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PITMFTV Chapter 9

Deceased Her Majesty Empress…

“You mean the birth mother of First Princess?”


“I’ve heard that she was a princess from  a marginal Duchy.”

“You are right. She was of Sheddon Duchy ancestry. Do you know how she ascend to the position of Empress?”

Recalling the map of Continent in mind, Valentine found the Duchy of Sheddon. The Duchy of Sheddon… It was situated in the fringe among the fringes with zero impact on the state of affairs of the continent whether in past or present.

How did the princess of such a weak principality raise to the position of the Empress of the Great Empire? Or were she the legendary star crossed lovers with His Majesty?

“Ah.. Perhaps…!”

Thinking about the differences between dominant trait and recessive trait they had been talking in depth just a while ago, a word flashed in his mind.

“Dominant Omega…!”

“Yes. She was a dominant Omega, even more rarer and precious than a dominant Alpha.”

Dalton reached out and stroked the fine hair of his nephew expressing his praise.

“Valentine, You must know best about how much people admire and envy a  dominant omega, how they cherishes its rarity and values it.”

Hi was right. Valentine knows this well.

Before he recovered his past life memories, he can vouch that more than 70% of his arrogant little devil personality was due to the reverence and admiration of the peoples.

How much everyone adored and valued Valentine who was a dominant omega… His childhood, his boyhood, he really grew up in the midst of praises.

Foolishly, he enjoyed it. He thought that his attribute exalted him, making him precious. Recalling his past self, Valentine felt ridiculous.

“It is said that a dominant omega has an 80% chance to conceive an offspring of dominant attribute, irrelevant of alpha trait.”

Looking at Valentine with a serious face, Dalton said the most serious fact.

And Valentine could deduct after hearing every thing that, this was almost the crux of this whole matter.

In fact the probability of 2nd child being of dominant trait was more than the first.

From the modern memory of his previous life, it was a frighteningly high 88%. If the dominant attribute of this word and the previous world have completely identical DNA in a biological level, then this probability must be valid here as well. However the under developed Science and technology might not able to detect this exact number.

‘Dominant omega… So that’s how a princess from a remote principality become the Empress of a Great Empire which had been ruling the continent for centuries.’

There might be no political advantage, but the fact of being dominant attribute in itself was a sufficient qualification for the Emperor1The reason to choose her as his Empress.

Valentine had learned in detail about the history of the Continent before and after the founding of the Empire, just he wasn’t that well versed with the current affairs. Especially the ascension of the current Emperor, at time he was either not born or too young, so the matters at that time was yet to be written in history books. So he could only learn about those matter from older generation, like now.

Dalton continued.

“Unfortunately, After giving birth to First Princess, the late Empress passed away due to puerperal fever. The shrewd Duke Heather Field taking advantage of the empty position, pushed his own daughter to it. And that person is the Empress Beatrice.”

The only consort of current Emperor, Empress Beatrice was a recessive Omega.

After she married the Emperor, she gave birth to Second Prince who was a Beta, and Third Prince who was an ordinary alpha, almost recessive. Despite the fact that she gave birth to two son, one was beta and the other was an ordinary alpha, far from dominant traits.

“What a fuzz… Son is son, but the trait is not satisfactory…”

Though his words were in a ‘what a pity’ tone, there was sneer in Dalton’s face, saying ‘serves you right’.

His uncle Dalton who treats everyone fair and square, it was Valentine’s first time seeing him showing obvious animosity towards someone, he can’t help but look at him with an unfamiliar look and wide eyes.

A female dominant alpha First Princess, a beta second Prince, and an ordinary alpha third Prince.

The Emperor has yet to name any of his descendant as his heir apparent.

Ie; the position of Crown Prince was vacant.

“Does the Emperor has any complex about his attribute?”

Dalton chucked at Valentine’s naive question.

“Of course he has. Think about the current influence of the imperial power. I think I taught atleast this much when raising you.”

The current imperial power was considerably weak. The parliament was strong, and in that the aristocrat who were the members of the senate held the real power.

Dalton opened a certain page of the newspaper he had been reading. He folded the paper so that Valentine could see a particular news and handed it over to him.


Is Parliament going to acquire the authority to collect Tax?


This article with a direct headline represents the voice of Aristocrats who argues that it is illegal for the Emperor to collect money under personal pretext without the approval of the parliament and it was only justified for the parliament to collect tax through proper legal procedures.

According to Valentine, the changing of era had it’s own Validity. But in this matter that the Emperor wants to oppose at any cost if only he could.

‘From my point of view as someone who lived in a modern era2in the past life, here the Emperor is clearly trying to take advantage by doing an easy job with the system of complete monarchy.’

However, Emperor wasn’t the only one benefiting from the current system, but also himself. As a person who was born with blue blood and enjoys the benefits brought by the class system, Valentine scorned at himself.

Regardless of Valentine mocking at himself, Dalton continued with his lesson of unofficial history of recent times.

“The current Emperor inherited the throne due to his attribute. Since the time he started his reign he had been at the loosing end with the parliament.”

Pointing at the word ‘Parliament’ on the news headline with his index finger, Dalton continued.

