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PITMFTV Chapter 6

A day to faint

Before we go to Valentine who returned to his country, how about turn back the clock for a moment?

Let’s take a break from the past events and take a look at the current Valentine.



* * *





The reincarnated Valentine who had been struggling for his survival and a free life, shocked by the news of his pregnancy and due to the anemia that occurs in early pregnancy, passed out.

He didn’t pass out for long though.

Valentine did fainted, but hearing the doctor’s sudden cry of ‘YOUNGMASTER! Are you okay? Young master!’, in less that a minute he quickly came back to his senses. Feeling still lightheaded, Valentine went back into his goose quilt. Despite it was still morning. In desperation, Valentine can only think of sleeping to overcome this shock.

A couple of hours had passed. With a nap, he was able to gain some energy, it was time to get up.

‘The hell…. what to do next…?’

His body which lay flat dejected like an ‘ORZ’1frustrated, deressed meme pictogram got up and walked towards the side table and poured water into the cup.

As he remembered a saying in his past life ‘drink cold water to feel better’.

‘Can I get some clarity by drinking water….?’

While he took big gulps of water with such a dense thought, a knocking was heard.

Tok, Tok.

In order to protect the shocking secret of his Young-master who barely turned 20, the attending Doctor lied that- “Young master is very tried, so he is taking a nap. Please let him take a good rest”. And because of these words, Valentine’s loyal butler Dawson, nor the other employees didn’t found anything.

That a shocking news was reveled a while ago or that the situation was very serious, nor the matter of Valentine’s brief unconsciousness.

No one found out the truth.

That’s why the butler could knock so calmly when the rustling voice was heard from the room, announcing Valentine was awake.

“Young master, you awake?”

Hearing the questing from outside the door, Valentine first cleared his voice before he replied.

“Well, what’s the matter?”

“There..There is a guest.”

Dawson stuttered, which was very rare form him as he meticulous, perfectionist butler.

Now? They never sent any invitation or received any greeting card, who the hell came all of a sudden? And, the butler didn’t rejected the visitor rather came in person to inform him?

Also listening Dawson slightly trembling voice and vague wording, Valentine felt like, the guest was standing right beside him and pressing on him.

And it was really like that.

“It’s Marquis Valcheris, Sire Reynard Denox. He is waiting in your personal living.”

‘Ahh, Dawson… you just led the hunter into the rabbit hole.’

And that rabbit was currently taking a break in order to beat his brain out to think of a plan on how to escape, and he, without knowing anything invite him in… Valentine rubbed his forehead. He felt his head spinning, likely to faint again.

No, you have to get your mind straight! Valentine tapped his cheeks with his sightly cold hands and shouted an absurd slogan “Sane Mind! Focus Mind!”2The original one is mental concentration, so in order to give the effect I twisted it a bit

Dawson… he really can’t help it as the butler of a naive young master.

Even if he was replaced with any noble family in the capital, he was someone who could only be invited in, not rejecting.

Who would dare to reject the war hero, the heir of archduke Denox, that to to his face.

Shaking his head back and forth, Valentine got up, did a quick clean up, adjusting his cloths and hair and opened the door.

In the luxurious sofa of the living room which directly connected to Valentine bedroom, there sat a man, looking heterogeneous and as sturdy as a mountain. Holding a bouquet of roses oozing with bulky yet covetous beauty enough to make one’s eye pop out. What on earth is this mismatching combination….? But somehow he also seems like the rose matches with his handsome face…


Seeing Valentine entering silently through the opened door, he jumped up from the seat. Taking large strides he quickly reached in front of him, and said with a bouquet of flowers shoved into his arms.

Valentine was caught off guard when that heavy bouquet was shoved into his arms almost making him stumble by the unexpectedly heavy weight.

How can a flower bouquet be so heavy…? Valentine staggered this way and that way like letter Z, unable to find his balance, fortunately Reynard held him in place.

The big size of bouquet was more like tailored for Reynard rather than himself. Or did he thought that that size of the bouquet is the measure of his courtship or something…? Feeling this situation very similar to an Omega being wooed by an Alpha, a standard courtship, Valentine exclaimed inside.

‘Do this guy really likes me…?’

The cluster of Rose-Marie flowers, a single one can reach as big as Valentine’s fist, emitting a thick, fresh scent making him feel a bit escalated.

Without realizing he took several deep whiff, savoring the scent. Valentine turned his head towards the one to give him flowers, and stared straight in amazement.


It was his first time seeing him in casuals.

