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MPWATMBC Chapter 26

Moonlight Rose

    Ryan sat on the high chair and the gentle-looking bartender with short, thick blonde hair nodded at him, showing a slightly shy smile, not looking like someone who would discuss the legs and breasts of the owner of the Red Mill with Derrick at all, or talk about the direction of the door of the women’s branch next to the Red Mill and which of the many women in it was better skilled.

    A large glass of beer in a rough-shaped glass was pushed in front of Ryan. This beer made from rye was dark in color, with thick foam and a burnt aroma of fried wheat in the mouth. The rich foam is formed by the oxidation reaction of a certain substance in the beer when it comes into contact with the air. After this step, the barley wine will be much less spicy and bitter and volatilize some of the alcohol, making it much better to drink.

    But it still made Ryan feel that the alcohol level was too high and he frowned in discomfort.

    “The specialty of Planet B612, the only staple food that grows on this cold planet all the year round is rye. Is the wine made out of it strong enough!” Derrick patted Ryan’s shoulder with his big hand, urging him to try a piece of white paste that had been ordered here long ago, which was only the size of a mahjong block, like the fat of pork, “It tastes good, hehe.”

    Ryan glanced at Derrick, if the other party didn’t laugh so much at the end, it would appear more sincere.

    “A small basket of croutons and half a lemon.”

    Just sliced ​​bread and half a lemon came up very quickly. Ryan picked up a piece of rye bread and squeezed it. It was harder than a baguette, indeed the same as rumors – can be used as a weapon to knock people’s skulls.

    He picked up the knife and fork next to the paste, scraped a little of the paste and smeared it on the bread slices, spread it and the smell like a stinky sock became even more intense, so stinky. Ryan squeezed a few drops of fresh lemon juice, the fresh sour taste and the strong smell collided violently and the unique fragrance formed by fermentation after the smell appeared, it should, maybe, probably taste good… He had already seen this kind of B612 special product on the forum, a food for the veterans who specialize in taunting rookies.

    Ryan took a bite, his facial nerve twitched slightly and swallowed without any excesses.

    Derrick exclaimed exaggeratedly, “Ryan, is this really your first time on B612 asteroid? I have never seen a newcomer who can endure the fermented wolf poison fat and many people would vomit for three days after one bite.”

    Ryan took another bite and after tasting it carefully, he didn’t find it unpalatable. “Actually, it’s not bad. It’s similar to stinky tofu and smells stinky. After enduring the initial stench, it feels good.”

    “…forgot you have Chinese blood.” Derrick didn’t get any pleasure from Ryan’s reaction and slumped down on the table in disinterest, as he spat, “Sometimes it really doesn’t feel like you are a newbie”.

    “I’m just a little more adaptable.” Ryan shook his head dumbfoundedly, “It has nothing to do with blood. My grandfather never ate stinky tofu and my grandmother, whose ancestors are Europeans, loves stinky tofu very much and topping it with tomato sauce was her favorite.”

    Derrick showed an unbearable expression, “I don’t like to eat stinky tofu, nor do I like blue cheese. My God, why should good food be given time to ferment? Isn’t it good to eat it fresh? Personally, this kind of food is not as delicious as the mango-flavored pork puree nutritional supplement.”

    Ryan finally said something in line with the newcomer’s status, “Haha, then you should bring the nutritional supplement for the competition this time.”

    Derrick showed a helpless expression, “We always carry nutritional supplements and compressed dry food. Once you enter the competition, don’t think about staying in place for more than 20 minutes. Your enemies are everywhere, maybe your comrades on the same ship, maybe the indigenous people on the planet.” He pointed to the fermented wolf poison fat and said, “It is one of them.”

    Ryan nodded. Derrick had participated in five competitions and won two times, one of which, winning the Medal of Glory was already a good achievement. What he mentioned was the experience that Ryan lacked. This time it was agreed to meet at the Red Orange Bar, which was to ask the veterans for advice on matters related to the competition.

