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PITMFTV Chapter 7

T:N, Heii, I am sorry I missed a schedule. So I will do a double update soon so my lovely readers won’t miss out. Sorry and enjoy.


‘Did he notice something..?’

Valentine stiffened, feeling the blood flowing in his whole body. Come to think of, he seemed to have heard from somewhere that, pheromone smell will change ones you get pregnant.

Unbeknownst to him that Valentin was nervous, Reynard expressed his feelings towards this change.

“It’s more warmer and sweeter than before. But it kind of doesn’t stimulate sexual feeling.. um, weird..”

Fortunately, Reynard seemed to be completely ignorant about meaning behind pheromone change.

Valentine took a deep sigh of relief without being obvious while secretly patting his chest.

In name, they are all dominant Alphas but why is he more sensitive than the ones at home. Of course his family members won’t stuck their nose to his neck to check whether there was any change in his pheromone scent. Though good for him. Before he found out something else, Valentine shrunk his neck and pulled away from his embrace in a natural way and changed the topic.

“Where are we headed to?”

With the change of mood by the question, Reynard also pulled away from him, sitting straight.

“At the mansion, I heard from the butler that you haven’t eaten anything today?”


“Then lets eat first. Do you like seafood?”

“Well, kind of…”

Valentine wasn’t particularly picky about food.

Indeed it was so.

Anyway, it was like that till yesterday.

“Blaargh1Vomiting voice

The Grand duchy was surrounded by sea on the three sides, with seafood as it’s speciality. Valentine was taken to a restaurant which boasted it’s tasty seafood which was similar to that of Grand duchy. As soon as they entered, he felt a surging nausea, before he knew it, he already covered his nose.

“Any problem?”

Seeing Valentine hastily covering his nose, Reynard who was escorting him, asked with a raised eyebrow.

No..! Absolutely can’t! The moment he knows, it’s over.

Valentine struggled to contain his nausea at the thought that, he can’t let any one know, even if it was the sperm donor standing in front of him, he absolutely can’t let anyone know of the news of his pregnancy.Though he didn’t know why.

All he knew that, once this news was out, something big was gonna happen.

Instead of nose, he reflexively breath through his mouth and answered in a nasal voice.

“Nothing! There is no problem at all!”

Without realizing that he was speaking in a twangy voice, he vigorously waved his arms and walked in following the restaurant manager.

Seeing him like this, Reynard felt he was a cute puppy pretending to be a predatory beast. With a chuckle, he followed him into his private room and took a seat.

Valentine ate all the fresh seafood dishes served in each course with all his might. The fishy smell of the seafood, entering his nose, stirred his stomach. But he suppressed it with his greatest will.

He absolutely can’t let him find out.

If found out, something huge might happen. Such thoughts dominated his little head from before.

Such an endurance was unprecedented for him.

As he endured with all his might, he remembered the past things. In the past in order to depict the glimmering landscapes and images in front of his eyes, he filled up more than a 100 canvases for several days with all his heart and soul. Even at that time, he wasn’t this bitter…

So it was first time for Valentine to preserve to this extent.

Since his youth, Reynard had been wandering between military to battle field and vise versa. One can say that he seldom went on a normal date with any omega. So the strong and big alpha didn’t notice anything amiss with Valentine. Rather he felt he looked very pretty eating so heartily, he even went on to recommend his own potion.

As a result Valentine ate a lot more than usual causing him an upset stomach.

While leaving the restaurant with an upset stomach and gestational anemia2In the previous ch, it was said that he passed out due to anemia happens in the early stages of pregnancy to top it, Valentine stumbled upon the stairs and once again fell into darkness.


He seemed to hear someone calling his name desperately….






It felt good to lie down surrounded by warm sheets..

Somehow he felt there was a familiar yet captivating alpha pheromone scent on this duvet which makes him oddly satisfied. Unconsciously he rubbed he cheeks and snuggled deep into the sheet.

He wanted to lie like this a little more but the sound of someone talking beside like a ringing, woke Valentine.

“He is pregnant.”

What is this situation…? Did I go back in time?

Hearing the his pregnancy news which he just heard a while ago, he somehow felt a sense of paramnesia.

Is this deja-vu…?He definitely went through this satiation before, it should be.

“What did you say?”

Hearing the deep low pitched voice of Alpha, he felt familiar yet giving him chills.

“From the reaction of reagent, he seems to be in the early stage of pregnancy. To be more accurate we can do a blood test, but its almost certain.”

“Are you sure he is pregnant?”

