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MPWATMBC Chapter 24

Ryan will not lose

     The boxing ring on the side of the training ground on this floor was surrounded by three layers of people. There were a lot of people, but no noise, silently watching Ryan on the stage defeat one opponent after another.

    The sound of fist breaking in the air stopped in his ear as Derrick punched straight to Ryan’s throat and he tilted his head sideways, saying cheerfully, “I lost.”

    It was a ticklish moment that after no one came to the stage to challenge Ryan, Derrick, who was eager to try, made an invitation and the two had an end-to-end friendly battle. The splendid tricks between masters provided an excellent competitive performance for the audience and the two men in the ring were also very enjoyable and hearty.

    Ryan’s fist stopped when he was about to hit Derrick’s temple and Derrick’s fist was still a full finger away from Ryan’s throat. When the masters compete, the distance of this finger can decide everything and Derrick voluntarily admits defeat.

    “It’s very comfortable and relaxing. I should have a match with you sooner.” Derrick took off the bandage wrapped around his hand and walked towards Ryan with a big laugh, “I was overly defensive this time and I didn’t actively attack, let you seize the opportunity. Next time, next time we compete, I will beat you for sure.”

    Sweat drenched his hair, the strands of hair on his forehead blocked his sight. Ryan wiped the beads of sweat that were about to fall into his eyes with the backhand and said with a slight gasp of breath, “Always waiting.”

    “With this word from you, don’t blame me for always harassing you in the future.”

    Ryan said, “It’s urging me to keep working hard.”

    The two looked at each other and with a smile, fists hit each other and a gentleman’s agreement was made.

    While the two men in the boxing ring had a great conversation, the onlookers were very restless.

    “That Ryan is from the logistics department, right?”

    “His skill is no worse than that of the melee1Close-combat soldiers; hand-to-hand fight at a close range troop. That Derrick is one of the best in the melee troop.”



    The people who were clamoring to challenge Ryan before, lay down. They came from logistics, mechanical control, headquarters, melee combat, mecha… Some people have already come to the stage and been overturned by Ryan and some people, cherishing feathers, slowly stepped back into the crowd and no one at the scene was willing to give Ryan a head.

    After waiting for a while, no one challenged again. Ryan and Derrick went together and went to the locker room to take a shower and change clothes.

    There were two adjacent compartments in the bathroom, where Ryan and Derrick were on the left and the right. The place was empty with no outsiders in, but Derrick talked about Ryan’s marriage mostly in a veiled manner.

    “Ryan, once your affairs are exposed, it will be more complicated to look at you.” The sound of water distorted Derrick’s voice. He looked next door with a head of white dense bubbles, only to see the frosted glass, but not anyone.

    “I know that I don’t deserve him, if I am not capable enough.”

    Derrick comforted, “You are still young, there is still time to work hard and fight. You are only 30 years old and many people your age are simply big babies inside the house, less than one percent of you.”

    “It’s not like that, achievement doesn’t differentiate between ages.” Once his relationship with Auston came to light, what many people saw was not his age, but his ability and status. “I need to work harder in order to be able to compete with him one day.”

    “Ryan, what is your gene sequence?”


    Derrick: “…”

    Derrick: “What?!!”

    Ryan shook his head helplessly, as if saying to himself and to Derrick: “…I thought you knew.”

    Derrick was silent, cheering Ryan through the glass partition, “No, the day I learned about that… I thought you were X.”

    “In fact, there is really no difference, whether it is X or Y. To be able to stand side by side with your lover, you need to keep working hard.”

    Derrick adjusted the water temperature and in a moment of over-regulation, hot water turned directly into ice water, “Ah!”

    “What’s wrong, Derrick?”

    Derrick shivered with his arms crossed. “No, nothing, I just want to calm down.”

    “Sudden cold and sudden heat can be bad for your body.”


    Ryan : “…”

    Derrick: “It’s nothing, I’ve adjusted the water temperature, the hot water is warm, quite good.”


    After poor Derrick went back, he felt a little swollen in his head and a little sore in his throat, so he went to the infirmary to get a prescription. After registering and waiting in the waiting area, Derrick jerked his nose and heard the people around him chatting about Ryan. The news of Ryan’s victory over many opponents spread like wildfire and became the subject of heated discussion.

    “This person has been quite popular recently.”

    “It’s too radical, he still has to work hard in his own position. What’s the use of being popular all over the ship in this way?”

    “But he’s popular ah, I would like to see how far he can go.”

    It was Derrick’s turn and before he left, he heard someone say regretfully, “Still too young, I don’t know if it’s a blessing to play steadily and keep a low profile, but if it’s too high profile, it will hurt even more.”

    Derrick raised the corner of his mouth. Ryan is now taking a high-profile route and he will succeed if he has a clear goal.

    Even being high-profile and famous, Ryan’s life is still as calm as ever. No one came to challenge him after the fight in the ring. As for the childish tricks of ignoring and isolating, he simply did not put them in his eyes.

    “It’s not a day off today. Amy, what brings you here?”

    Amy stood in the doorway, her eyes bypassed Ryan to look inside the house, “I came to return the cup.”

    Ryan couldn’t help laughing, “No need to return it, I bought another one and it’s a pair.”