    He had already asked Su Ming, Davis and Harriet before, and he had also asked Jack, the mecha warrior who had a slight problem with him. If he added Derrick’s experience, the mission map in his mind could be more complete and the remaining blank parts have to be added on the battlefield by himself.

    He can’t find any information related to the competition on the forum. Everyone who participates in the competition on the ship is a competitor. Everyone wants to get the honor that is important to a soldier. If a rookie wants to gain experience in advance, he can only ask the veterans, or fail once or twice to know what to do next time.

    Inside the Red Orange Bar, Ryan and Derrick opened their personal terminals to share information.

    “I have participated in two of the five mission maps sent. I don’t think it will be any of them. The three remaining are the Valley of the Wind flying sand and rocks and there is a kind of elusive little beasts living in the wind, which are also in large numbers. It’s a bit more tricky to deal with, but it’s not that troublesome to attack. The Ice Grassland is located in the polar regions, with the temperature of minus 20 during the day and more than minus 80 at night. It is very cold and there are various cold-resistant beasts that are very bloodthirsty and difficult to deal with. This Moon Bay, it…”

    Ryan bought a holographic map of the B612 asteroid sold by veterans on the forum. There are very few maps of such military planets scattered outside and none of them are comprehensive and detailed. Ryan and the veteran contacted on the forum and traded it privately. The map sold to him by the veteran can guarantee 80% accuracy and 43.2% coverage and clicking on a certain point on the map will have corresponding commentary and monster distribution.

    Moon Bay… Ryan had already seen it on the map.

    Derrick said: “The 180-kilometer long and narrow canyon is more than 200 meters deep into the ground. There is only two hours of light at noon. There are many beasts in the canyon at any time. Most of them have the ability to see things at night. It is one of the most difficult of the five mission maps. There are many undercurrents and bottomless crevices in the valley and you can fall into them accidentally if you are not careful. The underground crevices are crisscrossed and no one can tell where you will go if you will fall in. I suggest you not to try. “

    “If the officers really choose this, the place to hand in the task should be located in the center of the canyon. We not only have to consider how to get down, but also whether we can come out alive.” Derrick pushed Ryan teasingly, “Ryan, Why don’t you use your right to blow the pillow wind and choose the task in the Valley of the Wind. The phoenix beast has a blue-ear that can be eaten. Bring it out and sell it to Xiao Li. One can be exchanged for 500 star coins. Right, Xiao Li?”

    The bartender Xiao Li stood far away from the two of them to ensure that he wouldn’t overhear the conversation of the guests. It was his professional ethics and hearing Derrick’s shout, he looked over in confusion and Derrick repeated it, “Blue-eared phoenix beast, five-hundred star coin a piece, do you accept it?”

    “The whole one is only five hundred, so let’s do it piecemeal.” Xiao Li replied.

    “You heard, as long as you can bring back the things you get in the competition, they belong to you. You can exchange them for money, sell them to bars and sell them to adventurers. I recommend Red Orange. The boss is fair and trustworthy and will not press the price .” Derrick shared his own experience, “You haven’t said it yet, blow the wind and make it easier for the brothers.”

    Ryan ate a piece of bread smeared with wolf poison fat again, smiling without saying anything.

    This is obviously impossible. Ryan will never allow Auston to break the rules, just for the sake of his own personal interests. He would rather go to great lengths to collect information rather than take shortcuts because of this. This is a manifestation of personal dignity but also respect for Auston.

    “I’m just kidding.” Derrick took a knife and fork, and scooped out a chuck of fermented fat, spread it on the bread, ate it in one bite and with his bulged cheeks, he said vaguely: “If you really go, I will despise you and no longer be my brother.”

    “I know.” Ryan smiled, “Let’s continue to look at the mission prompts, I’m guessing, the competition will be in Moon Bay.”

