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PITMFTV Chapter 8

On the way back home

To faint three times a day, our poor Valentine….

In order to explain how our poor Valentine came to this point, we must turn back the clock once again, to the day he returned to his homeland after running away under the guise of studying to Sorrence.

The shit he always wanted to avoid and how he dug his own grave avoiding that shit, soon we will get to know. Though the journey to his past may be a bit boring,  let’s put up with it for a bit.



*  *  *




Choo…Chug, Chug. 1Sound of train

A steam engine powered from burning coal, ran along the tracks with regular cries.

The train and wagons were taken several times in turns. He was on the way back to his home.

A first class compartment made of glass and a dark coloured wood. Valentine with his elbow placed on the thick window enjoying the moving vista outside, suddenly broke the serenity.

“Uncle, is there anything you heard about that?”

Dalton who had his eyes on the thin yellowish newspaper, slowly raised his head at the sudden voice. Silently looking at serious face of Valentine who just raised the question, with a long sigh he folded the newspaper with a rustling sound and opened his mouth.

“What? About your marriage?”

The right answer came right away.

Indeed, he knew it all, about, what made Valentine fed up of and made him escape the Capital, the social circle as well as what he was afraid of.

After all, Dalton had always been closer to him than his parents, grew up with him and understood his life more closely.


Hearing Valentine’s answer at once which he expected, Dalton slowly leaned his back against the seat with folded arms. He frowned as if he just thought about some troublesome matters. After a momentary trance, he asked towards Valentine, looking at him sharply.

“What do you want me to say? The truth? Or just the rumors?”

The look was as if measuring him, whether the nephew who used to cry out in his arms can accept his situation objectively and calmly, like a real adult.

Valentine with a resolute expression, replayed firmly.

“The truth. I want the truth.”

Upon hearing the answer, which he expected, raised his right hand to rub his creased forehead.

“Though I don’t know about the details, the sure thing is that Her majesty Beatrice still holds some expectations.”

“You mean the the marriage talks going on with me, Isn’t it?”

Empress Beatrice is third prince’s birth mother! Valentine retorted, unable to understand his truncated words when the reality unfolded in front of him nakedly.

“Yes, It is about you marriage with third Highness. Isn’t this what you are most worried ?”

As expected, Dalton was thorough about Valentine’s mind.

“You are right….. Huh, seems like leaving capital was of no use.”

Dalton bent over and stroked Valentine’s glossy, soft hair as he wiped his face. His face filled with sadness.

“Are you sure about the credibility?”

Despite his pitiable hope, he raised his head and asked back. But as expected the answer was firm.

“Yes. If not, it’s impossible for Her Majesty Beatrice to leave that two unofficial. I heard that, as third Highness’s lover, not only among the socialites, their matter was also reported in weekly magazine.”

The third prince, Clifton Leopold and his lover the esteemed son Abner of Count Luan.

All this while , the Empress didn’t try any means to separate them, nor gave her acceptance. Despite their relationship being implicitly official among the social circles for 5 years.

In spite all this, Abner Luan was loved by all the citizens of Eldon. The third prince, who treats every one equally without any discrimination, His good-natured omega lover, who supports him sincerely and helps him wholeheartedly and always treats the mass media wisely.

This was what the third prince made happen. As if they were really noble as they were portrayed.

So that his childhood sweetheart whom he cherishes and his lover at the same time could confidently stand beside him. Presumably in the near future it would become his noble standing to stay beside him.

As expected of the protagonist of the fictional world, born with smarts and abilities.

While they were in Sorrence, Dalton would receive newspapers and weeklies from their country on a regular basis. In fact the news were published for some time when they reaches his hands, still it was enough to know the current affairs of the Capital.

Valentine recalled seeing Abner in some dailies. In there unlike his real self and personality Valentine was acquainted with, he was wrapped in a much beautified way, being loved by the public.

‘In fact Abner Luan do treats everyone kindly, except me..’

Abner was very much loved by the public and socialites at the same time for his easy going aspects, and had many who took his side. The power to attract people and to be loved by them. Abner had such a strength and charm unlike Valentine who only garners hate and jealousy. He wondered whether it was another protagonist buff, but if one takes a closer look, it wasn’t all that.

