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MPWATMBC Chapter 19

Living Toxins

   As a captain of the ship, the admiral of the empire and the commander of the entire Golden Crusade, Auston’s meals were no different from those of ordinary soldiers. He ate whatever the cafeteria had. Sometimes when he was too busy, he just took out a pack of nutritional supplements and ate a pack. Before meeting Ryan, his food requirement was simply to fill his stomach.

    But the subordinates were always searching the food for the general and if they found any good ingredients, they would definitely come to Auston’s table.

    Like the blue-ribbon sailfish before, the best piece of fried fish fillet, other people on the ship couldn’t eat without paying for it, because the chef would cook it carefully and send it to Auston. As for Auston, he would not feel any difference between this dish and other dishes. He may think that it tastes good and eat a few more bites, but he will never waste people and money because of his appetite.

    If it wasn’t for Ryan, he would never have known that strawberries were so delicious, so many varieties and so many ways.

    The general eats strawberries?

    Isn’t that destroying his image?

    No one thought of sending the lovely food full of pink to Auston. In their hearts, it was a thousand miles away from the general’s image.

    Blair raised his eyebrows when he heard Strawberries, “There are actually strawberries on the ship?”

    Ryan sat on the bed, leaning Auston against himself, which was able to make him a little more comfortable and held his hand tightly. Hearing Blair’s question, Ryan said: “I planted some in my dormitory.” 

    The ship’s planting cabin would only grow fruits rich in vitamins, which were mixed with water and made into juice to supplement vitamins and trace elements for all personnel on the ship. Unlike pharmaceuticals, the wonderful taste of food will bring joy to the mood. Where could he grow strawberries, a small fruit to pass the time? Among the many fruits that have been discovered by humans, strawberries are not the highest in vitamin content, nor do they have special functions.

    The kind of little things that could decorate the cream cake, in the eyes of many pragmatists, only had an eye-catching function.

    “I like strawberries.” Blair looked at Auston and emphasised it with a blank expression.

    In front of his friend, Auston smiled awkwardly, moved his hand, gripping the edge of the quilt, not knowing what to say for the first time.

    “Alas.” Blair sighed, all in all, how could he expect a friend in front of love?


    Blair pushed the frameless glass on the bridge of his nose, put away his indifference and said with restraint, “Auston, your wound is healing.”

    “The antidote has not yet been found for the female Zerg toxin.” Auston also turned serious, he looked at Blair, “Are you sure my wound is healing?”

    “Don’t question my judgement.” Blair was excited, trembling all over, walking around in front of the hospital bed almost frantically, “This is a great discovery that will absolutely shock the whole world.”

    Humans didn’t know which planet the Zerg, the overlord of the universe, came from. They plundered the humans in a tyrannical and savage way. Every time they pass through a planet, they eat up everything on the planet, animals, plants and even various minerals, with no scruples on food. What they left behind were devastated worlds with almost no survivors. They are one of the biggest enemies in the universe of human exploration. Of course, another one is humans themselves.

    The Zerg relied on its body comparable to the mecha and the poison glands of the female Zerg. After hundreds of years of struggle with the Zerg, humans had invented and created weapons that can destroy the Zerg body, but have not yet researched an antidote to the Zerg toxin.

    There were many reasons why the antidote was difficult to research, the most important one being the high fertility of Zergs, which lacked wisdom and had an unparalleled reproductive advantage to fight against the evolving human race. The toxins continue to evolve horribly in the reproduction of the Zerg and the complexity increases geometrically.

    Auston’s wound, the first recovery Blair had ever known since he started practising.

    “I want to see strawberries!” He stood abruptly, his sharp eyes looking straight at Ryan, “What kind of magic does your strawberry have that it has such an effect? Once the substance that inhibits toxins is discovered, it is for the benefit of all mankind and our names will go down in history.”

    Ryan didn’t care much about whether he could make a name for himself in history, he was concerned about Auston’s health, “Doctor, you said that the toxins in Auston’s body are metabolising and his wounds are recovering, so why is it still hurting so badly today?” The image of Auston falling straight from the shoulder of Code Zero had left an indelible mark in Ryan’s memory, becoming a nightmare for him.

    “To say something that medical scientists never announce to the public, this will scare you to the edge of your seats.” Blair, when he talked about it, turned into someone else, like Frankenstein, “The toxin of the female Zerg is alive.”

    “Blair, don’t scare Ryan.”

    “No.” Blair looked at Auston apologetically, “I also concealed it from you, before saying that the toxin is active, was very one-sided, but the truth is that the toxin is alive, like tiny parasitic creatures in your body. You have been able to bear the pain before. But why is it so intense this time? Because it senses danger and is resisting!”

    At this time, the test results of Auston’s comatose were transmitted to Blair’s personal terminal. As he opened the terminal to check, his eyes gradually filled with excitement, “Yes, yes, Auston, you have an additional substance in your body that can fight toxins. Its content is very low. It is constantly accumulated and what we discover is only after the quantity has undergone a qualitative change. It is really amazing!”

    He repeated, “I want to see the strawberries.”

    Auston sat up straight. Standing in a high position, he had seen the uproar that this incident would cause in the empire, both good and bad, but that was all in the future and now he had to find something that would give signs of recovery for himself.

    “Let’s go to Ryan’s dormitory.”

    He wanted to turn over and get up, but the movement affected the wound on his waist, which was painful. Indeed, it hurts much more than before.

    “I’ll bring the strawberries here.” Ryan didn’t want Auston to move with the injury, thinking about the pain he endured under his nose all the time. Without knowing that, Ryan’s heart was hit by a heavy hammer and it hurt so much that he couldn’t breathe.

