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MPWATMBC Chapter 21

Sneaky follow

“Ryan, you said that the U-tube of the Wasp is ingeniously designed. I deliberately went to see it, but I didn’t quite understand some places. Why do we need to install an extra diode here? Isn’t it superfluous?”

The stereoscopic picture displayed on the personal terminal was zoomed in and zoomed out by the slender fingers and the image obtained through 3D photography was clear to the millimetre, showing all the details of the Wasp’s waist in front of Ryan and Lilith. Lilith studied the U-shaped tube of the Wasp several times, but she still didn’t understand the structure inside. Where exactly does the stability that exceeds 2% of other mechas come from?

What’s under the nose? Of course the mouth! If you have a mouth, you can ask, but if the question is rotten in the heart, no answer can be hatched.

Ryan was a good colleague and a good partner on the to to progress together. He didn’t hide his secrets very much. In response to Lilith’s problem, he opened his personal terminal to call up a blank document and wrote a long formula on it and then drew a simple icon, “Here are some notes that I have summarised. You can take a look. In terms of hardware, I don’t know if you have noticed that some of the screws used in the U-shaped area of ​​the Wasp’s waist are 0.1 mm larger. ”

“The A1 screw used, my god, isn’t this kind of screw already disabled?”

“It’s not disabled, but it will be used too little and gradually fade out of the designer’s sight.” A1 screw was just bigger than A screw by 0.1 mm, but the mistakes in the construction of the mecha increased by 30%, and the difficulty caused in the production process could be imagined.

Ryan closed the personal terminal and took out a screw from his belt pouch. The screw was only half the thickness and length of a little finger, with rust and wear marks, which was obviously removed from an old machine, “I checked the information and now that the A1 screw has been discontinued, if you want to study it, you can only remove it from the old model machine.”

Lilith looked at the screw in Ryan’s hand with a burning gaze, “Is there any old machine on the ship?”

“Yes, there are many, in the warehouse in charge of the logistics mechanical engineering department.”

“Hmm.” Lilith looked at Ryan, pursed her lips and said, “Thank you for telling me without hiding anything. I have been looking at the waist structure of the Wasp for a long time, but I didn’t find the A1 screw. This time, I admit defeat. I am not as good as you. But I am constantly working hard and sooner or later I will surpass you.”

Ryan was stunned, “Have I ever compared with you?”

Lilith was annoyed that the other party never regarded herself as an opponent! “When you enter this venue, everyone is an opponent. Ryan, you’d better put away your indifference. Face your colleagues, Face your opponents. Listen carefully. I, Lilith Helms, officially challenge you, I will win over you in the team assessment next month.”

“Let’s see.” Ryan smiled, his opponent has always been himself.

Every six months, the mecha engineering department will conduct an assessment test for all personnel. If the auxiliary department is very outstanding, Excellent personnel can enter the team of regular team members in advance. It’s just that there is no authorisation and the authorised still needs to pass the third-level exam. Although there is no authorisation, the salary and treatment are completely based on the official personnel, so that the interior of all the mechas on the entire ship is open to them and they can roam in it to their heart’s content and see many contents that are not found in textbook materials, except for the code name zero.

The code-named zero was a biological mecha. It was a mecha designed and produced by a national treasure-level master himself and the technical gulf on it was no longer something, a mecha master could surpass through self-study. The best way to touch the secrets of biological mecha is to be admitted to the mecha engineering department of the Imperial Military Academy and become a graduate student under the national treasure-level master Gauss McAryan.

And this was the goal that Ryan hid in his heart and did not resort to his mouth.

As the old saying goes, those who are close to the vermillion are red and those who are close to the ink are black. Ryan’s arrival stirred up a pool of spring water in the “cleaning team”. First of all, the team leader Davis realized what was going on, thus strengthening the management and construction of the team. At first, everyone complained and wanted to sue Davis in front of Colonel William Helms. But later, the voices of complaints in the group gradually became quieter and some people broke free from their muddled lives, realized the importance of their work and began to work hard to devote themselves to the work. There has been a lot of progress and the spirit and energy were different from the past.

However, some people are still stagnant. They are ignorant and despise the busyness of others. They curse and don’t know how to make progress. Mocking at Ryan being chef, Arthur was one of them. He was grinding at the feet of a mecha. He took a rag to wipe here and touch there. Looking around, he saw Ryan opening his personal terminal and taking a look at the message he received. There was a clear change in his expression and he couldn’t wait for a moment to go to the team leader Davis to ask for leave and then hurriedly left the training ground.

Arthur: “There must be something fishy going on.”

He just didn’t see eye to eye with Ryan. Why did a guy who came out of the kitchen and smelled like a rag enter the noble mecha engineering department? He spent several years trying to study related coursework and became a member of the military school and worked hard to pass the exam to be successful. For this reason, he missed the best time to fall in love. He registered his genes and after doing the adaptation, he welcomed an old and ugly woman as his wife! For this reason, the family owed a huge amount of money, the brothers resented him for taking away the resources that belonged to them and the parents complained that he had entered the Xingtian Ship, but still nothing!

Why did they go through a lot of effort, while Ryan got it easily? He must have spent the money and gone through the relationship. Maybe Ryan is in a hurry to go out because of this.

