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MPWATMBC Chapter 27

The Competition

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     Two days ago, Sierra left the captain’s office in a daze1T/N: 失魂落魄  (idiom) : be driven to distraction or lose one’s wits. Two days later, on the day of the draw for the competition, all the fighters of the Mecha Engineering Department gathered at the usual training ground.

    “That is Sierra Bromfield, the commander’s exclusive engineer with a fourth-level qualification certificate. In the entire mecha engineering department, except for the chiefs, he has the highest rank and he usually doesn’t come out much.” On the training ground, Su Ming introduced the newcomers Ryan and Lilith, who stood at the front of the team, the man with a thin body and pale complexion like a delicate white porcelain doll. “He is under a famous teacher. His teacher is a disciple of Master McAryan and he himself has been praised by Master McAryan as a future star of mecha manufacturing. If he had not joined the army, he would have served in the Imperial mecha research Institute and according to his age and qualifications, he should have been a teacher for many people present.”

    Su Ming is a very good captain. Whether it is work or study, he takes care of his subordinates a lot. Ryan saw that he was always standing beside Lilith, his eyes following Lilith’s gaze softly and smiling secretly. Of course, there was a reason for this, he was immersed in the light of Lilith.

    Moving his eyes, Ryan looked at Sierra. He had the capital to be arrogant and noble. As if his body brought its own barrier, shielding everyone from one meter away from him and only a few people walked towards him. With a great reputation comes a lot of commitments.

    Su Ming’s detailed introduction was in his ear, as Lilith pursued the question, “Why did he choose to go to the Xingtian Ship?”

    The Mecha research institution is a special Imperial institution with excellent treatment and several projects are led by Master McAryan himself and a place that all mecha engineers and manufacturers yearn for. Working in it is respectable and life is much better than that of Xingtian Ship.

    Ryan listened intently.

    “Sierra did work in the Imperial Research Institute before and because of his outstanding qualifications, he started a research project before the age of 60. At that time, it was said that he would become the successor of Master McAryan and get the core of the biological mecha. Six years ago, the commander went to the imperial capital once and came back with Sierra by his side. It is said that it was because of the general that he came to the Xingtian Ship and became the exclusive engineer of Code Zero.” Su Ming said with certainty: “I guess he admires the general.”

    Ryan frowned slightly. This was a potential love rival and also better than himself.

    “But the general treats him the same as he treats others, without anything special. The general will not bring his love affairs to the ship.” Su Ming nodded affirmatively.

    Ryan: “…” Oh, I’m an exception.

    “It’s also quite strange. Sierra is equivalent to a special employee on the ship. He belongs to the supernumerary personnel of the legion and the establishment does not belong to the Xingtian Ship. In the past, he never appeared on the scene of this kind of competition. I wonder why he is here today?” Su Ming frowned suspiciously. After all, he didn’t have any intersection with Sierra in work and life, and he couldn’t guess the reason.

    “Maybe he wants to change things up a bit.” Lilith speculated indifferently, “Su Ming, talk about other things.”

    Because Lilith’s attention shifted elsewhere, Su Ming followed and changed the subject. It wasn’t what Ryan wanted to know, so he wasn’t listening. His eyes looked forward and swept over some eager veterans who had jumped at the chance to participate in the competition. After the draw was over, everyone who would participate in the competition would board a small airship and head to the target location to start the week-long competition.

    The competition will start at 5:00 pm B612 time.

    His eyes moved unconsciously and Ryan keenly caught Sierra’s gaze looking at himself, with inquiry and hostility.

    Why is that?

    The only intersection between him and Sierra was the chance encounter in the elevator. Would he feel offended by anyone just because they were in the same elevator? Then that person would be too offended.

    Sierra withdrew his gaze lightly, leaving Ryan with an indifferent back.

    It’s not time to think deeply, because the heavy bell of “dong dong dong” sounded and the ground in front of the training ground opened up and two machines were raised.

    “The draw is about to begin.” Su Ming moved his neck and made two crisp sounds. He touched his neck and said, “I have been lowering my head too much these past two days and my neck always hurts. Oh, of course, this is not the time to talk about this. Soon it will be our turn, no matter which camp we are in, everyone is an opponent. On the battlefield, I will not show mercy. “

    Lilith hooked her lips, raised her chin confidently, revealing her well-defined neck, “Showing mercy is disrespect to your enemies, as well as to yourself.”