    “No, maybe there is something in your dormitory that makes the strawberry mutate.” Blair wanted to see the original environment.

    “…the planting cabin I use.”

    “That won’t work either.”

    “Auston is injured and can’t move.” Ryan said stubbornly.

    Blair put his hands in his coat pockets and smiled a little fake. Now he only wants to see strawberries and doesn’t want to deal with miscellaneous things. “I’ll just go to the dormitory by myself. Dig out the eyeballs for me.”1T/N: Remember? His dormitory can be opened by scanning retina.

    Ryan & Auston: “… …”

    Gouging out the eyes was impossible. Even Ryan wanted to do it, Auston won’t allow it, “Let’s go together.”

    “I don’t have a wheelchair here.” Blair muttered.

    “It’s alright. I’ll hold you.” Ryan hugged Auston and firmly, “I’ll take you back to the dormitory.” 

    Ryan, who was holding Auston, walked out first. Behind him, Blair looked at Auston maliciously with a weird smile on his face. Auston shook his head helplessly and Blair shrugged in return. He was creating opportunities. Auston’s wound had been cleaned and an inhibitor was applied and the toxin slowly entered a deep slumber. Auston would have three hours of comfort period without feeling pain and the stinging numbness that accompanied him without a shadow could be tolerable for Auston.

    However, it would take twenty minutes for the drug to exert its effect, hehe.

    “I’m not going all the way with you Guys, I’ll wait for you at the door of the dormitory.” Blair said loudly.

    Ryan, who had already walked out, stopped at his feet. He overlooked the fact that, from this floor, he needed to descend 12 floors to reach the floor where his dormitory was located. On these 12 floors, he would encounter others at any time and anywhere.

    “Inside the elevator, you help me stand.” 

     Blair’s words made them unable to get away with it. “Today is elevator maintenance day.”

    As a former member of the logistic mechanical engineering department, Ryan knew that the elevators were to be serviced once a season. During this period, the elevator was out of service for two hours and the maintenance day of this season happened to be today.

    “I will carry you to the safe passage. The people on the stairs…”

    Auston reassured Ryan, “It doesn’t matter if anyone sees us.”

    “I know, when I left the training ground with you in my arms, many people were watching.” Ryan himself didn’t care, he was afraid that it would affect Auston’s image.

    “Then it doesn’t matter, let’s go.”

    “Okay.” Ryan paused as he stepped out and said, “I’d better try not to be seen by others to reduce trouble. Auston, you have the highest access to the surveillance authority on the ship and we should try to avoid people as much as possible. The matter of your marriage is still a secret and it should be revealed at a suitable time, not now.”

    Auston knew that what Ryan said was correct, he said: “Okay.”

    His personal terminal called up the surveillance of the whole ship and Auston directed Ryan to walk forward, “We are going to the safe passage now. There are three people on the way, in XX2T/N: refers to coordinates or positions of people, XXX, and XXXX respectively.”

    Ryan made a mental note, holding Auston in his arms, moved forward all the way, showing excellent scouting skills on the way, avoiding three people, one of them almost passed them without seeing them.

    Entering the safety stairs and going down three floors, Auston said: “There is a small team coming up on the next floor.”

    Ryan crashed through the safety door on the floor and walked out and now he chose to take another staircase.

    Standing in the corridor, surrounded by lush green plants on both sides, Auston’s voice sounded, “Fifteen metres ahead, three people are about to turn in the passage on the left and the conference room on the right at the rear has finished its meeting and is about to adjourn, with a total of 31 people.”

    Ryan observed the terrain and their best option now is to rush over into a small lounge before the person in front comes out. He knew that there is a back door in the lounge, so he can reach another safe staircase as soon as possible and there are fewer people there for the time being.

    “I’m ready to go.”

    Ryan told Auston to get ready and then rushed over. According to his physical fitness, it would take just over two seconds, but not more than five seconds to open the door and enter the small lounge. The timing was precise. He had just entered the small lounge with Auston in his arms and the three people in the aisle on the left came out, discussing the problems encountered in the training as they walked.

    “Is there anyone outside the back door?”

    Auston said: “There is someone in the lounge. He just came in through the back door.”

    Ryan: “…”

    Ryan looked over and it turned out to be Captain Derrick Hall, whom he met during the U167 ground operation and also who repeatedly lobbied for his transfer out of the logistics department.

    Derrick looked at Ryan and looked at the general in Ryan’s arms, subconsciously raising his hand to salute, “General, good day.”


    The author has something to say:

    Zerg are the wanderers of the universe. They can move freely in the universe without weapons and their toxins are constantly evolving through reproduction.

    The male Zerg sent a token of love to his dear female Zerg, a human thigh, which has been stored for a long time, just to give it to the object of his fancy.

    The female Zerg took the gift and gave the male Zerg a loving hug.

    The male Zerg’s face changed greatly on the spot: squeak, squeak, humming, buzzing (on-site translation: Dear, I’m poisoned, goodbye, I love you…) 

  The female Zerg cried: wah wah wah (I actually poisoned my dear again. This is the third time this month)

    The female Zergs looked at the swarms of male Zergs. The male Zergs huddled together, shivering and squeaked faintly (give us three months to evolve and we will be able to resist toxins)


           Hello Readers, Thanks for your patience. Recently, I have been so busy with my internship that I hardly had any time to translate. Sorry for the delay. And, by this time next week, I think my exam results will be out. I hope everyone can give me some blessings. Thanks for your support. Love you all!!

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