“Team leader, I’m going to the bathroom.” Arthur hurried to Davis’ side and left a sentence before speeding up and walking out. He wanted to catch Ryan’s little tail and let everyone see that this admired guy was just a sham!

After Arthur went out for a while, Lilith also came to Davis’ side, “Team Leader, I’m going out.” After speaking, she walked towards the gate without waiting for Davis’ response.

Davis: “…” He has no authority as a team leader, right? One by one, both of them left a sentence like this and walked out without waiting for his response. Their team, which was disliked by everyone and regarded as garbage, indeed needs to be properly rectified.

After leaving the training grounds, Ryan came to the security door on the floor, looked left and right, pushed the door open and walked out. Arthur, who was hiding far behind him, trembled with excitement when he saw this scene.

It must be, it must be a secret.

He rushed over at a faster pace, pushed open the door leading to the safety stairs and then, passed out while clutching the back of his head. Lilith’s figure was revealed behind the softly fallen body. In the door that was opened, Lilith saw Ryan hugging a tall man who had his back to her but gave her a hint of familiarity.

Seeing someone, Ryan’s pupils shrink and killing intent poured out from the depths of his eyes, but was quickly suppressed by him. He pushed the door expressionlessly and Lilith gradually disappeared behind the door as he watched.

“I just want to see you when I get the good news, but I’m still not cautious enough.” Ryan twitched the corners of his mouth helplessly.

“It’s good news, we should celebrate.” Auston said with a smile, asking Ryan not to blame himself.

Blair extracted the detoxification enzyme of the female Zerg toxin from Ryan’s hybrid of U167 wild strawberry and cream strawberry, which was just for the toxin in Auston. As long as a large number of such strawberries were planted in large quantities, after the successful extraction of synthetic drugs, it would be completely clear the toxins remained in Auston’s wound.

The reason for the benign mutation of hybrid strawberries was the mutation of the characteristics of U167 plants growing in the soil prepared by Ryan. The most direct reason was the trace elements contained in the soil of the mother planet Earth.

The Earth, indeed, is the origin of all human births and the mother of all human beings.

“It’s good news, but not the best.” Ryan hugged Auston tightly and his movements were domineering and powerful, completely different from his gentle personality, “There is no mother planet soil on the ship and to cure your injuries, we must go back.”

With just a little soil in Ryan’s planting cabin and a little hybrid strawberry, it is impossible to extract the detoxification enzymes that can cure Auston’s wounds.

Auston relaxed himself against Ryan’s body, “Ryan, you know, it will take eight months to return.”

Ryan clenched his fists, “Too long!”

“Ryan, I’m not just the captain of the Xingtian ship, but also the general guarding the frontier for the empire. I cannot leave my post without permission.”

“I know.” His identity was destined and could not be willful.

“Under the current conditions, although there is no cure, it can reduce the content of toxins in the body and greatly reduce my pain.” It is already God’s mercy to be able to find a way to interpret it, “Ryan, thank you for coming to my side.”

“Thanks to fate.” Ryan pecked Auston’s cheek lightly, “Thanks to our adaptation rate, we also have to thank our parents for that.”

“Hmm, after returning, we will go home.”

“Mom and dad must like you very much.”

The two looked at each other and smiled. The future is very bright, and the two hearts have never been so closer than at this moment.

Auston still had work to do and Ryan had to get back to his post.

Watching Auston descend the stairs, Ryan pushed open the security door, first saw Arthur lying on the ground like a pool of mud, and then saw Lilith leaning against the wall with her head down.

Lilith heard the movement, looked up at Ryan who came out, opened her mouth and asked, “Is that your sweetheart1T/N: (informal) lover; not an official one ?”

“Wife.” There couldn’t be seen any indifference in Ryan just now, but he was as gentle as the big brother next door , “I am already married.”

Lilith gave Ryan an annoyed look, “It’s none of my business. You are my opponent, whether you get married or not.” The chin nodded to Arthur on the ground, “This guy is sneaking and stalking around you.”

“Thanks.” Ryan also understood that if it wasn’t for Lilith’s blocking, the one who opened the door would be Arthur, who was inexplicably hostile to him.

“You are welcome, don’t pick your work hours if you have a tryst in the future. This is not in line with the work regulations.”

“Thanks for the reminder.”

“Che, I’m not reminding you. I don’t want you to lose your qualification for next month’s assessment, then I will lose my opponent.”


The author has something to say: Lilith pushed open the door of the captain’s office and said to the colonel, in frustration: Dad, he is actually married!

Facing a pile of documents and having a headache, the Colonel asked knowingly: Who?

Lilith is furious: You know.

Colonel: As I said, the column about his marital status is classified, so you don’t have to think about it from the beginning.

Lilith: But he’s really good. You really don’t know how to pick someone, let him be buried in the kitchen for ten years.

Colonel: This one is our mistake.

Lilith: Dad, I met Ryan’s lover, also from our ship. Strange, I felt a little familiar. Dad, who wears a golden cross on the sleeve of his military uniform?

The colonel thoughtfully, pretended not to care and said: I guess it’s a personal preference.


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