     Su Ming likes Lilith like this. With undisguised appreciation in his black eyes, “If we are in the same camp, we can team up and become teammates. We no longer have hostile relations, we are partners fighting side by side.”

      Others derisively looked at Su Ming, including Ryan, they didn’t say anything. It’s not them that Su Ming wants to form a team, so they shouldn’t be a humanoid movable light bulb2T/N: refers to someone being a disturbance in a two person world; Third wheel.

     Now that Ryan is not a part of the “cleaning team” and will never be last in line. It’s a good thing to be in the direct line of Colonel William.

      Is this what it feels like to be privileged?

     Ryan chuckled lightly, the privilege coming by strength, he liked it.

     “It’s our turn, come on3T/N: 加油 – pinyin: Jiayou: a term for encouraging someone everyone.” Su Ming urged all his teammates. He would say these words every time of the rivalry match, nagging relentlessly, “Honor is important, but life is more important. Once you encounter danger and things you can’t solve, you must ask for help and protect yourself, so that you can get more honor. Got it, everyone?”


      All of them responded loudly.

     Su Ming looked at everyone, especially the two newcomers. What can be said, has all said. Next, it depends on the personal development of individuals. He hopes that after the game, everyone would be there and everyone would be intact.

     “Let’s go!”

     The draw is carried out by two machines at the same time and they can go to whichever is free. Colonel William stood in the middle of the machine, showing two thick arms with his sleeves rolled up, covered with thick curly hair like two fluff sleeves. Biting the pipe without smoking, just to keep his mouth from being idle, Colonel William yelled: “What are you dawdling for! Move fast, fast, fast. Everyone must complete the draw within an hour. If you miss the time, hehe, the competition will directly fail. You don’t have to participate. If you want to live a little, grind it out, you weaklings, I understand your timid psychology. When the cruise is over, damn it, you will apply for the labor and management to be discharged from the army. Don’t get in my way. “

    A pair of eagle eyes swept over some people in the vicinity, making their scalps tingle, speeding up their hands and feet to complete the draw and to stay away from the lion that poised to strike.

    Ryan stood in front of the machine, pressed his palm and his personal information quickly appeared on the screen.

    Lieutenant Ryan Smith, member of the first detachment of the Mecha Engineering Department, ID: 100008065

    Below there is a rapidly changing box. Ryan called to stop, the color of the box stayed in blue and the landing coordinates: Moon Bay & Ice Grassland, D6.

    Seeing the landing coordinates, Ryan’s eyes flashed with clarity. He guessed right. Derrick must have been surprised to see it and he might even say that he had inside information.

    Ryan smiled and when he turned around, he saw Lilith stepped forward to draw lots, wondering where she would go. However, Su Ming, who had drawn earlier, dawdled all the way to the boarding port without leaving quickly and kept turning his head to look at Lilith, wondering which landing area Lilith was assigned to. Ryan had to remind Su Ming, “The Colonel is already looking over.”

    Su Ming’s scalp tightened and his eyes darted over the direction of Colonel William. Sure enough, Colonel William looked in his own direction. He hurriedly turned his head and pretended to be on his way. Su Ming tapped Ryan on the shoulder, “Thanks.”

    Ryan shook his head, “No thanks.” He wouldn’t say, Colonel William has been staring at you for a long time, A Father’s stare.

    Su Ming’s face was slightly gloomy, the difficulty of the mission location was beyond his expectations, “I didn’t expect it to be Moon Bay & Ice Grassland, but there is a danger level of 7.5. This time, those who can reach the core area and send the badge over are estimated to be less than half of the last competition.”

    If the danger level of each region of B612 is rated on a scale of 1 to 10, the danger factor of the Valley of the Wind where there are turbulent winds and the ubiquitous phoenix beast, is 6.5 and the danger factor of the Ice grassland where the temperature is below zero day and night, is 6.0 and the danger factors of the other two places that confuse the sight are 5.5 and 6.0 respectively. Of the five areas provided in advance, the Moon Bay map is the most dangerous. The risk factor of 7.5 is only an approximate number. In the narrow and long valley of Moon Bay, the risk factor in some areas can approach 8.5.

    In the end, those who can complete the mission are definitely those soldiers in the combat department, the king of soldiers with extremely strong individual qualities.

    The mecha engineering department is classified as a combat department, but only as such, in fact, the requirements for physical fitness are only half of those of real combat soldiers. When they go to the battlefield, they can only wander around the periphery.

