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PITMFTV Chapter 2

The First Realization in Life

In order to properly understand this story, we must talk about Valentine’s first realization in life. Because without it the story won’t progress.

The first and the biggest realization in Valentine’s life knocked it’s door at a tender age of 15.

‘I reincarnated. And this place is the book I read in my previous life.’

Unfortunately for him, he got enlightened in front of a least appropriate opponent.






Valentine was having tea with third prince, his fiance by the verbal engagement between the families, at one of their fixed tea times. His mouth was full of thick brew of Earl gray tea.


Just like that, by the abrupt realization which came knocking out of nowhere,and the result, the back tea that filled Valentine’s mouth was sprayed all over at the third prince’s face and cloths.

He never thought he was particularly unlucky. But after such a sudden realization he came to under that he was walking on the path of a Villain.

If not, What about this moment!

That too before the opponent he least want to!

At least he doesn’t wanted show his worst form in front of a person who disgusted  him or hated him.

The third Prince who was baptized by tea and saliva…. Valentine was just too shocked by suddenly knowing the truth of reincarnation. The worse part was, the back tea was sprayed evenly without leaving a single corner of his handsome face.

Third prince hated Valentine, so he always treated him coldly. Especially today, he wiped his face with a terrible look and hurled aside the dirty handkerchief. Without any slightest salutation or manners, he left his seat.

But for Valentine who just encountered such a big predicament that he was reincarnated, the third prince leaving in anger wasn’t a big deal. So was the fact that he was he most favorable fiance he wants to consider1There are not officially engaged so for Valentine he is with the best conditions and a better choice in consideration his future spouse..

The real problem was something else.

‘I am doomed’

The sentiment to the first realization was just like the second one.

It’s bound to be so.

Valentine was the Villain in a novel he read in his previous life.

The Villain Fiance who hated the delicate omega lover of the protagonist Third prince and obstructed them in every way. In the end his evil deeds will be disclosed leading to collapse of his family and a terrible ending.

Along with the realization he returned home. As soon as he arrived, he wrapped his head like a Joseon2Korea’s old old name grandmother and lay down on the bed.







Valentine in previous life graduated with a Bachelor’s in Western painting from the most prestigious college of Korea. Heeding to the advises from his seniors that art must be learnt from it’s origin place, he went to study abroad.

For a while he was excited by the new atmosphere, colourful cities, various painting styles, excellent teaching methods and all. But even before a full year, he fell into slump3Art block, feels like we are out of ideas or creativity, Starting with homesickness, he began to have symptoms of depression.

In such a situation, a roommate who came along with him from Korea, handed him a book.

[What’s this?]

[You seem very depressed. Read this and cheer up.]

The book given by his roommate was an easily readable paper back publish of a web novel.

[It’s very popular book in the circle.]

Facing the pleasing Korean letters, he felt a bit more energetic unlike his depressed self lacking in vigor.

The content of the book was the same old cliches.

Clifton Leopold, the third prince of Sonover Dynasty with a beautiful red hair like the setting sun.

Overcoming the difficulties as an almost recessive ordinary Alpha4This recessive is their physical trait, Dominant, Recessive and ordinary, and wins the battle for the throne. A typical hard-working protagonist. He also has a lover. Abner of Count Luan who had been with him since childhood.  He was a recessive omega, a devoted lover who whole heartedly supports his lover third Prince so that he could break out of the limitations of his trait.

They also faced setbacks. Without any crisis novel becomes bland. However this crisis was unfolded through the Villainous supporting character, another typical cliche, which makes one can’t help but laugh.

The Count Wicce wasn’t an aristocrat who brags about his blue-blooded dignity and tradition. They were at the tail end of the nobility ranking two generations back, thanks to extending the business which was in line with the changes caused by Industrialization, they could reach their current position with an extensive capital.

The sole heir of that family, Valentine was born with an exceptional trait as a dominant omega. As much that the Empress Beatrice, the mother of third prince, from the family of Duke of Heather Field, wanted to engage Valentine to Clifton.

Their arrange marriage was bound to be a win-win for both sides, whether it was about of honour and status, or about character and affluence.

But Third prince wasn’t pleased with this as he had a childhood sweetheart he deeply loved. Faced by the cold treatment of the person he considered as his fiance and hurt by unrequited love, Valentine began to commit evil in order to restore his wounded self-esteem.

Starting with simple things like spilling tea on the cloths of Count Abner Luan , the lover of third prince to later poisoning the other’s face. His wicked jealously towards the lovers and his desire to separate them slowly turned it’s colour into felony.

And as the story progresses, though the events become hackneyed, slowly its take the form of a punitive evil style.

Valentine’s misdeeds invited public criticism, somehow his family began to steadily crumble since the engagement. Unlike him, the protagonists, third prince and Abner always succeeds in whatever they does. As such things became repetitive, Valentine fells deeper into evil.

Finally his deeds that become more evil led him to his ruin.

In the second half of the novel, Valentines, evil deeds as well as the corruption going on in his family comes to light.
The Villainous supporting role Valentine ends his life thus disappearing from the story and the protagonist couple gets their happy ending. Just like how good and bad is clearly differentiated in every story, this is also the story were protagonists are shone with more and more light while the villain fells into the darkness.

