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MPWATMBC Chapter 29


    Under the moonlight, the overlapping two people kissed vigorously, their lips and teeth clinging to each other, they exchanged each other’s breath. With the electricity brewing from the kissing lips, rushing into the limbs and bones and flowing into their heart, their hearts were gradually beating at the same frequency… From a passionate kiss to a lingering soothing, Ryan tried his best to restrain himself, let his reason overwhelm the desire for possession and prevent the body from sinking in the desire.

    His palm rested on the rough texture of grass blades in the ground. He tried to distract himself, guessing that there were bugs crawling under the grass blades, he seemed to hear the sound of them walking, they walked through the grass roots, bypassing a little grass that is like a skyscraper to them. The ground is not flat, the soil particles can be seen everywhere, tiny arthropods – ants – are carrying food in groups and further down, there are moles and other animals walking through the tunnel…


    Thinking about it didn’t divert his attention at all. He wasn’t a fan of the animal world. He didn’t know if there were any creatures underneath the mole. He just knew the scent of Auston’s body, the touch of his skin, the taste of his lips, the temperature of his body… He just wanted to bury himself in Auston’s body, to fill the void in his heart with a hard blow, to explore Auston’s body with both hands and not let go of any secrets.

    In front of Auston, Sanity is nothing but the body of a two-horned snake, only worthy of being eaten by scavenging hyenas.

    Ryan let out an annoyed cry, buried his head in the nook of Auston’s neck, took a deep breath and then suddenly rolled over and lay beside Auston. In the dark, he found Auston’s hand to hold, tried to calm himself and asked, “Why are you here?”

    “After all, Moon Bay is a bit dangerous and difficult. I have made the decision to explore here and I will be responsible for everyone’s safety. It’s not just me, your immediate superior, Colonel William, is here too.” Under the bright moonlight, the blush on Auston’s handsome cheeks was particularly obvious. He was panting slightly as he spoke, explaining why he appeared in the Icy grassland.

    Ryan was slightly disappointed, but on second thought, this is in line with Auston’s character. He is not a person who does not distinguish between public and private, and will not give up his work on the Xingtian Ship for himself.

    Auston’s breath was by his side and Ryan thought absentmindedly about how to distract himself. In order to ensure the safety of the fighters in the competition, there were rescue airships in the sky and many rescue robots, the size of fists, were put on the ground. As long as someone’s life is in danger, rescue can be obtained in time.

    He thought that if Colonel William knew that he had a chance to show his strength and he would definitely wave his two thick arms regardless of his image, and be as happy as a majestic lion on the grassland. The soldiers he encountered should be careful, or will definitely be cut at once..

   “He said he wanted to meet you the most.” Auston laughed proudly. Ryan was more capable than he thought. In Blair’s words, Ryan was like an onion, after peeling off the coat, there will be layer after layer of surprises inside, not knowing how many secrets there were.

    And such an excellent man has long been his.

    For the first time, Auston was not proud of his achievements, not because of the Golden Crusade, not because of the Xingtian Ship, but he smiled because he got Ryan’s affection.

    “I can’t take Colonel William’s punches.” Ryan’s voice was tinged with laughter. Auston appeared so happy to be by his side that he even thought he was dreaming. He sat up, lowered his head and traced Auston’s eyebrows with his eyes, as he heard his voice sound, “You are the supreme commander. I understand why you do this, but you have to be considerate of your body.” The day the toxin was not completely eliminated was a day with the injury. His heart was aching, but he couldn’t bear the pain for Auston.

    “Ryan, I have good news for you.”

    “Hmm?” Ryan’s heart jumped and he had some guesses.

    “Only 20% of the toxin has not been metabolized. Soon, very soon, I will be able to recover my health completely.” Auston looked at Ryan, the man who brought him hope for life, “Thank you.”

    Ryan was ecstatic. Sure enough, sure enough, Auston has a way to bring the earth’s soil out of the parent star into the Xingtian Ship and cultivate more strawberries to extract and detoxify enzymes. He leaned over and gave Auston a tender peck on his forehead, “Do you wanna act with me?”

    Then he heard Auston say, “Okay.”

    Ryan was so happy and wanted to kiss Auston again.

    “Do you have a camp?”

    “Yes.” Auston relaxed and lay on the straw mat, looking up at the bright galaxy. At this moment, it seemed that there was only himself and Ryan on the vast grassland. There were no piles of work, no heavy duties weighing on his body, no various auras around him… He is now just Auston Dalton, the other half of Ryan Smith.

    So good.

    “I’m blue,” Ryan said.

    “I’m wearing red.” Auston sat up after a moment of relaxation, not letting himself indulge in it. “I can change, though.”

    He took off the red patch on his arm and the red medallion on his collar, replacing them all with blue ones and proclaiming like a naive child, “Now I am with you.”

    “We are not just one team, we are one.” 

    The two of them looked at each other and smiled, there was no need to say more.