    Ryan: “It’s now the cold winter in the northern hemisphere of B612 and many beasts have entered hibernation. The risk assessment can be reduced by 0.5 and  7.0 risk factor is not too much”

     “I didn’t even consider this. Ryan, you really did a lot of  homework, I believe you will be the winner. By the way, I didn’t even ask you until now, what is your camp?”

     Ryan lit up his personal terminal, and the lot machine had already sent the camp and the landing location— —Blue team, Moon Bay & Ice Grassland D6 landing point.

     Su Ming showed Ryan his own, “Fortunately, I’m not in the opposite camp with you, but we are far away. Whether we can be teammates depends on luck.” Su Ming has heard about Ryan’s handling of the provocateur’s wheel battle. Yes, Ryan is definitely a strong opponent.

    The landing site is on the icy grassland surrounding Moon Bay. It is divided into 26 areas, and each area has ten landing points. Su Ming is U7, which is very far away.

     Ryan stood still and said, “Here we are.”

     Side by side, the two walked out of the training ground, got on the elevator, and then walked to the place of the airship.

     “Your ship is almost full and you will be able to leave soon.” Su Ming glanced at him and said enviously. It is also an advantage to be early and familiar with the environment at the landing point in advance.

     He looked at the small airship belonging to U7, but only 40% of the people got in and there were others still waiting.

     Ryan smiled lightly, “I’m off.”

     “Come on4T/N: previously mentioned, pinyin: jiayou – A term for encouraging someone.”

     “You too.”

     Ryan walked to the airship that he was about to take. Behind him, Su Ming was not in a hurry to get on the ship. He looked at the entrance from time to time, expecting the opening and closing elevator door to send out the beautiful shadow that he was looking forward to.

    At the docking port of the Xingtian Ship, the airships lined up in a row such that one could not see the end at a glance. Ryan walked over to the airship marked D6, took a look and walked in. There were more than 200 seats inside and at first glance, only three or four people were short to fill up, and he quickly scanned the whole room, all unfamiliar faces, no familiar people. There are still many people who are wearing masks, revealing only a pair of eyes. The man in the corner has a pair of black eyes. Ryan looked over and saw that the man had lowered his head, his face was completely hidden in the shadow of the hat and the pair of black gem-like eyes couldn’t be seen.

    Before the start of the competition, the red and blue signs were not displayed and the camp was unknown.

    As Ryan sized up others, they were also looking at him, making all sorts of judgments. Those probing glances, Ryan ignored and chose one of the only empty seats, picked up the marching bag on the seat and sat down. Pinching the bag chain to enter his fingerprints and after opening it, there are two camp patches, two camp badges, a compass, seven tubes of nutritional supplements, three pieces of compressed dry food, a packet of fine salt, a dagger, a gun, three bullets, a signal flare, a small medicine box and a small hard drive that can be inserted into the personal terminal to get the map, the competition rules and winning criteria.

    Apart from that, nothing else.

    Camp patches and badges must be worn after entering fingerprints and experienced veterans wear them at the beginning of the game.

    Now, Ryan didn’t spend too much energy within the backpack items. He took out the small hard drive and closed the backpack. After raising the arm to reveal his personal terminal, he inserted the hard drive and without choosing to project the hologram in the air, directly used the small screen of the personal terminal to quickly read the content on it.

    The total area of ​​Moon Bay, Ice Grassland and the desertified area between them is 4148.77 square kilometers. The Ice Grassland is a hollow circle and Moon Bay is the center of the circle, which is surrounded by the Ice Grassland. The 26 landing areas are on the edge of the ring-like icy grassland and the distance from each person’s departure point to Moon Bay is almost the same.

    Competition requirements:

  1. Stop when the point is reached; do not harm the lives of comrades in arms.
  1. Do not destroy the environment and maintain the ecological balance of the asteroid.
  1. Protect yourself; do not endanger your own life.
  1. Teamwork of no more than five people.

    Winning criteria:

  1. Collect as many Camp badges as possible, the most wins;
  1. Hunt two-horned snakes to collect snake horns, the most wins;
  1. Enter Moon Bay, whoever enter within three days (the deadline is 24:00 on the third day) wins;
  1. Hunt rose lizards to collect “roses”, whoever has the most wins.
  1. Entering the Moon Bay Center and throwing the collected items into the basket will be awarded the Warrior Medal and 50,000 Star Coins.
  1. The winners of the above four items will be awarded the pentagram medal with 70,000 Star Coins and will be selected into the National Day parade squad.
  1. All the above winners will receive the Golden Cross Rosette Medal and a reward of 100,000 Star Coins.
  1. The winners of above 5, 6 and 7 will be commended by the whole army.

