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MPWATMBC Chapter 18

Auston's Vulnerability

       There were dozens of people at the scene, half of them were mecha warriors training on the field and the rest were engineers. When they saw Auston, they just saluted from a distance in their own positions. General Dalton and his soldiers going out to fight, explore and so on was too common for those who could see him often. The appearance of the tall Codename Zero had lost the freshness of seeing it for the first time.

    The tall and dignified man with deep and calm eyes made them feel secure and confident about their victory. General Dalton, the undefeated myth, is the saviour of all warriors on the battlefield.

    “Is it the first time you have seen General Dalton so close?” Team leader Davis looked at the Code Zero not far away and the general below Code Zero, he proudly said to Ryan, “I have spoken to the general several times. Although the general is very dignified and unsmiling when he works, he is actually a very kind person at ordinary times and is amiable to his subordinates.”

    In the place where Davis could not see, Ryan frowned slightly. In his eyes, Auston was not in a good state. The person who shares the bed can easily catch the change in his complexion. The kind of frowning that was not noticed by the non-intimate person should be a sign of enduring the pain.

    Auston is injured!

    “I’m in charge of cleaning up Code Zero. I know that the general loves his mecha very much and sometimes he even comes to clean up Code Zero in person. That attitude is like a close lover to himself.” It’s people who gossip and the same was true for the big, strong and powerful man like Davis, he sighed helplessly, “The general is 41 years old this year. He has devoted too much effort and time to the Golden Crusade and our Xingtian Ship, and has no time to fall in love. Damn government! After so many years of submission and adaptation, it still has not found the other half of the general. The people at the top and bottom in Xingtian Ship really hope that the general can find a caring partner, preferably a gentle, kind and lovely lady who is virtuous and family-oriented, so that she can take good care of the general’s life.”

    Davis was still talking to himself, “When the general has a child, We, the Golden Crusaders will be regarded as the real successor. I wonder when that lovely girl will come out…F*ck, Ryan, what are you doing! I, I, I… God, how did the general fall?”

    Ten seconds ago, Ryan, who watched Auston resolutely jump on the Code Zero, still thought in his heart that he never expected Davis to be so rambling and his own grandmother had a match1T/N: Davis is talking so much, just like an old lady. Just as the idea took shape in his mind, in the distance, Auston, who had already jumped to the shoulders of Code Zero, stumbled and fell straight down. Ryan’s body moved faster than his brain. His muscles were tight and his physical potential was stimulated to the maximum. Before everyone else could react, he rushed out.

    The speed was so fast that only afterimages remained behind him.

    Ryan arrived at a distance of 100 meters in an instant and made a judgment at the moment of his arrival. His leg muscles mobilised and he jumped onto the knee of Code Zero, using this as a relay point to jump to the arm of Code Zero. In an instant, he fell into the palm of the Code Zero and firmly caught the falling Auston.

    With his knees slightly bent as a buffer, he stood up straight and after a quick glance at Code Zero, Code Zero began to move his arms and put them on the ground.

    During the descent, Ryan hugged Auston and asked anxiously, “Auston, what’s wrong with you? How can I help you?” Auston’s face was pale, his brows were wrinkled because of the pain and cold sweat was oozing out, wetting the broken hair on the forehead and he couldn’t help trembling, with an unconscious moan (groan) in his mouth.

    As one of the Empire’s most powerful warriors, Auston has an extremely high tolerance for pain and does not show vulnerability easily. The pain that started from inside the body was accumulating over time, tormenting this man all the time, waiting for the right moment to break him. In the familiar embrace, Auston, who had endured for a long time, collapsed and all his vulnerabilities were confessed frankly in front of Ryan.

    “Ryan, It hurts.” Auston said weakly, “hurts so much.”

    Ryan hugged Auston tighter and harder and said forcefully: “Don’t be afraid, Auston. I am here, I am here. I will take you to Blair.”

    In just a second or two, the palm of the Code Zero had already reached the ground and its huge eyes stared at Ryan and Auston, as if saying: A man faster than me should take care of the general.

    At the moment of landing, Ryan hugged Auston and walked out quickly, but not messily. Now, he completely left behind other people’s eyes, the secrets that need to be hidden and so on.


    The expressionless Ryan heard the voice calling out for him and he looked over, it was the team leader Davis.

    Davis was startled by Ryan’s face and the words of dissuasion were gagged and could not be said at all.

    “Lieutenant, put down the general.” Just because Davis didn’t dare to speak up doesn’t mean that others didn’t dare.

    “Get lost!” Ryan didn’t even bother to look at the person who stopped him. He didn’t even care whether he had one eye or two noses, because Auston, who was curled up in pain in his arms, issued a shallow, suppressed moan (groaning), which had burned away all his nerves called sanity. Whoever blocks him now, he can kill anyone!

    The man who stopped him threw a punch. Ryan bent down and kicked his legs and slammed the attacker back. Scanning around with bloodshot eyes, he said coldly, “Get out of the way.”