    The pit that Ryan had sorted out just now was refilled. Lying in a slightly spacious place would make it crowded for two people and the ground was also wet. Ryan didn’t let Auston lie directly on the ground. He needed him to his  empty arms.

    Covered with leaves and grass, the two men went to sleep, but neither of them fell asleep. They kept alert at all times and they were able to act quickly, if there was a slight disturbance in the grass. The night was calm and peaceful, with only two beasts walked past leisurely. With a hint of light in the sky, Ryan and Auston set off, heading for the location that Ryan and Derrick had agreed upon.

    On the way, when he encountered a two-horned snake, he killed it and picked its horns. The harvest in one morning was not bad and there were 36 more pairs. One of them was a horn of ten-year-old two-horned snake and it can be sold for a thousand stars coins on the market.

    Asteroid B612 has a resident population of more than 10,000 people, including more than 2,000 soldiers. Many civilians rely on hunting for a living and they will go deep into various dangerous places in groups, such as the icy grassland and the Moon Bay Canyon, looking for everything that can be sold for money. A 1,000 star coins save a little bit of money, which is a month’s expenses for a family of three.

    In the middle of the day, Ryan and Auston casually found a place to eat half a tube of nutritional supplements. Ryan ate a tube of durian-flavored chicken and vegetable puree. He had a personal pursuit of food and without wrinkling his eyebrows, he ate and threw into the backpack. He took out the compass to check the direction, according to their pace, they had to walk two hours to reach the agreed meeting point from the Yiyi Lake.

    “There are fish in the Yiyi lake. Let’s crop it for a while and I will make fish for you to eat.”

    “Pay attention to the time.” Auston reminded, “Those who entered Moon Bay within three days will win.”

    “I will not miss the time.” He already had a detailed plan and would enter Moon Bay on the third night. “I have learned from the residents of Xingmang Town that there are snake nests of two-horned snakes around Yiyi Lake, which are where they lay their eggs. As long as we find a snake nest, we don’t have to worry about the task of collecting horns of  two-horned snakes.” 

    He has always been well prepared. When others were relaxing and having fun, he visited several well-known hunters in Xingmang Town and bought information from them that only hunters knew, such as where the two-horned snakes are the most abundant and the habits of the two-horned snakes. .

    The two-horned snake will lay eggs during the warm sunny season and hatch near freezing season. The young snakes will stay in the snake’s den for the whole winter and then leave for their respective actions when the weather warms up. The snakes on B612 do not have the habit of hibernating.

    Appreciation flashed in Auston’s eyes and he was about to say something when he heard light footsteps and said lightly, “We are surrounded, they are starting to move.”

    Ryan hooked his lips in a smile, waiting for this time.

    On the Ice Grassland, the horns of the two-horned snake are good to get, but the Camp badge is not easy.

    Ryan calmly dropped his backpack and stood back to back with Auston. He could already see the people, who were hiding in the grass and gradually reducing the encirclement, “21.” They really looked up on him, so many people just for the siege of two people.

    Ryan didn’t know that his reputation had spread all over the grassland and as time went on, more and more people would know about it. As long as he is on the path of his advance, he will not let anyone from the enemy camp be spared and those of the same camp will be extorted and he will take away half of the opponent’s badge and let them go.

    Known as the badge bulldozer on the Ice grassland.

    In one morning, he harvested another 30 badges, which was quite acceptable.

    Now, with another twenty-one were about to be in the bag, he is so confident.

    “F**k, We’ve been discovered!” The leader, who set the trap to surrounded them had coarse red hair and brown eyes, he cursed, knowing that they had lost the upper hand, but there were so many of them that it was enough to deal with two men!

    “That Ryan has defeated more than a dozen people in the ring, including the melee king Derrick.” Next to the brown-eyed one, his companion’s acting was a little timid, “He’s not easy to deal with. Let’s go elsewhere to collect and the conditions offered by that man are not that tempting.”

    “A small mecha with the latest technology, Is it not even tempting?!” The brown eyes spat out the grass stalk that he was biting on his mouth and said with certainty: “That’s one by one, we are a group, one person can kill him with a single fist.”


    “What else!” The brown eyes glared, “It’s already reached this point. It’s impossible to retreat. As a soldier, my dignity doesn’t allow me to retreat without fighting, only fight!”

     The companions were encouraged, “Fight!” 

     The brown eyes raised his arm and slashed violently. This was their agreement. As long as they made this gesture, they would charge. At the moment when the gesture fell, more than 20 figures rushed out from the cover of the grass. No one spoke and they only had one target, the two people in the encirclement. Their silence was the horn of the charge and the whine of the enemy would be their victory.

    Fight, Fight, Fight!

    This was a tough battle. Ryan quickly glanced at Auston, a brief glance to discuss the strategy. Ryan was in charge of the north and Auston was in charge of the south. No need for verbal communication, their tacit understanding is the best communication.

    When the enemy wants to fight, he will fight.

    The two sides confronted and the battle came in an instant. After several rounds, the besiegers found that they did not gain the slightest advantage because of their numerical superiority and the leading brown eyes shouted, “Plan T.”

