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MPWATMBC Chapter 22

Semi-annual Assessment

A few days after being bumped into Lilith, was the day when the supply ship arrived. After three months, the supply ship sent fresh vegetables, fresh meat, fresh fruit, fresh information and so on. Ryan was most concerned about the first three. He didn’t sleep much on the rest day and went out the door before five o’clock on tiptoe. Stepping on the deliberately created early morning dim light in the Xingtian Ship corridor, he came to the kitchen.

He used the strawberry route to open the “door” of the kitchen and made many friends. The arrival of the supply ship was known by John’s message three days in advance and the ordinary crew would not know.

A good relationship is good and he can choose his favourite ingredients from the warehouse in the kitchen.

Ryan took a fancy to fresh red-lined sweet shrimp, black pork, flamingo eggs, hydroponic lettuce, blue cherries the size of sugar oranges, 20-pound seedless watermelons, etc. If it weren’t for the limited capacity of the dormitory’s refrigerator, he would want to take a little of everything in the warehouse.

Every three months, supply ships come to Xingtian Ship, but unfortunately, they couldn’t be used to transport the soil of the mother planet. As the birthplace of human beings, the parent planet, Earth, is protected by the state. In order to maintain ecological balance, there are less than 10,000 researchers and so on living there, and no more than 30,000 travellers are recruited every year. To visit the Earth, you must submit an application one year in advance and can only enter after the application is approved.

And to bring out the soil of the mother planet, it is necessary to go through several procedures. Ryan’s family was not afraid of cumbersome procedures as they were engaged in planting, and determined to bring the soil home.

Wanna smuggle?

That may be possible, but if you are wanted, don’t even think about turning over in your life. The price of becoming an interstellar pirate is not as romantic as shown in TV dramas and novels.

Ryan was arranging the things he wanted to buy. His mind was floating, wondering if Auston could do anything. Perhaps, before he knew it, the soil of the earth had been transported to the Xingtian Ship. All the legions, including the Golden Cross, were not as harmless and upright as on the surface and the icebergs beneath the surface were unimaginable.

“A total of 32,000-star coins.” John, his old friend in the kitchen, wiped off a fraction for Ryan and didn’t even say anything, “According to the old rules, I will put the items you stored in the warehouse in the corner for you and stick a note on it. No one will take it indiscriminately.”


“Thanks for what, we don’t need thanks in our friendship.” John was happier when he thought about the storage fee he had received.

Ryan said a few more words to John and then called for a moving robot to transport things. It was not easy to transport three large boxes. He had to look after them from time to time and was still thinking about how to eat them in his mind. The red-lined sweet shrimp was as long as an arm and he bought ten pieces. It was almost enough to eat one for two people at a time. The sweet shrimp delivered were fat and full of shrimp yolk. The shrimp head could be taken off to make shrimp soup, and the shrimp meat could be fried… , could be wrapped in dumplings and let Auston eat shrimp dumplings… There were many ways to do it and within a few minutes, he turned over dozens of dishes in his mind, all of which were delicious.

The 20-pound watermelon is open for eating today. Should I squeeze the juice to make ice cream or juice? Or eat it directly? Eat it directly and reprocess what you can’t eat.

It was almost eight o’clock when he returned to the dormitory. Ryan had spent several hours in the kitchen buying the ingredients he wanted.

“I’m back.” Ryan opened the door and came in, greeting Auston with a smile, but saw Amy indoors, standing shyly at the door of the kitchen, looking inside from time to time.

Ryan: “…”

“Ryan.” Amy heard the movement and knew that Ryan was back and stood up in a panic, “You’re back.”

Ryan: “…Well, I’m back. When did you come? ”

“Five minutes ago.” Amy lowered her head and didn’t dare to look at Ryan, her expression like that of a caught mistress.

Ryan: “What’s the matter?” If there is nothing to do, just go quickly. Finally, he had a day off and he thought about their two-person world.

“I would like the general to give me an autograph.” As a brainless fan of the general, she restrained her nervousness and fear and came to Ryan from time to time to get close, hoping to get in touch with her idol up close. But the general was busy with work and he was absent nine times out of ten.

Ryan: “Oh, but generals shouldn’t leave their names casually.”

“I spoke to Amy.” Auston, dressed in home clothes, came out of the kitchen with two cups of coffee. His white shirt and black slacks made him look gentle as a spring breeze, and his smile was so kind and friendly. “Coffee with milk, two sugar cubes.”

Amy stiffened her body and took the coffee from the general’s hand. She fell on the chair blissfully, feeling dizzy before realizing that she was holding her breath.

She was holding the coffee given by General Auston!

She was actually holding the coffee brewed by General Auston himself!

She was actually in the same room as the general, drinking the same type of coffee!

Breath, her breath, she’s going crazy with excitement, she’s gonna scream right now.

“I-I’ll go first.” Amy lowered her head and rushed outside with her coffee in hand. Before the door of the dormitory was closed, there came her suppressed scream, “Ah—”

Ryan: “…she’s your fan.”

Auston said with a smile, “I know, she doesn’t dare to talk to me.”