    “Why?” As he ate, Derrick flipped through the clues he had collected and casually recorded them in the memo that only he could understand and was about to pick out the important ones to talk to Ryan.

    Ryan smiled mysteriously, “Intuition.”

    “…I hate intuition.” Derrick said with disgust.


    Derrick still has sensual activities at night and when he talked to Ryan, he was so excited that he must have a pile of yellow waste1T/N: dirty-minded in his mind, waiting to show off at night. Ryan had no interest in these activities and Derrick could only shrug his shoulders regretfully, “I also want to introduce Xiao Mo’er2T/N: Mo’er translates to Bubbles or Foam to you. Her name is so nice, hehe.” That meaningful laughter.

    Ryan lifted the brim of his hat, “Leave that lovely lady to yourself, but take it easy, we’ll be leaving in two days.”

    Entertainment is entertainment, Derrick still knows the sense of proportion, “Sure, I hope we can be assigned to the same camp in two days. If we can meet, we will team up.”

    “I hope so.” It’s better to have a strong teammate than an opponent who knows you more.

    After waving his hands to say goodbye to Derrick, Ryan walked out of the Red Orange Bar and walked aimlessly in this small town on the outermost planet of the empire. It was cold here and the sky was very blue. Because of the arrival of the Xingtian Ship, the sparsely populated town suddenly became more popular and lively.

    There are three small towns similar in B612. Xingmang(3T/N: translates to Starmount. As it is the name of the town, I’ll leave it in pinyin is the closest to the military base among the three small towns. The color tone of the entire town tends to be gray, white and ice blue, just like the cold weather here. Xingmang is also the place where adventurers come the most. Weapons and equipment that have been eliminated by the military, mechanical parts and nutritional supplements with unique tastes are their targets as well as missions issued by the military. Although the bounty is small, their cooperation with the military is guaranteed.

    If you hunt down a person named on the bounty list, you can also come here to claim the prize.

    In the crowd of twos and threes, Ryan, who was wearing a military uniform and a long black coat, looked a bit lonely. He stopped suddenly and saw a bright red color in the gray and white tones. There was a sparsely popular flower shop at the end of the street and Ryan took a step towards it.

    Pushing the door in, the wind chime on the door made a crisp ringing sound, attracting the shop owner working in the flower shop with an apron, a lady with short hair and blue eyes like the sky of B612.

    “Welcome, do you need any flowers?”

    Ryan looked at the cluster of flowers placed in the window very obviously. It should be roses, red like a blaze, delicate and charming.

    “This is a kind of flower that grows in Moon Bay. People living in B612 call it Moonlight Rose, which symbolizes eternal love and can be kept for several years, after picking it. If it is kept properly, more than ten years is not impossible.” The Shop owner walked over to the Moonlight Rose and caressed the rose inside through the glass cover, “Sorry, if you are interested in buying this flower. I’m not selling it. My lover brought it back to me from Moon Bay.”

    Ryan had some regrets in his heart, but it was not good to snatch other people’s hearts. He looked at other flowers intended to take a bunch back, but looking at the moonlight roses, he always felt less satisfied.

    “Give me a bunch of sunflowers.” He saw several sunflowers, not ornamental, but flower discs studded with fresh, plump melon seeds that he could buy and fry a large plate of them, peel the seeds and make melon seeds candy for Auston.


     The shop owner showed a relaxed smile and briskly went to wrap the flowers. The beautiful sunflowers were very pretty when tied with a flax-colored twine. She handed them into Ryan’s hands and watched the young and handsome man leave with the bouquet. The owner bit her lower lip and shouted out, “Guest, wait a minute.” He looked like a reliable and trustworthy person.

    Ryan turned sideways and looked at the shop owner inquiringly.

    The shop owner came over and shook her hands nervously, “Are you a soldier on the Xingtian Ship?”


