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MPWATMBC Chapter 23

Breaking the record

     As per the assessment requirement, the assembly time of a diode should not exceed 20 minutes, but the requirements of the official members were even higher. When the strict examination of Colonel William began, he stood in front of the stage and told everyone that if the official members were to take more than ten minutes, the assessment, this time, would be deemed as a failure. And if cumulative failures in two assessments, they would just pack up back to the ground base and wait to be ridiculed.

    The Golden Crusaders were all proud to be a member of the ship and even more proud to enter the Xingtian Ship.

    “It’s our turn soon.” Lilith squeezed the can in her hand. She was always neat and tidy, and she couldn’t help but get nervous. She wanted to show her father that without relying on the strength of others, she could make an exception through her own efforts and enter the official team, becoming a regular member. If given her a year or two, she will be able to obtain the establishment1T/N: having a permanent post; a part of the official staff.

    Taking a deep breath, Lilith couldn’t help but look at Ryan, who was standing beside her. She couldn’t see any nervousness from the gentle appearance. He was calm and relaxed, as if he was going to pick a handful of onions from the ground. Only with such strength and confidence can anyone perform like this.

    Lilith recalled the glimpse behind the security gate that day and the day when General Auston fell to code zero due to an injury. He took off his gentle appearance and his ruthless inside made people shudder.

     She had no doubts, as long as she followed a hint of curiosity and stepped into the security door, what was waiting for her was death and destruction of the corpse.

    “Ryan.” Lilith suddenly shouted.

    Ryan looked over, his brown eyes were as gentle as clear water, “Huh?”

    “It’s nothing.” Lilith originally wanted to ask, what experience did you have in the past and why the real you is so different from your appearance. But the words were swallowed back at the mouth. Too abrupt, let’s wait.

    Wait until the relationship between the two is better and have become friends before asking.

    Ryan said, “It’s my turn.”

    Lilith was surprised and looked at the field. Sure enough, one person had already completed the assessment and the number plate in the vacant position indicated that it was Ryan’s turn.

    It was soon his turn.

    Lilith, who was nervous about the exam, clenched her fists and said, “Go for it2T/N: pinyin – jiayou refers to encouraging / cheering for someone!” 

    The voice was a little louder, drawing sideway glances from people around.

     Ryan was stunned for a while, then gently curved his eyebrows, “Okay, Go for it, too.”

     There are twenty long tables in the center of the training ground, for forty people to conduct the assessment at the same time. Whoever finishes the assessment will press the timer on the table, which will be the next one’s turn and the cycle will repeat until everyone has finished the assessment. After the assessment, you can leave the training ground or stay, but you must be there at the end of the collective assessment, when the leader addresses this assessment. After the formal member assessment was over, there were the auxiliary personnel and Ryan and his “cleaners” team were the last in the order of the auxiliary personnel. When their group comes on stage, it is already the last and the people who left before came back one after another.

    The number of people on the training ground was increasing and everyone’s eyes were focused on them.

    Under the watchful eyes of the public, the pressure on the people in the examination room was also increasing.

    Ryan walked to the tenth table and the man on the left was in a hurry, missed a screw and it fell on the table, then bounced to the ground. The man grabbed anxiously several times in the air but failed to catch it. When he arrived, he heard a crisp landing sound. The screw fell to the ground and the man bent over to pick it up in distress.

    The one on Ryan’s right was probably affected, sweating profusely, he pushed a divider to the inside of the diode and assembled it without any rules. Looking at the timer on his desk, it was approaching twenty minutes. Ryan glanced at it and knew that this person would not pass the assessment, one third of which was not yet completed.

    Ryan glanced at the faces of the people on the opposite side and had a panoramic view of all. Some were nervous, some were ashen, some were calm… A simple exam showed everyone the foundation.

    Diodes are a little beyond the basics for a first-level engineer. It is a difficult test question for a second-level engineer and it must be mastered by a third-level engineer.

    The theoretical part of the textbook syllabus stated this way, which Ryan remembered on the pages and lines.

    Diodes are used a lot in mechas and are one of the basic parts. During the battle of the mecha, the machine runs at a high speed and the diode is the first to burn when the machine overheats – this is a conversion method for the mecha to protect itself. In short, when a mecha comes down from the battlefield, the engineer will have to replace the melted diode as quickly as possible.

