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PITMFTV Chapter 3

As his declaration spread inside the dine, the family which was sharing a meal stopped their movements and focused entirely on Valentine.

“Till the last week you was obviously pleased with engagement1marriage talk to be precise with Clifton highness.”

His Omega mother from whom he inherited his fair and beautiful face, was so surprised, she took a deep breath and turned towards her son and said a hurry.

Both the Earl and Countess had the same expression of confusion that why did their son suddenly changed his opinion. But there was one person, his uncle Dalton, who almost grew up with him like brother, the one who understood Valentine the best. He just quietly looked at his nephew without saying anything.

“Valentine. If my memory serves me right, you always said that the mate that suits you must at least have an honourable identity, like His Highness.”

Earl opened his eyes wide and expressed that he also had this same question as the Countess.

His foolish past self. What an arrogant and obnoxious statement.

‘My Life!What really matters to one is their own life…!’

Proverbs likes, Even if you roll in dog poop, it’s better to be alive, are not for nothing.

Besides Valentine didn’t die so peacefully. Though it was the retribution for the evils he committed, to live being despised, humiliated, even lead to the downfall of his whole family which loved him dearly. What a horrible way to die.

Valentine of the original novel was ragged, like a laundry thrown into a powerful spin-dry, both internally and externally. It wasn’t a simple death of body, rather the death of both the body and spirit, which was too cruel to even describe.

For Valentine who had the memories from his past self, the most pressing matter was to avoid that terrible death and live a peaceful life. Anything else doesn’t matter. Whether money, reputation or status… He knew very well, through the original novel, from the examples of various peoples he knew in his past life, that how easily it gets dirty and thrown away like a garbage.

With the thought that in order to fully persuade them, he need a proper reasoning, Valentine once again opened his mouth.

“I came to know that, His Highness has another omega that he really loves.”

Once again the dine fell into silence.

“I want to marry someone that really loves me like Father and mother. No matter how better his conditions are, I absolutely won’t marry a person that doesn’t love me.”

In fact he feels it’s ridiculous to claim that true love is his only way in the current situation. But he thought that it was the one and only reason that can soften the Earl couple as well as convince them, so Valentine strongly announced so. Well said myself. He conveyed his mind himself straight up and properly.

Ah, was my speech… effective..?

He looked at his family who seemed to be frozen without any reaction.

The family which had been stunned for a movement, suddenly yelled out in cheer.

“Did you saw it, Honey!Didn’t I say that just give him enough love and my child will grow up someday?!”

“Yes yes, My wife is right.”

“I always believed that my good Valentine will grow up to be a proper adult.”

The countess was almost moved to tears.

“Come here, my baby!”

Seeing his mothers outstretched arms, as if inviting him to a hug, he gave her an emotional hug.

I am already grown up, mom!I am an adult now!

“Well, I am glad that you understood the most important thing in your life, my son.”


“If you really think so, I will ask Her Majesty queen for an audience to decline appropriately, since she was the one to put forth this engagement.”

The Earl answered as he wiped his mouth with a white linen napkin.

Huff….. Feel so relieved. By this the most pressing matter would be solved.

For a smoother road ahead, it is essential to inform the Earl couple about Valentine’s real motive.


Huh?But? What more?

“There would be some difficulties.”

Earl rubbed his forehead as if the matter was really a nudnik. A strand of hair from his well groomed platinum hair over his forehead. Seeing this the Countess looked at her husband lovingly and help him groom it well. Yes, the a couple must be like this. Why was I blind all this while… Looking at his parents like this, he once again cursed his foolish past self. If death comes I will be the one to die.

“The business deal about the railway to the Wessex is going to be difficult.”

Said Dalton who had been silent all along.

Uncle Dalton was the younger brother Earl Brandon Wicce, with almost 20 years age difference between them.

Anyone could tell that the two were brothers birthed by same mother as they looked too similar just like made out from the same mold. He had a tall frame, sturdy build and facial features oozing with masculine beauty, all of which pointed out that he was a dominant Alpha. Whenever Valentine sees his Father and Uncle, it always reminds him of the imposing statues of ancient Roman generals.

Though they resembles each other, in reality Dalton was of similar age with Valentine and they grew up like brothers. They were very close that, Valentine often called his uncle by his name.

After giving birth to their only son, omega Valentine, the body of Countess deteriorated very much resulting in her being unable to give birth again. And Valentine had no interest in business. Due to these circumstances, Early enough Dalton was named as the heir of Earl Wicce. The Countess also agreed as she was the one to raise both of them.The whole family expressed their support towards this decision.