    “Ohhh.” Amy withdrew her eyes in disappointment. General Auston didn’t come to Ryan’s place. In despair, she pushed the box in her arms to Ryan, “Take it, there is fruit candy I made in the cup for Au… for you guys.”

    “Thank you.” Ryan took the box and said to Amy as he turned around: “I also have candy, strawberry flavored.”

    The planting cabin was temporarily confiscated. Ryan had all kinds of dessert recipes but had no way to perform.  Auston picked a lot of strawberries and sent them to Ryan despite Blair’s objection. Taking the opportunity to show his skills, he made strawberry-flavored fudge. The pink-colored fudge was wrapped with white sugar granules and packed in a small bamboo tube, which looked particularly cute.

    “Not much, you have a taste.”

    Amy took it and asked awkwardly: “Does the general have one?”

    “…Yes.” Ryan made it specially for Auston, with detoxification enzymes. Blair matched other detoxification ingredients and had made a targeted agent 1.0 and 2.0 with better effects being developed. The taste of the medicine isn’t expected to be much better. Ryan inadvertently tasted a little bit. The bitter and sour numbness was comparable to that of the spicy yellow sesame hot pot. Blair didn’t care about the taste of the medicine at all, he only cared about the effect.

    In order to relieve the bitterness in Auston’s mouth, Ryan tried his best to make various strawberry desserts, such as strawberry mousse, strawberry pudding, strawberry yogurt, strawberry Daifuku, strawberry snow girl, strawberry fudge… with very few strawberries to make as many desserts as possible.

    Amy suppressed her screams and hugged the cute little bamboo tube babyly. The fudge inside was like her heart. As the president of General Auston’s official support club (she pulled up an organization and became official), as long as she can have the same things as her idol, she is very happy.

    “Thank you Ryan.” For fear that Ryan would regret it, Amy ran away after thanking him, as fast as if there were little monsters chasing behind her.

    Ryan shook his head, Amy’s transformation was too fast.

    Amy likes himself, Ryan is distressed. Amy likes Auston and it is even more distressing to him.

    Life is so full of entanglements and troubles. He opened the small box that Amy sent and there was a coffee cup in it. The coffee cup was filled with yellow hard candy and he took a hard candy and threw it into his mouth. The taste was alright but it was so sweet, that it would kill the candy dealer.

    “This cup is not mine.” Originally, there was a small gap at the bottom of the cup, which ordinary people couldn’t see at once.

    Ryan: “…”

    Ryan smiled helplessly, “I wonder if Amy and the supporters have cheering slogans and a collection of photos, I’d quite like to be part of it…..”

    He walked into the kitchen with the coffee cup in his hand. The sweet and bitter fruit candy is a passion fruit flavor and he just modified and improved it with strawberries to make a strawberry-based compound fruit candy, which Auston will like.

    He liked it very much. In the captain’s office, several big bosses on the ship are sitting in the meeting area for a meeting. The sharp-eyed Colonel William saw a small bamboo basket with a very different style from the cold, hard and simple desk. The cute little basket contained a bunch of cuter fudge and the candies just look delicious.

    “Look over there.” William whispered in Charles’ ear.

    Charles is as different as a mountain, taking notes seriously.

    William pursed his lips in a dull manner, they would arrive at asteroid B612 in half a month, which was the farthest outpost on the eastern border of the empire and a training base for the Golden Crusade. Half a month later, the Xingtian ship will be docked on the asteroid for repair. All the soldiers on the ship, all combat departments including some logistics departments will conduct field training and will be divided into red and blue armies to fight against each other. The winner will be rewarded in front of the whole army, individuals with outstanding performance will receive a Medal of Honor.

    The leaders gather here to discuss the field training plan, determine the route, area and winning method, etc. A perfect plan will help the training objectives to be better achieved.

    “I think the Moon Bay area should be the main competition area for this competition.” Auston’s finger tapped a point in the 3D image. The 3D projection was the holographic image of B612. The intelligent system zoomed in on Moon Bay according to his instructions. The location where it was located was a long and narrow valley like a crescent moon. The terrain was rugged and strange animals appeared frequently. It was a place that tested individual combat ability and teamwork ability.

    “Is it too difficult?” Some raised concerns.

    Auston said: “The danger in the universe is even greater than this. Do you shrink back because of fear?”

    The deputy captain dragged the holographic map and pointed to a grassland next to Moon Bay, “This place can be added to the competition.”

    William looked at the applause and laughed, “Haha, those little soldiers know going to these two places must not wail, haha, too comical, I like it.”

    Auston laughed lightly, “The difficulty is increased and the rewards will also be generous.”

    “What’s the reward?” William glanced at the delicious fudge on the desk, “Candy?”

     Auston swept a glance at William and the troublemaker embarrassed him on the spot.

    “Anyone who performs well in the competition will be directly integrated into the National Day military parade.”

    The bosses present looked at each other and smiled knowingly.

    “Knowing this news, the competition will be more intense.” Don’t know who said it.


    Translator’s little theatre:

Someone confessing to Ryan-

    Baby Ryan : (politely) I’m married.

Someone confessing to General-

Baby Ryan *Stepping forward & hiding his wife* : (glaring) F*ck off!!


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