    Replacing diodes is a mandatory test for Level 3 engineers.

    Only one-third of mecha manufacturing has been mechanized and the remaining two-thirds, including the assembly of parts, must be done manually, which is one of the reasons for the high cost and long manufacturing time of mechas.

    A good mecha engineer should make five to six diodes in an hour.

    Can I be a good mecha engineer?

    Ryan asked himself, he can!

    To be promoted from the auxiliary staff, he must have the hand speed of the regular staff.

    Ryan closed his eyes lightly and opened them. His gentleness was full of restrained sharpness. He pressed the timer and the number on the timer began to jump rapidly, one second, two seconds, one minute and two minutes… It was very fast, but Ryan’s hands were even faster!

    In the piles of components, his hand can pick out the appropriate components by passing his hands on them. After picking them out, he threw them in front of him and did not assemble them like others did. This programmed instructions in a teaching model, he did not follow.

    “What’s up with Ryan? Why doesn’t he assemble it?!”

    “Does he think he is better than Sierra? ” 

    “Another one who wants to get attention again, hehe.”


    The people around were buzzing and whispering, some worried, some mocking and some indifferent.

    Sierra is the exclusive engineer of the code name zero. Since he completed the assembly of the diode in seven minutes and thirty-one seconds using the mode of finding parts and assembling, everyone has started to adopt this method. After all, he is a master who had a certificate of level four or above at the age of Seventy-six.

    There was an oppressing buzz in the scene that came together and was indistinguishable from a flock of ducks quacking.

    The proctor couldn’t take it anymore and yelled at the crowd with red eyes, “Shut up.”

      The voice became quieter and everyone realized that the assessment was not over yet.

        Colonel William, Lieutenant Colonel Charles and other leaders stood in the place with the best view and could see the performance of everyone present without affecting the emotions of those who were being assessed.

    “Finally, I saw someone who doesn’t use Sierra’s method. I’m tired of seeing so much.” Colonel William was smoking a pipe, but he didn’t light it, gripping just feel bored in his mouth.

    “Successful examples are always the best to imitate.”

    William shrugged, “It also depends on whether you are suitable or not.”

    Lieutenant Colonel Charles, who was meticulously staring at the assessment, nodded, “Many people don’t think about what they are suitable for, but rather just imitate them and this batch of personnel is disappointing.”

    “Charles don’t have to be so strict. After all, they are all engineers of level 3 and below.”

    Charles looked at William with a serious expression, “Colonel, level 4 and above is already the master level and the third level is the mainstream of service. Their attitude is related to the survival of the soldiers.”

    “Charles is right. It seems that we should adjust the training strategy.”

    All the mecha engineers present felt a chill behind their backs, always feeling that nothing good would happen in the future.

    A tall and upright figure quietly appeared among the leaders. William and the others saluted. Auston raised his hand and pressed it, not letting them make a sound to affect the assessment process.

    Auston calmly watched the ongoing assessment on the field. His eyes did not linger much on Ryan, but his presence at this point of time was the best proof.

    “General, after this assessment, the engineering team will have to replace a group of people.” The estimated number of people who failed this assessment is around 30 or 40. This number is not excessive. This is the case every year. Only by maintaining the flow of blood can the overall efficient operation be ensured. Of course, once this number is exceeded, there will be problems, which will affect the overall operation of the department. The root cause must be strictly investigated.

    Auston nodded, “The same as the previous years.” 

    The subtext was, there was no overall improvement.

    No improvement is a proof of no progress and leaders are equally incompetent.

    William had already put away the indifference on his face, “General, many soldiers have no urgency and only crammed before the assessment. This is our mistake, or there are too few examinations. I propose that the assessment should be changed from once every six months to three months once. Our cruise lasted for 18 months, that is, six assessments and those who failed four times were dismissed.”

    “General, I agree with Colonel William’s proposal.” Charles, as William’s partner for the longest time, stepped forward to express his agreement.

    Several others followed suit.

    Auston said: “Write a specific report to me with detailed data.”

    William felt bitter in his heart and he decided to capture Ryan to be a coolie for himself.(T/N: Oh, Our poor baby!!!)


    His eyes swept over the general’s arm, where there was an inconspicuous golden cross armband.