A very simple novel.But it was worth to watching how the protagonist climbs the stairs of growth just like in those shounen manga. What’s more, the author was well versed with three dimensional characters and right events at the right place. In short, an interesting read.

But I thought after reading.

‘It’s all same.’

Somehow, instead of empathizing with the lover of the Prince, a recessive omega like himself 5So Valentine in previous life was a recessive omega, don’t get confused in the current life he is a dominant omega, his head was full of thoughts about the minor villain, the dominant omega Valentine.

Was it because he just went through a break up because he was limited by the recessive trait?

‘Born as a dominant omega of an affluent family, blessed with beauty and live amidst the praises from everywhere, yet clinging onto that one thing he can’t have and leading his life into ruin, what a pity.’

He don’t know how he6his past self lived after that, his last memory was that, he shut the book threw it away and and lay back on the bed.

He had been living very well as that Valentine, but at the age of 15, the memories of his previous life showed up out nowhere.

Why, How, he can’t understand why such as supernatural thing happened. The important thing is not the past or the cause, but the things that gonna happen in the future.

Just like in his previous life, he lay on the bed looking at the ceiling, and started to brainstorm till his head was on the verge of exploding.

‘What should I do so that I can live a smooth life unlike as in the novel?’

The solution was simple.

Avoid third prince, don’t create any trouble for that couple, or rather support their love and live as a stranger with nothing to do with them.

‘Live a free life without entangling with them.’

What a perfect solution. He felt that with this idea he will be able to live without dying.

Through the experience of reading Hoi-Bing-Hwan 7An abbreviation used for fantasy rom novels, like regression,possession, reincarnationnovels in the past life , he found an simple solution. With that in mind, he fell asleep peacefully. But his brief peace was broken when he had a talk over the breakfast with his parents the right next day.

“What? can’t brake the engagement?”

Valentine said with a shrill cry.

Astounded by the sudden cry, the Earl who was eating eggs, stabbed into the egg yolk. The Countess almost spilled her tea, and the fork held in the young uncle’s hands , fell down.

“Did you thought that, marriage with the royal family was like purchasing something from a shop..?”

Looking at his lovely son, Earl Wicce said in a worried tone. His hands already put down the spoon with which have been scooping the egg.

How did he become so stupid, I  obviously raised him so well…He felt worried thinking about his son who had been going in and out of trance lately.

“But we haven’t exchanged the engagement certificate yet..!”

Right?Father? Please say so. No way. Please say that you didn’t exchanged it when I have been in trance, without letting known to any cats or dogs.

Valentine became desperate. He life is in the line here.

If it’s messed up here, he is finished for sure. Things will get complicated and he will get an express ticket to the death flag. In the original novel, all the misfortune started from his engagement with the third prince. Valentine felt like crying thinking about that.

“Of course, the official engagement agreement is yet to be signed.”

After saying that, the Earl completely put down his cutlery.

‘Huff’. Valentine heaved a long sigh of relief. But seeing his father doing the gesture -putting two hand together and placing them under the chin- which he uses when he have something serious to say, he gulped.

“But Oral contract is also a kind of contract.”

The Earl with a teenage son, furrowed his brows showing the seriousness of the matter.

“Honey. Can’t you talk about this on somewhere else other than on dine, especially on a Monday morning…”

The Countess tried to dissuade her husband seeing her son’s place face who seems to have lost all hopes.

“Valentine is grown up. He must know about these things.”

Especially since he was involved in this matter. The Earl added silently.

After finishing his words, he gestured at the maid standing behind. Catching his gesture, she came forth without making any sound and cleaned his cutlery. While the butler filled his cup with thick coffee.

The strong coffee aroma spread inside that small dinning room which was reserved to dine for the family,

After taking a sip, Earl opened his mouth, looking at his son with a serious face.

“What do you really want to say?”

‘I must give a good answer here..’

Valentine gulped facing the kind yet strict face of his father.

The white steam raising from the coffee, rubbed through the platinum blonde hair just like Valentine’s and as a matter of course diffused into the air.

Unconscionably, for a moment, he said thank you to the god that resides in heaven.

For such a father who earnestly asks for his son’s opinion.

Before regaining the memories from his past life, he never noticed, that how good his parents were. They tries to understand the point of view, doesn’t shy away from exchanging their opinions. Very much like the modern parents.

Though it was their love and tolerance that made Valentine who was hard mouth but innocent to the world into an impulsive young master with nose high towards the sky. But the current Valentine with the memories from the previous life wasn’t that little baby anymore.

He was now a modest and excellent intellect with memories from previous life, knowledge and manners co-exist.

Of course, his thinking like this in itself is the evidence that he is still an immodest little boy with an adolescent temper, who can’t objectively analyse his own self.

In other words, even though he got the memories from his previous life, a large part of it consists of his ego that also grew with with the body. Thanks to those memories Valentine did mature a little. But that’s all.

Anyway, let’s get back to the story.

To his father’s gentle questioning, Valentine decided to tell the truth. He has always been taught that truth always prevails.

“I absolutely doesn’t want to be engaged with third prince.”

With all due seriousness, Valentine declared to his family.


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