    “You guys might be going to Moon Bay, right?” Seeing the slight change in Ryan’s eyes, the shop owner hastily waved her hands and explained faster, “I-I overheard from those passing soldiers by accident. I’m not a spy, I didn’t deliberately inquire. I-I just…”

    She mustered up her courage and her fair cheeks flushed because of the nervousness, “If you go to Moon Bay, can you, can you keep an eye out for me? There is a man named Leo, who went to Moon Bay three years ago and then, then never came back.” 

    The shop owner hung her head down, a drop of crystal tear fell on the ground, a round wet trail appeared on the edge, and her voice was choked up, “There are adventurers from far away who have taken a fancy to the moonlight rose, paid a lot of money and wanted a bunch to take back. I said I would give it to the adventurer. Moon Bay is too dangerous, going there would be death. Leo refused and said that, with Old York and the others, it would not be dangerous to go to Moon Bay together. When he sells the moonlight roses, he will have money to give to my parents and we can get married. But, but…”

    The man was not very handsome, but the man who looked at her with gentle eyes was gone.

    The man who would be shy and stutter just because of a light kiss from her was gone.

     The man who said he would come and marry her was gone.

    “I think Leo must be somewhere in Moon Bay, waiting to come home.” The shop owner raised her head and looked at Ryan with sparkling tears in her eyes, “Can you help me? I have ten thousand star coins. I’ll give them all to you.”

    “No need for money.” 

     The shop owner felt like she was electrocuted. Her eyes that jumped with anticipation dulled and her whole person became pale and powerless. She had been rejected too many times and can no longer barely face it with curling the corners of her mouth.

    “Letting me see the moonlight rose is the best reward for me.” Ryan had a soothing smile on his face, “If I go to Moon Bay, I will watch out for Leo. Is there anything special about him?”

    “He is 1.75 meters tall, with a medium build, chestnut hair, blue eyes and a dimple on his cheek when he smiles.” The Shop owner spoke quickly, for fear that Ryan might backtrack. Only after she finished speaking, she realized what had happened and looked at Ryan in dismay. The surprise came so quickly that she was a little overwhelmed.

    Ryan said warmly: “The clothes he worn, the accessories on his body, these characteristics.” After three years, the possibility of the young man named Leo being alive is very low. There are many beasts in Moon Bay and the possibility of finding a complete corpse is not high.

    Apparently, the shop owner still had a glimmer of expectation. “He wears a silver amulet on his left hand, which I put on him by myself, in the shape of a moon with my name on it. My name is Henna.”

    “Well, I’ll keep that in mind. If I bring him back, I’ll come here to find you.”

    “Thank you, thank you,” Henna kept saying.

    Henna watched Ryan go out and walked a little further. Henna, who was so excited by the good news, bit her lip, quickly opened the glass cover and paused briefly to draw out a flower.

    “Leo, we’ll be able to meet soon.” 

    The wind chimes rang. Henna had already rushed out to catch up with Ryan and handed the bright red moonlight rose to Ryan. She stood on the street. Ryan nodded gently, took the flowers and left. The wind swept up her long dress, fluttering along with her long hair, as if she was in an anxious mood while waiting.

     Holding flowers, Ryan did not stay in the town for entertainment like the others. He returned to the ship and took the elevator back to the dormitory. On the way, a thin young man entered and the military uniform worn on his body was empty and did not fit him in the slightest.

    He kept staring at Ryan, who was puzzled but gave a smile out of politeness. The thin man averted his gaze, turned around and walked out of the opened elevator door. He was a somewhat arrogant and aloof person that Ryan found baffling.

    After a trip to Xingmang, Sierra went back to his studio to continue to study the cutting-edge content about mecha sent by his teacher. After reading for a while, he received a message from the general and the expression on his face changed instantly as if he was going to meet his lover.

    Checking his clothes and face, he made his way to the captain’s office as fast as he could, knocked on the door twice and walked in. The first thing he saw was a moonlight rose in a plain glass vase on the general’s desk, so familiar and so dazzling.


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