“Yes. Why are you so surprise? Could be… Is this not your omega Colonel…?”

“No, You are right. He is my omega.”


When…!When did I became your omega…?!

Hearing an unfamiliar yet definitive declaration that he was his omega, though he don’t know when, he slowly regained his senses.

He must refute it right away. With a strength of nine horse and six camels, he finally opened his eyelids.

(T/N: The phrase used is a momentary crack of my mind, I just thought it felt good with the lines)

“.…Lord Denox.”

“Valentine! Are you awake?”

Hearing a dry voice calling himself, Reynard who stood beside the bed with a man who appeared to be a doctor, reacted quickly. He gestured to invite out the doctor. He hurriedly sat beside the bed and held on that slender hands and opened his mouth with voice filled with urgency. He looked just like an alpha who was desperate for his terminally ill3The word used here is time-limited, ie; he doesn’t have much to live kinda meaning, so I used terminally ill omega lover.

“You fainted on the stairs. If not for me escorting you from beside, it would have been a disaster.”

In that situation he could be seriously injured, but fortunately nothing happened.

Raising his shield like big hands, he gently rubbed Valentine’s sweat drenched hair. Reverently placing a kiss on the smooth4baby like forehead of Valentine, Reynard said with a firm tone.

“I should hire a jeweller to make a ring as soon as possible.”


Order a ring…?

He can’t count how many times he used ‘Eh?’ today.

Valentine was unable to keep up with Reynard’s pace nor understand what was going on his mind, so he can only use ‘Eh’.

‘What the hell is going on here?’

He admit that their first time was intentional, but after spending a fiery night together, when they once again met by coincidence, like a fool driven by pheromone, he did spend a night soaked in pleasure with him.

But, when did he talked about future with him…?

Also, when did he became his omega?

“Or do you prefer those antique rings which are handed down from generations? I can look among the relics left by my mother, and polish it to anew.”

With a friendly smile he also added that. Among the many things handed down to their Denox Grand duchy, there were many things that could be called as the treasure of all time. Saying so, with a pleasant smile, which seemed to be out of place on him, he slowly caressed Valentine’s soft hair and eyebrows.

But Valentine was puzzled as to why the matter of treasure and what not came up all of a sudden, he felt a bit stupid.

No doubt, his role for this whole day must be a fool.

“That? Why ring all of a sudden…?”

“What why why. We already conceived a child, marriage can’t be any slower.”


What did you say…?


“Yes. You don’t want to raise the child as a bastard5I felt this word is more impact full than illegitimate, do you?”

Enveloping the small hands of the little omega who conceived his child, Reynard felt strange and tyranny filling inside him when he retorted that he really can’t be thinking like that. Even the pheromone also changed it’s taste showing its owner’s unpleasant emotion.

And an idiot who who stared at all this blankly…


“I heard you don’t even have a fiance, Or is there any situation I am unaware of?”

Valentine felt Reynard was more ferocious when he asked about the matters of related to his ‘Fiance’. With that expression he was no different from a reaper from valley of hell. Seeing him ignorant of the matters and his mind kept wandering somewhere else, Valentine seemed to have other thoughts.

“No…! Really not like that…!”

Feeling the pressure, he shrunk like a mouse caught by a lion answering in a low spirited voice.

“Then there is no problem.”

Hearing Valentine’s answer, Reynard quickly changed into a satisfied expression like a satiated lion, raised the corner of his lips forming a pleasant arc. No that…! The problem is not that but something else…! Seeing his quick change of expression, he understood how gentle he appeared before him6When he wasn’t pleased he was murderous but changed face when he was pleased, and he never showed his dissatisfaction to Valentine. What a two faced guy..!

“I absolutely won’t allow my child to grow up without an Alpha father nor allow my omega to go through pregnancy without me.”

His argument was akin to a declaration knocked by gavel, just like saying that, even if the world collapse such a thing won’t happen.

This..?What is happening right now..?

He felt like fallen into a fire pit to trying to avoid shit.

What the hell…! Why did things turned out like this…?!


Valentine screamed like an elk inside Feeling his thoughts messed up, he felt dizzy once again.

(T/N: For a moment I felt the image of Valentine being superimposed by Ko-Mun-Yeong. For those who don’t know her, check out It’s okay to not be okay).


Once again in the midst of the worried shouts of the alpha, Valentine passed out for the third time. (It should be four if we include the momentary fainting when he came to know he was pregnant, ch6)

That’s why, ‘A day to faint’.


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