    After the work was done, everyone relaxed and talked to the old generals and communicated with each other, which was also what a superior should do.

   After a few words of gossip, Colonel William seemed to unintentionally lead the topic to the general’s armband, “This armband has been worn by the general for years, right?”

    Auston glanced down at his armband. The golden cross looked bland and unremarkable under the lights of the training ground, “When I was 20 years old, I won the all-army competition and my father personally put it on me.”

    It is the glory that belongs to the Golden Cross and his personal glory, the only one in the world.

    He smiled, looked at Colonel William, who pretended not to be nervous and threw a heavy blow to the crowd present, “I keep forgetting to tell everyone that I am married.” 

    It was followed by an uproar, but not from William and the others. Their voices were not loud enough to lift the ceiling of the training ground. It was the sound of everyone present in unison.

   The speed of diode assembly, the highest record on the Xingtian ship, was broken. It increased by 30 seconds and the assembly was completed in seven minutes and one second. The record breaker was a mediocre rookie who was called into the “Cleaners” team as soon as he came in and his name was Ryan Smith.

    William said: “Your wife must be great!”


    The last few batches were usually the one with the highest elimination rate. New faces appear every year. After three or four years, except for the team leader of each team, the members were basically not the original formula3T/N: New members will appear as the original members of the team were incompetent and they were sent back to the ground base.

     Very few boring guys even opened the bet on a person who persists for five years in the block. Today, the chances of winning for those who “can stay for five years” in the block are getting smaller and smaller and the last few groups of auxiliary members couldn’t stay. Inhabitants have become a curse on the Xingtian Ship.

    “That curly-haired gorilla is already in his third year, right? As long as he passes this assessment, he will be able to endure another year and it will soon be five years.”

    Several people who had staked more than a thousand Star Coins in the “five-year period” and had been gritting their teeth, were chatting in the place closest to the assessment site.

    The guy holding his arms nodded with his chin, no longer expecting anything from the seeded players, “The curly-haired gorilla you mentioned, can’t even grab the screw and dropped it on the floor and is now pouting his ass on the ground looking for it.”

    “Hey, who else has persisted for three years?” The chestnut-haired man tiptoed and looked around in the crowd.

    “Big Eyes passed the assessment this time, but not the last one .” 

    “I’m looking at the little guy, hum, it’s his turn to play and his hands are shaking like this.”

    “Loud voice…..”

    “The nicknames you give people can be a bit creative, okay?”

    “The curly-haired gorilla is back on his feet, his hands are picking up speed and he can definitely assemble the diode in twenty minutes.”

    “God, I can’t believe my eyes, you guys. Look at the guy next to the curly-haired gorilla.”

    The little friends looked over to the person next to the curly-haired gorilla. He is very tall, obviously he and everyone are wearing uniform military uniforms, but he looked extraordinarily upright and outstanding. His temperament is gentle and soft and his facial features are not exquisite and unforgettable. Overall, it is very comfortable to put together. He has the characteristics of typical Chinese blood, with short black hair and supple, introverted brilliance, just like the jade mentioned in Chinese traditional culture.

    “Pretty good-looking.”

    “This is my favorite look. I wonder if he’s married and whether the gene sequence is X or Y.”

    “Little brother is so good-looking, I want to go and ask for the contact information.”

    “…I want to let you see his appearance, now it’s the assessment. Look at his hand, he! His! Hand!”

    Everyone’s eyes moved and they were stunned by the scene in front of them.

    They did the same thing in exactly the same way, rubbing their eyes twice to make sure they didn’t see it wrong.

    The slender and powerful fingers grasped the components and combined them quickly, as if leaving afterimages in the air, like a fluttering butterfly, dazzling people.

    Time passed, but at seven minutes and one second, the number on the timer stopped abruptly and a brand-new diode of absolutely excellent quality appeared perfectly in front of Ryan. This time the assessment was only about the speed of the test, not the quality. If the two were taken together, many people who pursued speed would not be able to achieve the quality of perfection up to standard.

    However, Ryan had taken care of both.

    According to the ranking of diode production on the Empire Star Online, only those within 6 minutes and 30 seconds can be ranked within 100 and those within 7 minutes can be ranked within 1,000. Of course, this ranking does not make much sense, after all, the overcoming of specialization in assembly line production can increase the speed.

