahjong money every week?”


    “…” He didn’t speak this time.


    Zhu Yang smiled: “I forgot, how can people who are shameless and spend their wife’s money care about family expenses.”


    “Let me tell you, a teacher, which is not in a high-paid income group, has to support a family of three, pay rent, and pay for this alcoholic and gambler at the same time.”


    “There should be no shortage of such people around you. If you think about it, you can understand that if a family has a gambler or an alcoholic, it can basically be said that there is no hope. What’s more, he is both an alcoholic and gambler.”


    There was an uproar in the surroundings, and even the music of the two accompaniment little buskers changed from women’s flowers to angry tunes.


    Zhu Yang added the last fire: “Of course, apart from alcoholism and gambling, this person does have other hobbies, low carbon, and environmental protection costs, and can be done at home at any time. After drinking, he beat his wife for fun. A person that was cast out by society and work, this puddle of mud seems to be able to rejuvenate and regain self-confidence from beating a woman.”


    “What a cheap and convenient way to decompress!”


    As soon as these words came out, a compatriot who had been disgusted by the eyes just now couldn’t help it, and he took off his shoes and smashed it on the man’s face——


    “Are you fucking worthy of being a man?” Looking at Teacher Qiu again, he said, “Sister, divorce! This man can’t be saved, those who make money still get beaten. No one should suffer from this cowardice.”


    With this opening, the surrounding people became more and more excited. I don’t know who started it first, and then shouted uniformly below——


    “Divorce! Divorce! Divorce! Divorce!…”


    Teacher Qiu has had this thought countless times, but her parents, relatives, friends, and colleagues all stand against her.


    It was the first time that she heard her true inner voice being shouted out by so many people, and the voice shook her heart.


    Tears streamed down Teacher Qiu’s face.


    And Zhu Yang also gestured to the end of the performance and said loudly: “If you think the show is worth watching, please put the reward in the guitar case, while the banana peel, rotten eggs, insoles, socks, and tomatoes go to the face of the scumbag, thank you!”


    After the commotion passed and the crowd dispersed, both sides gained a lot.


    The man’s side has been smashed to the point that no human form can be seen. Below the overpass was a pedestrian street, all of which are selling snacks. Most of the people passing by are still holding food in their hands.


    He really has everything on him, all the ingredients on the man’s body can be used to hold a food exhibition.


    As the busker looked at the guitar case filled with coins,  he said a little embarrassedly: “Well, how embarrassing is this.”


    Zhu Yang waved her hand: “It was agreed that I will only borrow your venue. All earnings will be yours. Anyway, you did work hard to play the music, you deserve it.”


    “Thank you then!”


    After the quick display, Zhu Yang took the people away, ignoring the man who was still kneeling on the ground.


    Seeing this, Teacher Qiu looked at the man and then at Zhu Yang, but still followed Zhu Yang’s direction.


    The man didn’t come back that night, and he didn’t come back the next day or the third day, of course, that’s all for later.


    Li Li and Wang Bei excitedly said: “It’s so relieved, I wanted to beat that SOB all along, but I forgot that he is a ghost NPC, so I was not afraid at all.”


    “That’s right, no matter how powerful he is, it’s only after turning into a ghost. At this moment, you will get angry just by looking at his face.”


    Zhu Yang smiled and said, “Aren’t you afraid of drawing hatred now?”


    The two of them choked, and immediately said: “No, let me tell you, does it mean that if we don’t offend him, he won’t hunt us down? No! It’s better not to hold back our anger these few days.”


    The group walked back laughing, and when Teacher Qiu followed, they shut up and stopped discussing the game.


    After Mr. Qiu caught up with them, she called Zhu Yang’s name, and then said, “I figured it out when I ran towards here, I want a divorce.”


    “I will do it tomorrow. When I saw that man kneeling on the ground, as he was beaten in the face by men, women, old people, and children, he didn’t dare to fight back. Only then did I realize that the person I married, endured, and was afraid of is such a useless thing. .”


    “I won’t answer the phone calls from my parents and relatives. I’m going to get a divorce.”


    Zhu Yang raised her eyebrows: “That’s your business!”


    Teacher Qiu smiled shyly. She is actually a very tough person, otherwise, she would not be able to support a family by herself.


    The group returned to the villa, but as soon as they entered the hall, they heard a scream. It was Miss Cui’s voice.


    However, they already knew what had happened, so they appeared calm. The landlord trembled for a while when he saw that they pulled Teacher Qiu’s man out earlier on, and now they returned without him.


    Did they kill Teacher Qiu’s man?


    At this moment, Miss Cui ran out of the room, grabbed the ceramic lucky cat from the cashier counter, and smashed it on the landlord——


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