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PITMFTV Chapter 1


There are times in life when enlightenment struck us like a lightning.

This story is a peek into the topsy-turvy life of a beautiful and cute boy named Valentine.

Okay, now let us take a look into his life since he attained realization for the second time.

That realization was so simple that it could be explained in single word.

The second realization of Valentine was straightaway this.

“I am doomed.”




* * *


“You are pregnant.”


A refreshing day as the morning sun shines through the window with clarity.

The only son of Earl Wicce, the envy of the contemporaries, the beautiful dominant omega, Valentine , hearing the doctor’s statement, sitting on a chair in his bedroom, exclaimed even before he could react.

And there were nothing but chirping of birds as a moment of silence commence upon them.

For a moment Valentine thought that he misheard.

Cause he always had a notion that such a word would never appear in his life, now all of a sudden it really appeared.

Seeing Valentine’s stupid reaction , the doctor opened his mouth to once again give his assertion.

“You are pregnant, Young master.”

“Ho, How could it be..!”

Unable to believe the words of the doctor who repeated it for the second time, Valentine jumped up from the seat with a shout.

Even though the floor was carpeted, the sound from the chair toppling over was still resounding. It can’t be, muttering his rejection to truth, his platinum blonde hair as beautiful as Arachne’s silk1A Greek mythology character known for her wisdom, weaving, dyeing, etc fluttered to and fro with the moment of his little head.

“Is there is nothing coming to your mind…?”

The doctor carefully asked looking at his young master who stood still dumbstruck. He was being considerate in order to protect the privacy of finally adult 20 year old young master. Though he disguised his tone with caution his face was honest. His narrowed eyes and facial expressions were clearly saying that….

‘Unless you aren’t a Virgin Mary2Cause biblically Mary conceived Christ without having to enter in a sexual intercourse, ie; she is still virgin. Here the doctor is implying that Valentine can’t conceive without having s*x, there must be something, there must.’

And his guess was right.

Of course there is!

Valentine who had been looking at the floor raised his head. Then he looked straight into the doctor’s face, the answer was evident in his eyes. As he widened his eyes, those watery blue eyes on his delicate face which was rumored to be the most beautiful face in the capital, also enlarged.

I am going crazy as there really is something….!

But he never in a dream expected to get pregnant because of that. It wasn’t even his heat cycle then..!

Feeling hard to believe the doctor’s assertion, he stomped his foot.

He agrees that, that night was the result of his intentional planning, but not once he thought that he would get pregnant by that. This was the reason why the current Valentine was prowling to and froth like crazy.

“Is that you don’t know the counterpart… It can’t be that right?”

His expression was as if begging to deny him.

The doctor’s expression pierced his heard and his face was screaming at him.

Mason. Even though we know each other from long, aren’t you digging too deep into me..?

The middle aged doctor had been taking care of him since childhood. Calling his name in heart, the rest of the words were swallowed by Valentine. They are swaying from the main thing.

“I do know the other party..”

Of course he know that person. He once again met him after that incident and even had a tryst with him.

The first time was too powerful to fault!

Only then did he understood what a heavenly feeling and pleasure it could bring!

Valentine felt embarrassed.

No, at first he really didn’t know the other person.

But I found out who he was right next day. Cause that person said it himself very considerably after spending a hot night together.

At that moment!

He should have stopped, when he came to know his identity.

Damn, his body is too weak to temptation…!

He should have ran away right after the first night.

Far away to outside of the capital city. But he had some important matters at hand to do right next day, so couldn’t leave. And this important matter was the reason why he slept with Colonel Reynard Denox the hero who conquered the sea, the heir of Archduke Denox, the Marquis Valcheris.3He got many titles

Even if there wasn’t the so called ‘Important matters’, if he happens to meet him somewhere else, there was no guarantee that he could resist his temptation.

Because his appearance and pheromones were too alluring. Too much to his liking.


*Slight NSFW ahead.


Valentine felt the image of the alpha with a big build, his movement, as he embraced him that night.

[Ah,slow down …please..]

[This shouldn’t be the line here.]

Saying so he rammed deep into his body. The alpha’s sexual pheromones, stimulating yet thick enough to suffocate.

His frame and size were biggest he have seen in any dominant Alpha. His facial features were beautiful, three diamensional like a sculpture. The fine eyes and eyes socket under the thick sword eyebrows are like inviting one to kiss. His upturned straight nose and those seductive curvy lips.

It was Valentine’s first time. In order to loosen him, the man went between his legs, licking him, sucking him. When he raised his head, his gray eyes were filled with strong desire.

He pushed aside his thick dark hair that fell over his eyes as he lean forth to kiss Valentine. He looked neat and tidy before. But once they went to bed, his hair doused in sweat, he wished he could say how sexy and seductive he looked like that.

Wiping his lips soaked with fluids of Valentine, his big hands easily clasped his waist and buttocks.

Those rough hands, like a soldier.


*NSFW ends.



“Young master, what are you thinking…?”

He who had been prowling around like insane, suddenly stopped as his face started to burn with red. Seeing Valentine like this, the attending doctor made made a clap like those shamans do, to drag back the master’s soul which seems to left his body4Not really, just a euphemism .

Hearing the clap, Valentine quickly returned to his senses.

I must be crazy…How can he reminisce of that in the midst of all of this. He felt dumbfounded about himself as he jabbered. No matter how fantastic he felt on that night, this wasn’t the time to leisurely ruminate about that.

No, the word leisure in itself was a luxury.

It wasn’t the time to be like this now.

The ‘Things’ he need to resolve after that incident, was already finished. Since the plan succeeded, there was nothing to cleanup.

All I want is to float along in this capital. The freedom I have been longing for since the age of 155I have a bit confusion in this part. If I ma not right I’ll come back to correct. .

Of course it was Valentine’s own delusion that, he would find his freedom once he resolve the ‘Matter’.

To explain briefly about this ‘matter’, it wasn’t any ploy to find real freedom. Rather a project of Valentine ‘Escape from Engagement’, in order to get out from the engagement which was set from childhood.

It was Valentine’s long cherished wish. The first step towards the freedom he always longed for.

But, Pregnancy…!

He just barely escaped from the shackles called engagement which had been tied to him since his boyhood. But now he feels like he got trapped in a much sturdier cage called pregnancy.

That too pregnant with the child of the notorious Reynard Denox.

Valentine clutched his hair.

What now? What should I do now?

Should I run away?

Ah, Fu*k, I am doomed…

Even if he succeeded in absconding, can he find freedom in a life with a child…?


Why does it feel like the ceiling is rotating?


Like that, Valentine fainted.

The second realization in life left Valentine in a stupor.


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