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MPWATMBC Chapter 28

The Game begins

    Michel looked at Ryan stunned, how could anyone ask for cooperation if the camp was not clear? He looked suspiciously at Ryan and then at Su Liye, who was looking at himself with relief, as if a high school teacher smiled and praised him for getting the questions right, which made him feel bad because he wasn’t the kind of student the teacher thought he was.

    “I don’t know if the camp is the same. I don’t know if the character is good or bad. I don’t know the strength of the force and I don’t know how much the combat awareness is.” Michel was confused, he lowered his voice and spoke very fast: “Isn’t it too hasty, too unreasonable, too casual to decide teammates and establish an alliance so quickly?!”

    Ryan smiled and didn’t say anything. He needed temporary partners to improve combat efficiency and the two around him looked good.

    “I’m sorry if you’re different from our camp.” Su Liye ruffled her long hair and said with a smile, “Ryan and I will catch you first, then take off your badge and knock you out of the game, so you will have a seven-day off to do whatever you want.”

    Michel didn’t think it was a good thing. He looked at Ryan and said stubbornly: “You are a good guy, right?” He looked very kind, not like someone who would sneak up on you.

    Ryan nodded, “It’s a good choice to form a temporary team to improve combat efficiency, isn’t it?” He pointed to Michel’s little badge pinned to his neckline, “You’re exposed.”

    Michel was startled, covering his neckline like a frightened rabbit. Under his hand, there was a nearly circular badge diaphragm in his palm. He couldn’t restrain his impulse and pinned it to the neckline ahead of time because he thought the badge was good-looking. The symbols of the Golden Crusade are the cross, the winged lion and the red rose. When combined together, the lion with the rose in his mouth spreads its wings majestically and looks straight ahead. A huge cross is placed in front of the lion and at the center of the cross is a golden gemstone of the pentagram.

    On the camp medallion, the golden gem of the pentagram was replaced by the red and blue camps. The red metal block of the red camp and the blue metal block of the blue camp can easily identify the camp of the opponent.

    Michel is blue.

    As for Ryan and Su Liye, just when Ryan inserted the hard drive into the personal terminal to check the details of the competition, the sharp-eyed Su Liye noticed that the other party was blue (also deliberately, from the moment he sat down, Ryan was evaluating the people around him). In return, Su Liye skillfully showed Ryan her blue camp.

    The three of them belong to the same camp. After landing, they can quickly assemble together and take out a group of enemy camp first.

    The speed of the small airship was very fast and it reached the designated landing point 20 minutes later. All the soldiers got off the airship with their backpacks on their backs and what appeared in front of them was an open grassland. The green grass was only knee-high and it can also hide when crawling on the ground. Two hundred or so people stood apart, looked at each other, judging, evaluating… Adjusting their status, waiting for the arrival of the competition time and when it is time, the sign placed in the D6 area will send out an alert. From the moment they landed, the communication function of the personal terminal became useless and the entire Ice Grassland and Moon Bay were blocked from the signal.

    Dangdangdang –

    Half an hour later, B612 at 5.00 pm.

    The leisurely warriors on the grassland changed instantly and a battle was about to start. Everyone opened their backpacks, pressed the camp patch on their shoulders and pinned the camp badge to their neckline. Ryan kept moving his hands, but his eyes were always observing the surroundings. Only a real rookie would bow his head and sort himself at this time and would be in a hurry to organize his backpack.

    Looking up, red is the majority.

    For those in the blue camp, things are not looking good right now.

    Ryan moved his feet without a trace and some people had the same actions as him. Those of the same camp in the big melee had the same purpose and were temporary allies.

    On the airship, the three communicated silently through their personal terminals, with Ryan taking the absolute dominant position and formulating the main plan guidelines.

    Before the match began, the three stood in a triangle, gradually approaching the people of the same camp, while being alert to the soldiers of the enemy camp.

    “Michel, I need you to raid the rear for me.”

    “Su Liye, you stand on my right side and increase the strength of my defense.” 

    With a big battle on the horizon and tension spreading in everyone’s hearts, Ryan spoke in a hushed voice, mobilizing the newcomer Michel, and Su Liye, who had heavy clerical workload, for the last time.

     They didn’t know who made a long whistle, those who were prepared coincidently acted in an instant. The scattered rookies who were not prepared and had not yet seen the whole picture of the frozen grassland, were out of the game without knowing what Moon Bay looked like and were howling in anger.

    From time to time, frustrated voices sounded in the D6 area and in just ten minutes, twelve people were eliminated and became the spoils of war in the hands of others.

    Michel almost became one of them and if it wasn’t for Ryan’s long arms to drag him down, a tall melee soldier would be able to choke him, forcing him to incapacitate, adding one to the number of “corpses1T/N: not exactly killing; taking their badges results in elimination“.

