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MPWATMBC Chapter 20

The treasure boy

After greeting, the room fell into silence and it was hard to tell who was more embarrassed.

“We’ll talk about it later. Right now, we’re going back to the dormitory.” Ryan was the first to break the silence.

Derrick nodded, “I’ll scout the way.”

“Thanks a lot.” Ryan gave Derrick a deep look.

Derrick had turned around and didn’t want to look back for the time being.

With Derrick’s help, no one else appeared on the road ahead and the rest of the way was easy to reach the dormitory. At the entrance of the dormitory, Blair was editing something on his personal terminal, very involved, without any slightest impatience in waiting.

Derrick paused when he exited the security door, nodded to Ryan, said goodbye to the general, and turned to leave, glancing at Ryan as he walked away. It was clear that Derrick, who was apparently calm on the surface, was very shocked inside.

Not to mention Derrick, Ryan had already carried Auston to the door of the room. After Iris opened the dormitory, Blair, who was just at work, rushed in and squatted in front of the planting cabin. His eyes were, as if with a microscope, just staring at the strawberries in the planting cabin.

There are already three kinds of strawberries in the planting cabin. The strawberry in cabin No. 1 is the variety, sent by Ryan’s parents from the farm. Because of its good taste, Ryan has kept its characteristics and the texture and taste are always the same and unchanged. The species of No. 2 cabin has been cultivated many times to upgrade the sweetness of strawberries and it is very delicious for making juice and dessert. Cabin No. 3 is a hybrid of wild strawberries and cream strawberries that Ryan got from U167 and now the strawberries coming out of the dormitory are mainly based on this.

Wild strawberries are different from human domestication, retaining quite a few original characteristics. After hybridization, the original strawberry plants became larger and mutated into climbing vines, with fat roots and stems and small leaves. Ryan built a shelf in the cabin for them to climb and the new varieties with strong growth capacity filled the shelf in less than a week and then began to bear fruit.

The fruit that is adorned on it, is not big, the average size of only a red date and the colour is bright red when ripe and the immature ones are not green, but light pink, which is very beautiful and the key is that it is delicious.

Blair opened the planting cabin, picked a few seeds with a serious expression and put them into his mouth, without speaking for a long time.

Ryan, who put Auston on the boat, watched Blair move, afraid that the doctor of medicine and biology would say that the strawberry would not work.

“Blair,” Auston called out.

Blair suddenly shouted, “How is it possible, why is this strawberry so delicious!”

Ryan: “…”

Auston was helpless, “Blair, get down to business.”

Blair did not feel out of place, he picked a large handful of strawberries and put them in his hand, he said, while eating, “It’s just that I can’t see anything. I need to take them back for further inspection and I will return the planting cabin to you after I have taken them. Ryan, tell me about your way of cultivation. It’s amazing, you can actually do this.”

Looking at Ryan with interest, this gentle, calm and seemingly undistinguished man is a treasure boy and the result of Auston’s adaptation was really a big surprise.


“Okay, okay, I get it, No messing around.” Blair concentrated on eating strawberries, he was really a strawberry maniac. He has eaten a dozen of them in just ten minutes and the ripe strawberries on the branches were about to be eaten by him.

Auston withdrew his gaze and for a moment, he was extremely dissatisfied with the way Blair looked at Ryan. It was an interesting inquiry, just like every time he saw an interesting corpse.

A pair of friends who have known each other for more than 20 years naturally have a tacit understanding. With one action and one look, they almost know what the other is thinking and a confrontation was completed in just two sentences. Ryan was frustrated to find that he had no idea what deep communication they actually had. It is only possible to go through the process of cultivation step by step, including the proportion of soil used, which is logically a cultivator’s secret recipe and is often related to the life and death of a farm.

However, the strawberries he cultivated were most likely related to the healing of Auston’s wounds and he would not hide them for the sake of Auston’s physical recovery.

“I won’t tell anyone about your soil proportion, you can rest assured.” Blair pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose and said with a straight face, “Once it is determined that there are detoxifying substances in the strawberries, your cultivation will be priceless. I will apply for the highest-level patent in the country for you.”

He became more and more interested in Ryan, but unfortunately, he was Auston’s man, otherwise, he would have dissected Ryan to see how many secrets this man was hiding.

How can one person be so interesting?

“Can you give me the body after you die?” Blair looked at Ryan with stars in his eyes.

Ryan: “…”

Auston frowned, wondering how many times he called Blair’s name today, “Blair!”

“Okay, okay, I get it.” Blair raised his hand in surrender, “I’ll put away my own thoughts and I won’t touch your people.” But I’m really curious.