The heir to the Earl who will be entwined with business, money and numbers for the rest of his life. Valentine once again expressed his heartfelt gratitude for the existence of his uncle and nodded his head in heart.

In order for his future as a painter and traveler, Uncle was absolutely indispensable to the family.

“What did you say just now?”

When he was busy expressing his gratitude towards uncle’s existence, he sudden felt like that he overlooked a very important word and made his enquiry.

“You mean rail to Wessex?”

With a expression saying ‘When did you got interested in things like these?’, the Earl raised an eyebrow looking at his son.

The railway to Wessex!

Almost got into a disaster.

The business on Railway to Wessex was a keyword Valentine must never overlook whether in past or present life. For a free and happy life in the future, it was a fragment that must be resolved.

Because it was the biggest trigger which would led to the later collapse of Earl Wicce.

Not only the deal about Wessex Rail, all the railway projects across the nation were national projects that must go through the Country. Each Railway companies carried out with the projects after getting the permission from the royal family. This was a period of industrialization and the peak moment of Railway construction. Several Clans and Companies interested in industrialization made early investments. With all of them in line, the transportation business almost akin to a battlefield. The special aspect of transportation industry is that, it was closely connected to all other industries thus reaping huge profits. Just like a goose that can lay golden eggs.

The great grandfather of Earl Wicce was an aristocrat who had great insight ,foresaw the future of industrialization industry, he intuitively jumped into it and reaped huge profits along with technologies and various channels. Though they weren’t a family with deep history, related with the establishment of the nation, they had influences in terms of Finance and business that’s impossible to ignore.

So it was natural for them to seek connection through marriage with an authoritarian family like Duke Heather Field.

Valentine closed his eyes and traced the contents of the novel he read in his past life.

It was obviously a state project, but through the help of Empress and her maternal family Duke Heather Field, they got the bidding easily. Though externally they went through a competitive bidding with other companies, it was obvious that there were other’s hands and feet in the end result2That the empress and duke intervened with result, like an implicit deal.

‘I will give you this, let’s continue with the marriage. Let’s keep this as a secret within us3about the deal of railway. Consider this as the down payment for the future engagement.’ Valentine was sure it went like this.

“Father!Please back down from the bid. No, completely back down from the Wessex rail business itself!”

Valentine roared, desperately holding on to Earl. His hold was too strong that, the cloths on Earl was all wrinkled.

What is he saying all a sudden?

The Earl’s right eyebrow went up a bit more.

“Father, you also know that, for what sake the Duke Heather Field wants to handover this project to us!”

Dalton came forth at Valentine’s scream.

“That’s right, Brother. In fact I also feel a bit off about this.”

Looking at Valentine who was trying to dissuade them with all his might,  Dalton with a sincere face decided to side with him.

“Father! If you were to win the bid, it will become a shackle. From then we will have to accede to the pressure and demands of Her Majesty Empress and the Duke Heather Field.”

The whole family was surprised hearing Valentine’s words.

He who said to have no interest in business or studies, when did he understood such a matters?

Every one seemed to express this exact same thing in unison.

“That… will it cause any trouble for the business if we withdraw from it…?”

Valentine asked with a teary face towards the alphas seated on the table, like a person who is knowledgeable in business.

How can he not know. For every student who went to prestigious universities passing the CSAT4Korean college entrance exam, this much of a common sense was natural. Unlike the surprise of others, it was natural for Valentine. The knowledge of previous life could shine here as well.

“Our business won’t collapse just because we didn’t got the bid for such a project.”

The Earl’s serious face softened as if comforting Valentine’s anxious heart. With a slight smile he continued.

“Well. What you said was right. We can’t leave behind weakness chasing after immediate gain. Especially if it’s related to my son.”

Earl leaned back on to the chair and pondered.

“And if we are not planning to connect by marriage , it is better not to give any chance to make any episode, Brother.”

Dalton who turned 23 this year, have been working and learning about the family business along with his college curriculum since he turned an adult.

“You are right.”

The earl nodded hearing the words from his younger brother.

“Anyway, I understood your intentions, Valentine. I will try to resolve this matter without creating any noise.”

“Thank you, Father!”

Tears tickled down from Valentine.

Finally my neck is safe5That he averted his possible death in the future … The starting is good. Very good6The story is just beginning, I mean the novel, this is only the first step.

Valentine stood up from his seat with a bright face, thankful to his parents who love him and listened to his opinions.

Now in the future, his family won’t be falsely accused and falls into destruction like in the novel!

Also as long the engagement is canceled, my life can be fully steady.

Feeling hopeful for the first time after remembering his previous life, embracing his swollen heart , heartily scampered back to his room like a squirrel. Even if he don’t know what is going to tomorrow.


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