“She doesn’t even dare to look at you.”Ryan bullied his way up to him, “You look so good in that.”

“I haven’t worn casual clothes for a long time.”

“Wear it on your rest days in the future.”


“I like it”

Ryan & Auston: (You look at me, I look at you and suddenly not talking anymore)

thump thump–

The atmosphere was just right and when he was able to go further, Ryan suddenly heard a voice, “What smells?” He also smelled something not-so-good.

Auston suddenly reacted, pushed Ryan away and walked back, “I made breakfast, fried eggs.”

The eggs were already scorched in the pan and the hot milk in the other pot overflowed the pot, puffing and puffing. That is to say, now instead of using an open flame, with electricity, the safety of the cookware had been greatly improved. As soon as the pot overflows, it stops heating, but the overflowing milk is the same as what was said, and it cannot be recovered at all.

All that was left for them was a mess.

“I want to make breakfast.” Auston looked at the fried egg, which was no different from carbonation. “It seems that I am not this material. Don’t eat…”

“It doesn’t matter. There is still a piece of the egg to eat. It tastes so good, better than the one I made.”

Auston grabbed the egg and threw it into the trash, “Don’t eat it. I’ll watch how to make it in the kitchen later.”

“No need.” Ryan held Auston’s hand and said: ” I will take care of all these things in the future and I’ll make you delicious food for a lifetime.”


After two more days off, the coffee cup that Amy took away had not been returned and it is estimated that it had become a private collection. Ryan had to go to the kitchen to buy another one. There were only two in the dormitory.

“It’s too late to drink coffee to refresh yourself when you are about to be tested.” Arthur had become more and more yin and yang recently, spraying1T/N: badmouthing Ryan, spraying other team members, spraying other groups, as long as they were not pleasing to the eye, they were sprayed in a wide range. Except for the captain and deputy captain, there had not been no one sprayed by him.

Lilith, who was sprayed by him, didn’t even look at Arthur. She distributed the coffee she bought to others. “It’s our turn to take the assessment in three hours, so let’s recharge.”

Team leader Davis said a thank you, nervously holding the can of coffee and said absentmindedly, “If you fail the assessment, you will have to return to the ground forces and stay at the base when Xingtian Ship returns to voyage. In the future, you will not be a member of Xingtian Ship.”

Rewards for standouts, punishment for losers.

The supporting personnel with excellent performance would be able to break into the official team. Regular personnel could leave a strong mark when they pass the assessment, evaluating their performance at the end of the year.

Of course, the loser will also leave a note in the assessment. If he fails the assessment twice in a row, he will be kicked out of the Xingtian ship directly. There is no negotiation. Many people want to enter the Xingtian Ship and there will always be fresh blood.

All the teams on the training ground were put into the cabin, and the people from all the mecha engineering departments in the open field did not seem crowded. Twenty long tables were placed in the middle of the arena, and the mecha components were piled up in a mess on the table. The content of the assessment was to select the materials of the diodes from the components and make a diode, which should not take more than 20 minutes.

Now it is too late to crawl to check the information on how to make a diode because the assessment is not the ability to do it, but the proficiency.

Davis was absent-minded not because of himself, but because of thinking about how many people would be left in his team after this assessment.

“There is no trick in the production of diodes, the test is proficiency.” Ryan looked at the long table in the middle of the venue, and he could leave and change with someone else after the production. The frequency is very high. Those official members usually pass over the components with their hands. They quickly found what they needed from the disorganized components. Instead of finding them and making them uniformly, they searched while doing it, making sure not to waste a little time.

“Don’t talk nonsense!” Arthur blinked nervously, not letting go of any opportunity to spray Ryan.

Ryan glanced at the nervous crowd, “If you want to improve your proficiency, you need to practice more. You can choose diodes in the network practice room provided by the ship. There are still three hours before we take the assessment, and you can practice a few times. This is the real Cramming.”

The nervous crowd looked at each other and said nothing. They lowered their heads and went to the lounge to get portable holographic glasses, entered the practice room, and opened a room to choose the production of diodes. First, they had to be familiar with the components, and then they could be proficient in the process of assembling…

Even the unconvinced Arthur squirmed and walked away.

Lilith: “They were meant to be eliminated in the first place, so there is no need to take the trouble to make them grow.”

Ryan smiled and said, “Help if you can, and everyone gets along quite well.”

“What’s the use of harmony? You have to seek progress yourself.”

“Maybe it will be fine after this time.”

Ryan was not a saint, and he had no intention of saving all beings. He just hopes that through this assessment, the people in the “cleaning team” would completely change their work attitudes. Cleaning, what looked like seemingly low-end work, was also very important for mechas, and the “cleaners” improving their work ability, was completely a good thing for mech warriors.

The author has something to say:


Amy would open the crisper every day before going to bed and look at the simple coffee cup with no beautiful patterns. She tasted a drop of the coffee inside. The general’s craftsmanship was really good and sweet.

Ryan also took a sip of the coffee that Auston brewed that day, and silently put down the cup: I’ll make our family’s food in the future.

Auston tasted it: …why is it so bitter, so astringent!


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