    As the plan changed, the crowd moved quickly, a dazzling sight to watch. Ryan looked at the changes in the crowd with calm and cool eyes. When someone nearby attacked him, he  threw a punch violently, hitting the attacker’s cheekbone with his fist. The person in front of him was beaten to the side, but he did not lose his fighting power. Resisting the dizziness with willpower (strong), he stretched his arms while sinking his waist. With the help of his partner – delaying Ryan’s attention – he hugged Ryan’s waist with a short body.

    “Come on everyone, I’ve got him by the waist!” the attacker shouted excitedly.

    Ryan pursed his lips, raised his knife and slashed at the back of the man’s neck, causing him to completely lose his mobility, “Only by staying calm, you can go further.”

    “Good job, Bao…” The excited voice came to an abrupt end and the person who rushed towards Ryan stopped, when he saw his companion’s body falling softly to the ground.

    Ryan looked at the person who was rushing towards him and the other party stopped one meter away from himself. Ryan took a step forward, the man took a step back, looked at him vigilantly, his eyes moved quickly to find a suitable attack angle, “I surrender, Isn’t it enough if I surrender?” Seeing a hint of wavering in Ryan’s face, the eyes of the person who said surrender quickly flashed with triumph, “You are so powerful, you shouldn’t be in the mecha engineering department, come to melee combat and hang out with us. Follow my brother, I promise to let you eat delicious and drink hot.” This is a chatterbox.

    The chatterbox continued, very much in the style of Tang monk, “What do we need to consider? Our leader will make a report and you can change departments.” The corners of the chatterbox’s mouth curled up, and it became…

    He was responsible for attracting Ryan’s attention and the others were responsible for the sneak attack.

    It was an another abrupt stop and the man, who was lurking in the grass and slowly approaching Ryan, failed.

    Time went back five minutes. The lurker behind Ryan was only one meter away from Ryan. He was holding a dagger, his eyes fixed on Ryan’s movements. He stuck out his tongue to lick his dry lips and thought that as long as his attack was in place, he would be able to make Ryan incapable of fighting in a moment.

    This man is too scary and can be said to be everyone’s biggest competitor. Getting rid of him would be like winning most of the game. He must be carrying many badges and the horns of the two-horned snake on his body and dividing it up, would also be a considerable fortune. What’s more, after knocking down the bulldozer Ryan, it was enough to brag about it for a long time. The man with the dagger continued to lurk forward, with various mixed thoughts flying in his mind and then, he felt a headache and the wind swept past him, his hands empty, and the dagger changed hands.

    The dagger that was about to stab into Ryan’s body was on the side of his neck. He swallowed hard, struggled to looked up and saw that his companion who attracted Ryan’s attention had fallen to the ground, his hands bent unnaturally. It is obvious that he has lost the ability to fight and how did all this happen! Even he, himself, who was concentrating and lurking didn’t see anything.

    Too frightening!

    “Out.” Ryan said blandly, as he took off the lurker’s badge.

    The lurker thumped the ground in frustration, “If you have the ability, you will go to the end.”

    “Thanks for your auspicious words.” The voice came from two meters away and Ryan had already moved to another place.

    Lurker: “…Aah!” It is not a blessing.

    Besides being short and small, this Ryan is very annoying!

    On Auston’s side, seven of the eleven men from the south have fallen to the ground. He didn’t take their badges. He didn’t participate in the competition and didn’t need these, giving these losers a chance to come back.

    He glanced at the four, that he sent to the Ryan’s side and it didn’t cause Ryan much difficulty. Auston stood on the side of the battle, holding his arms and watching Ryan navigate the group fight with ease and one by one “enemies” fell in his hands. It was the same as what he saw in the investigation report when he first met. He had an excellent physique and a full score in fighting skills. He still remembered the evaluation that Ryan’s head teacher gave to Ryan: he will soon grow into an excellent mechanical engineer1T/N: Remember? Ryan enrolled in Mechanical engineering in university, not in Mecha engineering and an engineer whose fighting skills are not inferior to those of a real warriors.

    There is no exaggeration in the professor’s evaluation and it is very pertinent.

    Auston stood aside and saw how Ryan perfectly mobilized every muscle in his body. None of his movements were superfluous and every attack could bring a heavy blow to the “enemy”, writhing up and down. His body was as light as a swallow in tumbling and as strong as a leopard after landing and his tactics were frequently changed. Words such as outstanding, excellent were no longer enough to describe him. Ryan was like a soldier who had experienced thousands of battles, an old hunter who stands on high and looks down on the small lifetime.

    When the dust settled, all the “enemies” were lying on the ground, emitting intermittent whines.

    Ryan turned to Auston, his confident smile was gentle, with a little shyness on his young face.

    It was completely cut off from the fierce and resolute battle just now.

    There was a flash of doubt in the depths of Auston’s eyes and he shook his head and greeted the triumph of the victor.


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