    “Hehe, the action is quite fast.” The tall melee soldier looked critically at Ryan, who was shorter and thinner than him, with contemptuous provocation in his eyes, but inwardly he was ready to challenge the strong, his intuition telling him that the man in front of him with a clear oriental blood should not be underestimated.

    Sure enough, Ryan’s slightly bent right foot suddenly exerted force and the whole person became a long, relaxed, spear attacking one after another. The speed was extremely fast, leaving afterimages in the air, forcing the tall warrior to constantly raise his arm to block.

   “I’m sorry!” Michel growled angrily. He didn’t help much and had added trouble for Ryan. 

    Without falling into apology, he took a deep breath and quickly adjusted his state, standing behind Ryan to cause trouble for those who dared to sneak attack, allowing Ryan to focus on the charge.

     Ryan nodded. Michel has slender hands and feet, flexible eyes and a tenacious heart, so he can safely hand over his back to this newcomer who is participating in the competition for the first time. Selecting a newcomer is a challenge. If you use it well, you don’t need to worry about betrayal; if you use it poorly, it will be a burden. He bet on the right treasure.

     Behind him, Michel grew wiser and knew how to defend. He was on the sidelines with Ryan and swept aside others, as he was preventing them from sneaking up and then found that the intellectual Su Liye was also very powerful and the sound of her knife hitting the flesh sounded sour, as if the only rookie was him… As a real combatant of a melee unit, he was so vegetable ah.

    His ears twitched and he heard the tall soldier shouting, “Master!”

   The tall soldier continued to shout: “What is your name, which department are you from? It’s amazing, I will find you for a sparring session, when the competition is over.”

    “You can also learn now.” Ryan hooked his lips and said in a light smile, “Ryan, the mecha engineer.” 

    The  tall man was stunned, he was almost hit by Ryan’s blow because of a pause. Fortunately, he reacted in time to dodge sideways. Ryan’s fist grazed his nose and the fist wind scraped his flesh.

    “It turns out that it’s you. It’s better to meet than to be known.” The tall man grinned, clenched his fists with a strong fighting intent and fiercely… ran away. As he ran, he shouted, “Those gossips on the Internet all say that you have a small nose, small eyes, little dingding, haha, gossip can’t be trusted ah.”

    Ryan: “…”

    He swore that the group of melee guys around him all looked at him in unison, especially the sight that slipped over to his crotch, making his face completely black.

    “Don’t stop, move, keep fighting. Now is the time when there are the most people, and it’s hard to get so many badges when they are scattered,” Ryan said.

    Su Liye and Michel glanced at each other and reacted quickly. Now it’s best to listen to Ryan. He was right. Now that the crowd is gathered, it’s the best time to get the badge.

    Some people insist on fighting in place, some people have taken advantage of the opportunity to run to the distance and some people are ambushing in the grass to make a sneak attack when people are not prepared.

    After half an hour.

    More than 200 people in the D6 area were still standing in the same place, only a few dozen or so looked at each other, silently made a gentleman’s agreement and ended the battle.

    In the end, Ryan got 26 badges, Su Liye 11 and Michel 8.

    “These two are for you.” Ryan took the two badges and tossed them to the duo respectively.

    Michel refused, he blocked it lightly and the badge flew back, “I just avoided others from sneaking up on you. I didn’t do anything. I don’t want this badge.” If it wasn’t for Ryan’s help, the eight people that he “killed”, he wouldn’t get them either.

    The blue camp with the same stance at the beginning, became an opponent of “robbery monster” in the later stage. They not only have to prevent the red camp’s attack, but also to prevent the blue camp’s black hand. Ryan needed two helpers to scout for him.

    The same is true for Su Liye. She shrugged and said, “There are still some fish and shrimp around. Should we continue to move together or split up?”

    “I’m going to look for my companion, so goodbye.” Ryan looked at the direction of the sun setting, turned and walked in the opposite direction, “Take care, see you at Moon Bay.”

    “See you at Moon Bay.” Su Liye raised the corners of her mouth, watching Ryan’s back gradually shrink. She shouted to Michel, who was still a bit unresponsive, “How about teaming up with this sister2T/N: Su Liye referring to herself as older sister?”

    Michel looked disappointedly at Ryan’s disappearing line, “I thought we would always be in a group.”

    “How is it possible? He can handle the big melee by himself. We just gave him some assistance to prevent him from distraction, improve efficiency and shorten the time. He is going to attack the center of Moon Bay, so let’s collect the snake horns of the two-horned snake.” She understands how much she weighs herself. Moon Bay, she could only try to break through.

    Michel lowered his head and said dejectedly: “What a powerful little brother, I really want to be his leg pendant.”

    “People are married, save your heart, go, act quickly, time waits for no one.”