    Although the rankings are not recognized by the industry, they are very popular among amateurs who watch the excitement. No, no, many insiders disdain them and secretly open a darkroom and put on a vest for comparison.

    At least, his heart is satisfied.

    Ryan, who caused an uproar, took his diode and was about to step aside to give his place to a few people who didn’t take the exam. Ryan, who likes to be low-key and indifferent, has never competed for rankings. He has always played normally. Once he is fully focused and serious, his grades will not be lower than the second place. It was like this when he was in college and it is the same now. He wants to shine his light and make himself enough to match Auston.

    “This is not his final score.”

    “Yes, he slowed down his hand speed when he pressed the timer. In fact, he could increase it by another two or three seconds and reach the seven-point mark.”

    There was a lot of discussion and looking at Ryan’s calm and a shallow smile, many people scolded in their hearts: Pretentious!

    The crowd was separated and Lieutenant Colonel Charles ran over, “Ryan, come with me.” He looked at the chattering crowd, “The assessment is still going on, keep quiet.”

    There are still a dozen people conducting the assessment and the loud noises of the crowd has affected their performance. Some people make mistakes frequently because of their irritability. If this continues, they are likely to fail in this assessment.

     Under the serious gaze of Lieutenant Colonel Charles, more and more people stopped talking and some of them who had made a fuss just now lowered their heads in his eyes. Although everyone stopped talking, the shock in their hearts could not be suppressed and they moved to the chat room to continue. The subtitles on the light screen projected by the personal terminal in the air refreshed very quickly.

    Soon, this wave of vibrations expanded out from the Mecha Engineering Department.

    Ryan debuted with absolute strength in the C position and was out of the circle!

    In the warehouse where the obsolete weapons and equipment were placed, Amy boredly swiped the Ship’s forum and her line of sight swept across a line—the newcomer challenged the mecha engineer chief Sierra successfully and became the first in the department with absolute strength.

    “Which crazy person made such a war-inducing post? Challenging the chief, such courage ah, I wonder whether Ryan is watching.”

    Amy clicked in and her eyes widened instantly. Ryan was not an onlooker at all, he was the first person.

    Her attitude changed a hundred and eighty degrees, “I knew Ryan was the best, but he is…that’s what, he can’t do it without strength, haha. Come and see, our Ryan is amazing.”

    Harriet, who was taking a military theory course, kept poking at the screen and fighting with those who slandered Ryan. One person refuted the combat effectiveness of the 50 people without slackening and even became more and more brave in battle.

    Derrick, who was sitting next to Harriet, glanced at the instructor’s class, but his mind gradually drifted away. He remembered the chance encounter that day and the conversation in the elevator… Mediocre should not be in Ryan’s body.

    Next door to the training ground, Chief Sierra disassembled and installed the diodes, installed them and disassembled them. He did not need to participate in the assessment. But he would not relax his training because he had the title of master. His teacher was a student of Master Guass McAryan. Master Gauss McAryan once said: Relaxing yourself is creating opportunities for the enemy and the enemy is everywhere.

    “Sierra, look, this post is so infuriating.” 

     His cheeks were thin and appear to be a bit overly frail and Sierra’s eyes were focused on the movements of his hands. Whether it’s mecha repairing or manufacturing, it is a work that requires extremely high craftsmanship. “It’s just some grandstanding, do your job well and think about where you need to improve.”

    “But they’ve gone too far, saying that Ryan will replace you. How is it possible? How can a self-taught rookie be as good as a student of Master McAye.”

    Sierra said, “Don’t underestimate anyone, Benedict. Ryan has his own advantages.”

    “Oh.” Benedict sat down reluctantly.

    “Also, our enemy is always ourselves, whether it’s Ryan or Mian, but they are just little murmurs to motivate us. Don’t shake yourself for it. Our success requires focus.”

     “Sierra, you are right. It’s just a result of a diode. Any one from the mecha parts manufacturing factory is within seven points. It’s powerful, but what’s the use? The key is to master the core technology.”


     Sierra responded casually.

    Benedict crooked his mouth when he saw Sierra’s indifferent appearance. He propped up his chin and said, “I just received a message that the general actually appeared at the training ground and he still wanted to see Ryan. It’s really strange, the general has never stayed this long during the assessment. What kind of shit luck did Ryan have to be summoned by the general…”

    His fair-skinned, almost transparent fingers clenched tightly against the diode element, the edges and corners stinging his skin and Sierra, who had always been focused, lost his mind.