Before Blair took the planting cabin away, Ryan picked all the ripe strawberries. He had good reason to suspect that the planting cabin would not have strawberries on it when returned. It would be either picked and tested or eaten… …

Seeing the transport robot follow behind Blair’s lead and took away the planting cabin, Ryan, who turned around and walked back to the dormitory, suddenly felt that the dormitory space became so big and large all of a sudden. Auston had already laid down and rested, though not asleep but opened his eyes to empty himself. Ryan sat on the edge of the bed and looked down at him, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Auston knew what he was talking about and smiled, “It’s no big deal, I’m used to it.” All the pain, joy and sorrow, he had borne them all alone.

“But now that you have me, you are not alone.” Ryan grabbed Auston’s hand and forced him to look at himself, “You don’t need to suffer alone, you can tell me if you feel uncomfortable. Although I am not a Doctor and there is no way to reduce your pain, I can face the future with you.”

Auston had always been at the forefront, withstanding and enduring everything. His father’s education was to let him learn to bear and take responsibility. He had come all the way to the position of a general. The soldiers behind him and the subordinates around him all looked at him with trust and reliance and as long as he made up his mind, he would move forward bravely.

Above the solitary peak, he was alone.

No one had ever said that you should not carry it alone.

Ryan reached out and caressed Auston’s cheek, “My ability is still too weak, it seems ridiculous to say those words like I’ll bear for you, but I will work hard and one day, I will also let you rely on me.”

“Thank you, Ryan.”

Ryan leaned down and kissed Auston’s lips, bringing dominance to his gentleness, “Please give me a chance, trust me. From now on, if anything bothers you, you can share them with me.”

Feeling the touch on his lips, Auston relaxed himself under Ryan’s embrace and he heard himself say softly, “Okay.”

Ryan was going to work. Standing in the corner of the elevator, he silently thought about what he should say after meeting his colleagues. Hiding, cheating or telling the truth, it is certainly not possible to tell the truth. Their marriage was still a secret and it should not be announced at an inappropriate time and on an inappropriate occasion. Deception? A lie must be filled with thousands of lies, and sooner or later it will be discovered.

Before he could figure out what to do, the elevator door opened again and a few people in the elevator left and a person came in.


Ryan greeted with a smile: “Derrick.”

Derrick looked at Ryan and asked somewhat squirmingly, “How is the general?”

“It’s a lot better than yesterday.” He sincerely hopes, like the expectations of the ancestors of the Smith family, Blair was able to find a way to unravel it as soon as possible and completely free Auston from the pain.

Derrick, who had big dark circles under his eyes, was relieved and then asked the question that he had been thinking about all night, “What is your relationship with the general?” This question tormented him all night long, tossing and turning.

“We are a couple.” Ryan decided to be honest in front of Derrick. He trusted Derrick’s character, “It is a secret, please keep it confidential.”

Derrick was silent for a while and gave Ryan a deep look, “Thank you for trusting me.”

Ryan smiled, “Because you make me feel trusting.”

“Thanks!” This was the greatest affirmation of his character and Derrick’s chest was filled with the pride of being trusted.

Derrick got off the elevator on the 19th floor. Ryan looked at the closed elevator door and smiled faintly. Soon the 20th floor arrived and it was time for him to come down.

There was absolutely no need for him to explain anything to his colleagues because they had already figured out everything by themselves.

“Ryan, you must be a die-hard fan of the general. Yesterday, that speed and the posture of raising your legs, tsk tsk, they are no different from regular soldiers.”


“The general actually suffered from an old injury and how he scouting with injuries is so remarkable”

“As expected of our general.”

“Ryan has protected the general and is our pride.”

Ryan, who was checking his cleaning tools, listened to his colleagues added everything and found that he was useless. Forget it, not much to say. From a distance, he saw a mecha warrior looking at him with obscure eyes, as if he would rush up to fight him at any time and he could not be wrong about the raging fighting spirit and challenge hidden in the eyes of that man.

“That’s Jack. One of the most powerful mecha warriors under the general.”

Ryan nodded his head. He didn’t have any contact with Jack and didn’t know each other ah.

“Yesterday, he stopped you from taking the general away and you kicked him.”

Ryan: “…” Surprisingly, he didn’t even know that this happened.

“Then, you beat him.”

Ryan: (⊙﹏⊙)

Ryan: “I didn’t mean it. I was impulsive.”

“Ryan, you are so good, how did you train?” Davis asked curiously. The engineer also needs physical strength, but the requirements are definitely not as high as the warriors.

Ryan said, “I keep insisting. I can’t relax just because I came to the logistics department.”

Fortunately, the man named Jack walked away. He was really afraid of fighting and was not a belligerent person.

Davis pondered that persistence is the hardest part of the training and the challenge is not various projects, but themselves.


Translator’s little theatre:

In the stairs(Derrick seeing General being carried by Ryan)

Ryan & General:  …….

Derrick: What did I see?? Are my eyes pranking me?? * Stares closely*

Ryan & General:  …….

Derrick: I think I’m still dreaming. *Screaming internally*




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