    The entire Xiingtian Ship and its affiliated warships totaled 120,000 people, of which 76,562 soldiers participated in the competition. After the initial scuffle, they were scattered in the ice grassland and completed the goal with their respective abilities, with not a few people taking Moon Bay as the goal, but not many people regarding the Moon Bay Center as the end point of this competition. Everyone, whether they are from melee, artillery, mecha or the command and mecha engineering, all have the same equipment. The competition relies on physical fitness and brain power, not machinery and mecha.

    As a soldier with a spirit of courage, dare to challenge the impossible is supposed to, but it is also necessary to recognize their own strength and not make unnecessary sacrifices. It depends on their personal choice.

    On the way to the place agreed with Derrick, Ryan took out six people who were ambushed in the grass and obtained three badges, three of which were from the same camp. They attacked without seeing the target clearly and can’t blame Ryan for being merciless.

    Hit and let go, it will last forever.

    Ice Grassland, as the name suggests, is dominated by vast grasslands, supplemented by hills; the vegetation is dominated by grass and supplemented by trees. Moreover, the temperature difference between day and night is very large. Now it is winter in the northern hemisphere and the average temperature during the day is one or two degrees. After nightfall, the temperature drops rapidly and the lowest point can reach minus forty degrees. The combat uniforms Ryan and the others wear have a thermostatic effect and they can keep warm by pulling up their hats on their heads.

    It is very dangerous to move at night. Under the crimson moon, everything seems to be stained with blood. Nocturnal creatures walk by with two bulb-like eyes. There are hyenas in groups and there are beasts fighting alone. There are two-horned snakes that have few natural enemies and reproduce faster than Australian rabbits. This kind of creature was brought in by humans and has become an invasive creature in the icy grassland. Because the meat is not delicious, there are fewer enemies and the number keeps increasing.

    Ryan was half-squatting on the ground, his hand raised the knife and the dagger cut off the two protruding horns on the head of the two-horned snake. The snake was not thick enough, only one meter long and was a wrist thick. The corresponding horns were only the length and thickness of the thumb with average medicinal value.

    The only useful thing about the two-horned snake is its horns, which can be used to make blood clotting agents.

    Adult two-horned snakes can grow up to 3.5 meters long, with two wrists thick, which is good for medicine.

    Of course, the corresponding difficulty in obtaining it is also increased. The competition requirements do not stipulate quality, but just more in quantity.

    Casually throwing away the body of the two-horned snake, Ryan moved quickly. Behind him, the hyenas, attracted by the smell of blood, appeared and made a strange scream, sounding like a horrible clown howling, very infiltrating. The two-horned snake has bad meat, but not a creature that no one eats. The spotted hyena unique to B612 is one of them.

    Ryan rushed forward fifty meters to make sure that he was not in the hunting range of the hyenas before stopping. Hyenas live in packs and their attack methods are bad and very difficult to deal with. It is better to walk away when you encounter them.

    He raised his arm and glanced at the time. It was already ten o’clock at night and the coldest time was approaching. He decided to save his stamina, quickly found a hole, covered it with thick grass blades and buried himself in it, and took a nap to recover the consumed stamina and set off as soon as the sun appeared tomorrow.

    It is not difficult to find a hole in the grass and should not pick clean or unclean, as long as it is dry. Ryan was about to nestle in, when the sound of the fist breaking through the air came to his ears. He quickly turned his head to the side and while dodging, he raised his hand to grab the attacker’s wrist and pulled it forward with force. The other party was obviously a veteran and with the help of air spin, the moment he landed in front of Ryan, he raised his legs and swept.

    Ryan, who was sneak-attacked, was still at a disadvantage. Stretching out his arm to block, he let go of the hand holding the opponent’s wrist and stepped back decisively. By opening the distance, he adjusted his posture and turned the disadvantage into an equal..

    With the help of the moonlight, Ryan saw the person who attacked him, the same black combat uniform, the hat was buckled on his head, his face was covered with a black mask and he raised his arms to prepare for fighting. The black eyes exposed outside the mask were as bright as stars.

    Going back and forth, attacking and defending for several rounds, the two were evenly matched and did not give in to each other.

    Ryan’s eyes flashed and he suddenly sprinted forward to the opponent and did not retreat, even in a straight punch attack.

    Bang –

    Ryan’s chest was hit squarely and at the same time, his momentum continued, pressing on the opponent according to inertia and the two fell on the heavy, dew-stained grass. During the fall, Ryan grabbed the opponent’s shoulder and adjusted the position up and down, so that his back landed on the ground and the opponent fell on top of him. After falling down, he rolled over and pinned the person under his body. He looked at the person beneath him with burning eyes, ripped off the other’s mask and kissed him fiercely.


   Translator’s notes: Hmm…..Can anyone guess who was the man in black??😉 hehehe…


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