    After watching it, Ryan closed his eyes, flipped through the maps of Moon Bay and Ice Grassland in his mind and screened the optimal path to reach the designated valley entry point and then enter Moon Bay Canyon. The straight-line distance was impossible, he had to prepare a few more plans and also take into account the distribution of two-horned snakes and rose lizards. Ryan believes that the map must be kept in his mind and when entering into battle mode, he would have no time to figure out the map on the terminal.

    Teamwork of no more than five people can be put to good use. Teamwork is good, but it’s hard to tell if someone you’re not familiar with is a partner or a pig teammate5T/N: a teammate who is of no use and also a person who brings harm to his own teammates, perhaps betrayers. The criteria for winning is clearly placed there, only by getting more badges, snake horns, “rose” to victory.


    Ryan opened his eyes and spoke to the pale blond long-haired lady sitting on his left. She smiled sweetly and intellectually, with a few small freckles on both sides of her nose. She didn’t look like a soldier, but more like a teacher who was going to class with a textbook in her hand.

    Ryan said, “Hello.”

    “Where are you from?” The blonde long-haired lady was very familiar. “I’m from the command, Su Liye.”

    Ryan replied, “Mecha engineering, Ryan.”

    “Ryan Smith?!”

    This voice was spoken by the man on Ryan’s right, who looked at Ryan in amazement, “So, that’s what you look like, So handsome. There is a post in the entertainment section of the forum saying that you are short and dry looking, with a small nose and small eyes and small dingdong6T/N: I guess, you all know, right?😉.”

    Ryan: “…” Fuck! Ryan couldn’t help but swear in his heart. He didn’t browse the gossip entertainment section very much and he simply didn’t know how many posting discussing and analyzing him. He depressed, Which bastard made up so much about him! Does the size of my dingdong needs those bastards to manage!!

    “Haha, those people are talking nonsense. If you win, they will talk about you everywhere. You are an online celebrity.” Su Liye pursed her lips and snickered, obviously she also knew the content of the gossip.

     Ryan: “Hehe.” After the competition is over, he will exercise the privilege of his General husband, blow the pillow and delete all the posts on the Internet that bullshit him.

     “It’s different as soon as you come in. You are calm, steady and capable, and look like someone not easy to deal with at first glance, you just watch, after landing, the game will start. Hehehe, you will become a thorn in the eyes of many people. Beware of being rounded up oh.” The man said with schadenfreude.

     Su Liye smirked, “The gang fight is cowardly. I despise them.” 

      The man was anxious, how could he admit to being a coward in front of the lady, “I wouldn’t do that. Forgot to introduce myself, I’m Michel from melee combat7T/N” a hand to hand combat in a close range. Er, you can call me Xiaomi directly. I’m 22 years old and I’ve been here at Xingtian Ship for two years. This is my first time participating in a cruise and also my first time participating in a competition. Gene sequence X, hehe, little brother8Ah! I remember Ryan is 30 years old. Then why is he calling him ‘little brother’?, are you interested in a relationship?”. It’s not rare that anyone expose their genetic sequence as soon as they met, but they are definitely a minority.

     Ryan smiled, “I’m married.”

     Michel smacking his lips regretfully, “That’s a pity, I’m cute.” Indeed, Michel’s eyes were large and his honey-colored skin was lustrous and shiny, and he had a small dimple on his cheeks when he smiled. He didn’t look like a 21-year-old, more like a 16- or 17-year-old youth.

     Su Liye came over and said, “I really like your type. You can consider this sister9referring herself and let you have a baby oh10Remember? Childbirth is not limited to gender, but the genetic sequence of X and Y..” So, the subtext is that Su Liye’s gene sequence is Y.

    Michel spread his hands, “I like the little brother, but don’t like the little Miss.”

    “Then, Forget it, I also quite like little sisters.”

     Ryan… Ryan thought that it was good to end this topic. He glanced at his terminal. Derrick sent a message to inform him that he was assigned to the blue team and the landing place was D3. The two are close enough to work together.

    However, the big mess of landing must be sorted out first.

    He smiled and looked at Su Liye and Michel, “How about cooperation?”


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