“In order to be recognized as a suitable heir, an excellent ruler, and that he could dominate even if he wasn’t a dominant alpha, the Emperor had to take in consideration of the Parliament while governing the empire.”

“Is that so…”

“Like that he did politics while being under the watch of Parliament for close to 30 years, How indignant he must have been?”

Dalton snorted, expressing the Emperor’s behaviour with a trifling world like ‘Indignation’. Like saying, who doesn’t want to become the real king in the family without being pressed under the mother-in-law 3Here Dalton is comparing the King to son-in-law/daughter-in-law who needs to live under the elves of mother-in-law. Though he might said so to easily articulate with his barely adult nephew, he can’t deny that it was also his personal opinion.

Dalton, a dominant alpha and a gifted talent recognized by the academy and University. But as an aristocrat who only entered the ranks of nobility for some generation, their Earl Wicce was looked down upon in the name of weak heritage by the so called Royal family and great nobles of Eldon. As a victim of these authoritarian personalities, Dalton holds his fair share of animosity towards them.

What an irony.

The authoritarians are pained by the attribute and the ones with better attributes are suffering from fame and wealth.

Either way, it leads to the same bitter end.

‘In this era, can a person as an individual will ever be able  to be recognized disregarding their Family and attribute….?’

Valentine smiled wryly.

“He must have wanted a dominant alpha son to succeed him. It will not only strengthen the imperial power but could also hit the parliament.”

But the Emperor had no dominant alpha son.

He only had a dominant alpha daughter,a beta son and an ordinary alpha son.

It was not that there were no Female Empresses in the history, but it was also a fact that compared to male Emperors their era was weaker. Unfortunately the world still emphasis class discrimination, gender discrimination and attribute discrimination.

He wishes to strengthen the imperial power, but if it was a female Empress there was a possibility to further weaken it… For the Emperor who was full of victim consciousness and greed, neither of the options could completely satisfy him.

But is this only the case of just royal family? Even in a normal aristocrat family, alpha sons had always been the primary heir candidate, beta sons come next and women and omega comes only after that. If a women wanted to compete with her brothers for the successor position, she must atleast be of an Ordinary alpha attribute. What a pissed of world.

And currently the parliament have been concurrently comparing the First princess and the Third prince for the heir apparent position.

“That’s why the Empress Beatrice is obsessed with you.”

Dalton raised his index finger and directly pointed at Valentine.

Looking at the finger pointing at himself, Valentine was wide eyed.

Feeling such an expression on his nephew too cute, without hurting him, he knocked his finger at his smooth white porcelain like forehead and continued with his story.

“Think about it. No matter what, Empress Beatrice is from the shrewd Duke Heather Field. She is well aware of His Majesty’s thoughts and weakness.”


He could understand it.

“If the son can’t then she hopes to satisfy His Majesty with her grandchild. If she can scratch the itchy spot for his majesty and smooth his sore points, won’t the chances of her son to become the Crown Prince will increase or not?”

“Damn it. In the end, what they want is a good mare with a noble blood so the can maintain the power and strength of the succeeding throne.”

Hearing Valentine’s violent reaction, Dalton just said“Valentine, careful of your words” and pinched his cheeks without causing him pain.

He wondered why not a female omega who had a better physical condition to give birth than a male omega as himself. And the result, whether male or female, the primary condition is to be ‘Dominant.

“So in actuality, the wealth of our family is like a bonus to the Empress. The important factor is your attribute.”

This was the core and conclusion of this long story.

As soon as he heard it, another question arose, Is it necessary to insist on a single person because of a ‘Trait’?

“What about other dominant omegas other than me…?”

“In the current social circle, you are the only dominant omega matching third Prince’s age. The are only a handful of people to begin with, who are either already married because of large age gap or too young that they could be called babies.”

Besides, he added that among these handful of dominant omegas, their Earl Wicce had the best condition.

Valentine crossed his arms and leaned against the seat, just like Dalton contemplating the current situation of his family.

Earl Wicce was engaged in transportation business like trade and railways. The huge iron mine with no end to be seen, discovered by Earl. Various trade routes exclusively owned across three countries. The unrivaled technology to handle the steam engine passed down by from the older generation…His father Brandon Wicce with an excellent business acumen, operates a huge business empire with many subordinates. It can be said that he literally holds the economy of the whole empire in his hands.

Fu*k. His condition was really worth the frantic greed of the shrewd Empress Beatrice and Duke Heather Field….!Or rather they were too lucrative that he may not escape their clutches unless he becomes infertile or die.

How..How the hell can he escape from this fu*king shackles…!

Inside the moving train, Valentine let out a silent scream.


T/N: The promised extra chapter will be posted tommorrow at my scheduled time (+8GMT, 1:00 am) I was thinking about publishing 2 at once but this chapter pitted me quite a bit, I can’t help it and got delayed a bit.

Also, I made a mistake in Ch 2, there , Abner Luan was mentioned as an entusiastic omega, but it is recessive omega and the a small part about third prince. The word has same meaning and I read the novel while tling, So I am sorry for the mistake. I have updated the 2nd ch, you can check it out ^^.


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