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PITMFTV Chapter 4

Two Hopes

Next day morning.

In fact Valentine’s heart was filled positive expectations.

Like a squirrel who fills his cheek pockets with acorns for the winter sake, his cheeks were also swollen with hopes.

To put it in a big way, he got two hopes. For now lets take a look into his second hope first.

It was a bit incredible, but he still thought so.

‘Is it possible for me to have Hoi-bing-hwan1An abbreviation used for fantasy rom novels, like regression,possession, reincarnation buff?’

Why not, isn’t all the protagonists in novels like this2he means any kinds of golden finger that are usually seen in this kind of reincarnation, rebirth, transmigration novels?

Like how the MCs of novels has their own protagonist buff. They will always be surrounded with peoples eager to help, can dodge bullets shot at them, every characters around them will love them.

The protagonists he read in novels, will generously accepts the love without distinction between whether its a villain or a supporting role and when faced by them, they will be confounded and bewildered. Recalling about them, Valentine also gave birth a ridiculous hope.

‘ If I also….?’

And this hope was completely broken once he met with people, which also made him aware about the reality. But it also provoked pity in the eyes of viewers. It can’t be anymore unfortunate.






Cold tea poured down from Valentine’s head.

“Oh, My hand slipped, Excuse my rudeness, Sire Wicce.”

Over the radiant platinum blonde hair and the Cravat made of glossy southern silk which seems to have the luster of pearls, the red tea liquid flowed down unable to seep into them . As a hand stitched embroidery, the tea liquid quickly soaked into the delicate silk.

They didn’t laughed out loud, but the ridicules and whispers ringed in his ears.

Valentine came to attend the tea party hosted by Marquis Garfield, with an expressing brimming with confidence. But the current incident was enough to completely broken Valentine’s hope.

Why did he stupidly came to this place forgetting that that person will come?

Lover of third prince, the protagonist that led to his downfall, Abner Luan. He was an acquaintance of young miss of Marquis Garfield, who was hosting this party, and  a good friend of her fiance.

Due to him being overloaded by the past life memories, he couldn’t properly think about the reality and recent events. In order to to test the Hoi-Bing-Hwan buff,  he attended a social party without any thought which he had agreed upon before hand. Which now proved to a big blunder from him.

The whispers rushed to him as soon as he entered.

Valentine felt the tumultuous atmosphere around him. Only then did he realized that he entered the enemy line with his own feet.

The noise was coming from the group gathered around Abner Luan, which seems to be from his followers like friends, but still not in its entirety.

“How are you gonna brag today about your vulgar money, Valentine?”

“What about money, How don’t you show off that distinguished pheromone of yours?”

“You must be sad as there is almost no Alphas here. You should need some one to follow your ass to be more excited right?”

“Omo3Korean version of OMG, Oh My My , Is it because third prince is running late?”

How the hell have been living all this time.. Valentine felt pity that he couldn’t beat up his past self.

He was flustered.

How arrogant he acted all this while, the teenage young masters and misses from the aristocrat family that attended that party collectively come forth of grind Valentine.

Since he acted like that. He ended up like this. In the fictional future,  when he committed evil driven mad by jealousy from small ones till the crimes at the end, there was no one to defend him, to understand him, or comfort him. Every one turned into his enemy, even happy about the downfall of an arrogant, wicked person like him.

Applauded for the ruin of the Villain.

Valentine took out a handkerchief, wiped his wet hair and shoulders with a bitter smile.

Every was in a disbelief towards Valentine who seemed to matured a bit due to past life memories, But it only lasted for a brief moment.

And finally entered, the handsome third prince with a perfect face. He came towards his lover Abner Luan with a sweet smile, hugging his shoulders and started to engage in small talks with the surrounding teenagers. When he met with Valentine’s eyes, the contempt in his eyes already turned into an object. He turned around and moved any with his lover to a corner where he can’t see him. Valentine can’t help but admit now.

That there was no Hoi-Bing-Hwan buff, or even any thing like that.

That he was still the hated Villain like before.






Despite the second hope of the day being completely shattered, he still have the first hope.

And he also got his grounds for his first hope.

Yesterday, the exchange of opinions was very successful which gave Valentine the confidence to hope. And he believed that as long as Father followed his opinion in this matter, things would work out well.

But,The Empress and Duke Heather Field put it a way that they neither demanded to commence engagement right away nor accepted their refusal. Hearing such an answer Valentine once again fell into despair.

A rejection like acceptance while also accepting while rejecting, an ambiguous answer of neither accepting nor rejecting

‘What the hell is going on..!’

