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15. Mo Fei and Luo Ge

Mo Fei and Luo Ge



The road to happiness is full of twists and turns, tears and smiles are mixed and jumbled together, and as time has passes, the accounts become heavier and heavier.


I had two classmates in highschool named Luo Ge and Mo Fei. The two fell in love in their senior year but later, they had to go to university in different cities.


Whrn the first semester was over, the two decided to meet.


Mo Fei was waiting for Luo Ge in the train station. But after waiting for him half a day, he didn’t come, only a message of his came : I’m not going, let’s break up.



That was how their love story ended.


Last year when Mo Fei came to Nanjing, we chatted about our highschool days while drinking tea. I decided to meet Luo Ge so I called him to meet at a park in the afternoon.


When I went to meet Lou Ge, he was smoking in the park. His feet were full of cigarette butts.


He and his wife were getting divorced, and she asked him to negotiate in the park. She took his car and wallet after the negotiations.


I helped him hailing a cab to take him home, but after reaching home, he found out that he couldn’t open the door.


When he asked the neighbor, she said that shortly after he left the house, his mother-in-law came over with a locksmith and changed the lock of the door.


A diversionary scheme was played him not knowing.


That night, when he came over for a drink, Luo Ge cried, saying it was his fault that he had a mistress and was found by his wife by mistake. His wife was also fierce. Knowing that her husband had another woman, she secretly bugged his phone and came over to his mistress’ place where he was staying in the middle of the night with a kitchen knife in hand.


I listened to him speechlessly and couldn’t help but shudder. Good thing that Mo Fei was with us too. Although they broke up, there were no hostility between them. She even almost laughed out hearing Luo Ge’s tragic divorce.


Around ten o’clock, his wife called. She said that after the divorce, she would take the small house out of two houses they had, the car, their savings of 200,000 RMB and other cars and apartment that they had. The only thing she left for him was a house*.



[T/N: Although I feel pity for him…but he deserved it.]



Luo He hung up the phone and told us what his wife said. Mo Fei said that his wife must have another motive for giving him the big house. She must have burned that house, or at least broke all the furniture and was giving him only a broken house.


Drunken Luo Ge shot up hearing her and said that according to his understanding of his wife, she may do so.


So he forcibly dragged us to the small apartment he and his wife used to live and said that he would smashed all the furniture there before his wife could do anything.


Although he was determined about it before going there, but after he arrived at the apartment, Luo Ge couldn’t do it. That place were filled with the memories of their time as couples. The apartment was also bought with his hard earned money. So his heart couldn’t bear to destroy the place. He hugged the hammer he brought for the task and broke down on the floor, crying.


Seeing him like that, Mo Fei gained confidence with the help of wine and asked Luo Ge why did he broke up with her that year. But Luo Ge couldn’t answer properly.


Mo Fei again asked, “Why don’t you try to get back together with your wife now?”



Luo Ge silent for a moment before saying softly, “That woman….my mistress is already four months pregnant.”


Mo Fei sighed heavily and said, “Why do you have to get to the point of no return? Don’t you know who you really love? Why did you get into this mess?”


The next day Mo Fei left Nanjing, and I accompanied Luo Ge to the divorce processing and exchanging the house keys.


We opened the door with fear and trepidation, but it was neatly cleaned, the windows were clear, and there was no sign of any broken furniture. There was a box on the table, and inside were some love letters that Luo Ge had written to his wife when he was a sophomore in university.


Later Luo Ge’s wife called, while sobbing she said, “I know she’s pregnant. If you can’t be responsible for love, then at least be responsible for a life. How could you think of leaving her now? Don’t worry, I don’t hate you.”


“If you want, you can go ahead and marry her.”


Luo He was silent, tears were streaming down his face.


Seeing him crying, my mind reverberated with Luo Ge’s drunken state as he put down the hammer in his apartment and squatted on the floor, crying and what Mo Fei said at that time, “That woman was four months pregnant, so why did it take you an unmanageable amount of time to realize who you really love? What took you so long to understand your own heart?”


I received Mo Fei’s wedding invitation, she was married with a good guy, probably someone who loved her. I heard later that Luo Ge’s ex-wife has emigrated to Canada after remarriage. Luo Ge married his mistress. He bought a new car, a seven-seater nanny car, and took his wife and children on a tour.


The road to happiness is full of twists and turns. Tears and smiles are mixed and jumbled together, and as time passes, the accounts become heavier and heavier.





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