    While the four sides reacted differently, Ryan had already walked to the leadership group. He saw Auston from a long distance and Auston also saw Ryan.

    At this time, Colonel William, who knew part of the inside story, smelled a different smell. He looked at General Dalton without a trace and then at the smiling Ryan. He always felt that there were thousands of words in their eyes, with warmth and affection. There is an unspeakable, tacit understanding between husband and wife.

    William: “…”

    This kind of secret that the whole world doesn’t know is only in my hands, it’s so cool!

    “Congratulations to Lieutenant Smith.” William laughed and stretched out his thick arm, patted Ryan’s thin back with his large hand, “As expected of a soldier who regards… the mecha as a treasure, the mechas you cleaned with your hands are very clean and the AIs have all reported it to us. It was our negligence in the past that we didn’t take into account these details, but you reminded us.”

    After saluting to Auston and everyone present., Ryan said, “The Colonel has flattered me, but I just learned from my colleagues to act according to the rules and regulations. It’s the ship’s charter that is well established.”

    The charter was compiled, revised and gradually improved by the big guys. His words praised everyone and removed the suspicion that the leaders ignored the cleanup. Even his colleagues did not offend him. If he did not do a good job, then It’s purely a personal issue.

    With this statement, everyone present felt quite at ease.

    Colonel William’s smile deepened, creating an opportunity to say, “General, I’m excited to see a good soldier and spoke ahead of you.” 

   The hob seemed to be familiar to everyone. Auston just smiled and walked to Ryan. He shook hands with him, “Good achievement, don’t slack off in the future, keep working hard.” Very official, everyone thought it was over, General Auston changed his words, “My lover is as good as you. Seeing you, I just saw him. Thank you for your success.” I was pleasantly surprised.

    The expression of the person who didn’t know the truth changed slightly. The general didn’t expose his marriage situation on a whim and it seemed that there was no need to conceal it.

    Knowing the truth, William adjusted his facial expression very well, sighing that it is good to be young, thinking, back then, he and his wife were so passionate, like glue.

    Ryan’s calm eyes sparkled with fire. He looked at Auston and said, “Thank you, General. You are the best person I have ever met. I wish you and your lover happiness.” We will be together for a long, long time.


   The end of the assessment.

   “Everyone, Assemble!”

    With the order, no matter what they were doing at the previous moment, the next moment they all went to their designated position according to the command, from team to team, group to group, from high to low in order to form a square.

    In front of the team, Lieutenant Colonel Charles stepped on the ground and the smooth ground rose to become a temporary podium. There were three people standing on the podium, respectively, General Auston, Colonel William and Lieutenant Colonel Charles. The deputy captain and the rest of them all stood under the podium and watched the soldiers who had undergone an assessment together with the three people on the stage.

    It was only at this time that someone realized the fact that the Captain of the Ship, General Auston, had actually appeared here, which was unprecedented. It’s not that the general never came during the assessment, it was just that he only came for a while and left without disturbing anyone. Unlike this time, he even stayed until the end of the assessment.

    Is this going to be a speech?

    Obviously not, Auston gestured for Colonel William to step forward.

    Colonel William put away his usual rude smile, serious as a sturdy male lion foraging on the grassland and the following group of fledgling feathered chicks were the targets of his “hunting”. Breaking the rules and regulations, repeatedly failing the examination… Colonel William showed a cruel smile, so don’t blame him for not being polite.

    He is not a leader who likes to praise first and then suppress, like courtesy first and military next, saying that the weather is good today and everyone’s performance is the same as splendid weather. As soon as he opened his mouth, straight to the subject, spraying people4T/N: Scolding everyone which could not help but made them hang their heads and doubt life, whether their parents gave birth to themselves was a mistake and wonder if they standing there, was a waste of country’s rice and grains by occupying the resources on the Xingtian Ship.

    When the conversation changed, William’s mighty stance of firing his artillery suddenly stopped. He talked about the situation of this assessment. The furious lion restrained all his anger and became a lion strolling in the sunset and patrolling the territory.