Third prince… If he was a bit less clever or rash or impatient, there won’t be the all loved Abner Luan now. In order to make his lover qualified to be loved by the public and media, he must have taken a long time of   painstaking efforts to warp him in a beautiful package. He really must have worked for a long time.

Valentine thought putting together the ones he saw with his eyes and the ones he knew from the novel of previous life, making him more aware of the inside story than the others.

The third prince had been controlling his outlook in order to create a positive and noble image. So that it could spread as much as possible yet quietly like water spread through a sponge. He even took great care in controlling the number of appearance before citizens and media of himself and his lover Abner. Valentine tsked2Click one tongue, feeling the official move of theirs was no different than a theatrical3because every thing is a pretense and acting. Like that he solidified the image of their both as well as their relationship in front of the public without affronting the royal family.

Valentine snorted at their meticulousness.

Their deception of the public, would anyone ever discover the truth and their real selves?

In the future in the fiction, when it was rumored that Her Majesty Empress wants to appoint Valentine as third Prince’s fiance, everyone that supported their relationship criticized him, accusing him as a third party coming in between two lovers.

And it seems, the same will happen in the reality too.

Before he got the memories of his past life, ignorant of the matters, he went around with his nose to the sky thinking that he was a perfect match with the third Prince. But in truth Valentine was a third party between two lovers.

Even 5 years back, he wasn’t a terrific villainous existence enough to be condoned by everyone. Maybe a little villain…? Compared to the viciousness in the fiction, he really was just a little villain.

A barely 15 year old boy walking around with nose up sky flattering oneself. But people hated him to the core. It showed the perfect victory of the media play directed by third Prince.

Clap, clap, clap.

‘Yes yes, you guys are the winners and I am the evil.’

So after understanding everything he took the initiative to disappear on his own, but why on earth don’t they leave him alone…! Valentine clenched his teeth in uncontrollable resentment.

As a result of the pent-up frustration towards the culprit a bitter question arose in his heart.

“Why in God’s name does Empress Beatrice wants to make me third prince’s fiance? Is there any other reason besides our family wealth?”

Dalton had always been taciturn, with few words. He silently closed his eyes which was his habit when he organized his thoughts. He opened his eyes only after more than thirty trees passed by through the window and said.

“Valentine, Do you know about the Emperor?”

Emperor. The explanation started with a bigger topic than he expected.

“His Majesty Emperor of our Heston Empire?”


So you are saying that this matter is related with even the Emperor?

“Sonover Dynasty, Emperor Louis Devun  Leopold. Close to 30 years since his succession. And…”

As he spoke, Valentine could guess what does he wants to say.

Taking a big gulp, Valentine spat out that word.

“Ordinary Alpha.”

Silence commenced upon Valentine’s words.

Sonover Dynasty continued it’s line through dominant Alpha from generation to generation. Of course it wasn’t stipulated by law, or not all Emperors were dominant alphas, it was mostly so. Except a rare few, the rest were dominant alphas.

Despite them being in a closed private compartment, Dalton mindfully lowered his voice and began to gave a detailed explanation.

“The current Emperor wasn’t the crown prince back then. When the late crown prince Leon who was just above the current emperor in line, suddenly passed away, in an unexpected manner, he came into the position of Crown Prince. Some people says that, at that time, if not for the previous Emperor to be gravely ill shuttering between today and tomorrow, it won’t be that easy for him to climb to the position of Crown Prince.”

In fact… the parliament and the public admired and favored dominant Alpha of royal lineage.

To some extend it was medically proven that the excellence possessed by a dominant alpha is incomparable to a beta or any ordinary Alpha. Their superior physical condition – Huge frame with tireless stamina, remarkable IQ and strong fertility- was an already proven facts.

Recalling First Princess Alicen Leopold, who frequently appears in the newspaper among the prospective successors to the current throne, Valentine nodded.

“It was said that, at that time the parliament was strongly against it. Whether they couldn’t stand an ordinary alpha, unlike a noble dominant alpha, pressing above their heads or due to other situations cause by their tangled interests, the exact matter is unknown. But the sure thing is, they were all against it.”


“After gaining the throne in an unexpected way and suffering a great deal due to his charecteristic trait4that he was an ordinary alpha, he himself became obsessed with it. Do you remember the deceased Her Majesty Empress?”

Suddenly, the story seemed to jump in another direction.


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