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17. Hypnosis




I stared at his smile in fear. A thought came to my mind, and a great fear began to spread. My hands shaking uncontrollably. I wish I could faint again.


He looked at me who was backing away with a smile on his face. He put his finger to his mouth, made a gesture of silence, and said quietly, “She found out my secret.”








In 1998, I had a classmate named Ge Jun who was a year older than me. His hobby was different from other people. Where teenagers like us liked to travel, read books, gossip and play games, he liked to read “Legal Daily*”, and through it, he learned about hypnosis and was very enthusiastic about that.



[T/N: A magazine.]



Once, there was a study session going on in our class, the teacher was sitting on the podium and correcting our test papers. Ge Jun suddenly stood up, went to the fifty years old teacher and said, “I want you to close your eyes, think of the ocean and blue sky and feel it, strip naked and jump in. Let the warmth wrap around your skin. Okay, when I count to five, you will immediately hit the hundred papers on the ground. One, two, three, four, five ……”


The whole room was silent. The old teacher slowly put down his pen and said, “I wouldn’t mind much if I stripped you naked and could spank you hundred times.”


Later Ge Jun was criticized by the whole school, but no one clearly knew the real reason. The other classes circulated a rumour about him that he was crazy, he played a prank on the chemistry teacher who was about to retire.


I didn’t have much contact with him, even after ten years we graduated from highschool. But one day by chance, I found that he actually lived in a neighborhood beside me.


In 2008, an accident was caused because of drunk driving in front of the neighborhood. The car hit several people walking beside the road and killed seven people, three of them were men and four women. The street was painted in blood, the red blood splattered on the walls beside the street and made it look like a bloody murder scene. The drunk driver was arrested on the spot and his home was also confiscated by the families and friends of the victims. Reporters also rushed to the scene to record such exciting but heartbreaking news.


Three weeks after the accident, both sides of the road were filled with ashes of paper money burned for the deceaseds by their families and friends. Late at night, people in the neighbourhood could hear crying sounds coming from those poor victims home. Once it was dark, people hardly stepped out their home and the neighborhood became eerie. The sounds of ghostly cries coming from the victims homes’ made the atmosphere even scarier. An old man living in the neighbourhood said that the ghost of the seven people would wander around the area after the nightfall. So it would be better if no one goes out their home in this period.


One day, I had to return home late because of overtime. The time was after 1:00 am. The driver who was driving the taxi I was riding in had read the newspaper and stopped at the entrance of the neighborhood, saying that he couldn’t get in. Having no choice, I had to left the taxi and walk into the neighbourhood.


There were no one on the street. Only piles of ashes and paper money was strewn all over the street. I was smoking while walking, trying to ease the tension and fear. Suddenly, I felt a chill from behind, goosebumps rose up immediately. All the ghost stories I heard after the accident came to mind as my fear rose. I didn’t dare to turn back and speeded up walking.


Suddenly, I heard sound of footsteps, following me with a step slower than mine.


Then someone called out to me: “Zhang Jiajia, are you Zhang Jiajia?”


I turned around and what I saw scared the daylight out of me. There was a bloody man standing behind me, dripping in crimson. Under the streetlight, the blood dripping on his hideous face made him look like a ghost that came from hell specially for me. I was too scared to move and fainted on the spot.


I woke up lying in my bed at my apartment, Ge Jun was sitting beside my bed. He smiled and handed me a glass of water.


I was dumbfounded. How could he come to my house whom I haven’t met him for ten years? But Ge Jun said, he also just happened to come home at that time and ran into me. So he hypnotized me and played a prank.


I stammered, “Then, that bloody man ……”


Ge Jun smiled and said, “It was a hallucination.”


Feeling doubtful I asked, “Then how did I get into my apartment?”


Ge Jun explained, “I hypnotized you and commanded you to find your way to home and open the door yourself.”


I jumped out of bed and looked at him in horror.


Ge Jun picked up his phone and waved it in front of me. I looked at the screen, it was only 1:20 o’clock, which means the whole process took only ten to twenty minutes.


I gulped the glass of water and asked, “Isn’t hypnosis about commanding people, feeling the ocean and the sky, jumping down in the water and being wrapped in warmth or something?”


Ge Jun shook his head and said, “No, hypnosis mainly relies on rhythm. When people sleep, the rhythm of their heartbeat will slow down. But everyone’s rhythm is different, and a highly skilled hypnotist can find your heart’s rhythm in the shortest possible time, and then use outside influences to make your heart quickly enter the most suitable state for sleep. Then find the frequency through the blood that enters into the brain and control the body, which is the first stage of hypnosism.”


It dawned on me, “That means those footsteps ……”


Ge Jun nodded his head.


After hesitating for a while, I couldn’t help but ask, “According to your explanation, if it’s so easy to hypnotize others, and able to control anyone, doesn’t it mean a hypnotist could do anything? And is it not…… very dangerous?”


Ge Jun nodded and said, “Yes, it’s very dangerous.”


I thought about it and said, “If the environment is very noisy, people can’t be hypnotized, right?”


Ge Jun shook his head: “Whether it’s quiet or noisy, it doesn’t matter. I can even record the complete rhythm of your heart into a music and turn it into a colorful ringtone, and as soon as you hear it, you will be hypnotized.”


I looked at him incredulously and Ask, “Everyone?”


He was silent for a while before explaining, “It’s only effective for some people. People who are strongly self-conscious, easily gets impatient and love to lose their temper with themselves, will be disturbed by the external environment mostly. For example, people who falls asleep easily and find themselves sleepy in a noisy train, people who wakes up in the middle of the night, people who gets hungry often, people who can’t restrain the desire to go on the Internet, the probability of these people being hypnotized is far greater than others.”


I was also silent for a while before suddenly remembering something and asked, “Why are you still hanging outside in the middle of the night?”


He said, “Because many people are looking for me, I was searching for a hiding spot.”


I froze and said in surprise, “No way ……”


He nodded, smiled and said, “Yes, it was my wife who hit the man*.”



[T/N: I have no idea who ‘the man’ is. I guess it’s the drunken driver?]


I stared at his smile, a thought came to my mind as great fear began to spread, my hands shaking uncontrollably. I wished I could faint again.


He looked at me who was backing away with a smile on his face, put his finger to his mouth, made a gesture of silence and said quietly, “She found out my secret.”


I backed into a corner and asked, “What secret?”


Ge Jun didn’t come closer, just smiled and said, “There are many, many people like me, existing in every corner of every city. Do you know who would hire us?”


Without waiting for my answer, he continued, “Don’t guess. Come on, one, two, three, four, five, it’s time to erase your memory.”












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