    “Our mecha engineering department has a total of 363 people, occupied by two battalions and the number of people at its peak was just over 500. The reason why the number of the mecha engineering department has never been able to raise its number is related to the actual situation on the ship.” At this point, William bent to General Auston, who was standing on one side and then continued: “It is also caused by our own lack of quality, which I am largely responsible for, and did not play a supervisory role.”

    “In this assessment, ten of the regular members took more than ten minutes and were recorded as having passed. Among the official members, fifty-two did not pass the assessment. Combined with the performance of the last assessment, a total of twelve people will leave the Xingtian Ship. Very sorry! As the captain of the mecha engineering department, I regret for your future that you have good resources but did not work hard. But as your leader, I just want to say that you deserve it! If you don’t work hard, don’t make progress, sitting on the best resources of the empire but wasting time, let alone Xingtian ship doesn’t want you, even the Golden Crusade will fire you!

   He glanced at everyone solemnly, but few people dared to meet his eyes and they all lowered their heads.

    William snorted coldly, “As a mecha engineer, our ability is related to the performance of the soldiers on the battlefield and it is related to their life and death, but what about you? You treat the honor of the Empire, the honor of the Golden Crusade, the honor of the general, the honor of Xingtian Ship as if it were nothing. You didn’t put the life and death of the soldiers in the eyes! Who gave you the guts, me?”

    Now, those who have not passed the examination, those with a guilty conscience, dare not take a breath.

    “Of course.” William’s face calmed down a bit, “There are also outstanding performers among you. One of them also broke the record for the assembly of diodes on the ship. According to the reward and punishment system, Ryan Smith was promoted to a regular member, expecting him to pass the qualification examination and has a formal establishment5T/N: as said in previous note, it refers to permanent posting.”

   On the podium, General Auston’s smile was as faint as ever, but as soon as William’s voice fell, he made an unexpected move, raising his hand to applaud.

    William was stunned, immediately followed by applause, he wanted to continue talking.

    Have you seen the leader’s demonstration? Don’t applaud yet.

    Claps of applause rang out. In the applause, Ryan was flattered and his humble smile was still the same. Those admired, surprised, questioned, and envied…. eyes did not affect him at all. His goal remained unchanged and his eyes were firm. For this goal, he will work hard, all difficulties and obstacles do not matter.

    On the podium, William and Charles exchanged a vague look.

   Having worked together for many years, one glance at each other can tell what the other is thinking.

    Charles thought: William is going to focus on cultivating6T/N: training Ryan.

    William is proud: Brother ah, Brother knows a secret, but just won’t tell you.

    The heart is better when placed on your lover.

    Everyone feels happy.

    There is no quota for the auxiliary staff to be promoted to the official team. As long as they are good enough, they can be agreed upon by the leaders. This time, one more person has become a regular member and that is Lilith Helms, whose performance is equally excellent among the auxiliary staff, ranking second with a score of 12 minutes and 36 seconds.

    It’s just that Ryan’s performance was too good before and this beautiful achievement was much overshadowed.

    After the results were announced and the rewards and punishments finished, Colonel William retired to the side and handed over the center of the podium to General Auston.

    Auston encouraged everyone, then announced a decision, “After the Xingtian ship returns to the base, new mechas will be on board and the number of mechas will be expanded to 700, which is unprecedented. It is a challenge to us, but also an opportunity for everyone. Those who have left the Xingtian Ship do not need to be discouraged, as long as they work hard, there is still the possibility of coming back.” 

   It has only been 500 years since the birth of mechas and the construction of large-scale combat mechas has never been able to keep up with the needs of the troops. The construction cycle of military mechas is not monthly, not one or two years, but ten years. The latest batch of mechas has been built out of the port, with a total of more than 1,110 units.

    The Auston’s men are cruising far away from the border, but their hearts have always been concerned about the movement of the capital star. After many struggles and games, all the results finally fell in place after the parliamentary resolution came down half a year ago. He has been waiting for the newly added mecha to return to the cabin. Just yesterday, he received the news from the base star of the Golden Crusade Legion that more than 400 mechas that he had won have already landed.

    More than 400 mechas sounded a lot, but in front of the entire group, it was nothing but a drop in the bucket and  if the various ship establishments divided up, there would be no more.

