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Chapter 25 Mecha Little Strawberry

Little Mecha Strawberry

    After the semi-annual assessment, Ryan became a full member, as he wished and was assigned to the first unit under the direct command of Colonel William, with a total of 22 teammates including him and Lilith and were called by others as the direct line of Colonel William. The team sometimes jokes that they are the son/daughter of Colonel William and their status within the entire mecha engineering department could be imagined.

    Only the best talents will be looked upon by Colonel William and focused on training.

    “We will reach asteroid B612 in eight days and after two days of free movement, the competition will start and the red and blue teams will be decided by lottery.” The team leader’s name is Su Ming, who is of pure Chinese blood and retains the Chinese surname, Chinese customs and Chinese etiquette. He is a small but very polite and responsible person.

    He smiled and looked at everyone in his team, his eyes didn’t linger for a moment on the new arrivals, Ryan and Lilith and he didn’t give any preferential treatment or special instructions. “Of course, this is in a few days and it’s too early to say anything more. At present, we’ll focus on the maintenance of the ship’s mechas, but don’t relax your requirements. Ryan, Lilith, it’s been a few days since you have become full members, how do you feel? If you have any questions, you can ask them and if you are not used to it… Tell us, we can’t solve it, you can only adapt yourself.”

    At the conclusion of the team summary at the end of the week’s work, Su Ming smiled and made a joke.

    The others grinned, right as a smile and no one could laugh out loud at such a joke.

    Su Ming was also used to it and self-consciously continued to say: “If you don’t bring it up now, you won’t have a chance anymore. Speaking out, everyone can complain together. Even if it can’t help substantively, you will at least feel better in your heart.”

    The old team members looked at the two newcomers, a man and a woman, who looked like a pair of beautiful people. When they first came, everyone coaxed the two of them to get married on the spot, but Ryan said that he was married, leaving most of his teammates who were single, jealous.

    Under the eyes of everyone, Lilith said with a cold face, “No.” What is there? Colonel William said that if she dared to embarrass him when she entered his direct line, he would go home and throw away all the dolls on her bed and tell the world that Lilith was still playing with dolls in her twenties.


    The old birds were still waiting to laugh at the newcomers.

    These two newcomers are nothing like newcomers and it’s not even fun to bully newcomers.

    A newcomer has already said, then the other one should always have a problem with it.

    Ryan can only make everyone regret one more time, “No.” When he encountered a problem, he would promptly ask someone around him and would not keep dragging out a small problem into a big one.

    “Since there is none, everyone will be dismissed in place.” Su Ming announced the dismissal and everyone left one after another. Only Ryan walked at the end. “Ryan, I know where to get the three-type shock absorber you mentioned earlier, how much do you want?”

    “I want twelve.” The small mecha designed and made by Ryan has been made into two-thirds and the lack of some parts were assembled. He made a list and after a few days in the new team, he looked for a chance to show it to Su Ming. Su Ming has a nickname of mobile parts library. He has a hobby of collecting parts and knows how to collect parts on the Xingtian Ship. If he didn’t assigned to the direct line team, he would also find opportunities to meet Su Ming.

    “Eighty percent of the new shock absorber, a 200-star coin.” Su Ming’s business is to pay with one hand and deliver it with one hand and the price is clearly marked, no deception.

    “Okay, when can I get it?”

    “Where do you live?”

    Ryan said, “In District X, No. 1806. Just turn left out of the elevator and go straight ahead. I’m the only one in the dorm over there.”

    “It turned out to be there. That dormitory is quite big. I used to apply to move there before, you know, there are too many things in my dormitory and I need a bigger space, but the logistics does not allow it, so I can only give up.” Su Ming has seniority and high position, but he, without any pretense of sub-commander, is a very easy-going person in private.

    Ryan thought to himself, If they let you live there in the past, where else will you live when I come? There is no more private dormitory in the entire Xingtian Ship.

    “I’ll bring it over in the evening, you wait in the dormitory.”

    “Okay.” Ryan nodded.

    After parting with Su Ming, he went to the restaurant to buy lunch, fish fillet with tomato sauce, braised beef in red wine and a fried chicken leg. The main dish ordered was seafood fried rice. When cooking the rice, it was estimated that the water was too low and it was very hard that it needed to be chewed repeatedly to ensure that it could be digested by the stomach after swallowing. When he returned to the dormitory after dinner, the dormitory without the planting cabin looked empty and deserted.

    Without that person, this is nothing more than a place to rest and sleep.

    Ryan stood in the doorway and gathered himself, shaking his head, as he walked in to bring out the small mecha and various parts and tools he had assembled. Opening the box, there are two legs and an arm lying in it, he was about to start making the second arm and there was a stack of blueprints next to the arm, changing from a large manned mecha to a small guard mecha is not a big process. Grasp the fundamental point and the rest will follow1T/N: a chinese idiom, everything is perfect and it’s easy to make small ones.

    There is no need to connect neurons and no need to consider the operation of the mecha warriors. With artificial intelligence, the process is less than half of the large manned mechas and it can be called a toy.

    The idea is to let Auston put it on the desk and take a look at it when he has time.