Unlike seeing him for the first time at the ball, wearing uniform ornated with brilliant medals looking dazzling, the other time he was wearing a tail suit like a gentleman.

He always thought that his intimidation and firmness like a giant sailing ship and his majestic frame were all due to his uniform, It seems like he needs to correct his conviction. He wore an exquisitely made designer suit with the focus point on the vest in the latest trendy color of cute Dark-violet. In spite of wearing such an exquisite dress, his body still exuded a sense of pressure.

“It’s been a while, but your complexion doesn’t look good.”

He barged in without an invitation, pushed a bouquet onto him without a  greeting, and carried on with evaluating him. Not even being subtle, what a rude guy… Valentine pouted taking advantage of the coverage provided by the flowers. And who would barge in like this? Where did he learned his manners to visit an old (?)3Not added by me, it is in the original text omega without a notice? Also, who is to fault for his poor complexion..!

However, Valentine could only held back his complaints in front of him, though both are notorious, but in aspects were different4One is a war hero, colonel, and other a spoiled young master, both are notorious but in different aspects, all he could do was timidly inquire in a low voice.

“What brought you…?”

“Let’s go out for a date.”

Cutting off Valentine’s unfinished words, Reynard said straight to the point.

“Excuse me….?”

A date…?

“Heard that you just woke up, indeed, impeccability beautiful as always. Just need to put on a coat and all done. Let’s go out, come on.”

Reynard took back the flowers which made Valentine stagger from him and handed over to the butler who stood beside. Since he decided to go out, he immediately gave orders to prepare. When the flowers were suddenly taken away, due to weight imbalance, Valentine once again lost his balance and Reynard once again grabbed him in place.

Maybe because he was a militia, his gave out orders naturally yet subtlety coercive. Caught off guard in the momentum, Valentine and butler Dawson followed his orders like a marionette in despite of themselves.

After a while Valentine was carefully loaded into the carriage of Colonel Reynard Denox and was travelling with him through the busy streets of Eldon with a blank expression.

It was his first time to rods his carriage in bright. The carriage was made up of steel like black iron wood which boasted it’s defence and firmness akin to a warship. It was tight as a prison yet cozy at the same time,  making it impossible for him to escape from it without Reynard’s help. Valentine groped along the wall in a daze.

‘What just happened …?’

After Valentine was dolled up in an appropriate dress under the deft hands of Dawson and came out. His mind was muddled by the things that happening too quick for him to react.

Maybe his trance was too obvious to the eyes of the other party, Reynard raised his other hand, gently caressed his face and raised his chin.

“Why are you not talking? Angry?”


“I am  sorry, I couldn’t write to you. I had to go to Grand Duchy urgently.”

He added that, he did his best to return to the capital as soon as possible.

When did we exchanged letters to start with…? Valentine felt more muddled , as if he became the protagonist of a role play that only he was unaware of. He could only foolishly continue with “Eh?” .

Feeling somethings from his vaguely opened mouth and round blue eyes, Reynard moved to sit next to Valentine and very naturally wrapped an arm around his waist. He stuck his lips to those cute looking puffy yet moist lips.


His moments were careful and slow.But didn’t show any scruples or need to give any justification for his actions. Like he was saying that ‘ your lips are the destination of my lips’. He kissed him like a matter of course just like how an Alpha treats his omega.

The acrid Alpha pheromones exploded and seeped into every nook and corner of the carriage. His pheromone should be of a strong pomelo or mint type, refreshing yet bitter, a heavy scent that reminding of deep sea. The pheromone was so strong and pungent, he felt such a heavy Alpha pheromones for the first time.

At the start the pheromones were excited with pleasant emotions but slowly it changed it color to sexual pheromones giving off a seductive meaning. And it was natural for Valentine to even more loose his senses by such a scent.

He was handsome like sculpture of Greek War God. His upturned nose came into to contact with Valentine’s delicate and white face, rubbing against.

His thick hot tongue invaded Valentine’s mouth, grabbing his tender tongue to dancing with it.


He went through all the nook and corner of his mouth, biting, sucking his lips without hurting him. Leaving those lips, he went to his neck and took a deep whiff. Holding his neck and back of his head,tightly keeping Valentine in place he moved, his nose closer and sniffed again and again. He licked around the pheromone glands, savoring it’s taste and took another deep whiff. The hell, why is he acting like a sniffer dog….(The drug detection dog)

“Your pheromones seems to change a bit….”

Startled by the the mumble, Valentine stiffened.

No way..?

Did this person found that I am pregnant from pheromones?


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