    The moment the captains of the vice-ship Athena and Ares got the news, they had a video interview with him and strongly demanded that the ship’s mecha configuration be increased.

    As the captain of the Xingtian Ship, Auston would like to take it all by himself.

    But as the supreme leader of the Golden Crusade, he had to keep the bigger picture in mind.

    After weighing it for a long time, the Xingtian Ship as the main battleship, can obtain 231 mechas, which is already the limit.

    This is undoubtedly heavy news and everyone present couldn’t help buzzing for a moment and soon regained their silence, waiting for the general’s later text.

    “With the increase of mechas, the requirements for the engineering department will also increase. The current number of people is obviously not enough to cope with it. After returning to the voyage, the recruitment will be expanded and we will strive to have an exclusive engineer for each mecha and one auxiliary engineer for three mechas.” Auston looked down at everyone, “As I said before, this is a challenge and an opportunity. You all need to work hard.”

    “Yes, general!”

    Becoming an exclusive engineer and have their own mecha for which they are solely responsible, this is the dream of many people.

    And in the near future, their dreams will be realized.

    What excuse is there not to work hard for it?

    Both those who passed the assessment and those who failed the fight back to the ground base, all of them were imposing.

    Separated by hundreds of people and hundreds of meters, Ryan’s eyes were glued to Auston’s.

    Ryan: One day, I’ll be the exclusive engineer of Code Zero, fighting alongside Auston.

    Auston: I believe that day will come.


    The assessment of the mecha engineering department made Ryan famous in the Xingtian Ship. Many people went to the restaurant to see how divine the other party was, that he even broke the record of Chief Sierra in the assessment.

    Sierra is a celebrity in the entire Xingtian Ship, a figure of influence in the entire Golden Crusade Legion.

    Not only because of his outstanding ability, but also because of his unique background. As a disciple of Master Gauss McAryan, he has a dazzling aura and is a luminous body wherever he goes. What’s more, this is an outstanding man with gene sequence X who is single until now. After he was successfully adapted at the age of 30, he locked his genes and applied for no more adaptations, after his adapted match died for the country in a battle.

    Such an excellent, dedicated, handsome and good-looking man, is the object of many soldiers’ admiration.

    “That’s Ryan.”

    “He doesn’t look very good, just ordinary.”

    Ryan, who is as gentle as jade, with long eyebrows and beautiful eyes, is like a luminous body, constantly attracting the attention of others.



    “Ahem7T/N: Cough, clearing throat, give him some trouble, he dares to surpass our male god.”

    “That’s not good, right? Brawling on board will be punished by disciplinary action.”

    “Provoke him, then go to the training ground to fight. Keeping down for two days, I don’t believe he can hold back.” 

     There is an arena on the training ground and it is normal to compete on the training ground and fight constantly.

    Just as he was about to come forward, he saw Ryan arguing with others and then a group of people coaxed to head to the nearest training ground. The truth is that the other party provoked unilaterally and Ryan always smiled in response, as if he was looking at an ignorant child.

    “Scared, right? If you are scared, post on the forum that you are a coward.”

    According to the investigation of many people, Ryan should be the kind of peaceful person with a calm temperament and timidity. He should not agree to the invitation to fight. In the past two days, more than 100 people’s challenges have been rejected by him.

    But the fact was the opposite. Ryan put down his chopsticks and said, “Okay.”

    “Okay, let’s post here. We will supervise.”

    “I accept the challenge.”

    “What?”  He was challenged by a small yellow man with wiry hair and a few disobedient beards sticking out on his chin.

    “I accept the challenge.” Ryan repeated as he looked at everyone present, “I will accept anyone who wants to challenge.”

    “Ryan!” Derrick, who met Ryan and was eating at the same table with him, shouted, telling him not to be impulsive. Once agreed, waiting for Ryan is not a challenge of one or two people. Those defiant guys would be jumped to the challenge and what would be waiting for Ryan is definitely a wheel battle!

    Ryan smiled reassuringly and then he backed down from arranging his posts on the Internet to circle around Xingtian Ship for a week.


  Translator’s little theatre:

  Ignorant Soldiers : Fight or make a post saying, you are a coward!

  Baby Ryan  : I accept the challenge  (+_+)

  Derrick  :  ** Lighting candles in his heart **

  General on the side (Cheering) : Come on, Hubby!!!


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