    Therefore, Ryan made it very small. The entire mecha is 60 cm high, weighing no more than 40 kg, equipped with particle cannons, pulse guns, 16 compression bombs and six titanium alloy flying knives. If this “toy” is sent to the battlefield, it can cripple a Zerg.

    “Is this what you’re doing by hiding it from me?”

    Focused on the movement of his hand, Ryan didn’t hear the footsteps and was startled, almost picking up a part in the wrong hand. With a clang, the drill bit hit the metal sparks and Ryan subconsciously raised his arm to block all the sparks.

    “I’m sorry,” Auston was upset. Ryan should have been reminded.

    Ryan put down the parts he was assembling and raised his head to look at Auston, “Why are you here today?”

    “The work at hand is done.”

    Ryan stretched out this hand to Auston and Auston placed his hand on it. His jade-like hand was a little cold. Ryan pushed away the various parts in front of him and pulled him hard and Auston fell into his arms, which can only be done if the general cooperated with such an action.

    “I designed the mecha by myself and there are still many imperfections that need to be improved, so I will change it as a small toy for you first.” Ryan played with Auston’s fingers and continued: “We have known each other for so long and I didn’t give any gifts to you. This is my first gift to you, originally I wanted to keep it a secret, but you saw it, so I gave it to you in advance.”

     Picking up a leg of the mecha and holding it in front of Auston, Ryan said “I hope you like it, you can think of a name for it now. After I install the AI ​​system, I’ll be able to communicate with him.”

     “You can name it now.” The icy calf was still unpainted, revealing the most pristine silver texture, luscious and pocket-sized yet rigid and powerful. Auston imagined the little thing posing in front of him as he said: “Let’s call it a little strawberry.”

     Ryan: “Good.” He supports unconditionally.

     Mecha… its opinion is invalid.


     Eight days passed quickly and B612 was in sight. The Xingtian ship broke through the atmosphere of the asteroid and landed, and this is the first time in the 16-month voyage. After landing, the ship’s mechanic will conduct a comprehensive overhaul and maintenance of the ship, making sure to keep the Xingtian ship and its affiliated ships in the most perfect condition.

     B612 is an icy planet with a global temperature of no more than 10 degrees Celsius. There are only two seasons here, the freezing season and the warming season. The ground base where the Xingtian ship landed is in the warm season. Today’s temperature is 8 degrees Celsius. The planet without heavy industry has a very clear and clean sky. The sun shines directly on the ground, which is very bright.

     The birds that are unique to this planet flew past the Xingtian Ship with a quack laughter, as if they had heard some bad joke.

     “Ryan, Wanna go to the bar for a drink?” Derrick greeted Ryan.

     Ryan said: “Go ahead, I’ll be right there.”

     Derrick: “Then I’ll wait for you at the bar and order you a glass of barley wine in advance. When you come over and sober up, it will definitely taste good.”

     “Okay. You decide.” Ryan was on the ship receiving the content about the competition from Su Ming, including the map, the rules of the competition, the time of the draw and so on.

    In two days, it’s time to get on the field and Ryan is looking forward to it.

    B612 is the easternmost border post of the Empire, a military base of the Golden Crusaders on the edge of the Empire. There are soldiers stationed here, family members of soldiers and a large number of interstellar adventurers who use this place as a supply station. Along with the adventurers came a variety of businessmen, who gather here for their own reasons and live a life far away from the hustle and bustle of the mundane. Adventurers do not have an ordinary life. They drive small starships and live in the wind and rain, licking blood with their knives and when necessary, they will act as pirates and become slaughtering machines that kill without blood.

    Adventurers who dare to enter and can enter B612 are certainly not the famous characters on the bounty list, with no officially recorded human lives and their heads are worthless.

     Red orange bar, the door of the bar was pushed open and a young man wearing dark green uniforms with a warm and handsome appearance walked in, glanced indoors and went to the bar, where Derrick was drinking wine and eating local specialties of fish and bragging to the bartender.

     Derrick: “The Red Mill of the Capital Star, you know, right?. I saw Miss Yulia dancing last time. It was so beautiful.”

     The  bartender: “Bragging, the entrance fee to the Red Mill costs five thousand stars, the place where the rich spend, you are rich, ah?.”

     Derrick: “It is a recommendation from a member, so it is not so expensive. I just spent two thousand stars and it was worth it to watch a Yulia performance.”

     Bartender: “Why don’t you go next door to the Red Mill and look at the fair thighs?” 

    Derrick gave an unspoken smile, “How do you know I didn’t go.” 

    Next door to the Red Mill is the only legal women’s branch in the entire Capital Star, with a bold and open performance on every Friday, where men and women come and go and are guaranteed to return happily.

     Seeing that the chat topic was getting more and more restricted, Ryan’s raised leg didn’t know whether to move forward or backward. It’s not good to go forward and chat with them about the characteristics of that women’s branch, although he also learned a lot from the Internet…..

    “Ryan, come on. I’m just waiting for you.” Derrick waved and shouted when he saw Ryan.

     Ryan shook his head helplessly, walked over, and sat on the high chair.


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