It was like saying to them, we won’t give you a definite answer yet. Since the decision is in our hands, you all just need to lick your lips and wait. Indeed an answer from a politician who will always hangs people with ambiguous and dubious comments, without giving a definite answer. In order to push their third prince on to the thrown, they would do anything to keep all the possibilities open.

Valentine deliberated upon the faces of Empress Beatrice and her father, Duke Heather Field, an image of a fully satiated snake, lounging leisurely with the bodies of his prey tightly pressed under his body.

‘Well… he should have known that this matter to be resolved that easily.’

Valentine moved weakly with trembling steps.

Like that Valentine’s first hope also disappeared, crushed into powder. Looking at his dark future, he can’t come to his senses. Fu*k… It won’t an endless darkness, right…?

Upon returning home after being scorned and ridiculed at the tea party, he was informed about the Empress’s reply by his Father over the dinner. As soon as he heard that, Valentine looked as he lost his soul, devastated and empty.

Dalton hurried his dinner and came to his poor nephew who was walking to his room. He held him on his arms, patting on his back in comfort and gently asked.

“What the hell did happened since yesterday?”


It was like a loving guardian appeared suddenly before a lonely child who licking his wounds in a corner.

With tears streaming down, Valentine tightly clasped Dalton’s strong body disregarding whether there were any prying eyes in that corridor and asked in a whimpering voice.

“What should I do?”

How on earth could he tell someone that he has memories of his past life, that this is a fictional world from a novel, that he know it’s ending as well? He would be fortunate if he didn’t get locked in a mental hospital right away. Maybe he will be sent into an Abbey saying that they can’t see him go on like this 4He saying such a thing can result in 2 ways, either thinking that he got some mental problem (mental hospital) or due to some supernatural factors(monastery).

Though he loved his uncle Dalton, he was well aware of how rational his character was. Unable to tell the truth, he painfully pressed it down and cried in the arms of his uncle as it was the only thing he could do.

Dalton cautiously opened his mouth looking at Valentine confined in his big hands matching his huge frame.

“My dear Nephew, Valentine, tell me. Anything upsetting happened today? Is it related to the matter of newly made dress in same color as your hair from Madame Delacroix,was soaked in tea water?”

He saw it, indeed….

Valentine shuddered in shame recalling him seeing his uncle at the lobby of the mansion when he returned home from the tea party.

No, Not that…!He wasn’t denying because it was embarrassing rather thinking about how to put it on a good use.

“Dalton, everyone hates me.”

Raising his tearing face, Valentine said looking straight into his eyes.His quivering voice, the sky-blue eyes brimming with tears which seemed more mysterious than the spring water of the nymphs described in the stories, all of which contributing to the credibility of his words.

It was the expression of a person who was deeply hurt.


Dalton’s face grew serious. He must also have heard some stories. No, in fact he have actually heard many stories.

Beauty like an angel but character like a devil.The Wicce young master who walks around arrogantly, acts impudently because of his identity as a rare dominant omega and the backing of his wealth.

This was the evaluation of the current Valentine among the social circles in the Capital city of Eldon.

For Dalton he was his lovely and immature nephew, but in other’s eyes he was just a good-for-nothing.

“So is the third Highness. Every one of my contemporaries hate me and scorn at me. I really don’t want to be here…”

As the heir apparent Dalton had the right to speak, and at times he was softer than his parents. As the person who grew up with him, he did his best to protect the omega in front of him.

“Do you want to take a break from those social activities….?”

“No, Not just a small break… I, I..”

“It’s okay Valentine, go on.”

His eyes trembled with fear that the future he was well aware of would be unavoidable.

As he tried his best to persuade him, he kept drowning into the emotions turning the situation more serious and resulting in Valentine really feeling desperate.

His sincere expression was enough to shook the heart of his family.

“Dalton, I want to leave here, to a place where no one knows me.”

This was Valentine’s true intention.

Staying here would only result in his ruin.

People will continue to hate Valentine, So would the Third prince and his lover. Their hate wouldn’t stop until they dragged him into the abyss.

And it was obvious that him idling around those people was same as asking them to ‘Come, catch me and chew me into pieces’. Like an act of continuously throwing baits at the scary hunters who had been aiming at him.

Pity seeped into Dalton’s expression as he looked at Valentine.

“I wish I could leave this country completely… I want to go to Sorrence to study… painting. Please help me Dalton.’

Valentine clasped hard onto Dalton’s rob, making more creases on the already wrinkled cloths. Rubbing his face against his chest, Valentine cried.

Dalton felt grief as he stroked the pitiful nephew who was like a younger brother to him.


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