     The surrounding people stepped back subconsciously and Jack, who was knocked to the ground by Ryan’s blow, looked at Ryan in disbelief. As a captain and a mecha warrior assigned by the general, he was actually knocked down by a “cleaner”? Although he was caught off guard, he was not mentally prepared and underestimated the enemy, this could not be used as a reason to excuse himself.

     Someone else tried to stop him, but Jack reprimanded them back, “Lieutenant, the general has been handed over to you and he must be handed over to the medical officer safely.”   

   “Just hand him over to a ‘cleaner’?”

    “Ryan, put people down. Look at what you’re doing!”    

    “My God, what’s this all about?”

     There seemed to be a few conversations rumbling in his ears, but Ryan didn’t care. He quickly carried Auston and avoided the crowd in the way, passed through the training ground, walked out of the gate and entered through the elevator door. At this moment, the elevator was too slow to keep up with his speed. After walking through the emergency passage, it took only a few breaths to reach the floor where Blair’s laboratory is located. The wind was blowing under his feet, as he walked quickly.

    Afterwards, Ryan couldn’t even remember how he kicked open the door of the laboratory and how he yelled for Blair. By the time, his congested brain regained its composure, the staff working in the laboratory had already left and Auston was lying on the hospital bed, his combat uniform and the clothes inside had been removed from his upper body and the white clothes looked even more blinding with the bruises on his waist.

    Ryan had asked more than once why that injury hasn’t healed yet.

    Auston always smiled and said, it was nothing.

    “What are you doing?” Ryan heard his own voice, terribly hoarse.

    Blair, who was preparing for debridement with a scalpel, looked over at Ryan, “You are finally back to normal.”

    Ryan, who was leaning against the wall, fell to the ground and tried to stand up, but found that his muscles were sore and his limbs were weak. Holding on to the wall before he could get himself up, he asked again, “What are you doing?”

    Blair’s indifferent voice had no particular emphasis, “I’m debriding.” 

    The sharp scalpel cut through the skin and the blackened blood flowed out. Blair took the gauze to swab it away. The wound got bigger and bigger under his movements, revealing the rotten flesh that was obviously eroded by the poison. The rotten flesh spread like a spider web and the range was the size of a woman’s fist. It was so obvious, when compared with the healthy texture.

    Ryan no longer had any doubts. He walked to the hospital bed and squatted down, holding Auston’s hand. Auston frowned in a coma, his body trembled and every debridement brought him great pain.

    “This injury, it’s there when you get on the ship.”

    Ryan’s heart trembled, and he asked in a hoarse voice, “Does it hurt every moment?”

    “Yes.” Blair replied simply, “The venom of the female Zerg, So far there is no solution, it can only be controlled. People who are poisoned either commit suicide at the beginning of poisoning or suffer from prolonged pain. Auston has always wanted a child and he hopes to continue the bloodline and consolidate the Dalton family’s foundation to silence all those who coveted it. But with this wound, he can’t get pregnant, but he said he wanted to try.”

    Blair glanced at Ryan, the meaning was obvious. Otherwise, Ryan would have no chance to approach Auston at all. However, Blair was somewhat relieved to think that after being with Ryan, Auston became more and more energetic, unlike the old days, when he was just a perfect “machine” that did what he was supposed to do.

    Hearing that “yes”, Ryan was already heartbroken, where could he hear anything else.


    Ryan’s heart trembled, “What, what’s wrong?”

    “This time, the amount of rotten flesh cleaned up is about 8% less than the previous one.” Blair had finished the debridement and after spraying the medicine, he sutured the wound. Nothing could be seen on the surface, only a faint bruise remained, which looked like a flesh wound. After the debridement, he had time to look at the removed rotten flesh. Obsessed as he was with body tissues, he knew at a glance that the amount of rotten flesh was less than any time before.

    He rubbed his chin and thought, “Nothing has changed with the medicine I use. Auston hasn’t contacted other doctors and he hasn’t been to other planets on his recent voyage. Unless…”


     Ryan, who had been staring at Blair, responded immediately, “What’s wrong?” His voice was tight, full of fear and worry.

    “What have you given Auston?”

    “It’s all from the ship.”

    “Recall carefully, is there anything special?”

    While Ryan struggled to remember, the hand he was holding tightly, moved. He looked over as Auston woke up from his coma.

    “How’s it?” Ryan swooped over, his hands tenderly brushing through Auston’s hair and the side of his face and his lips lightly nudged his forehead twice with caring intimacy.

    Auston curled the corners of his mouth weakly, “It’s okay.” His eyes moved, he looked at Blair and said, “It’s strawberries.”


    The author has something to say:

    Ryan carried Auston away and the training ground was quiet.

    Jack stood up, walked a few steps to Davis and strangled his shirt: Who the hell is that bastard of yours? He was able to beat me and even took the general under my nose.

    Davis swallowed hard: He came from logistics. We are not familiar with him yet and we don’t know much about him.

    Jack: Where did he come from?

    Davis: Logistics, it is said that he first worked in the kitchen.

    Jack: …I’m going to the store for a cigarette, too vicissitudes.


    The vice-captain of XingTian also smoked and said to his subordinates: All the logistics personnel will be checked out, especially the kitchen. Xingtian Ship, can’t bury talents!


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